Date: February ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Lieutenant Jos


"Move out of my way you worthless meatbag!" growled a distinctly angry voice from somewhere below the waist of the Security Ensign. Following the sound he found himslef peering down at a small being whose red eyes were narrowed in indignant rage.

"Pardon me, but do you have clearance for this area?", asked the Ensign.

"Of course I do! Can you not see my uniform? My rank insignia? I am Lieutenant in Star Fleet! You will allow me to pass and you will do so now! Now I say!" shrieked the being shaking it's black gloved fists.

The Ensign raised an eyebrow and took a deep breath, trying very hard to remain calm. "Look, uh... I need to see your transfer orders and authorization before you can..."

"Very well human." muttered the being and it produced a PADD from a bulging sack at his side. "Here are my 'orders" read them well! Read them very well!"

The Ensign read the name and immediately recalled the briefing he had been given about the creature, he had indeed been expected, almost dreaded in fact. The thing's reputation for arrogance was apparently well deserved. "Well, all looks to be in order. Welcome aboard Star Base Tango, your new ship is located in docking bay four. Enjoy your stay."

The being snatched the PADD and marched into the Star Base his mouth a grim line and his massive eyes wide. All around him the sparkle and glitter of pristine technology called like a siren to be tested and modified, fixed, made better. "Ahhhh...." he breathed.

He was bumped aside by a passing human that hadn't seen him and he stumbled backward and fell. "KNOW THIS EARTH PIG ONE DAY YOU WILL PAY!!! OH SO VERY MUCH WILL YOU PAY!!!"

The merchant that had bumped him chuckled and walked away.

"Oh laugh you worm, laugh if you will." he muttered as he got to his feet. Seeing the information kiosk he strode to it and activated his legs, they sprung outward from the pack on his back like the legs of a spider and lifted him up to the panel. His fingers danced across the board and called up the location of Dock 4, noting it on the PADD he lowered himself again to the ground.

Soon he stood before the transporter operator of the USS Protostar, "I am Lt. Jos. Where is the Executive Officer? I had assumed it would great me personally."

The Operator looked at the little alien, at the bulging red eyes, the featureless face save the mouth which was slightly open to reveal rows of odd square teeth, the green skin the antennae atop it's head,

"Um... you were expected then?"

"Of course I was expected human. I am the new Engineer for this vessel, the hands that will hold the very heart of this conveyance!" cried Jos rising to his full two and three-fourths foot height.

"Ok..." said the Op. "I'll notify the XO of your arrival, she'll see you at her earliest possible convenience I'm sure. Till then you could wait in the lounge I suppose."

"Very well. You will take me to this lounge." said Jos.

"Actually I am on duty here, I'll get someone to..."

"No need!" interrupted Jos. "I will find it myself. But your insolence has been noted." Rest assured it transporter bay and into the hallway, looking both ways in bewilderment.

Behind him as the doors slid closed the transporter op wished very hard that what he had just experienced had been a very bad day dream. If that was the new engineer he'd definitely be considering a safer ship to transfer to.


Lt. Jos


Date: September 15, 2001
Title: "Meeting of the Minds"
Author(s): Mr. Ablekadlich and Captain Alexander Devlin

Ablek walked down the corridore, having been shoo'd out of three departments already he was now headed to science, this was getting amusing...

Alex was sitting in his ready room. He hadnīt taken the time to get out of his
mess uniform, as he didnīt feel he had time. Instead, he was reading through the
reports again, and properly this time. When he had, he leaned back and found his thoughts turning to the last thing Sullivan had said. He really did have to talk to that strange Ablekadlich about that.

Ablek rounded a corner finding a room that said "Science" on the door. he smiled as the door opened admiting him. Now he would learn just exactly HOW advanced they were.

"Might as well get it over with," Alex said with a sigh. He activated comm, and at the familiar chirp he said, "Captain Devlin to Ablekadlich. Please come to my readyroom."

Ablek heard the statement from a neerby com pannel. "Guess I'll do that later." He figured finding his way back would be intresting and a waste of
time so he transported, fading away, and appearing at the same moment in the
Captains Ready Room.


Like the first time, he hadnīt been prepared, so he almost jumped out of the chair before he recognized who it was. Then he gave Ablek a tired look, "I believe I asked you to use the door."

Realiseing his mistake he nodded deeply. "My
appologies, I have forgoten. Shall I return and come back?"

"No, never mind that now. Just please remember it next time." He sighed as he leaned back into the chair, "Dr. Sullivan told me sheīs going away after we finish here. With you. And she couldnīt tell me for how long. Iīd like to know if this is really neccesary."

Ablek's fur went completely purple. He hadn't expected this. "I am not an expert on your people. The only Zalkut who might know that for sure would be my Father, I can find out if he is available to awnser your questions."

"Youīre planning to leave with my CMO for an undeterminate amount of time and canīt even explain WHY?"

"Ablek looked at the Captain thinking for a few moments. "She needs extensive training. My father feals she may be a danger to you and to herself. Her skills remain unstable without the continued support of my ship. My Father feals that the only chance for her to have any sort of a normal life is for her to return with me and recieve that training. We are not experienced enough
with your race to know how long will be needed."

Alex swore under his breath. Starfleet would learn of this, and thereīd be hell to pay. And people, Intell among them, would dig into it and the doctorīs secret would be out. "Itīs not so easy as all that. The CMO of a starship canīt just take off indefinately." He sighed deeply, "But I canīt and wonīt hold her here. For her sake, I canīt do that."
His thoughts had been extreamly close to the surface, and Ablek read them without any effort. His fur went black Star Fleet could not know about the Zalkut, not yet anyway. "There has to be a way." He simply stated trying to not show his knowelege of the Captains thoughts.

'Yes,' Alex thought, 'There has to. But what is it?'

"I have a while longer. Unless she poses an immediate threat I canīt allow her to leave, and she told me youīre not leaving until we resolve this matter weīre in right now. Until
then, Iīll just have to think of a way."

"Yes I agree. I will consider the matter as well. Simply put your government must not know of my people, not yet." Deblich had been adament about that part. No governmental contact whatsoever.

"Which hardly makes this easier. But Iīll think of a way." 'Preferably one that wonīt land me in a courtmartial,' he thought wryly.'

"Yes that would be preffered. I do not wish to have to.. remove a freind from unwanted circumstances." He knew his father would kill him for that, but he would do it.

Alex wasnīt exactly sure what that implied. Even so, he nodded slowly. "Now unless you have something more to add about this, I have other things I need to see to as well."

"I have nothing else, I have a lot of thinking to do. I will notify you if I can come up with something." He would come up with somehting, what he wasn't sure.

"Do so," Alex said simply, "Youīre free to go."

Ablek wasn't sure if he sould go by the door, or just return his way so he looked at the door then the captain.

When he saw that Ablek wasnīt leaving, and then what he was looking at, he couldnīt help but smile faintly, "Yes, use the door please," he said calmly, "for both coming and going."

Ablek turned and headed to the door, he didn't say another word, he didn't like to be 'dismissed.'

As Alex saw the door closing behing Ablek, he instantly turned to other matters. He had alot to do before meeting with the Olvannanti monarch.

Joint Post by:
Captain Alexander Devlin

JULY 2000

Title: ?
Date: July ?, 2000
Author(s): Commander Nathaniel Wroe
& Lieutenant Commander Rachel Sullivan


Rachel stood beyond the perimeter of the medical modules. She stared out into the distance. The silent city, nestled against tall mountains. She knew Wroe had passed on the warning to the natives and they would get under cover. Of course it may be pointless. They were still dying. Somehow she was sure radiation was the key to this disease.

Nat headed back to the medical facility. In a brief communication with the ship the Captain had given his orders. The evacuation was to go ahead as planned, at least until they had analyzed the data from the radiation.

Entering he saw the Doctor, she was busying herself in her makeshift lab. He looked round at the equipment.

"Dr Sullivan, the evac is going ahead, just to be safe. We'd better start securing your equipment for transport."

"I'm not going," she said.

"What do you mean, not going. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Once we have analyzed the data we will then make a final decision.. you could be back here in a matter of hours. But for now we are moving out."

Not many people could stand up to an irritated Klingon. Rachel was perverse enough to be one of the few. "I am not abandoning these people," she said.

"This radiation may be what caused this disease in the first place. And it could cause and escalation in the mutation. My place is here."

Nat was putting every human aspect of himself into the conversation, staying calm, not blowing up wildly. One thing he'd learnt since his promotion,
yelling at some people wasn't the way to go, Dr Sullivan was one of them.

"Do you have any evidence to suggest the radiation is, or could be the cause of the infection?"

"It's not acting like a standard infection. Nor is it behaving as a simple mutation," she said. "I'll spare you all the boring details. If this is the
key to the disease, then my place is here on this planet. Not playing it safe in some tin can in the sky."

*sighs* "Dr Sullivan, your dedication and commitment to your work is noted, but I am in command here, my job is your safety, and I can't let you put yourself in danger." He starts to pace the floor, steadying his breath. His inner turmoil was becoming more and more difficult to control. He looks at her again and continues a little harsher than before.

"You have a line of volunteers, ask a couple of them if they would accompany you back to the 'Star, where you can continue your work in safety. At least up there you have a chance of being medically fit to return planetside."

"Don't be ridiculous," Rachel snapped irritated. She hated the *I'm in charge* attitude some command officers got. "I am the CMO and therefore in a better position to determine if the risk is too great. And I am not ready to risk these people on the Protostar. As it is, all away team members are to be kept in isolation when they return. All the more reason I will be more effective here than up there."

"I don't consider your safety ridiculous Dr Sullivan. If you don't like the order there's nothing I can do about it. But it stands. We evac immediately. The sooner we pack up and move out, the quicker we can analyze the radiation, check risk assessment, and maybe come back down here." He tried not to sound angry, but it came out sounding like it had come through
clenched teeth.

"Fine! Pack up! Just leave me enough equipment to work with," she snapped. "And since you and the captain are NOT interested in my medical opinion then maybe you should find another officer to be your *yes-man* chief medical

He retaliated.

"YOUR medical opinion in not in question, and I don't want a 'yes man' for the Chief Medical Officer. What I want is a live one, who is fit and capable
of doing her job, not riddled with radiation poisoning and burns. *thumps fists on nearby table* CAN'T YOU SEE I AM ONLY TRYING TO HELP YOU?"

Rachel ignored the fact he just cracked the table. "And why won't you even listen to me!?!" she shouted at him. "Anomalous reading from the sun isn't enough to pack up and run! There are over a million sick and dying people on this planet that needs us and I'm not going to abandon them! And that's FINAL!"

The crowd that gathered outside the module were impressed. One that Rachel had the nerve to trade shouts with an angry Klingon and two that Wroe hadn't knocked her out, tied her up and thrown her on the shuttle. This was getting good.

"Those anomalous readings" he yelled "could give you a fatal dose of radiation sickness. How can you expect to help these people when you are led
in your own sickbay."  He threw his head back and let out a pure Klingon guttural sound. "What is it going to take to get you back on the Protostar.....where its safe?"

"A supernovae!!!!" Rachel yelled back. She would have gotten into his face, but he did tower over her somewhat.

He wasn't expecting that answer.

"What??" Again his fists came down on the table and stayed there. He leant on the table, staring at his hands. He'd told himself moments before not to
let his Klingon side react, but it was there, slowly asserting itself. At the back of his mind he saw himself stunning her and throwing her in the
back of the shuttle. He left that thought there and after a few brief seconds he looked back up at her, the fire in her eyes was apparent.

"This is getting us nowhere." he said, quieter this time, calmer, "The Captain's order is for us ALL to return to the ship. Basically, you're telling me you are disobeying a direct order... two in fact, mine and the Captain's. You'd better have good cause Doctor, I've told you the dangers, the fact you'll probably return in a few hours and the option of taking a Wotani up to the ship, in isolation if you want, but still you refuse." He turned with his back to her and leaned against the table. Sighing he
muttered "Is that what you're telling me?"

"I don't know yet," she growled at him. Her green eyes burned like twin furnaces. "You and the captain put me in charge of this mission, but don't
give me the courtesy to express an opinion on how it's to be handled. Especially in light of this questionable danger from the sun."

He turned back to her and matched he growling tone.

"Your opinion, as I said, is noted. I've heard your suggestions, I don't agree with putting any member of the away team in danger which includes you.
I've told you.. asked you to evac to the ship until we can assess the risk." he paused, tapped his comm "Wroe to Ensigns Thompson and Vollenic. Report to the medical shelter, begin loading up. Wroe out." He looked back at the Doctor, fixing eye contact with her. "You have a choice to make Doctor."

Rachel glared at him furiously. She hated being backed into a corner. "Next time," she said. "I'll amputate BOTH your legs."

He looked at her, her anger was apparent. He hoped she understood he was only doing this for her safety, for the safety of all the away team.

"Thank you Doctor." he stated.

The two Ensigns arrived at that moment, 'convenient' he thought, had they been just outside the structure? Not taking his eyes off the Doctor he asked them to begin loading the equipment onto the shuttle. They complied and begin to take the cargo crates that were ready to the shuttle.

"We may be back sooner than you think Doctor. Lets get to the 'Star as make those assessments shall we?"

She gave him a glare that should have left a pile of ashes. Rachel was a woman with very strong and volatile emotions. "Do I have a choice?" she
asked too sweetly.

"I gave you one. You made what I consider to be the right decision."

He left it at that, grabbed a canister and left the room carrying it to the shuttle.

Another canister followed him. Launched by her temper. Nat heard the canister crash to the floor inches behind him. He was half tempted to turn
and say something, but thought it better to leave the situation for now. She needed time to calm down. He made a mental note to stay away from Sickbay for a while.

Rachel stomped and snarled. Why did disagreements with that man make her
want to beat him in the head with blunt instrument? The ensigns wisely
ignored the damaged table. And avoided the angry doctor.


Joint Post By
Commander Nathaniel Wroe, XO
Lt. Commander Rachel Sullivan, CMO
USS Protostar-A

JUNE 2000

Date: June ?, 2000
Title: ?
Authors: Commander Alex Devlin & Yeoman Sharron Green


Sharron made her way to the holodeck, after a long day of work. She was  wearing her martial arts robes, ready for some practice. Relieved to find an  empty holodeck, she started to load a sparring program when she got the  sensation that someone was looking over her shoulder.

"That program really isnīt all that good, yoeman," a voice called from behind  her, "For some reason the opponents never seem to adapt fast enough."
She turned to see Commander Devlin standing behind her, wearing his robes as  well.

"Commander." She said. "Do you have something more.. challenging in  mind?"

Alex assumed a look of innocence, "Oh, I donīt know. It just occured to me  that you practically challenged me when you first came onboard. I sort of  figured you might want to follow up on that." He grinned mischevously at as  he said that.

Sharron raised her eyebrows and smirked. "I hope your up for the challenge"  She emphisised the word challenge. She moved aside. "To make things easier on  you, I'll let you choose the program." She said, matching his grin.

Alex merely smiled faintly at that, "Computer, load program DevlinOne. No  opponents." In moments the room had changed to an open field. Alex then  followed the yoeman and stopped three meters away from her. There he assumed  a fighting stance, and waved Green in with one extended hand.

Sharron took in a breath, and came forward with a quick spin-kick to his arm,  which he blocked. She stood back into her stance, ready to make or take  another blow.

Alex grinned at her, and waved her in again. He intended to feel her style  out before doing anything himself aside from blocking.
She could see what he was doing.. and knew better. She forced herself to give  a little less of herself... leaving something for suprise later. But she  still came at him with impressive enough attacks. She hit him again, this  time in the chest with her foot.

It took Alex a short moment to regain his breath from her kick. She was  stronger than she looked. Even so, he assumed the same stance for a third  time. Still grinning, he waved her in again. Outward, he showed no change at  all, but this time he intended to strike back as a response to her next  attack.

Sharron had never fought Alex before, but she knew from experience that once  a new opponent saw how strong she was, they were ready to retaliate..  although this time he didn't seem phased. She wasn't sure what to expect.  Maybe this would be a challenge after all. She came forward one more time,  this time utilizing the use of her other leg hoping to catch him offgaurd.
Alex waited to the last possible instant, taking a gamble he had gotten an  accurate check on her speed. Her foot passed so close to him that he felt a  draft from it. His own retaliation came just as he came up next to her. He  brought his elbow out quickly in an attempt to connect with her side.  Regardless if she managed to block that or not he got ready to follow through  with a low roundkick aimed at her feet.

She saw his elbow going for her side, and was only able to lighten the blow  rather than block it completely. The blow spun her around, and a kick took  her up at her feet, and spun her on her back onto the ground. Acting quickly,  she reached forward with her feet and managed to knock him over too,  carefully trying to launch him in a manner that he'd land without getting  hurt.

He had not expected that sheīd be able to retaliate so well, so falling was a  surprice. Even so, he flipped himself backwards using the momentum of the  fall to catch himself with his hands well enough so he could do a flip to  land on his feet. When he landed he quickly saw that Green had also gotten  up. Instead of attacking again, Alex brought his hands together and bowed  faintly, "Iīm impressed, yoeman." He said sincerely. He then assumed a battle  stance yet again.

She bowed back at him. "My opponents usually are, Commander." She quickly  wiped a little hair back from her forhead, and then took her stance as well.  This time she waved Devlin forward.

He flashed a quick smile as she copied his insolent wave. His attack was  fast. He feigned a punch towards her, but just as her block came up he  alterned the attack and he dropped for yet another roundkick to her feet. But  this time he was ready for any counter she might have.

She leaped over his kicking feet, not letting that blow get her twice in a  row. She flipped to get to the other side of him and to buy her time and  space to make her next move. He turned and she ran and launched her body into  the air, her right foot leading, wondering if he could block this move...

Alex sidestepped her kick, and quickly made a move to use her own momentum  against her. He used one hand to hitting her leg so he would have better  access as his other hand came up quickly to connect cleanly with her  stoumach. Only as he hit did he realize that it might have been just a little  too hard. As she was still in the air when he hit, she went down fairly hard.

She landed with and "umph!", as it was the last of her breath to leave her  lungs for a long moment. She layed on the ground, looking up to see Alex  standing over her, only breifly before her sight went black.

'Damn, Alex. Youīre supposed to have better control than that,' Alex thought  admonishingly. "Computer, end program," he called out as he bent next to the  yoeman. He waited with calling for medical staff, and checked her himself.  Her eyes opened groggily as he shook her. He grinned foolishly at her, "Sorry  about that, ms. Green. I didnīt intend to connect so roughly. Do you want me  to call doctor Sullivan?"

It took her a moment to realize that someone was talking to her. The words  sounded watery, she opened  her eyes and watched the spots slowly dissapear,  and saw Alex, looking a little sheepish. Finally his words registered to her,  as he helped her to sit up. She felt the back of her head for the bump, but  couldn't find one. "Um... no. I think I'm okay..." She said slowly. She stood  up and began to tip to one side, dizzy and slightly out of it. "Ah..  actually, maybe I'll go... and check for... a concussion or something..."

Alex nodded, and helped her be more stable. "That might be a good idea," he  said calmly, "Iīll help you over to sickbay. If nothing else than to recieve  a severe pasting from the doctor," he smiled faintly, and helped her out from  the holodeck.

A joint post
Cmdr. Alex Devlin & Yeoman Sharron Green
USS Protostar

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