JUNE 2003

Authors: Lt. Cmdr. No'Cho, Lt. Cdr. T'Pell Yarr, Ens. Matt Hawkins, Lt. jg Alexander Knox, Professor Alexander Grissom, PO3 Suta, Lt. Cdr. Hope Thornton MD, Lt. jg Mark van Buren.
Title: "Mission End" (Lost Planet #188)

An Orion appeared on the view screen. With a big smile on his face, he looked very sure of himself as if he just won a game.

Lesk: Well, well, well, so we meet again.

Suron: Mr. Lesk, how can we be of service?

Lesk: HA!! How you can be of service? Ha ha!! And they told me Vulcans didn't have a sense of humor. No, there is apparently nothing we both can do, the planet is not what we thought it would be. *shrugging* I just wanted to see your disappointed faces, before we would be going our separate ways. *Waving his green hand* So ta ta, run back to your precious starbase for repairs before we decide we REALLY don't like you.

And with that the screen turned back at the dilithium asteroid.

No'Cho: *Looking disgruntled at the screen* I don't trust him, something just doesn't add up.

Suron: *Sitting down in the captain's chair* It seems like we came here in vain, logic dictates that we return to starbase for immediate repairs.

No'Cho wanted to react on Suron's comment, but then he got a call from Yarr.

<Sickbay, a little earlier>

Yarr had been nagging about the force field that was restricting him to his bio-bed till they agreed to release him if he promised to take it easy. With the promise made he was released and now he stands looking at Lobos, Trend and Waterford.

Yarr: *Looking at Waterfords face from a very close distance* Now... What is he supposed to be doing right now again? *turning his head towards Lobos, almost touching Waterfords face with his hair*

Lobos: *Looking annoyed at Yarr* They are attempting to contact the Mess Aliens. Now be quiet.

Yarr: AAHHH... I see... *moving his thumb to Waterfords eye* Seems like an easy job to...

As Waterfords contact with the alien's stops, he suddenly opens his eyes. As neither of the men expected the others sudden movement they both gave out a yell.

Waterford: WHAT THE...

Yarr: *catching his breath and ignoring Waterfords attempt to say something* So.... Seen any creepy aliens lately? What did they tell you? What did they look like? Tell me, tell me it could be a security risk! I need to know!!

Lobos: Yarr, calm down or I'll have you restrained... again!

Waterford: *Catching his breath* Well..

<a Full story later>

Yarr: *grabbing Waterfords communicator* Excuse you! *tapping his newly acquired commbadge* Yarr to No'Cho.

No'Cho: +*sounding surprised* Aren't you supposed to be dead?+

Yarr: Maybe later, We have to get out of here!! The aliens live on dilithium and since they are all out of theirs, now they are after ours! So we got to move!

<On the bridge>

No'Cho was relived that the news of his friend's death was greatly exaggerated and he listened to Yarr's plea to get out of here and normally he would have agreed with his friend, but then it hit him.

No'Cho: *looking at Suron* Commander... wait, something is wrong. I just got a message from Yarr that the mess aliens are all out of Dilithium.

Suron: That would be consistent with why Narando is all out of it.

No'Cho: Yes and Yarr mentioned that they are now coming for our dilithium.

Conn officer(NPC): All the more reason to get out of here I say.

No'Cho: But that makes no sense. Why would they be going after us...

Suron: ...if there is a large asteroid floating in front of us, interesting.

Conn officer(NPC): We could use that as a decoy!

Suron: No, that will not work; an away team is currently extracting the dilithium from it.

Conn officer(NPC): Why? [not thinking about the fact that he just questioned a superior officer]

No'Cho: Sir, it appears that the Orion's aren't being very honest with us.

Suron: Recall the shuttle Knauf.

Lt. Jessica McNeil: Shuttle already on a return course, sir.

Lt. Darlian: Sir, the Orion ship is displaying irregular power fluctuations.

Suron: Go to yellow alert. How long till the shuttle returns?

McNeil: Approximately 3 minutes 20 seconds.

Suron: Conn, align the Casey with the Shuttle's approach. Ops, have the shuttle increase speed.

Darlian: Orion is modifying its position at 1/10 impulse.

No'Cho: They are taking an elevated position.

= on the shuttle Knauf =

Ensign Matt Hawkins: What's going on? [Knox's eyes grew larger in interest] The Casey is telling us to go to full speed.

Lt jg Alexander Knox: The Casey in banking. [pointing out through the front window]

Hawkins: Something is not right.

Knox: I can't sense anything from this distance.

The shuttle began to accelerate.

Hawkins: The Casey is aligning the shuttle bay. This has got to be serious.

= Back on the Bridge =

Suron: [Turns to McNeil] When the shuttle arrives, get Ensign Hawkins to the bridge immediately.

McNeil: Yes sir.

No'Cho: Sir, the Orion's must be in communication with the aliens. Otherwise I can't explain why the aliens would be interested in us and not the Orion's as well.

Suron: Good point.

No'Cho: Sickbay believes they have been able to make contact with the aliens.

Suron: If we can make contact with them, it is logical that they have previously contacted them.

No'Cho: It's possible, but sir, I believe the Orion's have already been here.

Suron: Please explain.

<Science Labs>

The repairs were going ok, they hadn't made much progress and it was a very dirty job. Most of the science department was working on fixing all the damage in the labs they didn't know the danger that loomed before them. A bulkhead.

Grissom: *Annoyed* My God, can this go any slower.

Crewman Nancy Rethers(NPC): I know sir. It's hell; Commander Walker is not going to like this.

Grissom: *Smiling* At least I won't have to tell him, that'll be Lt. Darlian's job.

Rethers (NPC): I don't envy her.

They couldn't continue the conversation, because just then a bulkhead had broken lose from the constant vibrations it was receiving from the ship moving and the hammering of a hammer from one of the crewmen repairing the labs. Both Rether's and Grissom looked on in horror as it began fall on two crewmen below Crewman Gabrielle Schaller (NPC) and Crewman Kara Wilde (NPC). The whole science department stopped and rushed to the aid of the fallen.

Science Officer(NPC): *Shouting Out* Looks like there Ok.

Grissom: +Tapping his Badge+ Grissom to Sickbay, Medical emergency, request a team immediately.

Voice: +Copy that, team on their way, Sickbay out.+

Grissom: +Tapping his badge again+ Grissom to Bridge.

No'Cho: +Go ahead, Chief+

Grissom: We've got a medical emergency down here. We've had a bulkhead fall, we got possible structure damage that might need to be seen too. I would recommend alerts to all damaged decks.

No'Cho: +Very Well, keep apprised of the situation, No'Cho out."

Well Grissom though this day was going from bad to worse.

<Science Labs>

The bulkhead had fallen Crewman Gabrielle Schaller (NPC) and Crewman Kara Wilde (NPC) were still trapped and Grissom still waited for the medical team to arrive to assist. He couldn't risk moving them because of the external damage that could be caused and the bulkhead was too heavy to lift. They were ok, other members of the science team were trying to first aid from a med kit not destroyed from the first time around.

<CMO's Quarters>

Hope: +Thornton to Suta.+

Suta: +Suta here.+

Hope: +We have an emergency in Science. Meet me there ASAP.+

Suta: +Doctor, I do not have my medkit with me.+

Hope: +I have a spare one in my desk, in the lower left drawer.+

Suta walked over to the desk and opened the drawer. It was just like the CMO to be ready for any contingency.

Suta: +I have it. I will be there in less than two minutes.+

Hope: +If I'm not there, report to CPO Grissom.+

Suta: +Aye. Suta out.+

Suta took a last look at Kayla (NPC) before leaving, to make sure she was all right. He then turned to Gibbons.

Suta: We could probably use an extra hand. Would you accompany me to Science?

Gibbons: Of course. Lead the way.


Hope ran out of her office and grabbed a medkit. She ordered nurse Bride to accompany her.

Thornton: *To Lobos* Doctor, you stay here. I'll send any serious injuries to you.

Lobos: We'll be ready.

Hope and Nurse Bride rushed out of sickbay to the science labs. She arrived at the same time that Suta and Gibbons arrived.

Thornton: How's Kayla?

Suta: She is still asleep.

Thornton: OK. She knows to go to sickbay when she wakes up if no one is around. Let's see to the injured.

Hope and her team rush in and survey the damage. Grissom comes over to them.

Grissom: Crewman Gabrielle Schaller(NPC) and Crewman Kara Wilde(NPC) have been hurt.

Thornton: Thanks for letting us know. *turns to Suta* Suta, you take Crewman Wilde and I'll tend to Crewman Schaller.

Hope and Suta went to work.

==back in sickbay a little later==

Hope and Suta followed the medics who brought the two crewman into sickbay. Kayla came rushing out of Hope's office.

Kayla(npc): Mommy, can I play doctor now?

Thornton: *Signs* Not now honey. But you and I will later.

Kayla started to pout, but Hope gave Kayla a very stern look and Kayla turned back around and went back into Hope's office.

== Intelligence Office ==

Mark was sitting in his office, shifting through the data, which appeared, on his viewer. His mind continued to wonder off to Tom Waterford. The ensign's state of mind was still a big question... Who knew how he'd function after this ordeal. Could he still function at all? Forcing himself to concentrate on the data, he finally found what he was looking for. News got to him that the aliens lived on Dilithium. That in itself was odd but it also sounded familiar. Much to his disappointment, he found the reference he was looking for. A race called the Kobliad displayed similar attributes only they didn't need Dilithium but Deuridium. The Kobliad used Deuridium to stabilize their cell structures, which prolonged their lives. A few years ago, Deep Space Nine was confronted with a Kobliad named Rao Vantika. Vantika, a dangerous criminal threatened the lives of several people aboard the station, in his search for Deuridium. He took on his criminal habits due to the fact that the demand for Deuridium far outweighed its availability.

He wondered if the aliens in the Mess could be forced to pursue such activities when their supply of Dilithium fell short... if they were even capable of something like that. Still, the area would still pose a threat to passing ships and he'd make sure to mention those facts in his report to Starfleet Intelligence. He was certain that SI would want to continue their research on the area but he'd advise extreme caution.

He closed the link and started working on his report. The situation was far from over so he wasn't going to send it as of yet. As far as he was concerned, his job was done for the moment... That was more than he could say for the rest of the crew. Still, if they needed him to perform any other functions, he'd oblige... There wasn't really a choice, was there?

= 105 years later - Qo'nos =

Kimberlee Pike(NPC): But I don't get it, we still mine from Narando. It could not have been depleted from Dilithium.

No'Cho: Yes, but do you remember what the Orion said to us?

K Pike(NPC): That you had to leave?

No'Cho: Yes, but strangely enough they left before we did and as soon as the Orions left guess what happened. *Looking at Kimberlee, who shrugged* The planet turned into the planet we where looking for all along.

K. Pike(NPC): But how?

No'Cho: There are speculations that the Mess aliens masked our visions so that we, but also the Orions saw Narando as a waste planet. After we saw the planet turn, we send out a last expedition to make sure it was what we thought it would be. That's how I got my artifact. *pointing at the piece of dilithium* After that we exited the mess as fast as possible and headed back on course towards SB 11.

K. Pike: And the mess aliens? And the Orions?

No'Cho: Never heard of them again, we didn't even get to know their species' name, except for 'The Mess Aliens', as for the Orions, *With a smile* I read a report that the USS Sovereign had apprehended an Orion ship with a malfunctioning quantum singularity warpdrive. They where handed over to the Romulans, for stealing Romulan property. After that the Romulans wanted to negotiate a treaty between the Federation and the Romulan Empire.

K. Pike: *Letting out a chuckle* Good for them. What happened after you reached SB 11, did the Casey got in another adventure?

No'Cho: Yes, *Looking at YOU* but that is a whole other story. *wink*


A JP by:

Lt. Cmdr. No'Cho
Chief Of Security

Lt. Cdr. T'Pell Yarr
Assistant Chief Of Security

Ensign Matt Hawkins
Chief Conn Officer

Lieutenant jg Alexander Jeffrey Knox
ACE Engineer

Professor Alexander Grissom
Chief Petty Officer
Scientist's Mate
Chief of the Boat

PO3 Suta
Physician's Mate

Lt. Cdr. Hope Thornton MD
Chief Medical Officer

Lt. jg Mark van Buren
Chief Intelligence Officer

USS Casey

MAY 2003

Authors: Cmdr. Suron & Ens. Hawkins
Title: "Origins" (Lost Planet #182)

== USS Casey ==
== Bridge ==

They continued to stare at the image in front of them. It was a physical oddity - a planetary body deep within a spatial flux. No sun or sister planets, yet it was clearly visible in the sparkling light that flickered around them, the quantum unrest that marked the Mess. Some would even swear that it glowed, as if it had an inner light of it's own. Awed silence reigned. At least it did, until a young crewman spoke up.

Crewman (NPC): It's . . . it's an inspiring sight. But somehow, it . . . well, it just isn't as phenomenal as I expected.

Suron: You are correct in your aesthetic appraisal of the body before us, crewman. It is certainly less than I had expected it to be, but none the less it is in a condition that I anticipated.

No'Cho: Meaning?

Hawkins: *cuts in* Meaning that this mass is a miners bonanza. Despite its outward look, I am detecting traces of almost nine composite resources that the Federation uses or has used.

No'Cho: Like what ensign?

Hawkins: *examining the science station readout* Boron, dilithium, uranium, argon, manganese, titanium, bromine, and something that resembles Earth gold. No no, wait a minute. *sighs* I am incorrect... more than most of those have been gone for many years. Many years. I'm just detecting faint remains.

No'Cho: Interesting.....but lets talk about those alien life forms now.

== Sickbay ==

Contact has been made!

Edos (NPC) felt both excited and apprehensive, but continued anyway with his mind link to the alien consciousness.

Edos (NPC): Who are you?

== Bridge ==

Suron looked at No'Cho and continued.

Suron: The life forms that reside here - they may have originated from the planet and evolved to a stage where they could leave it. Presumably out of necessity. But they were unable to enter what we consider to be normal space, and are trapped here.

== Sickbay ==

Alien "leader" (NPC): We are the children of what you call Narando. For many millennia we have grown and evolved, but now our twilight has begun.

== Bridge ==

Hawkins: What an interesting colour the planet has. It looks like a wasteland.

Suron: The colour is representative of something we have seen before.

No'Cho: *Despairingly* Oh no . . .!

Suron: I see you have recognised it, Commander.

== Sickbay ==

Alien leader (NPC): Centuries ago, we realised that we had exhausted the planetary resources upon which we relied for our very existence. We began to dwindle, but in that time we discovered the means to leave our prison and reach for the sky.

== Bridge ==

Suron: The aliens need dilithium for a food source. As they digest it, they change the chemical composition and leave behind a residue that we first encountered in the Orion ship engineering section. A grey ash-like substance. Then I am correct to propose that what we see is much less dilithium and more residue, hence the grey.

== Sickbay ==

Alien leader (NPC): But we found little more to survive upon away from our physical and spiritual home. And eventually we discovered something worse - the prison that we thought we had freed ourselves from was only a smaller prison within a larger one. Our area of explored space was small, and we found that we would never be able to extend it, although we could feel there was a much larger space beyond ours.

== Bridge ==

Suron: The aliens will have needed to take whatever substance they can get from whatever remains in the Mess - and whatever wanders into it.

== Sickbay ==

Alien leader (NPC): So we are resigned to our fate. We cannot leave, and we cannot bring food to us. You see, we are a dying race. Do not grieve for us though - we wish you no harm, but you must leave. The food - you use it to help power your vessels. Before, we had not really considered it. We simply took it. Now - we believe you are victims, unknowing of the consequences of your actions when you enter here. But the bravery and courage of your peoples - when you elected to stay here and die rather than allow others to discover our secret and plunder it - has made us reconsider. Leave now - tell others not to come back.

== Bridge ==

No'Cho: We need to get out of here - they'll start on our dilithium stores soon.

== Sickbay ==

Alien leader (NPC): We can sense your food stores. It . . . calls to us, almost compulsively. Please. I can only dissuade the others for so long. If you wish to survive - YOU MUST LEAVE, NOW!"

== Bridge ==

Hawkins: *manning the science station* Commander, something . . . is floating toward the ship. It looks like a large chunk of dilithium.

Suron: Can we bring it aboard the ship?

No'Cho: Negative sir, the cargo transporters are still off-line. However, we might be able to launch a shuttle pod and have it cut the dilithium into smaller pieces to be brought on board.

Suron: A sound suggestion. Mr. Hawkins, if you feel up to it I want you to take someone from engineering with you and get to work on that asteroid.

Crewman (NPC): *Gulps as his console beeps* Incoming transmission . . . it's the Orions sir. They want to talk!

Suron: *raises an eyebrow* On screen.


A joint post by:

Ensign Matt Hawkins
Chief Conn Officer
Uss Casey
=/\= Cdr. Suron =/\=
Executive Officer
USS Casey NCC-52620

APRIL 2003

Authors: CPO Alexander Grissom & Ensign Thomas Waterford
Title: The Assassination (Lost Planet #116)

<3 Years Ago>
<Military Compound>

Alex was on his own for this it was supposed to be an easy walk in the park. Come in and assassinate the target then come home, the problem was the target had moved; someone had told her that someone was going to try to kill her and so the security had been doubled. Alex found himself on a hilltop over looking the Romulan compound. There were 3 buildings 2 two-story and 1 three-story building. He had to laugh, he had a platoon of marines and fire support if needed for back up, they were hiding behind a nearby moon in case of trouble in an Klingon Cloaked ship. Alex was kitted out in non- federation gear, he was dressed up in 20th/21st century gear all mostly SAS and his weapons were of the same era. The Romulan's weren't prepared for projectile weapon assault.

Alex had on his person 1 HK Mark 23 MOD 0 .45 ACP with detachable sound suppressor, a Laser Aiming Module. 1 and 3 spare clips of 12 rounds of ammo. 1 HK G36 Compact 5.56mm Short Carbine with a Aimpoint reflex sight, a Laser Aiming Module under the barrel and 6 clips of 30 rounds of ammo. 1 HK MSG90 with 16x telescope with night/thermal vision and 2 clips of 5 rounds Armour Piercing ammo. His kit also included 1 Ka-Bar, binoculars, 2 smoke grenades and 3 fragmentation grenades.

He looked over at the compound, it was very quiet, and in the middle of the night; it didn't seem that surprised. The enemy knew he was coming but didn't know when, he had the upper hand; all he had to do was bide his time and wait. His hand was resting along side his sniper rifle with stood looking up on its bi-pod, his eyes always scanning the compound and the surrounding area waiting for the opportunity to take out the target. This would only be the sixth person he would have assassinated. He had killed other people on other missions but that was more self-defence than having to be ordered to kill people.

The target herself was guilty of many things in the eyes of the people he was serving. She was a very senior member of the Romulan military and danger to the federation. She had ordered the capture of many Starfleet officers and ships and had succeeded on three occasions, She had caused the death of over 200 Starfleet personnel. So it came to Alex to sort the problem out, he wasn't happy with this because he was missing his children's birthday for the first time ever, because this was the last mission he was doing. As with all his targets they had already met...

<3 days earlier>
<Federation Diplomatic Dinner>

Alex had to laugh to himself, his cover name was James Bond after the fictional character by 20th century novelist Ian Fleming, he was to meet his contact for the operation, a Senators Aid who was working under cover. For this event he was wearing a Starfleet Uniform with 3 Gold Pips on. Starfleet had organised this dinner for the Romulan's as part of the talks for them to join the war all he had to do was wait for contact.

The Romulan deihu from the Central Highlands District turned to his new aide as they entered the ornate Federation-leased complex in the heart of Romulus' capital, "Now, S'reck, try and be nice to These...lloannen'galae...," he then tried the words out in Standard, "Federation Starfleet...life forms. They may be able to be useful to us at some point." He noticed that S'reck looked nervous, "Don't worry, my young friend, I don't expect you to actually eat their food, but do try and talk to one or two of them."

S'reck looked at his master, a new thing to be seen on the Senate floor... a liberal politician...that had not been investigated by the Tal Shiar. He bowed his head, "Of course, Deihu. I promise you I shall be... friendly."

The Senator smiled, "Good, good." He also wagged a finger at the young Romulan, "And don't forget I want you to attend that unification rally next week."

S'reck bowed his head once more in acknowledgement, "Of course, Deihu." As the senator wandered away to introduce himself to a colleague S'reck, also known as Starfleet Intelligence Officer Tom Waterford watched him go with a fond look, * He's a good man. Shame he's Romulan. I wonder what he'd think if he knew that the Romulan word for Senator (Deihu) was close to the Human word for God (Deity). He'd probably laugh. * He looked around, trying to find his contact in the crowd, * Of _all_the stupid ideas I've ever heard, this one takes the cake. Make contact with a wet agent in the middle of _this_ * He spotted a man that looked like the description he'd been given, so he wandered over, looking to all the world like a man about to swallow a tree frog.

Waterford: Jolan Tru, Commander...?

Grissom: Bond. James Bond. *Smiling politely* And you are...?

Waterford: *Feigning indignation* S'reck, aide to the Senator from the central highlands. Have you ever been to the central highlands, Commander?

Grissom: *Completing the code phrase* Not on this planet, no. *Indicating a quiet corner* Perhaps you could tell about the region, say, over here? Where we won't disturb anyone.

He led the way to a quiet and slightly darkened corner. During the rest of the conversation, the two men nodded and pointed as if engrossed in an animated discussion comparing the central highlands of Romulus and Earth's Scotland.

Grissom: Right. You have my data?

Waterford: It's not that easy. She knows.

Grissom: *Agitated* WHAT!?

Waterford: Areinnye'n-hna'h man. Keep your damned voice down. You want to get us both killed? This was a stupid place to set the meet anyway. If it wasn't for the importance of the target, I wouldn't have agreed to this.

Grissom: *Glaring at Waterford* Don't tell _me_ how to do my job. You have no idea...

Waterford *Interrupting* Don't you _dare_ come that one with me. YOU get to go home after this. _I_ have to stay here. Factor that one in...Mr Bond... or whatever your name is.

Grissom: *nodding* OK. Fair enough. Look let's just get this over and done with.

Waterford: OK. Anyway, she knows that someone wants her dead...just not who, so we can use that. *Handing 'Bond' a PADD* This has all the data on her, including where she'll be in 3 days time. *Looking Grissom in the eye* It took a _lot_ to get this info, understand?

Grissom: But you _did_ get the detailed description we need, right? That part was imperative. All we have so far is a vague description.

Waterford: No, I didn't get it. *Holding up a hand to stall Grissom's outburst* But I didn't need to. That's her over there.

Grissom: My God she looks so young for a Romulan.

Waterford: * Nodding * Doesn't she.

Grissom: In fact I might go and say hello, I like to at least meet all my targets at least once.

Waterford: WHAT? *doing a double take.* Why?

Grissom: I think its cowardly for a person your about to kill to not at least have met them and really look them in the eyes.

Waterford: You're serious..?.. *just loud enough for a couple of passing Romulan guests to hear* You know, Commander, that's an almost Romulan trait.

Grissom: *Getting up* Come on, you can introduce me, as a diplomat.

Waterford: I can't say I like this... *then in a quieter voice so Grissom barely heard* ... but I certainly do admire your sense of honour.

Grissom was unsure what to say to that, so just followed the 'aide' to a growing group of Romulan's and Starfleet personnel gathered around a stunning looking Romulan woman and the man rumoured to be the secret power behind the new Romulan Praetor... not that anyone would _ever_ own up to having even heard such a litany of lies. Tom...or rather, S'reck, pushed his way arrogantly through the crowd surrounding the woman, with Commander...Bond in tow. Although in Romulan Society he was just a minor Senator's Aide, his background (and a great deal of Federation supplied gold pressed latinum) tied him to an ancient an noble Romulan House, or Family. He stopped in front of the woman and bowed low.

Waterford: Jolan Tru, Ihhei. May I present Daise'Erai'Riov Bond of the Lloann'mhrahel. [OFF: translation - Good evening Madam. May I present Commander Bond of The United Federation of Planets :-)]

T'llahvned: Jolan Tru, S'reck Khellian-a. You are...well, I trust?

Waterford: *deepening his bow and refusing to make eye contact in keeping with his social station* You honour me greatly, Ihhei. I am overwhelmed by your kindness in your concern over one so... *now looking up* unworthy...as myself.

Grissom stared in amazement. Completely gone was any trace of the Starfleet Ensign he had been speaking with just moments ago. In his place was a Romulan aide playing some sort of political...and almost sexual...game. So much had been exchanged between these two in just a greeting!! These Romulan's certainly were a very strange breed. Especially this ravishingly deadly creature now appraising him.

He'd read up about the Romulan's and had even learnt the language, before joining Starfleet. But it hadn't prepared him for this, he hadn't done many operations against the Romulan's and he totally didn't know who they would react. But had he been told about that she would be here then he would then he would slipped some poison into her drink to make look like food poisoning, it was his speciality.

T'llahvned: *Looking at Bond with disgust.* So Commander what do you do?

Grissom: *Leaving it simple* I'm a scientist.

T'llahvend: Oh, what in particlur branch?

Grissom: Social......

Waterford: *Interrupting* Yes, Ihhei, Commander Bond was telling me that he finds Romulan social culture...fascinating.

He pronounced the word as if it was some sort of joke and, indeed the Romulan's in the gathering laughed most heartily. T'llahvend nodded at S'reck and smiled as he led a sour faced Bond away to the corner again.

Grissom: What are you playing at? You made a fool of me....

Waterford: *Interrupting again* Yes, I did. Just as any Romulan would. I'm starting to think that you meeting me here tonight wasn't all that bad after all. That little interlude has done wonders for my credibility in this crowd.... Now, I want you to throw your arms up and pretend that you've just understood that I have insulted you and storm off...somewhere.

Grissom did just that...exceptionally well, earning a raised eyebrow and a slight nod from T'llahvend. Waterford nodded back...as an equal and then turned to watch Grissom leave. He spoke so quietly that even had someone been there, they would not have heard him. "Good luck, Mister Bond."

<Back at the Military Compound>

Alex could here something in the air, and saw a Romulan Shuttlecraft decloak above him and move towards a landing pad in the compound. Alex's right hand moved effortlessly to his sniper rifle and he looked through the sight which was switched to night vision. His target moved from the window she was looking out and disappeared for a couple minutes then appeared again walking to the shuttle. Alex flipped the safety of the rifle and let his fore and index finger touch the trigger very gently, if she was going then he would take the shot.

He could see the slight confusion on his targets face, so obviously this was an unexpected call. Her confusion changed to a smile as she noted the markings on the shuttle.

Alex couldn't believe who just got out of the shuttle! It was the Romulan S'reck and he was walking back into building she had just come from.

Waterford was not happy about being here at all, yet he maintained a polite smile on his face as the door to the building shut behind him. His master had managed to intercept, Gods know how, a transmission hinting at the assassination of the woman standing in front of him. So in a show of true Romulan loyalty had sent his trusted aide, S'reck, to warn her.

Tom looked around the room full of Romulan soldiers, it looked as though she had heard the news as well. Misinterpreting his slight smile, T'llahvend turned to him.

T'llahvend: Jolan Tru S'reck. What brings you to my...abode?

Waterford: *raising an eyebrow* Abode, Ihhei? I love what you've done with the place. It's very...rustic.

T'llahvend: *eyes narrowing* Enough of this! Why are you here?

Waterford: *sighing* Very well. We shall dispense with the...pleasantries then. My master has had news of an assassination attempt on you.

T'llahvend: *snorting* I have heard this as well. I am well protected.

Waterford: Then you are aware that there is a team of killers on the home world this very moment, Ihhei? That they have bribed some of your...protectors...to divulge your schedule?

Which wasn't exactly true, of course, but Tom _did_ have a cover to protect...not to mention his own life. He watched her eyes grow wide as the implication of what he said started to dawn. She spun and drew her sidearm, pointing it at the commander of the soldiers with her.

T'llahvend: What do you have to say to this, dog?

Centurion: A lie, mistress. This scum...

He never finished his sentence as T'llahvend vaporised him where he stood.

In a fit of self preservation that impressed (almost) every man in the room, the second in command drew his own sidearm and shot the man next to him.

2-IC: Never fear my lady. Those of left are truly loyal...are we not?

There was a quick round of nods, grunts and displays of loyalty as the soldiers tried to outdo each other in agreeing with the man.

T'llahvend: None of you could _possibly_ be as loyal as this man, *putting her arm around S'recks shoulder*, he risked his life to bring me this news.

Waterford: Ihhei, we must leave. The killers know your exact movements for the next few days. Come with me now. My master told me not to leave without you. His orders regarding your safety were most specific.

She nodded and in that instant could see that the stress of the rumours had actually gotten to her. He allowed himself a small internal smile at that as he opened the door for her. Stepping back with a major, and very sadly theatrical, flourish he held the door wide and stepped back a little more as she stepped into the night...perfectly silhouetted in the doorway.

Alex had been watching a lot of what happened through his scope of his sniper rifle. He tracked the pair coming out and heading towards the shuttle. This was his chance to complete the mission he lined the scope with the back of the head of his target he adjusted the distance on the scope and let his trigger finger rested gently on the trigger. He lined up and checked everything again and depressed the trigger, the rifle gave a loud bang as the bullet left the it and headed towards its intended target.

T'llahvend never saw it coming as the bullet hit straight into the back of her head. S'reck was knocked to floor and blood spilled onto him as she fall on top of him. T'llahvend's guards looked around in panicked as they tried to discover who shot her but Grissom was already safely on the Klingon Cloaked ship and was heading back to Federation space.


A JP by

Thomas J. Waterford, Ensign
Intel Officer, USS Casey
Professor Alexander Grissom
Chief Petty Officer
Scientist's Mate
Chief of the Boat
USS Casey

MARCH 2003

Authors: Ensign Thomas Waterford, Commander Suron
Title: Cracking the Code

== USS Casey ==
== Bridge ==

Suron had originally intended to join No'Cho and Nirva in Engineering but on the way he decided otherwise. Instead, he went to the Intel Office and found Waterford working rapidly through old logs.

Suron: I presume those are logs from the SS Amsterdam?

Waterford: *Momentarily startled, having been engrossed* Oh, I'm sorry sir - I hadn't heard you enter. *Casting a hand back towards the monitor he had been working on* Aye sir. Lt. Tamra suggested another way to look at the clue sir. She wondered if maybe the references had been nicknames.

Suron: And have you found any reference to those names?

Suron: I see. *He pointed to a chair next to Waterford* Do you object?

Waterford: *Hurriedly, making space* No sir - please.

Suron sat down and quickly scanned the log entries Waterford had been reading. As the ensign had stated, there was only one reference to Flint or Hawkins except in the final post. He sat back and stared at the wall opposite, marshalling his thoughts. Waterford, also thinking silently to himself, watched him. Suron turned towards him.

Suron: The reference to the characters is intriguing. The reference is oblique, but deliberately so. The last entry suggests urgency on the part of the captain - if his intention was to impart information, one would expect him to be concise and forthright. This is not the case.

He had noted that Waterford suddenly sat upright at the mention of the word "information", but continued. He would ask him about it in a moment, so he continued.

Suron: Perhaps we are not approaching this from the correct angle.

Waterford: This is what Tamra said as well. We need a new perspective. But even trying to re-read the 'Treasure Island' novel again, I'm no further forward.

Suron: Ah - I see you have read it. What were your conclusions?

Waterford told him, and he found that Suron agreed, having also read the text. Suron leaned back and steepled his fingers.

Suron: Perhaps we are spending too much time trying to ascertain the meaning from the novel, without understanding the context. Computer.

Computer (NPC): Please state your request.

Suron: Summarise Starfleet records for the area known as the "Mess".

Computer (NPC): The "Mess" is an area of space of erratic and unpredictable subspace instability. First discovered by a deep space probe dispatched from Earth in 2063, it was soon classified as a navigational hazard and marked on starcharts as a danger to shipping. Since discovery, the area has officially claimed 17 vessels and unofficially been attributed to the loss of 146 others, from a number of star systems and socio-political affiliations. First was the SS "Amsterdam" in 2083, then . . .

Suron: Computer, what is the relationship between Narando and the "Mess"?

Computer: Narando is reportedly a planet composed primarily of dilithium, although its whereabouts have never been confirmed. The first report was recorded by an Orion Trader, who in 2136 claimed to have accidentally discovered a safe passage through the "Mess" to locate the planet he christened 'Narando', Orion for "Plenty". However, he also claimed that the nature of the "Mess" scrambled his navigational sensors and prevented him from accurately recording this passage and that he was unable to find a way back in. Records show that he perished in another attempt several years afterwards. A number of similar attempts have subsequently been made but most have not returned. Federation law prohibits vessels from making any further attempts due to the severe consequences involved.

Suron looked at Waterford and raised an eyebrow. Waterford frowned, digesting what he had heard, then looked up in mild surprise.

Waterford: We know that the SS "Amsterdam" was lost in the Mess, trying to escape from Orion pirates, in 2083. We also know that an Orion trader supposedly found safe passage to a planet that, if real, could be a significant prize for all technologically advanced civilisations, even now. Although that was 53 years _after_ the "Amsterdam" . . .

Suron: And the references to the Earth novel?

Waterford sat a while longer, logically proceeding from one hypothesis to another. Slowly, an idea formed and his eyes brightened.

Waterford: The Orion - and others - couldn't find their way in AND out because they relied on navigational sensors. In those times, the Orion's were further developed than Humans were from Earth, even with Vulcan help.

He knew that Suron would not be offended by the implied criticism that Vulcan may not have been very helpful immediately after first contact in bringing Earth technology rapidly forward after the discovery of warp drive. In a way, Waterford had found himself in agreement with the early Vulcan attitude and had been glad that Humans at that time had been 'encouraged' to find their own way in space - after all, it had led to the most successful and hopefully enduring alliance the Alpha Quadrant had ever experienced. He continued.

Waterford: But Earth ships still relied mostly on line-of-sight navigation, especially at impulse. Is it possible . . .?

Suron: The "Amsterdam" did not rely on navigational sensors, so they were not confused or scrambled. Perhaps line-of-sight is the only safe method to navigate in an area of erratic sub-space instability.

Waterford: So they had another method of navigation - one more primitive, but in this instance, more suitable for the nature of the location.

Suron: And they recorded their passage in a method other than through the computer navigational logs.

Waterford: *Thinking back to Academy* I seem to recall . . . something about early Earth ships still using pencil and paper for making rough calculations and so on, as well as for recreational purposes. *He sat bolt upright* Of course. They _wrote_ it down!

Suron: I would agree with your logical conclusion. Hence the reference is not towards the characters - it is simply using them to refer us to the novel and the fact that it revolved around a map - a "treasure map", as it were.

Waterford: And what greater treasure could their have been in those times than a planet made of dilithium!

Suron: I concur. *He stood and headed for the door* This is a significant factor in our investigation. Please accompany me to the Bridge and we will brief the captain.

Waterford: *To Suron* Certainly, Commander. *To himself* What a coincidence that dream was then.

Suron: *Overhearing* What do you mean by that, Ensign? Dream? *Intrigued* I think you should explain this dream and what, exactly, leads you to believe it was a coincidence.

Tom had forgotten that Vulcans had an advanced sense of hearing, but did not seem too worried about explaining his dream of the night before. He did so, efficiently and quickly, explaining the sights, sounds and other sensations of what he had catalogued as a dream.

Waterford: It was.unsettling.as to how real it felt. In fact, I remember trying to protect myself from the Orion's weapon blast as I woke.

Suron: Indeed. *Raising an eyebrow* And you say that you were aware that you were dreaming and felt no fear?

Waterford: Correct, Sir. I distinctly remember feeling very unafraid. Almost as if...

Suron: As if what, Ensign?

Waterford: Well, sir, this sounds extremely illogical, but the feeling was similar to that of a child being closely watched by a parent or older sibling.

Suron: You were aware of being alone?

Waterford: Absolutely. No one in the dream observed me. No one noticed my presence at all. Until the last instant before the Orion with the laser rifle and the...

Suron: *Interrupting* Yes, until the Amsterdam's Captain noticed you in the galley.

Tom raised an eyebrow, intrigued by the XO's logic.

Waterford: The Captain, Sir? I do not recall making that observation.

Suron: No, Ensign. You did not. However, I have studied the crew manifest of the Amsterdam extensively and your description of the man you saw in the galley matches that of the Captain of the SS Amsterdam.

Suron watched the human intently and once again marveled at his emotional control. Not as good as that of a Vulcan.but exceptionally close. Given, also, that Ensign Waterford had spent 3 _years_ living under cover as a Romulan, this was nothing short of amazing. He was agreeably surprised to find that he was looking forward to discussing his theories on Reunification with this young (to him) human.

Suron: Does this surprise you, Ensign?

Waterford: *Taking time to maintain his control before answering* Yes, sir, it does. I find it intriguing and.unlikely.that I could have a dream about _that_ ship, in _this_ region of space and create in my subconscious a man that I have never seen nor even have detailed knowledge of.

Suron: *Wanting to see if Waterford's logic matched his own* Yet I sense, Ensign, that you have extrapolated this information to a conclusion?

Waterford: *raising _both_ eyebrows in surprise* Indeed, Sir. I submit that, unless my logic is flawed, my dream was not a dream at all, but an attempt at communication by an entity or entities unknown. *Looking Suron in the eye* Perhaps by one or more of the creatures that was observed on the Bridge?

He waited to see what, if anything, Suron would make of his logic.

Suron: An interesting deduction. One that I believe holds merit, although it _is_ possible that you did indeed just "dream". However, I am familiar with the process of dreaming and it is unusual for one to be so . . . realistic, shall I say? Often there is a sense of what could be termed surrealism involved, where metaphors take form and simple inconsistencies contradict the scenario or even turn it into farce. Your explanation makes it sound more like an experience, so I would be willing to investigate the possibility that a second party was involved somehow. We have only just established, through Dr. Lobos, that it was indeed a life form. As yet, we have no actual understanding of their abilities. Telepathic communication could be their means of making contact. *He paused, considering* However, this must wait so we can look into further later. For now, we shall deliver our report to the Captain.


A Joint Post by

Thomas J. Waterford, Ensign
Intel Officer, USS Casey


=/\= Cdr. Suron =/\=
Executive Officer
USS Casey NCC-52620


Authors: Capt. Amanda Pike, Cdr Catheryn Walker, Lt Lysandra Smith-Gibbons, Lt Cdr Hope Thornton, Lt(jg) Relena Darlian, Ens. Candra Avitt
Title: "The Bridal Shower"
OFF: This one's huge and does contain PG-13 elements. Enjoy!

=== USS Casey : HoloSuite ===

Chuckling to herself, Lyssa stepped backed and examined the suite she herself had created. With the aid of her old programming skills she'd acquired back in her Acadamy-Days, she had managed to scrap by on a bare suite-template and build from there.

Alongside the back against the windows was a huge white banner decorated with old-fashioned wedding bells that read 'Congratulations Cat!'. Three tables were set up underneath, food of all sorts lining them. The rich aroma of chocolate filled the air, and right at the door there was a 3-D cutout of a young muscular man with a tight black vest on, black shorts, and a bare chest otherwise holding paper memoribilia from the party. Next to the paper memoribilia there was a bowl of clothespins.

Across the ceiling sides were crepe paper of various wedding-themed bride-symbols, and across from the entrance a few piles of things were set out for the games Lyssa had researched on.
"I've come to see what sort of mischief you're planning..." a voice suddenly rang out. Lyssa turned and Hope stood behind her, carrying her own dish.

Lyssa took a step towards her and greeted her warmly. "Help me set up these last few things...."
Tamra walked in, looking around, this setting quite new to her. She'd never been to a Terran bonding ritual, of any sort, and this definitely was one of them. If this was like this, how would the wedding be, she wondered?

"Strange but fun looking, no?" a voice beside her spoke.

Elani turned and looked beside at a rather short Trill woman for her size. "Indeed. I'm Tamra Elani, the ACDO." she nodded to the Trill.

"Leitha Naala, Edison's CE, I came with a friend of the Walkers, and Cat ordered me to show up." Leitha chuckled.

Tamra chuckled too, knowing that's how Cat would act without a doubt, though she'd only been around for a short while. Both women were in comfortable civilian clothing, Elani in a silverish grey long, flowing skirt and a Bajoran style sleeveless top. Naala has comfortable beige trousers, and a long sleeved shirt, her hair free of it's usual braid.

"Shall we?" she motioned to where Hope and Lyssa stood.

Walking over, the Bajoran and the Trill introduced themselves, and offered to help Hope and Lyssa.
Lyssa smiled, "I was going for an inter-galactic theme and games from various cultures."

Hope looked at the array of boxes Lyssa had collected over the course of planning the whole event, and she walked over to the largest one. Curiously, she flipped open the plastic-like top and raised her brow at the contents. Inside there was a large furry targ-head model, bits of red and black paper, and a deck of cards with various questions on it.

"What's this for?" Hope turned.

Lyssa glanced from putting up more balloons. "Oh! That's a Klingon game. I had to modify it a bit so it stayed in Starfleet regulations.."


"Well you see. First a person draws one of the cards that asks a personal question. Then they draw a card from the mouth of the targ..." Lyssa made woo-ing noises for effect. "If you draw a red piece of paper you have to say something about the question that you wish would happen in your relationship with your significent other. The black ones mean you gotta say something that you have already done with your significent other when it comes to that question..."

"What was against SF Regulations?" Hope eyed her.

"In the REAL Klingon version...black means that you act the card out. Some of those things on there...well you wouldn't want your fellow officers to see it."

Hope read through the cards and a sly smile crossed her face. She stood and half-minded scooted the box under the food table with the side of her foot.

Tamra unloaded the next box. Inside there were numbers of wrapped candy-bars (not ever seen on galactic ships), but moreso on starbases. "Where did you get this stuff?"

"Er, I used to work in Starfleet HQ. I know a lot of people there..."

Leitha snickered, "Red Hots....Hot Tamale's...Mr. Goodbars, those are classic. What are these for?"

"Well, you see..." Lyssa turned from what she was still working on, "A group or an individual gets a set of certain candy bars, and they have to make up a story about the bride and groom based on the 24 hours following their wedding. But they have to use all the names of the bars in the story."

Hope chuckled glancing at the cutout, "I'm assuming we get a clothespin and then whoever gets caught saying 'Jon' has to forfeit theirs to whoever caught them?"

"How'd you know?!" Lyssa dropped her work.

"I've seen a lot of weddings in my days girl..."

==Meanwhile, just outside the door==

Relena fumbled to hold the tray of brownies while pushing the control to open the door. Needless to say, the slightly uncoordinated scientist wasn't having an easy time of it.

"Wait a minute... this is a Federation starship..." she muttered as the obvious dawned on her. "Computer, open holodeck door." With those four words, the doors swished open to reveal the decor, especially the cardboard cut-out of a half naked man directly in Relena's line of sight.

"If THAT'S the best you can do, I don't know why I bothered coming." Darlian joked with a chuckle and a wink as she walked across the room to set the brownie laden tray on one of the tables. "Or, is the 'entertainment' coming later, just in time to embarass the guest of honor?" she added, using her finger to pantomime quotation marks when she said entertainment.

===10 minutes later===

Well it was time. Cat stood outside the Holodeck door, working up the courage to go in. She'd been to several bridal showers in her day, but this one was her own, and knowing how cooky the Casey ladies could be.

"Ready Cat?" she heard the voice of Amanda beside her, grinning.

Cat chuckled, "Aye, I'm ready. le''s go."

With that the door swooshed open, Amanda Pike and Catheryn Walker walked in.

Leitha, Hope, Lyssandra, Elani, Candra and Relena all turned around quickly, clapping. As Cat walked closer, the usual congratulations went around.

"A'right, a'right..." Cat chuckled, "Ladies...thank ye fer doin'

"Enough with the thank you's Cat...let's have some fuuuun." Naala grinned.

"Oh yes, fun good." came the voice of Commander Kathryn Lana, friend of Cat's from the Pegasus, behind them, "I'm Kay Lana." she winked at the rest of the women.

Cat walked over to Lana and gave her a hug, "Glad ye could make i' Kay." she smiled, "Now as Naala said, let's have some fun. What have ye in store fer us, Lyssa?"

Relena smiled slightly (though that's about the only way she ever smiles). "Ok, the guest of honor is here. Bring forth the booze and half naked men!" she exclaimed.

The ladies who had served with the historian for awhile on the Casey, and thus knew her to be lab rat and wall flower, all blinked in silent astonishment this development. After a few very long seconds of dead silence, Pike looked at Gibbons, pointed at Darlian and deadpanned, "Whatever she's having, make mine a double."

"What? Am I not allowed to let my hair down and have fun? Am I just the strange girl with the pet bunny and the collection of old books?" Relena demanded, sounding far more exasperated than anyone had a right to be.

Again, the room fell silent. Again, several seconds passed before someone, this time Hope, remarked, "Do you REALLY want us to answer that?"
Scowling slightly, Darlian artfully arched an eyebrow. "Very funny, all of you. Now, are we here to point out each others faults or make the Commander's last night of single-hood memorable?"

Hope laughed. She was glad her mom had been here on earth. She was able to have her look after Kayla so she could have a night with the "girls" of the Casey. She orders a Peach wine cooler. "So how's our good 'ole Captain by the way" Hope asked looking around. "She did mention something about Blake," Lyssa teased.

Hope walks over to Amanda. "What's this about Blake? Is he here? I can go bother him." Hope laughs.

"Don't you dare Hope. I'm not even going to tell you our plans and hopefully your snoopy mind reading daughter doesn't find out either."

Hope laughs at Amanda's words. "Don't worry Amanda, I'll make sure Kayla keeps her blocks up during the wedding. My mother is going to come also to help."

Amanda looked relieved. Hope hands Amanda a whiskey. "Let's make a toast to Cat and her upcoming wedding." Hope holds up her glass and everyone joins in. "Let the games begin now. I want to see some naked men." Amanda gives Hope a strange look. "Hope have you been smelling the wacky weed again?" Hope just laughs and walks away to get another drink.

Shaking her head and trying to figure out just what the hell was going on around her, Pike took another round of her own drink and had to admit it was nice to see some of her crewmembers enjoying the moment away from duty. Moving over towards Gibbons, Pike narrowed her eyes.
"You got naked men around here?"

Lyssa grinned slyly at Amanda, without answering her question. She brought her hands together and looked around the assembled women. "Well, I say everyone make sure you have something to drink then let's begin the games," she said, with a twinkle in her eye.

Music was playing in the background - it was a mix of songs from all different planets, but all of it was upbeat and spirited to suit the mood of a party. As Candra walked over to the small "bar" Lyssa had set up, she found herself tapping out the beat of the music.

As the women gathered around, Candra broke out into a wide smile, her hazel eyes glinting. "I propose we all take a shot in the bride's honor."

After some chuckles and smiles of agreement, Lyssa smiled at Candra, "Want to play bartender for the moment?" She gestured towards the shot glasses and bottles.

Candra chuckled, "Why not?" Glancing over the bottle labels, she picked up a bottle of something green. She raised an eyebrow at the other women. "Aldebaran whisky?"

Leitha smiled. "I think that sounds great," she said with a wink.

Candra brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and began pouring liberal shots of the whisky into glasses then handing them to everyone present. Once she was done, she picked up her glass and said, "I propose another toast." Glancing at Cat, she grinned, "May married life treat you well and bring you happiness. And may you always have the ability to keep your man in line. Good luck.you're gonna need it," she added with a shake of her head and a mock look of sorrow over Cat's soon-to-be married state.

"Awww thank ye fer yer kind words Candra, darlin'." Cat huckled. "Three, two, one, go!"

With that all the ladies took their shots, some enjoying it more, some less. Naala made a grimace as the alcohol poured down her throat.

"I always forget how strong this stuff is." she said in a squeeky voice.

Cat put a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, "Dun worry, plenty more where tha' came from." An evil grin formed on her lips.

Elani watched from the side, that shot of whiskey taking nothing out of her. Relena walked over and the two watched, smiles on their face.

"Right! Lyssa, me lass...where's the naked men?" Cat leaned over to the Counselor, in a hushed voice, barely keeping herself from laughing.
Elani looked over at Relena in surprise, "Are they serious?"

"Oh yes, quite." Lana piped in from where she sat, with another drink.

Cat looked around the room from where she'd sat herself, her comfortable green trousers and a form fitting top settling around her. The usually regulation keeping Commander was really going to let her hair down tonight, her auburn curls already dancing over her shoulders and back. She was happy. She could see the girls were having a fun time, and on that alone, she was too.

Naala had been to several bridal/bachelor nights in her day, but so far this one had the potential to be most fun.

~Cos you're a girl now?~ the symbiont asked in it's soundless voice.

~Probably...Halza never knew how to have fan. He was always the stuck up scientist.~ the host chuckled.

~Oh thank you very much Leitha Varo. Is that the behavior I taught you?~ Naala teased.

~Shut up and have fun, my darling little slug~

Lyssa took a seat, and she motioned for people to do the same. "OK everyone! The first game of the night will be one that lasts the whole night. See these bright gold stars? Whenever you uncross your legs, you get a star!"

Cat sat down and looked at her, leaning forward with her eyes wide, "Did you think of that?"

Lyssa looked over and smiled widely, "You get a STAR!!"

Other soon took their seats, and Hope was noticeably swayed by the amount of alcohol she'd consumed.

Lyssa took another shot as others around her laughed wildly at those she quickly slapped stars on, and she grabbed a black plastic bag under the bar. "Okay, listen up ladies! I'm passing around this bag....inside it are items that our lovely Cat will need on her wedding night and honeymoon! I want all of you to feel what's inside without looking, and make a list of what you think the items are. There are 7 items!"

With that Lyssa passed the bag first to Amanda, smiling at her slyly.

Amanda snickered, "You should take a tip from some of the items, I think Counselor..."

Lyssa winked, not allowing the tense relationship she had with the Captain surface, "You'd love to know what I found out as well, Captain."

Candra snickered and to the group around her, began talking about the seven items she thought were in the bag. "Creams! Items for various aerobatic moves..."

Hope continued to drink the whiskey, and Lyssa wondered how long it would be before the doctor was passed out on the ground.

Tamra had loosened up a bit and was now beginning to enjoy the camaraderie between the women. This was beginning to be fun, Terran women in a very alcoholized state. She had her turn in feeling what was inside the bag, but was quite unsure what those items might be.

Leitha and Kay had struck up a quiet conversation, laughing softly as they took their turns at feeling out the contents of the bag. While Kay had taken another alcoholic drink, the Trill opted for a non alcoholic one.

Hope's head was getting really light-headed. She turned to Amanda. "Hey Amanda, maybe you should ask Lyssa if you can use some of this stuff for yourself while you're spending time with Blake" Hope's voice was slurred as she said this. Amanda just rolled her eyes at Hope. "At least I have someone Hope."

Hope snickered. "We all can't be lucky. I guess I'll just have to make myself a holo- boyfriend"

Amanda laughed at the idea. "I can finally get even then". Amanda laughed.

"Bah, men, their only good for one thing." Darlian griped, swishing herdrink. Everyone looked at her with a evil and dirty gleam in their eyes. "What? Opening stuck jar lids!"

Candra chuckled at the ideas people came up with for what was in the bag. She had gotten herself another glass of the whiskey and was beginning to feel a pleasant buzz from the alcohol. She shifted in her seat, getting more comfortable. Candra smiled at Relena, who was sitting near her. "Finally the two lab rats are out of their labs. How does it feel?"

Relena laughed lightly, leaning back in her chair. "It feels damn good," she said with a wink.

Candra chuckled. It was fun to see her normally hard-working crewmates taking a moment to relax and let the more goofy sides of their personality show through. "I'll second that one, Relena."

"Alright Ladies...and the winner of that contest, you guessed it, our very own Relena. Now as winner you get to choose which of those items Cat's gets for a gift..."

"OOH!" the historian declared, digging into the bag to find the funniest item to present to the former Miss O'Hara. After a few moments of fumbling, she had it in her grasp, but didn't pull it from the bag. Instead she got up and walked over to Cat, "Commander, hold out your hands and close your eyes and you will get a BIG surprise!"
Obliging out of the fun of it, Cat closed her eyes and put her hands out. Now Relena pulled the mystery item free. Amanda snickered at it. "Ma'am, I think the two of you will find this extremely useful on your honeymoon. A tube..." she paused for dramatic effect, "...of the finest..." Stopping for another dramatic moment, "MOTION LOTION AVAILABLE IN THIS SECTOR!!"

Hope laughed so hard she nearly fell out of her chair. Relena, fell over backwards, laughing hysterically. "You know, there are far more tactful ways you could have worded that." Pike scolded half-heartedly.

"But not nearly so amusing Captain." Darlian retorted.

There was an array of snickers throughout the room, and Lyssa quickly changed gears to the next game. "OK now...the next game calls for someone to volunteer themselves as an example..."

Hope stuttered for a moment as she raised her hand and tried to walk out into the center of the group. "I'll do it! I do EVERYTHING!!"

Lyssa laughed outloud and held up a box of goods by the name of "good'n'plenty". "OK Hope, let's say I hand you this box and tell you to make a sentence about your marriage or love-life using the wods on this box."

Hope grabbed the box and looked for a moment, swaying in the air. "I get good'n'plenty lovin' from the men I meet on shoreleave!"

There was a moment as the whole room pictured the same thing simulataneously, and then a whole outburst of laughter. Lyssa took the box from Hope, who clapped her hands and sat back down.
More like fell back down. Lyssa walked over and slapped on Hope's fifth gold star on her shirt.

Lyssa continued, "You need to get into two groups. I will hand you a bag of candy, and you will have five minutes to make up a story about Cat and Jon on their wedding night- and the disasters that can happen! Whoever makes up the most complete story and uses all the candy phrases, wins the candy!"

The group divided up into their teams - Leitha, Candra, Cat, and Hope on one and Amanda, Kay, Elani, and Relena on the other. Lyssa handed each group their bag of candy then announced for them to begin.

Cat held the candy bag for her team and pulled out a chocolate bar - called a Kit Kat. Leitha spoke up, "The wedding celebration was over, and Jon sat waiting for the private celebration with his Kit Kat."
Cat shook her head and smiled while the rest of the girls laughed over Leitha's use of Cat's name.
Next, Cat pulled out a Kiss - a Hershey's Kiss that is. Hope jumped in with her contribution, "Cat finally made her entrance into the bedroom. She leaned over Jon for a Kiss when -"

Candra added in for the next piece of candy, " - suddenly the happy couple heard a Krackle behind them.

Cat smiled, deciding to take a dig at her hisband, "Butter Fingers Jon had managed to drop a candle on the floor!" Cat's team began laughing like mad as they envisioned something like that happening on the bride's wedding night.

Following the quick cooldown after the candy-bar game, Lyssa kept the games rolling. "Now Cat, this next game is for you. I want everyone to go around the room and write down the name of the household chore you hate doing the most...and why!"

Lyssa gave everyone a few moments, and then she chuckled to herself as she said the next part. "Now we're gonna go around the room, and I want you to say your name. After you say your name, I want you to cross out the name of the household chore, and put the word marriage before it. Then after you say your name, say 'marriage' and why you hate it , which will be the same reason why you hate the household chore!"

A few critical snickers filled the room, and Lyssa held up her hand. "Hold on hold on....Now, my name is Lyssa, and I hate marriage because....it's dirty, hurts my back and lasts too long!"

Naala's eyes were brimming with tears of laughter, "My name is Leitha, and I hate marriage because it strains my neck and makes my hands dry and flaky." she burst out in laughter.

"A'right..me next." Cat announced, a grin on her face. Taking a sip from her second drink, she continued, "Me name is Cat, an' I 'ate marriage cos i' 'urts me feet an' is boring."

Elani held up her hand next, "My name is Elani, and I hate marriage because it takes too long to make and clean up after it later." she frowned and looked at the other girls, "Whaat? I hate making lunches."

Kay stated her 'reason' as well and the other girls went on to say why they 'hated' marriage.

Hope stood up to give her reason why she 'hated' marriage. "My name is Hope"..She staggers "and I hate marriage because". Hope doesn't finish what she was saying because she falls down face first to the floor. Amanda watches and starts to laugh when Hope hits the ground.

"She's quiet for once." Amanda says laughing harder.

"Do you think we should help her up?" Candra asked, a slightly worried look on her face.

Relena shook her head emphatically, "No, leave her down there. She's the doctor, she should know what that much cheap booze will do to you." That got a chuckle from everyone in the room. "But, ok, my turn. My name is Relena, and I hate marriage because..." she trailed off, trying to come up with something innocuous that would sound sufficiently dirty. "...because it's sweaty and dirty, and you end up covered in grass!" she finally declared.

Everyone looked at her strangely, "Mowing the lawn! Get it??" she asked, slurring her words slightly. Obviously the Doc wasn't the only one who had a few too many.

Candra laughed as Relena explained her statement, then she took her turn. "OK, my name is Candra and I hate marriage because it's pointless, tiresome, and it makes me sneeze," she said, with a broad smile.

Amanda was quiet for a moment after a quick round of laughter, and soon everyone was staring at her, expecting their Captain's contribution. Lyssa shouted out, "Come on Capt'in!"

Amanda rolled her eyes at the Counselor, and she sat up straight. "My name is Amanda, and I hate marriage because just as you finish one pot of real non-replicated coffee, you have to listen to Mr. Useless complain about not having any...and then you have to clean out the damn pot and make more just to shut him up."

There was a burst of dizzying laughter in the dimly-lit party atmosphere, and Lyssa happily turned to Candra, "I take it she doesn't enjoy making coffee."

Candra snickered, "There's a lot more we could say about a lot of things we don't enjoy!"

Lyssa nodded and broke through the laughter, holding up a glass, she toasted, "To Cat and Jon! For many long years of marriage- and happy ones at that."

The din of the night carried long into the early morning hours.


A Joint Post by:

Commander Catheryn Walker
Chief Diplomatic Officer
USS Casey NCC-52620

Lt. Lysandra Smith-Gibbons
USS Casey

Captain Amanda Pike
Commanding Officer
USS Casey

Ensign Candra Avitt
USS Casey

LT CDR Hope Thornton MD
Chief Medical Officer
USS Casey

Lieutenant, Junior Grade Relena Darlian
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Casey


Authors: Captain Amanda Pike, Lieutenant Commander No'Cho, Jules
Title: "And the Captain makes three.." - Tooth and Claw #177

No'Cho had left his post on the bridge for the time being, although he didn't want to he had to make sure this incident in sickbay was taken care of and while his security force could handle it he wanted to do this personally. Entering the brig, No'Cho dismissed the guard and stood infront of the forcefield. Jules didn't say a word, just sat there.

He knew someone important just entered the brig as he heard the other officer leave. On the out side Jules looked calm and controlled, but No'Cho doubted that was the case, because, as John Doe, this Jules character was also very adapt in hiding his true feelings.

No'Cho: Right... now what should I do with you?

After some silence Jules opened his eyes and look the security chief in the face.

Jules: *a bit surprised* You're asking me? Isn't that your job?

No'Cho: Well here is my problem, you are creating quite a commotion on this ship. You have pointed a very dangerous weapon at one of our crew members.

Jules: *with a calm voice* I was merely defending myself.

No'Cho: Yes... so you keep claiming. Now I find myself with a choice. I have you as an immediate threat, but I also know that Section 31 will come after you, since you traded places with him. And although many federation citizens don't believe it exists, I know it does. And it's more of a threat then you are right now. Now, I could go for the easy way and toss you out of the first airlock I can find, but then Section 31 will keep hunting us like the hawks they are.

Jules: And what is you 2nd option?

No'Cho: *looking Jules right in the eyes* The 2nd option is that I let you go this time and that you give us all the help you can get with finding this Section 31.
Jules: Hmm I'll think I will choose the latter.

No'Cho: *deactivating the force field and bending over the still sitting Jules* But this will mean that you will not leave your quarters without a security escort, your every move will be reported to me. You will stay away from the Thornton's, Suta, Grissom and anyone else that you might wanna pick a fight with. I wanna know what you eat every day, I wanna know what moves you make on a day. How many heart beats you heart makes a day, how many air you use, I even wanna know when you take a dump and what's in it. That much cooperation I want from you. Am I making myself clear? Because if I detect even 1 anamoly in the reports on you I will still throw you out of the first airlock that I can find.

Jules: I don't think I have realy have a choice now do I?

No'Cho: No I suppose you don't.

Entering the room and raising an eyebrow at the two figures staring each other down, Pike moved deeper into the room and eyed the Lieutenant Commander with heated curiousity.

"Am I interrupting?"

No'Cho: Captain! *backing away from Jules a little*

Jules: My dear captain. Of course you're not interupting. The chief and I where just finishing a business agreement.

Crossing her arms against her chest, her eyes softened a bit and sighed. "And has a decision been reached?"

No'Cho and Jules eyed each other.

No'Cho: *Looking back at Pike* Yes, we have come to a mutual understandment.

Turning to Jules, Pike forced a small smile upon her lips. "No more chasing my crew with weapons?"

Jules: I'll try, as long as they don't threaten or punch me.

No'Cho: *holding up the disruptor* That's why I'm holding on to this for the time being.

Jules apparantly wasn't to happy with that but decided not to protest against it. He knew he was lucky that No'Cho decided to let the matter slide this easely.

No'Cho:*looking at Jules*And about Prof. Grissom. Do you wanna press charges.

Jules: No, I don't wanna upset people more then the already are.

No'Cho: *nodding* Alright. I am going to have a chat with the Professor though. I'm not happy with how he acted. If you 2 will excuse me.

With that said No'Cho turned around and left the brig... summoning Professor Grissom to meet him in his office over the comm channel.

"Jules.. you really are going to be the death of me," Pike spoke some short time later, shifting in her position against the wall.

Jules: We wouldn't want that to happen now would we? *Walking up to Pike and leaning his arm against the wall, bringing his face close to Pike's face* What do you suggest we do about that?

Turning over to look at him, Pike shrugged her shoulders slowly. "What can be done? What can we do to make things better? I can't have any more of these incidents.. not if I don't plan on spending more time in a cell." The thoughts of returning to the former experience was enough to give her a chill.

Jules:*walking away from Pike* Well, first of all the Thornton kid has to stop poking in my mind. She saw something a little kid of that age shouldn't have seen. And then there is this overprotective lizzard and of course our loose handed professor *Rubbing his jaw*

"I know you don't like it here.. and for that a part of me will always wish I hadn't asked for you to leave where you came from.. but considering I would have sealed your death didn't help my choice any. Can you please try hard for me to just have a little more patience with the kid?" Pike asked almost pleading.

Slowly Jules turned around and looked into Pikes pleading eyes. A smile cracked on Jules' face.

Jules: I will try and have more patience, for you. *touching Pike's cheek gently with his hand* For you I would do anything. I would even die for you.

Smiling in knowing, Pike pressed a quick kiss to his palm and turned towards the door. "Hopefully it'll never come to that. We'll talk soon.. promise." Not waiting for a reply, she was gone.


Joint Post by:

Lt. Cmdr No'Cho
Chief of Security, USS Casey
Civillian, USS Casey
Amanda K. Pike, Captain
Commanding Officer, USS Casey

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