JUNE 2003

Author: MCapt Sius Saxe
Title: "Planning a landing"

Security offices

Saxe was leaning over the displayed data trying to locate a suitable place for a camp. He wanted it defendable, while still being easily reachable by those that were injured.

Saxe: 'How 'bout this one' he said pointing.

Kole: 'Too close to the ocean there, and too low, there could be a tidal wave next earthquake.'

Saxe: 'Missed that, so how bout this one, it seems stable enough, it's higher and relatively close to one of the larger communities. With shuttles and portable transporters we'd be able to do a lot of good there.'

Saxe: 'It's agreed then.'

Kole: 'Yes, i'll have some shelters and tents sent down.'

Saxe: 'I'll be landing with the troops, if i'm reading the Captain right she'll be going to be planetside. Want to be ready for her.'

Kole: 'Enjoy, the fresh air.'

Saxe: 'I will' he stopped at the door' do me a favour, if Miran, my girlfriend, starts volunteering to help, assign her to something safe aboard the ship.'

Kole: 'That's not up to me, but i'll try to intercept her before she asks Maltavius or the captain.'

Saxe: 'Thanks.'

<<Marine country>>

Despite the training the initial minutes following the order to gear up were chaotic at best, Luckily Dalax had given the order early so Saxe walked into a room where everything was calm.

Saxe: 'Alright, form into squads and get to the transporter rooms, we'll build the camp so the doc can get busy working on the wounded. Let's move.'


They materialized on a nice slooping grassy hill, overlooking a settlement. From their location they had an overview for defensive purposes.

Saxe: 'Daniels, form a perimeter, Smith start building these shelters, Simms, you and your squad help him.'

They nodded at him and went to work, Simms for once not arguing.

Saxe: 'Dalax, set up that lightsignal i want to let people know they can find help here.'

Dalax: 'Aye, sir.'

Saxe watched the settlement through his binoculars, he could see the ruins of former homes, people walking dazed on the streets and fires burning their way through the city.

Saxe: =/\= 'Saxe, to Maltavius.'

Augustus: +Maltavius, here+

Saxe: +We've started setting up camp, give us half an hour and you can start landing your people and supplies here.+

Augustus: +Understood, we'll be there.+

Saxe stood there watching the smoke pillar into the heavens and shook his head. This shouldn't have come as a surprise, science was more than able to predict these events. Finally he had enough and went to get his hands dirty with those shelters.


M.Capt Sius Saxe.
USS Bismarck

MAY 2003

Author: Lt Cmdr Russ Hoss
Title: "At it again"

== 7 Forward ==

--Hoss is pecking away at the PADD while drinking his "alotment" from the boss. It's a good thing she is a mighty goodlooking redhead, or he may have told her a thing or two about his drinking habits.--

Hoss-Staring at the PADD: I see, (looking at the Rommies). very well.

BARKEEP!! Another round here !! PRONTO !! --everyone looks his way-- INCLUDING the Boss

Hoss: SON ! Did I stutter!!?? I NEED ANOTHER SHOT !

--The bar tender looks the other way-- Smicha excuses herself from the table to see what is Hoss' problem.

Smicha placing her hand on Hoss' shoulder: Russ, I think you've had enough for today. Why don't you call it a night. Get some sleep. You've got work to do mister. I'm NOT going to have to come over again, AM I??? (Glaring through those huntingly beautiful green eyes)

--She stands, looks down upon him. He sits like a scolded puppy.--

Hoss: No ma'am, cna I just have one more??

Smicha: NO! (whispers) now go to your room, (with a wink of her eye)

Hoss: Ok. But Apollo stays with you, got it?

Smicha: Yes Commander, I got it.

--Smicha walks ways back to her table. Hoss fidgits in his pockets for a few things. He stands, both dogs stand at attention. He points at Apollo then directs his finger to the boss. Apollo answers with a low growl then lays his head on her feet. She's not going anywhere. He looks at Zeus, taps his chest and walks towards the table with the boss--

--On his way he accidentially trips and leans into the Rommie Senator and the boss--

Hoss: I'm really sorry, I must have had a little too much to drink tonight please forgive me.

Smicha: RUSS, go to bed. We'll tlak about THIS tomorrow.

--Hoss exits the lounge with a smile on his face flipping the PADD in the air, heading to his quarters.


LCDR Russ Hoss
USS Bismarck

MARCH 2003

Author: Lt (jg) Tannim Kole and Cdr Kuval
Title: "Shadows of the past" part 3

Kole finally escaped from the dinner party, and headed back to her quarters. She wasn't in much of a partying mood lately, and once the Doctor had arrived, she had decided to call it a night. Once back in her quarters, she picked up her duffel, and frowned when something fell to the floor. She picked it up, and recognized it as the device she'd gotten from that Scientist. What was his name? Oh yeah, Max Quillen, from the Phoenix. She activated the device, and watched the holo-message for what seemed like the millionth time, then sat quietly as she thought about recent events.


Kuval studied the readouts coming from the stations on the bridge to the display at the command chair. Everything appeared nominal, considering the hurried repair job the rag-tag group planetside had done. Not bad, considering they only had seven days to complete them. For the most part, the Bismarck was spaceworthy. The little things like conduit alignments and the like could be worked on enroute to Farstation.

The duty roster was strange, however. He noticed that Simmons didn't appear to be on the ship. Kuval furrowed his brow. "What has that hotshot gotten into this time?" He grumbled.

The helmsman turned with a questioned look and Kuval waved him off with a headshake.

Instead, Kuval rose from the center seat and gave the bridge to the helmsman. He headed for the turbo-lift.

"Sir?" The helmsman asked. "Where can we find you?"

"Security." He said as the doors hissed shut. He thought about the events of the past several days and things were not sitting well with him. He still had a dinner date with Chan and another meeting with Kole, the first having been cut short. The captain was under doctor's orders to stay in her quarters and, for the rest of the trip, this was Kuval's ship.

The doors whooshed open and he stepped out as two cadets entered the lift.

"Was that him?" one of them whispered.

"Hush." the other said as the doors closed again.

Kuval was alone in the corridor and soon found himself not at the Security office, but at Tannim Kole's personal quarters. He frowned, knowing full well this hadn't been his intended arrival point. He hesitated, then tagged the buzzer.

Kole: *blinks, then smiles as she recognizes the familiar presence standing outside. She set the device down, then looked over at the door* Enter...

The door opened and Kuval announced himself. "May I come in?" He asked, his voice sounding tired.

Kole: No need to ask... you always had an open invitation before. *picks up the device, then tosses it to him* I think this is yours?

Kuval caught the device without thinking. It was a silver cylinder with cryptic writing on it. It was roughly ten inches in length and three inches in diameter. It glowed softly as he held it.

"I'll be..." he started to say. He looked at Kole and smiled slightly. "How did you come by this?"

Kole: Yusseff and I hitched a ride on the Phoenix over to Starbase Armageddon when we were first assigned there. A fella named Quillen literally ran into us, and when I picked it up, it activated the message. *shrugs* I've had it since then.

Kuval's brow furrowed. "Message...hmm." He turned the device over in his hands. It was familiar to him and yet alien at the same time. "This is Preserver technology, isn't it?"

Kole: *nods* That what Quillen seemed to think.

"Hmm." Kuval said, taking a seat. "This is very odd. I remember this, and yet I don't think I've ever seen it before."

Kole: *crosses the room, takes the device, and activates it. After it starts to play, she hands it back to Kuval*

"Tannim, this is Kuval. If you're seeing this message, it means I'm either dead or otherwise detained. Don't ask about the homing communicator, its a long story. The bottom line is that the Federation is in trouble. And I don't mean from the Dominion survivors or the Borg. This is something new and I've stumbled across it. I suppose you're wondering how I know this is you. There's a sub- atomic DNA reader on the device. Its programmed to be activated whenever anyone I trust touches it. Now, I realize how strange this all seems but there's an easy explanation. While I was...er...in the care of the Borg, I found some technology that was slightly more advanced than our own. It wasn't too hard to figure out some of it." Kuval made a nervous laugh. "Hell, with the Borg, anything is possible. Only this tech was beyond them, too. So they simply left the items in a cargo bay. Anyway, you've no doubt heard the news about my 'accident' on the Runabout. That..." Kuval spread his hands apart. "..was an unfortunate ruse. I was not, as I had filed, going to Q'on'Os for a meeting. I had discovered the danger quite by accident and was attempting to contact our friend with Section 31. Sure, he's an ass, but he's *our* ass. Anyway, I got jumped and used the Runabout's transporter to put me in stasis. I didn't expect them to vaporize the ship. Luckily, wreckage from the Runabout was scrounged by a Ferengi trader. Among this wreckage was the data- storage unit holding my pattern. Okay, so technically, I'm really dead. And maybe the philosphers can argue till the cows come home if I'm the original or whatever. I really don't care. What I do care about is the impending invasion into Federation territory. Tannim, I'm hoping you can warn Starfleet. I'm doing what I can, but I don't have much time." The image faded out.

Kole: *waited for the message to finish, then looked at him* So you're obviously not dead, but it does leave me wondering...

Kuval sighed heavily. "That much is very apparent. I remember going to meet someone and returning to the Masada, when.... something... unpleasant happened. I think it had to do with the warp core on the runabout."

Kole: *thinks for a moment, then nods* So.... which one are you?

"Which... one?" Kuval seemed puzzled, then remembered. "Oh, him." He smiled. "No, I'm definately not him."

Kole: *nodded, and visibly relaxed* Sorry, but it's been on my mind lately. I dunno... *shrugs* But apparently while we were all leaving, the two Yusseff's changed places. *frowns* And just like during that mission, I couldn't tell the difference even with my abilities.

"Two... Yusseff's. Well." Kuval said. "There were two of me, so it figures. Although, I only met the other me once." He patted his knee. "It still hurts when the weather gets cold."

Kuval had met Hammersmith in the Mirror Universe briefly, just long enough for the insane doppelganger to shoot him in the kneecap and leave him stranded there.

Kole: Well at least your "twin" wasn't dead, and the cause of a lot of the problems. But with Amin, I started to notice little differences. I chalked it up to what had happened over there. But it just kept getting worse... *pauses, then shakes her head* He went insane, and I almost killed him trying to get out. That's how I ended up demoted, and back on a ship.

Kuval pondered this news for a moment. "I'm sorry I wasn't around to stop him... Hammersmith, I mean. I haven't read the files, apparently they're all locked by Section 31, but from what I've heard, he was responsible for killing some of the crew and very nearly Yusseff and yourself."

Kole: Yeah... he apparently decided that if he couldn't have his Kole or me, then no one would. Then Yusseff showed up with that Rail Gun...

Kuval paused, his face paling slightly. "Did you say rail gun?"

Kole: *eyes him with concern, then nods* Yeah, a Gorn Rail Gun. It turned into his favorite "toy" after that mission, then he got really heavy into Black Ops. I finally figured out it wasn't him when our so- called Imzadi bond shattered. And he decked me while wearing that damn power armor.

Kuval's fist curled as he listened. Somehow, things were beginning to make sense. The missing files, the locked databanks, and the mysterious cargo papers in the Hammersmith shipping offices. "Did.." he began, almost afraid to ask. "Did my replacement wear any power armor himself? Say, something built by Hammersmith Industries?"

Kole: I only saw it the one time, and that was it. It was the same incident where Yusseff had that gun, and killed Hammersmith. *quietly* I still have nightmares about it...

Kuval was silent for a moment. Thinking. Finally he spoke. "Did they...ever find the body?"

Kole: Honestly? I don't know... it wasn't long after that the transfer orders were cut, and I was shipped off the Masada. And when I tried to get information, I just ended up with more questions. And Yusseff seemed pretty determined that I just drop it all together.

"Hmm." Kuval rose and stepped toward the door. "This has been very enlightening. I need to check on some things first, but I think I might have a solution to this problem. I had a dream the other night that matched your description of the battle to a tee. It got me thinking about things that didn't seem right."

Kole: *nods slightly, then frowns* There's another problem as well though... *walks over to her console, and activates it* I think Yusseff's trying to locate me... *shows him the message*

Message: "This isn't over yet Tannim. -Y-"

Kuval read the message and pinched the bridge of his nose, thinking. It was true, then. He opened his eyes and looked Kole in the eyes. "There's also the issue of Simmons. He's gone off and I need you to run Security."

Kole: I've already met with the MCO, and the Captain had some questions for me too. She mentioned until Simmons returned, to take care of things.

Kuval smiled. "Tzipora's always on top of things."

Kole: She asked me about the armor... *folds her arms, and shivers slightly like she's cold* I told her I refuse to wear it, and she agreed. Mentioned the marines here don't have it anyways, so that's fine with me.

"Well. Good enough, then." He stepped to the door and it came open. He paused and turned. "We'll talk more later."

Kole: *thinks for a moment, then nods* You know, you're the last person I expected to be serving with on the Bismarck. *smiles* But I'm glad you're not dead... I... *she stopped talking, struggling with her thoughts and how much to say right now*

Kuval smiled. "That makes two of us." And with that, Kuval headed to the bridge.

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