APRIL 2003

Date: April ?, 2003
Title: ?
Author: Cdr Ardiam Teloni


--A Corridor, en route to Research Area--

Kes was up ahead, point blank refusing to give up her position to the XO. She'd skilfully deployed her team with Teloni and Sullivan in the center, stating, quite abruptly as Klingon's do, that security was HER jurisdiction and that, "With all respect Sir, you are here to lead the mission, not dictate the security arrangements I am taking to ensure the safety of both the Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, not only them, but everyone else in this team." Ardiam could have argued, but something stopped him. Probably the fact that is may have been useless to do so, more the fact that the emotion emanating from the CMO gave him pause that confrontational conversation wasn't what she needed to hear. Something on this station had her nervous as hell. He didn't want to aggravate the situation.

"Eaglewind to Teloni. Report Commander." interrupted the comm. The Commodore tinny voice echoed around the corridor.

"We're on route to the Research Lab Sir," began Teloni, "Riis and the Engineering Team are currently attempting to establish full power to the station, latest reports show they're struggling with some relays. Finnegan has engaged hostiles in the vicinity. Kalron and his team are working in Ops, attempting to gain control from that perspective."

"Acknowledged Commander. Speck has just beamed across to Darksight. He should be back within 15 minutes, hopefully with something that may give us the edge. As soon as we get something, I'll be in contact."

"Appreciated Sir. Teloni Out." He tapped his comm to close the channel, turning to glance at Rachel. He offered a small supportive smile. Her eyes were wide, staring, the colour appeared to have drained out of her face. Ardiam looked at her, "Kes, hold it." he said without taking his eyes off the CMO. "Rachel?" he said softer, directed at her.

The CMO just started into nothingness for a moment before blinking, turning to look at the XO, her eyes still wide. "Can't you feel it," she asked with a sense of urgency, almost whispering. At that same moment, Kes approached.

"What is it?" she asked almost impatiently. Taking one look at the CMO she immediately knew there was something.

"Can you FEEL it," repeated Rachel, still directed at the XO, the whisper almost a hiss, then, she looked around, speaking to no-one in particular, "It's coming....." her voice trailed off.

Kes looked round at the 5 security crew. "You, you and you," she barked, pointing at the individuals, before gesturing that they were to continue ahead, then "You two." at the remainder, sending them just behind, before turning to the XO.

"Commander, tactically, this isn't where I want to be. We have to move, my tricorder shows that there............"


Teloni didn't hear the remainder of Kes' sentence. It was amazing, pure telepathic power. Instinctively he clamped his hands over his ears, involuntarily crying out for a second as the pure energy of the voice hit him. His knees buckled as he hit the deck with a thump. Rachel, on the other hand, stood her ground. She winced for a second, before composing herself. In an instant she was Rachel Sullivan, CMO again. Pulling out the tricorder that appeared to be permanently fixed to her hip she began to scan over the XO. Kes went into action, weapon drawn in an instant. "What the.... " she muttered as she surrounded the CMO with her team, all weapons drawn all alert.

"He'll be fine in a second." remarked Rachel, putting away her tricorder.

"What's coming." snapped Kes.

Rachel was about to answer when a groan from Teloni diverted her attention. She immediately went to help his as he began to get to his feet.

"What the hell was that," he groaned, "you felt that?" Rachel nodded. Kes looked angry.

"Felt what?"

"It was a telepathic shout Kes." said Rachel.

"And it was damn loud," continued Teloni, "I've never felt anything like that before. There was no presence, no warning.. nothing."

"We are not safe here Commander. We MUST move onward."

He thought for a moment, "Agreed. Once in Research, according to the station plan, we can set up a perimeter that will be easier to defend and allow us time to access the main computer core."

"Willett to Teloni. Sir, please respond, Sir!!" came an urgent voice. 'Willett. Willett' thought Teloni, remembering he was part of the tech team in Ops.

"Go ahead Ensign."

"Sir, Commander Kalron Sir, he's been attacked. He's dead Sir."

"Gather your team together Ensign, have the security contingent form a perimeter. Secure the area, then continue with your task." he ordered, adding "Don't panic," as he desperately tried to come up with some reassuring words for the Ensign who, from the sounds of things, had never experienced death before.

"The area is secured Sir."


"No Sir, that's what I don't understand, we've had no contact with any kind of hostile. One minute the Chief was working under a desk, when I went back to him a couple of minutes later.. he.. he was dead. According to the Security team, we haven't experienced a breach." Ardiam looked at the CMO. She nodded. He hoped she understood that he was thinking that this telepathic entity was somehow involved. She nodded again.

"Acknowledged Mr Willett. Carry out the perimeter, continue with your primary goals. Teloni out." The connection closed he looked at a rather impatient Kes. "Lets move." he said.

For several long minutes the crept along the dimly lit corridor toward what was marked as the research lab on their map. Teloni had drawn his phaser as he followed Kes and her contingent toward their safe spot. The CMO followed, walking alongside the XO, refusing to carry a weapon. She seemed different, almost as if she was blocking emotion now. Ardiam couldn't read her now, even at this vicinity. Finally, in the dim light, they could make out the large doors which, if they had taken the correct route, would lead into the research lab. With the T junction now covered from all angles one of the security team approached the door. It didn't open. Holstering his phaser he drew out a device that he attached to the door, giving the opening mechanism a small amount of power. The doors opened. Within a millisecond, the security crewman was propelled backward, off his feet, and down the corridor, narrowly missing Teloni and Sullivan. Kes, Teloni and the other 4 security immediately turned their weapons toward the door. The moment they did so, without any time to react, the weapons were yanked from their hands by an unseen force, being thrown in the opposite direction. It took the seconds that this occurred for them to actually realise what they were looking at. Stood, at the other side of the now open door, was a little girl. Her face looked dark, as if a storm cloud hovered above her, the only really recognisable part were the eyes. They seemed to glow. Next to him, Ardiam felt Rachel tense. The air around her seemed thick, charged somehow. Time had seemed to stop. The girl paid no attention to anyone, her eyes glowering at Rachel. With a voice unlike one you would expect from a child the girl spoke one word.



Commander Ardiam Teloni
Executive Officer
USS Protostar

MARCH 2003

Date: March ?, 2003
Title: ?
Author: Cadets Andril Bretanna and Samantha Scott


<<Main Mess Hall>>
<<U.S.S. Protostar>>

After asking three crewman for direction, Samantha was beginning to feel rather foolish. From the look on the face of the last one, you'd think Protostar was a single deck cargo ship. Eventually she did however, find her way to the mess hall.

There must have just been a change of duty shifts, because it was crowded. Grabbing a quick dinner she looked around for a seat. Just as she thought that she was going to have to stand she noticed someone sitting by themselves. Almost backing down and just carrying her food back to her quarters, she decided to approach him.

"Is this seat taken?"

Andril looked up and saw the blue-tunicked cadet standing in front of the table. His black eyes blinked a few times and then he smiled a little and replied "Sure. You must be the other Cadet here."

Grinning, "That's me I guess. I'm glad to find out I'm not the only one here."

Taking the empty seat, she stuck out her hand. "I'm Samantha Scott, feel free to just use Sam though. I much prefer it."

His smile widened as he met her handshake "I am Andril Bretanna. You can call me Andril." He looked at her uniform "You are training in the Sciences yes?"

"Yes, specializing and Astronomy and Stellar Cartography." Hesitating a moment, looking at his red tunic, she asked "What about you?"

"I am technically in Operations, but I wear red to reflect cross-training in Tactical and low level command protocols."

"Though I suspect you will have more to do than I will in that capacity." He grins, running his fingers through his aquamarine hair.

"Sounds ambitious. I do hope to stay busy, though right now everything seems a bit overwhelming." Pausing a moment to take a bite of her pasta, "Are you too a new arrival?"

He nods and smiles "I have been here all of two or three days. Just long enough to get settled in. And I think stuff is overwhelming too. Especially some of the people."

"The people? Really? Most have been helpful..."

Andril shrugged and said "Maybe it's me." He took another bite of his meal and continued "Truth be told, an Intrepid Class was not my first choice of assignments, but now that I am here, it is not so bad."

Pushing a rogue lock of hair away from her face, she frowned then shrugged. "I suppose I was just happy to be assigned to a starship, over a station of a planetary assignment."

She paused, looking Andril over for a moment. "You're Corovan, aren't you?"

His grin spread all the way up to his hairline "Yes, I am. So few people know. I often get mistaken for an Andorian, can you imagine that?"

Laughing "I can't say I've been on an actual planet more than maybe four times, excepting the academy, but I've sure met a lot of different people. A Corovan once came into my aunt's restaurant. He told the most interesting stories, and was a rather good tipper."

For the first time since the conversation began Andril laughed out loud "By the Maker that sounds like an Uncle of mine...He was totally like that. And he had a thing for jewelry, especially Gold. I mean, before Corovus joined the galactic community, Gold was actually worth something without Latinum in it." he kept chuckling "I swear, Illijin would have worn a gold plated Warp Nacelle around his neck if they could have put a chain on it, and oh, the Stories he told..." Andril reached for the right term. "Pure....pure crap, BS, as they say, but he could tell them well..." He chuckled at the memory.

Samantha smiled, at Andril's rush of words, glad she was beginning to break through his shyness. "But everyone needs to hear a tale about beating a large band of interplanetary pirates, single handidly with all but one phaser bank down, right?"

Andril nodded so much he almost choked on his food. "And for Illijin there was always a girl after, and she was always green and wild." He waggled his eyebrows trying not to laugh out loud.

Sam gasping for breath, barely able to say a word, nodded appreciativly. Finally able to speak, "It's amazing how much trouble one person can get into. Though I remember he always cut out the good parts when my aunt was around. Worried that she might not keep the rounds coming."

Just then, a massive, burly Zaldan hove into view not far from where the two were sitting. He more or less ignored Sam, and leaned close to Andril "Listen Weak-Body," the Zaldan hissed "I told you before to keep that damn relic out of my way, I swear if I trip over it again, I am gonna feed it to you next mess, you got me?" Andril tensed up like a taught cable, he did not look at the Zaldan, he only nodded and before either he or Sam knew it, the big man was gone, leaving Andril shaking just a little, all his former humor gone.

Samantha, shocked at what has just happened, stared a moment at the space the Zaldan had just previously vacated. Opening and closing her mouth several times, unsure what to say, finally managed, "Who..who was that?"

"D'aris." He replied in clipped tones "His name is Bilkrin D'aris. He and I share a room. He does not like me." Andril pushed his meal tray away and reached into a pocket in his uniform. He came out with a small square of something or other, unwrapped it and popped the contents into his mouth. He chewed furiously and an odor of artificial grape permeated the space between them.

"Obviously not." Samantha muttered, curiously trying to decipher Andril's odd actions, but decided not comment. Attempting to sound lighthearted, she teased "So what kind of 'relic' do you leave around your room?"

Andril smiled a bit again and cocked his head mischievously to one side "Do you have some time free?"

"Yes.." She hesistated wondering just what exactly could she be getting herself into, but her curiousity got the better of her. With a crooked grin. "Lead the way."

He stood up, disposed of his tray and lead the way back toward his quarters. When they arrived, he ducked in first to make sure the coast was clear, and then seeing it was he motioned Sam inside with a silent wave of his hand.

<<Crew Quarters, Lower Deck>>

Samantha was pretty nervous by the time they reached his quarters. The entire trip there, depite her questions, he refused to give any clue about what she was about to see. Dozens of strange senarios ran through her mind, each a bit weirder and equally unlikely than the last. Obvious his roomate was upset about it... Shaking her head, she entered as Andril signaled.

Their quarters was clean and somewhat spartan. More so perhaps than might be considered normal. Andril grinned and reached underneath his bed to pull out a large leather case of odd shape. He put it on the bed and opened it. Inside Sam can see something gleaming, the color of blue chromium...

Samantha leaned in for a closer look. "Ohh..." She breathed. A guitar! Mentally kicking herself for the rather outrageous ideas she had previously come up with she turned to Andril and shyly asked "Will you play for me?"

He smiled broadly, his eyes gleamed as he lifted the blue chrome steel guitar out of its case and slung it over his shoulder "This guitar is more than four hundred years old, it belonged to a Delta Blues Man named John Lee Hooker, a Terran like you. " he paused to grin before engaging in a little flattery "A genius like you." Then he turned to face the computer. "Computer, run amplification program Bret-Prime." The computer chirped and the room hummed a little. He then put a small steel cylinder over one of the fingers on his left hand and began to play...It was like listening to liquid velvet on a hot day, like the sunshine squeezed into your heart a dollop at a time...

Samantha's eyes closed as she listened to the music, the dancing melody lying beautifully over the lilting harmony. When the song finished she gave an enthusiastic applause. "That was wonderful!" Thinking of her cello lying in her own quarters, she thought of admitting she was musician herself. Afraid a performance of her own skills might be requested, she decided to just simply request an encore.

He nodded and said with a grin "Okay, but you keep an eye out for D'aris, if he sees me playing in here, he will straight up bust my neck." And with that he launched into another song...


Cadets Andril Bretanna and Samantha Scott
USS Protostar


Date:February 21st, 2003
Title:"Ninja Suit?"
Author:Crewman Khurk Djuruk


USS Protostar
Embarkation Room, following "Only On Paper..."

Still puzzling over the term "Ninja Suit", Khurk frantically dug through the pile of standard issue gear while the other candidates snatched up their own. Obviously, the designers of the bodysuits had assumed only a scrawny humanoid would be wearing them. After wasting precious seconds, he finally came across one that would accomodate his broader shoulders and chest. Scrambling into it, he quickly discovered that the limbs were far too long. Growling in frustration, the young Akari attempted to tear the excess length off the sleeves, but the material proved too tough. In the end, he rulled up the cuffs of the sleeves and trousers as best he could. To his dismay, he found that while he could stretch the hood over his nose, it would not accomodate his ears.

Noticing a sudden silence in the room, Khurk looked up to find everyone staring at him. They had all finished donning their gear, including the hoods.

"Problem, crewman,"one of the masked figures asked with Finnegan's voice.

"It won't fit, sir," Khurk snarled.

Finnegan shook his head. "Well, forget the hood for now. We'll get you fitted with a custom suit later." He looked around at the others. "Let's move, people!"

OFF: One size fits all, my furry butt...

Crewman Khurk Djuruk
Security NCO/STU Candidate
USS Protostar

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