Author: 2Lt Dan Wilson
Title: n/c

==Platoon Commanders' Office==

"Sir...uh excuse me...Dan what is your policy on Parading?" Asked MacKenzie. Dan hadn't really given much thought to Parading. He didn't consider it a vital part of Marine life but saw its value for ceremonial purposes. He would have to think more about that one in the near future. "I haven't really had the time to think about it. However I'll get you an answer before we depart!" Replied Dan.

"Sounds good El-Tee" Said MacKenzie. Dan felt that MacKenzie had used this nickname for him as he had a problem using his first name but didn't mind it so he said nothing. "Anything else Gunny?" Asked Dan.

"Actually El-Tee if you don't mind me taking up some more of your time I would like to ask some questions about you personally. I always try to get a feel for the officer that is about to lead my men and I into combat. Its better if I hear it from them then to read it from their service jacket. I of course will give you the chance to ask me the same questions."

Dan sat back in his chair and motioned with his arm for the Gunny to continue. He felt it only right that the Gunny be allowed to ask questions to allow him to feel more comfortable with his new Platoon Commander.

"Is this your first assignment as a Platoon Commander? Will the physical training be any different than those of Starfleet standards? How long have you been in Starfleet? What were your qualification scores for the Type III phaser rifle? Do you plan on making a career in the Marines?"

After finishing his questions Mac sat back in his chair and waited for Dan's responses. Dan thought for a minute before answering. He decided to change the order of his answers around a bit. "Well, I've been in Starfleet for about 5 years. That's including the Academy. I graduated a year ago and was assigned to the USS Tallahassee. Yes, this is my first assignment as Platoon Commander although I learned a lot about the job during my Cadet Cruise. As for a career in the Marines. I do plan on making this a career, I was born a Marine. My mom and dad are both Marines as is my sister. It's kind of the family business. I've wanted nothing more since I was a kid than to be a Marine."

Dan paused for a second before continuing. "As you know Starfleet's standards for Marine PT is high. However I plan to set the bar higher again. I want the Marine's aboard the Cambrian to be ready for anything. I want our guys to be the best of the best. And my qualification scores for the Type III phaser were 82%." Dan paused once more. "Anything else Gunny?" Dan asked.


2nd Lieutenant Dan Wilson
Platoon Commander
USS Cambrian


Author: 1st Lt Wai Kiat Chan
Title: n/c

===Funeral Detail===

Chan: Funeral Detail! Shoulder Arms!

The marines grabbed their rifles, the rifle being the.303 Lee En field, rifles that are generally used during funeral ceremonies rifles that were once considered a weapon of choice during the first and second world war of Earth, Shouldering them, awaiting their next command.

Chan: Funeral Guard! Open Order MARCH!

The Funeral Detailed opened up their ranks, preparing to fire blank volleys into the air.

Chan: *holsters sword* Guard Take Post! Guard will turn in file, Guard! Turn to the Right in threes... Right IN...Cline!

His marine detail followed the drill movement, signalling a readiness for the feu de joie.

Chan: Guard will fire blank volleys, Guard with Blank Cartridges, Standing Load!

The marines lowered their rifles, grasping them as they loaded the chamber with the old rifle shells. Their heads staring down the chamber awaiting their next command.

Chan: Guard... Present!

The riflemen raised their rifles to their shoulder blades, it's firing point aimed at the high bulkhead.

Chan: *lowers sabre* Fire!

The Detail repeated the same presents and volleys, until their cartridges were clear.

Chan: Guard, Make safe.. UNLOAD! *waits for a few seconds* Guard Slope Arms! Guard Advance, Left IN.. Cline!...Guard Present Arms! *raises his sabre to a salute and lowers again*

The entire room sat in silence, as a piper began playing Lament. Chan himself stood their watching the Commander's Coffin draped in the Federation Flag being moved off the Parade Grounds as the Naval Crew made their final respects. The Admiral herself gave her last final thoughts and respects to her loyal right hand, for this was the last time she would ever get a chance.

When finished she then stood at the head of the podium overlooking the Marine Detailed in their ranked formation and the Starfleet Naval Crew gathered around in a more relaxed stance, in no particular ranks. She stood there expressing her final thoughts, and her thanks for all who attended to pay their respects to man who served King and Country well. It was obvious that she was doing a unprepared speech as her voice trembled in emotions that wasn't usually public to her crew. When she finished expressing those rare feelings she gave the floor to Chan and prepared to resume the parade.

Chan: Guard! Shoulder Arms! *shoulders his sabre* Guard will march past in grid, move to the right in grid, Right...! Turn! By the Center in grid Quick March!

The Marine Detail began marching forward, following the Guard Commander (Chan).

Chan: In Succession By Guards, On the March Left Turn!

1st Guard Sergeant: 1st Guard...On the March Left Turn!

Flag Party Commander: Flag Party, ON the March Left Turn..

2nd Guard Sergeant: 2nd Guard...On the March Left...Turn!

The Marines were in a 12 rank grid formation preparing their march past in front of the podium, where Admiral Jarax, and Major Bandel stood.

Chan: In Succession by Guard1 Eyes....Right! *brings down sword, as he marches past*

Admiral Jarax stood their staring into his eyes, her arms checked, her chin high. Same as the Major except with him saluting.

The Guards carried on with the succession, with the right marker looking forward and the troops marching forward staring right as they slowly marched past the podium.

Chan: In Succession By Guard! Eyes....Front!

The guards continued on...

The Honour Guard marched off as the funeral ceremony came to an end.


Chan: To your Duties Dismissed!

After the brief memorial service for the now passed Executive Officer. He left the memorial service to wander the ship corridors, his tunic collar was unbuttoned giving his throat some room to breathe, he took a seat right against the bulkhead. His butt planted against the floor staring across the bulkhead reflection of himself.

He sat there for a few minutes, observing the general mood of the crew, the air seemed to be filled with a aura of depression and sorrow. He himself didn't really share those feelings. To him Starr was another superior officer he lost over the years, and after all those losses it seemed as Chan had mastered his feelings, suppressing them during losses like this.

He headed over to Southern Comfort, in his duty fatigues, exhausted from the pressures of duty and honour. As if those two words were about to come down and collapse on him.

When he arrived, he noticed a large contingent of marine commissioned officers. He read off a note that the detachment was going to get reinforced with fresh green marines with the new threats Cambrian was seeing in action lately, and for him it was a welcome change in manifest.

Chan: *grabs a drink from a bartender* Gentlemen...


1st Lieutenant Wai Kiat Chan
Assistant Company Commander
USS Cambrian


Author: Ensign Bilou sura Marre
Title: n/c


=following post #105=


*It's a scream that brings many in Sickbay to cover their ears. It's accompanied by several wildly rapid blows to Varham's chest that soon break down into limp arms that slide down his body as she collapses to the floor and the scream becomes a sustained cry of grief. There, Zhirana lays on her back, convulsing with sobs at Varham's feet.*

Her muscles had given up the battle. Her body had sunk down, letting go of a the aggression, leaving her powerless.

All looked at Zhirana worried, still keeping distance, not moving yet, to convince themselves it really was over. But it looked like Zhirana had crawled back inside again, suddenly unreachable, not at all being aware of anything around her anymore.

Varham lifted her easily from the floor and softly let her down on a bed.

Sevok stepped closer and checked her once more with a tricorder. Only he caught her sight one more time.

As she looked into the eyes of the Vulcan and his serious look met hers, as late as that moment she fully understood. In his eyes now she saw the battle he had been fighting, trying to save Nathan. The battle he had lost.

Zhirana closed her eyes -broke all contact, now- and the pain overtook her completely. It had taken every control over her body from her, rising above the physical. It had left her weak, unable to make any movement, as if life had left her body as well. And even the crying had stopped. Only a fast unnatural breathing remained to be heard for the people in sickbay, for hours.

Everyone had set to work again, also Bilou. There were more things to take care of, more patients to help. Alcibiades for instance. But while Bilou was working she constantly felt Zhirana's pain. Though she tried to keep it on the background, it was overwhelming and it scared her badly. She had never experienced something so heavily.

Of course, she was a doctor, she wanted to help people. That was her function. And to sympathize with people in pain, with patients, was a very normal thing, Bilou thought.

It happened more often that she found herself not able to separate her own wishes or benefits from those of someone else. And sometimes she suddenly felt unreasonable pain, just for one second.

But this constant burning inside her was so different. She felt panic coming up, realizing she really could not ignore it, no matter how hard she was trying.

~ oh..please, get yourself together~

She plied to her mind, feeling that she almost started to cry. ~ no..I don't need to feel this.. don't need to pay attention to this... I know it's Zhirana's hurt, and not mine.~

This last acknowledgement surprised her somewhat, but helped her to calm down, as well.


Ensign Bilou sura Marre
Medical Officer
USS Cambrian

JULY 2003

Author: Lt (jg) Alcibiades de la Piedra
Title: n/c

=Submarine shuttle=
=10 minutes after last post=

Nik: Approaching first landing site.

Anjehn: Sensor readings indicate there is some kind of wrek at the place, but we'll have to get a little bit closer to see what it is.

Cib: Closer as in 'Life threatening close' or 'Path of the dead close'

Anjehn: Ehm... Aye sir.

Ryouga:*smiles* As close as we need to. The visual sensors should give us a pretty good idea of what we're looking at

The shuttle advanced into the depths of the ocean, Passing through some kind of coral riff, where a lot of tiny little fish went swimming back into their holes. As a fish, it's not an every day thing to see a big frickin' shuttle passing in front of your front door. Imagine that.

After they passed the coral riff, they saw what they were looking for.

Or not.

They were expecting to see a crippled Nove class Starship. What was in front of them was everything BUT a starship.

Ryouga: Mr, Escol could you tell me what we're looking at?

Anjehn: Well sir... I think the best word to describe it, is 'scrapheap'. Because that's what it is. I hav no idea why someone would place their junk in here though.

Cib: Mister Escol, could you make a scan for life signs around this area?

Anjehn: scanning... None found sir.

Cib: Well... by the looks of it, that pile of junk hasn't been there for long.

Nik: And why is that sherlock?

Cib: Elementary my dear dovarish. The fish at the coral over there haven't moved in there yet. it takes a lot of time before fish begin to trust something that has just fallen on top of their houses. Either that, or...


All of a sudden, some kind of creature rose from behind the pile of garbage. It's head stuck out from what seemed to be some kind of underwater canyon. The place it was coming from was not as rightening as it's size though.

Nik: It's GODZILLA!!!

Cib:*Calmly, like trying to explain something really important* Actually, he only LOOKS like Godzilla but if you look at it's eye sockets...

Ryouga: Turn this thing around! turn it around!!!

Cib: *After a brief explanation*Therefore it's not Godzilla...

NIK: THEN LET'S FLEE FROM IT AS IF IT WAS GODZILLA!!!*brings the shuttle about*

Cib: Even though it's not...


Lieutenant Junior-grade Alcibiades de la Piedra
Chief of Security-Tactical
USS Cambrian

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