Author: MCapt Sius Saxe
Title: n/c
<<ON>> USS Bismarck Engineering.

Sius Saxe stood in the middle of engineering. Staring at the schematics beneath him, the wiggly lines not telling him much but he faked a certain amount of understanding. He figured the red things were more important than the green and the yellow ones.

His Marines or at least half of them were crawling all over the ship, inside and out, carrying tricorders scanning whatever they thought looked odd. He had told them not to yank out anything, just to tag them and have an engineer check it out.

That was just to be safe, his marines weren't exactly trained to fix things or removed them carefully. If they tried it would end up being yanked out of whatever it was in and if it belonged there then there would be a problem.

Chan: (NPC) 'They are moving fast, are you sure they'll get everything.'

Sius: 'If not i'll send them searching again and again untill we are both satisfied, but for now just let us do our thing so you can do yours.'

Chan: *Eyes narrowing dangerously* 'Make sure they don't break anything.'

Sius: 'Don't worry about it, my men are experts at breaking things.' *He didn't add what he really wanted to say, since she was with Kuval according to the rumour mill anyway, and he didn't want to annoy Kuval*

Chan groaned inwardly at the green collared Marine standing in her domain, wishing it would be over quick.

Sius: *Trying to lighten the mood* 'I'm willing to bet that the kid regrets having allowed Tee to board this ship now, that'll teach him.'

Chan: 'And those Marines were pretty capable' *she admitted that at least.*

Sius: 'All Marines are capable just like engineers, most aren't so sneaky though.'

They grinned together their grins widening as two devices were found almost simultaneously.

Saxe: 'At least our departments get to practice working together now.'


Tactical: 'Sir, i've seen a runabout, it was heading to the Saturn but seems to be waiting now.'

Kuval: 'Probably the mail, or some late crew.'

Tactical: 'We could intercept, at our combined speed that would be rather easy.'

Kuval: 'Inform the Marines.'

Tactical: 'What about the "Captain".'

Kuval: 'Let him learn that XO's have a mind of their own.'

<<A little while Later>>

The Runabout lurched as she came to a stop in the Bismarcks tractor beam. Seconds later four heavily armed Marines beamed aboard.

Sius: *Glad to be out of engineering for a little while as he points his sidearm at the Lt JG* 'Welcome to the Bismarck/ Saturn wargames, and you sir are my POW. You have the right to give me your name, serial number and rank.' *He turned to his corporal* 'Simms, fly this baby into our hangar, maybe it'll be off use to us.' *He tapped his commbadge and said* Four marines and one prisoner to beam aboard, bismarck.'

As he finished they were beamed aboard the Bismarck, one prisoner richer and a few more Saturn devices poorer.


M. Capt Sius Saxe.
USS Bismarck, Intrepid class.


Author: Lt Augustus Maltavius
Title: Tears in the Deep Blue Sea# 10

==Several Days later on Rom'Las at the Maltavius Estate==

The two brothers had spent the last several days getting settled in their home on Rom'Las and getting the estate under control. Augustus had also made several inquiries into what was expected of a medical doctor in the empire. It had taken several days to get the result. What he got back, he didn't care for too much as it was against all of the training that he had received and against his principals that he had learned on Betazed.

As far as what they had found in the office, they hadn't gotten to except that for which they had received permission for and as a precausion, on a couple of their excursions, they took it to the ship that had been reregistered to their names and hidden it in one of their father's secret caches' that they had been told about and wasn't on the diagram of the ship.

==Later that evening==

Augustus and Marcus had been entertaining several of the new senators and had just about gotten all of them to leave after a couple of hours after having the last meal of the day when they heard the front door chime. Several minutes later, L'Kars entered into the parlor that they were still sitting in finishing their drinks and discussing some of the information that they had found out from the senators.

L'Kars: Excuse me sirs, but there is a gentleman asking for you at the front door and is very insistant that he sees you.

Both of the brothers look at each other and then reach out mentally to the front door and as they touch very real shields on their visitor, they quickly pulled back and informed L'Kars to show him in to the parlor and then to leave.

When L'Kars showed the gentleman in, it confirmed what they had suspisioned about their visitor and they invited the personage to sit and asked if there was anything that he wanted to drink. After finding out that he didn't want anything, they waved L'Kars out and informed him that he could retire for the evening and that they would take care of the visitor. Nodding his understanding of the orders, L'Kars left. When the visitor started to speak, they waved him off for the moment. While they did that, they reached out with their empathy and found that no one was nearby to over hear any of the conversation. Augustus also pulled out his tricorder and after making a couple of settings on it, he set it on the table between them.

Augustus: Sorry about that Ambassador, but we figured that you might want a secure place to talk that we couldn't be over heard. The tricorder is sending out white noise to deal with any listening devices that the Tal'Shiar may have left here.

Ambassador: That is logical since I came here rather than asking you to come to me. I take by your answer, you know who I am?

Augustus: Yes sir, you are Spock, Son of Sarek of Vulcan. We have heard of you sir and know what you are trying to do here with the sundered kinred.

Spock: Good. Do you know what is planned for the empire by those that are currently in power?

Marcus: Yes sir, we have read all of our father's notes on the subject. We also know that at the time of his death that he was getting ready to join your forces to keep that from happening. Some of it is good reform and some of it is not. We are glad that our mother's memory of him is still intact and not marred.

Spock: I also know that you are in grave danger due to your father's placement in the senate. This is due to the information that he is supposed to have collected. *turning to Augustus* You Doctor, are the one in most danger due to what you know medically.

Augustus: Figures. I was just getting ready to let Marcus know that I was wanting to leave for our home and to make arrangements for the non-moveable parts of the estate to be auctioned off or put under someone else's name.

Spock: That figures from what I have been hearing from several members of your staff.

Augustus just nodded in affirmation of something that he had known about, but didn't have any proof of. Marcus, however, didn't like that answer and was a little put out, but didn't do anything with it.

Augustus: Then, how would you like to use this estate for your organization?

Spock: *turns to Marcus* Do you concure with this question?

Marcus: While I'm not quite ready to leave Rom'Las yet, I too have been feeling a little out of step here and would have left soon after him. So, yes I too ask that question.

Spock: Then, if you will, turn over the grounds and the buildings to L'Kars. He has been my eyes and ears for this estate.

Augustus: Figures. We knew that there was something that he was keeping from us, but hadn't gotten it out of him yet. We will do this in the morning and gather what we want to take with us onto the ship that our father left us.

Spock: Actually, you might do that now. I think that the information that I had about the Tal'Shiar and this place are accurate enough to come here in person to let you know. They plan on making a raid on this place to get those papers in the morning. You would be better advised to leave as soon as possible.

Augustus: Yes sir. *rings for L'Kars who enters immediately* Waiting for that?

L'Kars: Yes sir. I also have the needed papers to turn over the grounds and buildings over to me. I also took the liberty to get everything that I knew that your father wanted you to have on the ship while you two were entertaining. I'm also sorry about the deception that I had to play on you two by not telling you everything, but with the Senator here, it wasn't the time to tell you. If you two want to make a last trip through the house and attached buildings for anything that we might have missed that you two want, there is time for that, but no more than three hours. Beyond that, you might be caught and the Ambassador and I don't want that to happen. I also know that you two took the secret passage to your father's office and opened the safes as well.

Shaking their heads, the two brothers weren't too surprised at this revelation that someone knew what they had done and specifically what they had done with the information. Turning to Spock, they asked just who to trust to give the information to in Star Fleet Command. Spock thought a moment and then handed over a transponder tube.

Spock: When you reach Federation space, use this to call the "person" that you need to get the information to and to get the ship registered to one or both of you in Federation space. They will know what to do when you talk with them. And now, so that you have the time that you need, I must be leaving. *getting up* Peace and Long Life, cousins.

Augustus and Marcus: *getting up and at same time* Live long and Prosper, Sir.

L'Kars lead Spock out of the manor and the two brothers signed the papers that would turn over the estate to L'Kars for good and loyal service to the Maltavius family. After that, they went on a last tour of the buildings and with the help of several of the "Loyal" servants under L'Kars, they got what they wanted to take gathered up and transported to the ship.

==Several hours later==

The two brothers took off in their Bird of Prey after placing in a false flight plan and receiving permission for that flight plan. As soon as they were in interstellar space and out of range of the sensors from the system, they cloaked their ship and headed for the nearest Federation border.

---Several days later---

As they woke up to the alarm that they had programed to awake them when they got an hour's flight away from the Neutral Zone, they got dressed and went up to the bridge of the ship and checked where exactly that they were at. When they found out, they headed to the "Triangle" area of space between the three "Powers that be" for the area. When they were on the far side of the area and nearer to the Klingon side of the area, they then activated both Spock's transponders and Commander Hoss' Homing Beacons. Within a couple of hours later, they were met by a delta flyer with three people in it.

Delta Flyer: =^=Delta Flyer Alpha Sigma to unknown cloaked ship.=^=

Augustus: We hear you Delta Flyer Alpha Sigma. Who do you represent?

Delta Flyer: =^=We represent the Federation side of the Unification Project of Vulcan.=^=

Knowing that was the answer that they needed from Spock, Augustus then decloaked the ship and activated the viewscreen.

Augustus: Greetings Delta Flyer. Are we glad to see you. We have some interesting information that our Father has been collecting on the Romulian Empire that the Alliance might find interesting.

Delta Flyer: =^=Ah Doctor and Lt. Maltavius. Welcome home. Do tell, do tell. We were told to expect you here and that you had some information from us. We were also told to help you get this ship some Federation registery as well.=^=

Augustus: Yes, that would be most helpful in traveling back to my ship or anywhere in the Federation.

Delta Flyer: =^=One question before this can continue. Where are your loyalties, with the Federation or the Romulians?=^=

Augustus: Since I found out what I'm supposed to do as a Romulian Doctor, I am with the Federation.

Marcus: I too have to say that I wasn't too happy to learn several of the things that I did as well, so I'm also with the Federation.

Delta Flyer: =^=Good. Doctor, here is the coordinates for your ship. Marcus, when you drop your brother off at his ship, you are to proceed back here and contact us again. It seems that we currently need a good pilot and you are going to need to drop out of public eye and not show yourself quite so readily.=^=

Marcus: Yes sir. If you don't mind one other question, what about this ship? You still haven't stated anything about getting it registered in Federation space.

Delta Flyer: =^=One moment. *turns to someone off screen and then turns back and transmits some information* Here is what you requested. You shouldn't have any trouble traveling anywhere in Federation space cloaked or otherwise.=^=

Marcus: Thank you Sir. Transmitting the information that our father left us to pass on to the federation.

After a moment, the Delta Flyer had received and recorded the information that the two brothers had smuggled out of the empire and took off. Once it was out of sight and the information imputted into the computer on the ship, the two brothers implimented the new information, and had it start up. Recloaking again, they headed in the direction of DS9 as that was the last known place for the Bismarck.

==Several days later==

The brothers had at last looked at everything that they had gotten from their father's estate that was to have been theirs when he died besides the buildings and the land. As they looked through it, they divided it up according to their tastes and what would be able to travel with them and what was not. That that wouldn't be able to travel with them, Marcus would take back to their place on Betazed. Those that Augustus wanted and could travel with them, would be transported to his quarters on the Bismarck and later on to his quarters on Farstation. While it was a lot of items, it wasn't that much more than what he already had there on the ship.

--3 hours out from DS9--

Marcus: Starship N'Tal to DS9.

Ops: =^=DS9 Operations, what can I do for you Starship N'Tal?=^=

Marcus: We are looking for the USS Bismarck has she arrived and we need permission to dock?

OPS: *checking his records* =^=Dock at Locking ring Delta. As far as the Bismarck, she has been docked for a couple of hours and is being resupplied.=^=

Marcus: Ops, is that docking ring near the Bismarck? I have a passenger that is headed to the Bismarck.

Ops: =^=Not really Starship N'Tal.=^=

Marcus looked at his brother and then after a moment of talking, they ask for a ring nearer to or just under the Bismarck. It took several moments for the Ops person to check his information, but they were able to get a docking ring that was on the pylon that the Bismarck was attached to. It was the closest that they could get to the Bismarck.

As they approached the space station, they decloaked the ship and docked at the indicated ring. As it opened up, they were met by the station's security.

Security Officer: If you two don't mind, I need to search your ship.

Augustus: May I inquire as to the reason Officer?

Security Officer: Contriband since you are flying a Romulian Bird of Prey that doesn't have any registery within the Federation.

Augustus: *handing over a Romulian Padd that is set to Galacta* If you will check this padd, you will find that your information is out of date and that we are Federation citizens and that this ship is registered within the Federation to us.

The officer checks the Padd and then puts in a call to the Security office on it. As they stand there, the two brothers see several people from the Bismarck walk by, but for the moment don't say anything as they aren't in uniform and are in the clothes that they wore on Romulas. After a few minutes, the Security Officer gets a call back telling him to back off as the new information is up to date and it is registered as a Federation vessel. Apologizing for the delay, the officer backs off and goes on about his business.

A few minutes later, the brothers entered the embibical connection between the ship and the pylon. After getting onto the ship and being welcomed back by the Security Officer, the two brothers split up with Augustus going to the bridge to check in and Marcus taking Augustus' stuff to his quarters.

--Several minutes later just before arriving on the bridge in the turbolift--

Augustus: Computer, what is the location of Captain Simcha?

When Augustus got the answer that she was on the Promenade, he shook his head and then asked who was next in command and on duty. The name that he got was a new person that must have joined the ship since he had taken his personal leave as he didn't recognize the name. On the Romulian Padd that he was carrying, he asked for information from the station about the person. As the information came up, the doors to the Bridge opened up. Looking up, he exited from the turbolift onto a familiar sight of the bridge, but with some new faces. He also noted the face of the person that was sitting in Captain Simcha's chair was the same as the person that his padd had just brought up and had Lt. Cmdrs pips on his neck collar.

Augustus: *nodding to those he knew, he headed over to and stopped beside the person in the Captain's chair* Excuse me sir. Dr. Augustus Maltavius reporting back from leave. Is there any information that I need to know about?


Dr. Augustus Maltavius
USS Bismarck


Author: Lt Douglas Smith
Title: "Lt Smith's troubles come to roost"

==USS Bismarck,Corridor==
==After Saxe's Post==

Smith was walking down the corridor to his quarters when he stopped and saw his expensive furniture being taken out and some even more expensive furniture being moved in by his squad and bravo squad. He stood staring in amazement when he realized that the furniture was Ann's. He felt a tap on his shoulder a minute later, turned around, and saw Saxe looking at him with anger.

Saxe: What in the world is going on around here lieutenant! What are my marines doing moving furniture into your quarters!

Smith*looking scared*: Um,apparently Ann is moving her furniture into my place and she's using my squad and bravo squad to do it sir.

Saxe *raising his eyebrow*: Really? And why would she be doing that!

Smith *swallowing a big lump in his throat*: Uh,she's apparently moving in with me sir.

Saxe *getting angrier*: Really? How about that! *grabs Smith* Come with me lieutenant! We really need to discuss this situation! I'm afraid i've had it with your behavior!

Ann walks out of Smith's quarters in time to see Saxe escorting Smith back to his office.She was slightly dishevelled in a t-shirt, old sweatpants, and sneakers that looked dusty and dirty from her cleaning up Smith's quarters.

Ann *stops Saxe*: Hey where are you taking him!I need him to help me move my stuff in! *seeing a confused looking Smith* Oh,i'm sorry i didn't tell you hon. I wanted it to be a suprise!

Saxe *looking at Ann evenly*: In the future, you will ask my permission to use my men if you have need of them! And it's very unlikely i'd grant permission excepting very extenuating circumstances! My men aren't your personal servants Ms. Milton! I know your used to ordering people lesser than yourself around, but in the future you really must refrain from such courses of action unless you want to be booted off this ship! Now,as to lieutenant Smith's assisting you in your move into his quarters, i'm sorry,but he has to come with me. We have some very important business to attend too. *looking thoughtfully at Ann* Maybe you should come with me also. Maybe you can shed some light on lieutenant Smith's actions since your his first, and current, apparently, girlfriend.

Ann *turning around and going into Smith's quarters*: Ok,i'll come along and see what the problem is and help resolve it. You go on ahead you two,i need to clean up a bit to look more presentable.

Saxe*sighing*: Very well.*frowning at Smith*Come with me lieutenant!

Saxe led the unhappy looking lieutenant to his office.

==Saxe's office,an hour of Smith and Saxe sitting around in an uncomfortable atmosphere of tension not speaking to each other later==

Ann walked into Saxe's office dressed in a crisp, not to mention very expensive, ankle length print dress. Her hair and face were well made up and her very expensive perfume wafted around Saxe's office. Saxe could understand why Smith liked Ann. She had good taste in clothes and perfume. She was probably very cultured and educated like Smith if what Daniels told him was true.

Saxe*smiling at Ann, motioning her to a seat by Smith*: Have a seat Ms. Milton.

Ann*returning Saxe's smile*: Thank you!I'm sorry i kept you waiting.I just had to make sure i looked proper. I always like to make a good impression on people. Oh,and just call me Ann!

Saxe *looking her over as she sat down,crossed her legs,and folded her hands in her lap*: Oh,you made a good impression alright Ann. *looking at Smith with some jealousy* I have to admit Smith has made excellent choices in women. BUT...

Ann*interrupting Saxe*: Is this about Julia Simms?

Saxe *nodding tentatively*: Partly,but i want to speak to Smith's questionable actions at large.

Ann*looking at the squirming Smith*:What's he been up to?

Saxe*leaning back in his chair*:Well,it's a long story, so to summerize it succinctly, Smith loves women and he acts upon his love for the female species quite frequently. Now i was hoping that when he met Simms, and she decided Smith was going to be her man, that maybe Smith would settle down with her. Simms had a pretty rough life growing up in poverty. I was hoping Smith could be an escape from that life. But Smith couldn't handle Simms passion or energy,except in bed.

Ann*looking at Saxe sarcastically*:I wonder why...

Saxe*smiling*:Yeah,i know she's got a bad temper. And i'm sorry that you were the recipient of it. *thinking a bit,then sighs* I shouldn't say this really,it's confidential so nobody mentions this when the meeting is over, but Simms tried to alleviate her poverty by engaging in some petty crime. She was introduced to the life of crime by another young woman named Charlotte. *looking at Smith*You know this, BUT what you don't know is that Charlotte also introduced Simms into her bed as well as drug and alchohol addiction. *smiling at Smith's suprised look* Yeah, Simms and Charlotte's lot was pretty bad. Bad enough to drive the two women into each others beds, drugs, alchohol, and petty crime to either forget their problems or try to somewhat ameliorate it. I won't even mention the problems with her negligent parents.That just worsens an already bad situation.*sighing,looking towards Smith *Now you know why i'm angry at you Smith. I only wanted the best for Simms. I hate to see her hurt.She's just a person who was born and raised up in hard circumstances out of her control.

Smith*speaking quietly*:And you thought i could help her escape into a better life with financial security and something resembling love that she never got except with Charlotte.

Saxe*nodding*:Yes... *seeing Ann look at Smith in amazement* But,you apparently have other plans Smith. Or Ann does and your unaware of them. *looking at the amazed Ann* I can tell your amazed at lieutenant Smith's choice in a woman. One of them anyway.

Ann *nodding*: I just can't see him and Simms together. It's so completely wild! I mean Simms was a thief, a drunk, a drug addict, and liked women! How did she enter Smith's life! I mean Smith is a male! She just decided Charlotte was no fun anymore and wanted to try something new!

Saxe *shrugging*: Who knows. But it happened.

Ann *shaking her head*: If only i came with Smith when he graduated from the academy. Maybe none of this sordid mess would of happened. Maybe right now we could be married and enjoying a wonderful life together. If only i knew how really passionate Smith really was. I mean he was so quiet and shy at the academy. When we spent time together,i was the driving force in the relationship while he always felt uncomfortable. *sighing* If only i came with him. I might of tamed his wayward heart.

Saxe*looking at the two thoughtfully*: Well,the past is the past. Maybe you two should consider the future. *looking at Smith with a serious expression* I advise you consider very carefully the possibility of marrying Ann or Simms lieutenant.If you can't stand Simms,and you do seem enamored of Ann here from what little i've observed when we were on shoreleave, then maybe for once you can do something that's right and will return your honor. Right now from my vantage point, you ain't doing too well lieutenant. But you can elevate yourself in my eyes if you do something honorable for a change.

Smith nodded meekly at Saxe. Ann took Smith's hand and squeezed it,looking at him with love and a sympathetic smile.

Saxe*smiling at the two*:You two can go now.I'm sure both of you have lots of things to talk about regarding your possible future together.*to Smith*Please think carefully about your decision Smith.It's going to be life altering. Also,either Ann or Simms will be hurt. There ain't no good to come of it for one of them.But,you'll have to live with the consequences good and bad. After all, you set the situation up.

Smith *nodding,speaking in a quiet sober tone*: I know sir.

Saxe *looking at Smith with compassion for the sorry situation he created for himself*: Do the right thing lieutenant. Dismissed.

Smith got up from his seat and returned to his quarters with Ann.Saxe shook his head in amazement. He personally was rooting for Simms,but her actions at Starbase Tango may have sealed her fate.

==Smith's Quarters==

Smith looked around his now refurbished quarters.He felt like he was in way over his head as he stared at the expensive furniture and nick nacks. Ann was the daughter of a prominent businesssman. His own parents were business people, but not on the same par as Ann's parents. He looked at the artwork Ann used to replace his own and just stared with an open mouth.

Smith*staring in amazement*:This is a VERY expensive painting.

Ann*smiling*: That's only worth one hundred million credits. *pointing to another painting by the bedroom door* THAT is an expensive painting. It's worth a billion credits.

Smith stumbled around his quarters in pure amazement looking at the expensive artwork he'd read about and now were gracing the walls of his quarters.

Ann*yawning*: I'm going to bed. I'll see you tonight when i get up. Your probably wondering why i've moved in and we need to have that talk your boss recommended we have. It looks to me like either me or Simms is going to get hitched to you. I personally recommend myself because i'm a tad bit saner and certainly more cultured than Simms. I mean that woman has a horrible temper and i suspect she lacks any culture or a rudimentary education even! You should just let her go and let that Charlotte woman give her love to her. If she can handle a wild woman like Simms, more power to her. You just stick with me and i'm sure you'll be the happiest man in the universe.

Smith *nodding his head*: I probably will be. It's just too sudden to speak of marriage...

Ann *giving Smith a disapproving look*: Now, Now. No cold feet Smith. Take your time if you want, but your wayward days are over. I'm going to tame you hon. Your boss will appreciate it. Simms won't, but who really cares. I know i don't. She deserves everything she gets. Now if you'll excuse me,i 'm bushed. I got to catch up on lost sleep.

Ann kissed Smith, then went to bed while Smith took one last look at his newly refurbished quarters, then went to work.


1st LT Douglas Smith
Alpha Squad Leader
USS Bismarck

JULY 2003

Author: Lt Parrow Dashen
Title: "Stopping the world from spinning"

1100 hours

The science labs aboard the Bismarck were packed with the 20 science officers, some physicists, some geologists, most were just trying to come up with theories to solidify the rapidly shifting tectonic plates, instead of shifting a centimeter in a few thousand years, they were shifting one centimeter every 5 hours. Tzipora was working hard using the data gathered from the USS Enterprise's vast geological database as well with the data gathered by the other Intrepid class vessels in the fleet. She was doing her best not to just superheat the core which in turn would melt the underside of the plates and hopefully work as glue to keep them still. Parrow was still on the Bridge when Kuval showed up to take his early shift. She handed him the mid day reports. "No major activity on the planet yet, but if the timetable is correct there will be another quake in a hour." She was standing near the science station looking at the sensor scans of the planet while talking. Her eyes not only focused on the screens before her but continued added more data from the datalinks established on the ground.

Kuval asked. "Dashen, how are the away teams fairing and do they know of the new quake timetables?" He could see that she was tired but knew that his tactical officer was too stubborn like the captain. Heck, like most of the women on the ship, it must be the replicated water. "Yes, sir, we keep them updated every 20 seconds via the commbadges or the padds and they have set up rescue centers and are helping to sort through the evacuees. Also a medical ship and a nebula class starship will be here within 2 hours to help move the wounded and such off the planet to free us up to fix this mess."

Kuval nodded. "Then you are dismissed for the remainder of the ship, get some rest." Parrow looked at him. "You know that I won't sleep but get off the bridge for a bit, maybe get a decent meal in the lounge." She smiled as she walked off the bridge.


Dr. Parrow Akayue Dashen (Lt.)
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Bismarck

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