JUNE 2003

Date: 2003, June 5
Title: ?
WO Varham Vremann


=Near Science Deck=
=Some time later=

Varham found Zhirana still telling her complaint to the poor Petty Officer. The man looked all but happy by now.

Var: Mrs Starr, in my office.

Zhirana: What?

Var: To my office, now.

Zhirana: You think you can command me?

Var: As long as you are on duty, yes. *pausing* To my office. *walking off*

=Five minutes later=

Zhirana had followed (though Var thought she would never) and was now sitting at the other side of his desk. Var: Mrs Starr, over the last few hours, you have complained about moral values, as I got it.

Zhirana: Yes, I think...

Var: *interrupting* I'm not here to debate with you. I've heard your complaints by now. Tell me, you're a scientist. What do you think of research in general? Important?

Zhirana: It's an important way of finding out very rudiment to complex things.

Var: Then you will agree with me that, in order to research, we sometimes need to do things not always with the highest moral in mind?

Zhirana: Yes, but I don't think what your doing is part of that.

Var: I've always considered myself a human scientist for purpose of my work. Do you think human scientists are good scientists?

Zhirana: Some of them are great. And they use good methods.

Var: Then your complain is over now.

Zhirana: What do you mean?

Var: In the 20th and 21st century there was important research on earth which involved corpses being laid in the sun to rot. These investigations have proven very useful over time.

Zhirana: I believe those victims had given permission to do so, or their relatives had.

Var: In most cases, yes. But in some cases no relative was found. On these grounds, we're also working here.

Zhirana: But you will still violate the basic respect for the dead.

Var: Then I'll tell you this: I have given permission on this investigation and so far, nobody has prevented me from doing so. I have heard your complaints and they are noted. If you want to prevent me from doing anything more, your next point will be Admiral Jarax. But this will take place AFTER your shift, of which you've already used 2 hours. Get back to work now and I'll not let you get them back.


WO Varham Vremann
Chief Science Officer
USS Cambrian


MAY 2003

Date: 2003, May 3
Title: ?
Author: CPO Vremann and PO1 Escol


==After Previous post, Dai's Quarters==

His extended smile was cut short as the Chief of Science had failed to realize his potential and expertise in this matter, clearly the Klingon had no knowledge of his record and his ability to handle the study solo. But brilliant minds were likely to sucumb to the hollow eyes of idioticy. But he regained a small smile as he admitted defeat, further study on the records of Borg would increase his insight on the borg even further. Just another hurdle to jump.

"Yes, sir. I'll do that." He said blankly

Var was pretty done with the party already. Actually, he felt like helping the Petty Officer. Actually that would be the best excuse he could find at this moment to leave this party. He looked at some of the crew who were drinking, laughing and doing... other things. He still was to find Carna, but at this moment he hoped he could sneak out. So he placed the bottle on the table and wrote Carna a small excuse. Then he turned to the Petty Officer.

"Petty Officer, this actually sounds as a better idea than this... orgy. I'll join you to speed it up," Var said, looking serious.

Anjehn smiled increased, his skin creasing his Trill spots. He placed his drink on a nearby table and redirecting his attention to the Klingon.

"Thank you, sir. It's most appreciated greatly. Should we consult Ensign de la Piedra about this matter?"

Var thought for a small moment. "No, I don't think that we need him in this way. He won't mind if I ask the Officer on duty for some men," he glanced at Cib, who was very 'busy', "I think he'd actually take offence if we'd interrupt him now," he smiled.

"Very well." Anjehn headed for the door. "Lead the way, sir." He was still unsure of the pathways of the Cambrian, so letting the Chief lead would not only show respect but also erradicate any embarassment.

Var walked out of 'That Lieutenant's' quarters and walked towards the bridge. He bumbed into several people on his way. One of them uttered, drunk as he was; "Hey, you're not in your uniform". Var paused in his way.

"Petty Officer, I'm going to get into uniform and get the team, can you start going through the files," he said. He looked to the man. He seemed a little unsure of something. "The turbolift is 200 meters to that *pointing* way. The Science deck is labelled. Just for you *blinks*"

"Erhm, Thank you." Anjehn made his way there, reassuring himself that he was going the correct pathway. The Chief had told him correctly, the deck was labeled to his relief. He sat at a empty console and shot to work on files attained from Voyager and various files involving any Borg encounters.

=USS Cambrian, turbolife 2A, on route to the bridge=

Var had made his way to another turbolift after changing into uniform. He waited patiently until the lift would arrive.

When the doors opened he walked over to the Ensign standing with the Security console.

"Ensign, you're the duty-officer?"

The Ensign nodded. "Ensign Wattrick, Chief."

"I need a beta-security team to my command in five minutes. We're going to do a Security level 5 investigation on Borgdrones. Can you take care of that Ensign? *not waiting for an answer * I'll see them arrive on the Science deck. *leaving*" Var said.

He stared blankly at the computer terminal, most of the reports orginated from encounters which always resulted in catastrophy. The death of crewmen, destruction of the ship. Clearly the Borg were a dangerous adversry and abosolute caution was necessary. But Voyager's return shon a new light on borg. He heard the hiss of the Science lab doors open, spinning to see if the Chief had arrived.

Var saw the man sitting at the console. He smiled and walked over. "Petty Officer, I don't want to be rude, but have you ever served on a new or refitted ship? Refitted or made within the last... 8 years?"

He nodded, "Yes."

Let's get some cola says: "Have you ever used the 'sum-one'-program?"

He vaguely nodded, "Not on occassion."

"Well, it's just been totally reviewed by some Cadet on Starbase Tango. It's now able to process over a 100 times more files. Here, let me show you. Computer, run 'Sum-one'"

The computer bleeped and soon 3/4 of the files disappeared. Var looked at Anjehn.

He looked at the console then at Var, "It's a faulty program, clearly devised by a inexperienced cadet. I just lost more than half my findings, sir." His voice uncharacteristically disgruntled.

Var shaked his head and smiled. "It did not loose half your findings, Petty Officer. It just cleared all you didn't need. Just skip through those files again and see for yourself."

His hand hovered over the console keypad, fingers skimming over keys repetively. "Your correct, the files have been 'filtered' so to speak..."

Let's get some cola says: Var nodded. "Apply this to all the files you can find. that will leave you with a workable amound"

He nodded, spinning his chair back to the console, fingers tapping the keys rapidly. "Computer run "Sum-one" The computer complied as fast as he inserted commands. He again span his chair back to the Klingon. "Sir, I have retrieved all data in the library on Nanoprobes. A valuable asset used by our cybernetic friends."

Var nodded. "Computer. Search data for all possible indications for resurrection by mechanical means without the Collective."

"It is a possibility sir. Yet they find a great deal of time adjusting to the 'individual' mind. They are several occassions reported by Voyager personnel on Borg being seperated from the collective and restored their individuality. But with some difficultly."

"I wasn't looking for that, Petty Officer. *looking through files* Here this was what I was looking for. Auto-mechanical heart and brain functions. *thinking for a second* Great. This will do. *showing file* Here, read it."

He raised an eyebrow, "I don't understand sir, is there a significance?"

Let's get some cola says: "Well it reads that it is possible, but that the drone will the confused and so on. It will pose no treath. Let's get to work!"


Joint Post:
CPO Varham Vremann
Chief Science Officer
P01 Anjehn Escol
Science Officer


APRIL 2003

Date: April 9th, 2003
Title: ?
Author: Lt Carna Dai


=Cargo bay=
=during memorial service=

Carna stood in the crowd, just another pale face. There weren't enough, there were so many but there weren't enough, there were so many fallen, there should be a whole planets worth of people here, remembering them, honouring their sacrifice. Too many had fallen, too many had died.

She looked over at Josh, he looked exhausted, no wonder, he must have been working 24-7 to save as much people as possible.

Then her gaze shifted back to the admiral, she looked tired, but it was hard to see if you weren't looking, it was mostly in her skin, it was just a look in her eyes, she was tired, tired from all the death, tired from being the responsible one, the one who had to call the loved ones and deliver the news.

But she hadn't come to the breaking point, tired though she was, even at times like this giving up wasn't an option.

Cib stood a little ways over, his new deputy hovering near. Cib's eyes were big and shiny, tears brimming inside of them, tears he would never shed, he was an overall happy person but at times like these no one could smile. No one with a heart anyway.

Starr stood next to the podium, she couldn't see his face until for one second he turned to look around the crowd. His face was solemn, he had seen death in every shape and form and though it still saddened him he would not be rattled by it, she briefly wondered if anything would rattle the good XO, he was married to the 'lively' Zhirana after all. But Zhirana was no where in sight, she probably wasn't allowed to leave sickbay, or chose not to come here, so she wouldn't have to feel the crushing weight of emotions being thrust upon her.

Ron looked like he had been crying, he was a sensitive chap, and being the half betazoid that he was, with little control over his abilities he was bound to pick up on the atmosphere, only adding to his own distress.

Next to her stood Nik, staring down at his hands, obviously having difficulties with these kind of ceremonies, he just didn't know how to behave, he didn't want to cry, but he didn't know how else to show his grief, so he just looked down, thinking of the friends and colleagues they had lost, too many to remember in this short a time.

On her other side stood the klingon, the science chief. Var, he just looked straight forward, getting a little antsy when her gaze rested up on him. She didn't know what he was thinking, and honestly at this point didn't really care.

She looked around all the faces, some she recognized some she assumed were guests, she noted Ryouga wasn't there, probably because the ship was a wreck and he was labouring to get it in order again, ready to get smashed yet again.

Only now Carna's thoughts went back to herself, her own grieving. She felt slightly guilty for closing up her mind when the battle began, she wasn't there to here the trapped, enslaved souls scream out in agony as the borg took control and blocked out their individuality, she was busy flying an uncontrollable ship that didn't need to go anywhere. But that had been her duty, not to go mad listening to mind numbing screams. But now, now she didn't have duty to hide behind, so in stead of closing herself off she opened all her senses and let it in, the sadness, the guilt, the grief, the pain, the anger, everything. It was her way of dealing with it, go through it, so when it was over it would really be over. At least that was the theory.

She stayed to look at every single one of the faces, the faces of the fallen, then she turned around to go, only then noticing her eyes were dry. She just noted it as odd and moved on. Var didn't move fast enough and when he completely stopped Carna bumped into him from behind.

Carna: *hisses angrily* Watch it you big brute! *slips past him and disappears into the leaving crowd of people.*

==Some time later (asin hours) after slp 16 anyway ==

Carna walked into Southern Comfort, the top of her dress uniform unbuttoned showing off the red shirt under it. Cib was making vulgar gestures at a window while the new deputy was grinning behind his back.

Carna: *loudy* Cib! Leave the poor window alone. *walks over to see Ryouga behind it with a cat puppet on his hand.* Riiight, you all have gone mad.

Cib: Oh man! You mumbling little engineering brat I will get you, I know where you live, I have acces, how deeply do you sleep, eh?

Ryouga: *not hearing a word Cib's saying because he shut off his comm waves happily*

Carna: Let it go dude, I need your help on my little scheme.

Cib: *his face flashing up like a lightbulb* scheme?

Carna: Yeah, my party remember? Now you go to my quarters, if everything checks out Nik's already there, you two start setting things up, I'll make sure the entire ship knows where to be tonight.

Cib: Hey! I thought my job was not to say anything about the booze, when did I become interior decorator?

Carna: Since I told you so, bring the new kid, maybe he can give you some tips. Now shoe come on, today people! *shooing him out of SC, Cib just has time grab Rick before being shooed out*

Carna: *sets out in search of people in need of some cheering up*


Lt Carna Dai
Conn Officer



Date: February 25, 2003
Title: ?
Author: Lieutenant Commander Ryouga Hybikie


>-Borg Sphere-



The three valiant Starfleet officers with their knives out, quickly rushed the overwhelming presence of the borg. Nik quickly executed a sharp jab at the nearest borg's neck and soon the borg went down onto the cold metallic surface.

Chan had taken atleast five borg in less than 30 seconds and with movements soo fast that only a trained martial artist could see the movements. But the borg kept coming, and soon after about 15 the platoon leader started to feel his energy go.

Ryouga on the other hand, had set his phaser to overload and had thrown it into the thick of the mounting borg and had caused many a casuality over on the side he had thrown it at. But instantly the borg knew he was a threat and rushed towards him, and as soon as he came he centered himself and threw off his jacket and right into the first borg, the jacket was followed by a sharp punch, knocking the borg to the ground.

Chan-Too Many!!

Nik-Why dont they DIE!??????

Ryouga-Anybody have their phaser?(With a quick jab backwards the chief knocked an oncoming borg onto the ground.)

Both Nik and Chan-No, already used mine!


Ryouga then saw something out of his left eye, an exit or something, and so he shouted at the other two and with incredible speed cleared a way for them by knocking down borg after borg.
Ryouga-(Then turned around)Come on ya guys! Here is an...uhah.

Nik suddenly looked up and saw Ryouga fall to the ground and then his face started to turn grey as the nanites started to assimilate his red blood cells in his body.

Nik-NOOOOOOOO!!! Ryouga!!!!


Ukyo Hybikie-(Suddenly waking up) Ryouga!! No! (Realizing it was a dream) Aahhh, (Closing her eyes) ~My husband, be aware of your surroundings and always have your back known~

-Borg Sphere-

Ryouga-Anybody have their phaser?(With a quick jab backwards the chief knocked an oncoming borg onto the ground.)

Both Nik and Chan-No, already used mine!


Ryouga-(Then turned around)Come on ya guys! Here is an....

Suddenly everything turned black and a white light was in front of him and in the white light was his wife.

Ukyo-My husband, be aware of your surroundings and always have your back known.

Ryouga-Why are you telling me this?

Ukyo-My husband, Please be aware of your surroundings and Always have your back known, and come back to me safe!

With a blinding flash of light he was back, and as soon as he had returned, he quickly turned around and saw a borg with his wrist coming right towards his neck. And with a quick kick, the borg went flying backwards.


Suddenly several orange phaser beams came across the corridor and knocked down about three borg and there was Starr, Vaxx and Dai.

Chan-About time.


Lt Commander Ryouga Hybikie
Chief Engineer
USS Cambrian


Date: January 21, 2003
Title: ?
Author: Second Lieutenant Wai Kiat Chan


=Marine Armouries=
=Command Office=

Chan, Vaxx and a few other Marine Platoon Leaders(NPC) with the exception of Sergeant Mac, were all gathered around a small display of the Uss Cambrian. Chan and company were discussing about the time shifts and procedures of this whole small babysitting operation.

Chan personally didn't like his marine being used this way. In his opinion it wasn't the marine detachment's main purpose to guard a few areas a baby-sit some possibly nasty cardies scientist. But hey, it's command decision and his job was to just pass them down to the good old chain of command.

Chan: Alright*points to screen*, he's the positions of the all the marines and security teams on the Cambrian, as you can see Decks 14 to 18 are still not concentrated enough

Vaxx: Sergeant Nagle you can fix that

Nagle: Aye, i'm sending half of Charlie Squad to those sections right now *writes on padd*

Vaxx: As you know, this is a little babysit operation, and they are to be considered to be dignitaries..-

Chan didn't really agreed, this was another appeasement to those bloody cardies to improve
relations and building a false trust. But he knew that the Cardassians couldn't be trusted, hell he even had his doubts of the good old Captain.
But who was he to question orders right, he was only a 2nd LT, and a platoon commander, a position without too much responsibility and less thinking more doing. He felt sorry for Vaxx, having had to run all these patrols and-

Vaxx: Chan you and I are going to be guard the dignitaries personally

Chan: What!

Vaxx: You heard me, you're the only one with the most experience and the only officer in this marine detachment, even though i beg for more bloody officers, and granted you do have problems with former dominion members, but hey! Suck it up buttercup!

Chan: Then I second that you come with me, Sir.

Vaxx: Your on, don't worry will be done before you know it

Chan: I hope so

But this was just the beginning of a another long long mission folks.....


2nd Lieutenant Wai Kiat Chan
Platoon Commander

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