JUNE 2003

Title: ?
Author: Lt Cdr Drakt


==Far side of D4==
==Immediately after JM #50==

With some trepidation, Drakt stepped through the crowd, taking up a position next to Brandel. He was in quite a bit of shock. Nara was probably the only Anti-Imperialist that his parents had spoken fondly of during his hatchlinghood.

Back over twenty-five years before the forced exile of the Thirty-first House, during the earliest days of the Anti-Imperialist movement, a ship of "criminals" was traveling from the frontier to the Imperial homeworld, Zarn. The sole crime of these individuals was speaking out against the government. One of the ships escorting this transport was the Imperial cruiser Winaria, under the command of Lanari War hero Nara, Leader of the Forty-ninth House.

Nara received orders from Imperial High Command to destroy the transport, and fake evidence to make it appear the ship came under assault by pirates. Nara, secretly sympathizing with these "criminals", and seeing these orders as unjust and illegal, refused to carry them out. Rather than see his family executed and his House discredited for the next ten generations, Nara gathered them all and led them into exile. The Forty-ninth House was never seen or heard from again.

Around the time the Thirty-First House was exiled, the Empire attempted to locate the Forty-ninth House, and even passed through the Deridous system. No trace of them was ever found. It was assumed that they perished during their quest to find a new world to call home.

Now, Drakt found himself face to face with a Zarnac he had idolized for his entire life. A Zarnac whose dedication to justice forced him to sacrifice everything he held dear. With the utmost respect, and near reverence, Drakt fell to one knee and bowed, "Sire... it is an honor to have been granted the privilege to meet you."

Nara looked down at Drakt, back up at Michael, then back down at Drakt, "Body of a revolutionary, soul of an Imperialist... Why do I get the impression that you still revere the Emperor?"

"Not so much as I used to... Late last year the Empire sent a strike force to eliminate my House. They failed, but still took the lives of my family and closest friends. But, as a hatchling, I was told stories of the Lost House, and their noble leader..." Drakt explained, lifting his head.

Shaking his head, Nara sighed, "If I was of noble blood, we wouldn't have been given the option of exile... and my head would probably still be mounted on a pike in front of the chambers of the Ruling Council..."

Standing up the rest of the way, Drakt looked up at Brandel and O'Halloran, "Nobility isn't a birthright, it's defined by ones actions..." he explained. Looking back over his shoulder at Strazz and the rest of the Hyperion away team... his friends and comrades, he added, "If I've learned anything in my life, it is that."

"First Zarnac we see in fifty years, and he's a poet." Zolak muttered, not quite loud enough for anyone but J'rol to hear him.

"You're getting sour in your old age Zolak... the youth clearly has the blood of a warrior coursing through him, even if he has the heart of a poet. He's sporting quite the impressive little arsenal." J'rol mused, taking note of the phaser hanging from Drakt's left hip and the retracted battle pike on his right.

With a slight groan, Nara stretched his left leg, "I'm sorry Captain, my old body can't hold up to what it could in my youth. Perhaps you'd like to join us at the meeting hall?"


Lt. Cmdr. Drakt, Son of the Thirty-First House
Chief of Security
USS Hyperion-D

MAY 2003

TWO winners this month.
Title: Alone in the Dark #8
Author: Ens. Vathin


I am chaotic

Confusion, disorder, the void

I am empty

Void, desolate, meaningless, senseless, inane, unsatisfied

I am without satisfaction

To gratify, to fulfil, to be sufficient for, to convince, to free from doubt

I am in doubt
To be uncertain about the truth, to hesitate, to waiver, to be undecided about; to distrust, suspect, fear; to be afraid

I am afraid

Dread, a state of alarm, apprehension, anxiety; awe, reverance; apprehension of danger or some impending evil

I am evil

Bad, injurious, mischevious, worthless, immoral, wicked

I am alone

Solitary, unfrequented, sequestered, companionless, lone


Because you have left the others


Those around you


Does anyone understand you?


But how could they understand you? They were not you


But they were not you and could therefore never truely understand you


Because they have lived around you and been raised in a similar way they had a better understanding of you. But others can understand you aswell if you allow them too.


For a time you felt similar things about your own people and the path they followed. Now you realise in part why they follow that path. You left Beil Tan, because you thought that they didn't understand you. Would you have done the same had you known what you do now?


so you see...


Humanity as a whole will forever be inferior to you, but in time a few humans may become like your equal.


You allowed yourself to fall to the other self that all beings possess.


<OFF> Ens. Vathin
CSO (acting)
USS Hyperion


Title: "Alone in the Dark #36 - Bearer of Bad News"
Author: Lieutenent Tom Archer



As the Vulcan Commander told Deeks that this might become a fighting situation the Bridge crew seemed to work extra hard at what they were doing, Lt. Tom Archer kept a close eye on our unknown friends in 1st Fenderation space.

Strazzco: *To Archer* Lieutenant, Captain Dalka has given us permission to use the Data he has collected on the Unknown Vessel, I want you to compair our Data with his

Archer: *Nods* Aye Sir, Tapping into Captain Dalka's Shuttle Computer

Tom connected the shuttle and Hyperion's computer, the connection took some work do to the technological differences, but nothing he couldn't handle.

Archer: Computer, Download all data of the unknown vessel from the 1st Federation shuttle

Computer: Prossesing...

Archer: Cdr, there is a relitivly large amount of Data in the shuttle, this should help us in our search

Strazzco: I hope your right Lt.

Computer: Download complete, 7539 kilaquades of Data has been transfered to the Computer Core.

Strazzco: Lt, start compairing that Data and keep up the good work with the IP pulses.

Archer: Aye sir

Tom went to work as soon as the Data was stored. He fired out another IP pulse which gave the location of the Vessel. It's course was deeper in 1st Federation Space. Tom took some time to compair their Information and he had some answers.

Archer: Cdr, The vessel has a very powerful weapon system, Their was very little left of Captain Dalka's ship, but from what i could tell the weapon signature was emence.

Strazzco: Good work Lt, can you get a fix of what exactly it is yet?

Archer: Not yet, but with some work and time i could get a better description, but at the rate they keep heading farther into 1st Federation Space, it will be literaly impossible to find them.

Cdr Strazz brought his arm to his chin and bowed his head trying to make sense of the situation


Lieutenent Tom Archer
Chief Operations Officer
USS Hyperion
NCC 7438-D

MARCH 2003

Date: March 15, 2003
Title: Heart's Folly #174 - Das Ueberpost


==USS Hyperion Stella Cartography: 1900hrs==

*The Federation science team had arrived just under an hour ago and had set about trying to take control of the situation, they consisted of Doctors: Monrow, Collins, Cassell, Murray and Ash. Each scientist was an expert in their field...therein lay the problem.*

Monrow: I say if we use and inversed gravametric pulse fired from the tractor beam we could...

Collins: Come on doctor we all know that couldn't work, my findings clearly show that such a pulse could destabalize the gravity well of the whole moon, what I propose is...

Murray: We all know what you want to do Collins, every paper you've done for the past five years has been on temporal technology and it's just unrealistic.

Collins: A temporal mine could slow down the distortions by up to 98%.

Murray: And it could rip the moon to pieces, you haven't even tested the technology, and even if you had it would take us months to even draw up the plans for such a device.

Ash: Well, what I think is...

*The irrate scientists argued for another 10 minutes. Vathin just closed his eyes and tried to wash away the noise, he was distracted by the beeping of a console next to him. He strode over to it and accessed the information that had been sent to it, it was the scan of the core that he had asked Ensign Floyd to do. Vathin quickly pulled up the last known information on the make up of Pandora's core from federation records. Vathin's expression went from one of annoyance at the scientists across from him too one of shock and disbelief.*

Vathin: *under his breath* 2 million tons, and that's just the topaline, amin asuryan(trans: my god)

*There was a yell from the direction of the Federation scientists*

Cassell: Look Collins, just accept the fact that it won't work!!!

*Vathin had had enough of this, the foolish mon-keigh were so busy trying to prove to the others that their ideas were best that they weren't even trying to address the problem. He drew himself up to his full height (not that vathin ever slouched), walked into the centre of the bickering scientists and delivered probably the most straight forward and simple line he had said in his life.*

Vathin: All of you SHUT UP!

*All of the arguing scientists looked up at the Eldar who had an expression that they figured they didn't want to mess with.*

Vathin: Thank you, I have listened to you fools bicker with each other since you got off the shuttle! You are so busy trying to prove who's ideas are better that you have failed to address the problem at hand!

Monrow: Exactly who do you think you are?

*Vathin closed his eyes and calmed himself before he did something that he would later regret, he moved closer to the scientist so he was face to face with him.*

Vathin: I am the chief science officer of this vessel and you will follow MY orders, do I make myself clear?

Monrow: *trying to avoid eye contact* Yes.

Vathin: Now, since you seem unable to see past the ends of your own noses lets see if someone else can.

==USS Hyperion Bridge: 1930hrs==

*Vathin and the science team exited the turbo lift (with minimal shoving) onto the bridge and Vathin immediately went over to talk to Commander Valasko.*

Vathin: Commander, could I see you in the briefing room, I'm having some... difficulties.

Strazz: Very well then.

Strazz noted the emotive looks amongst the scientific minded group and had an ominous feling of what was about to happen as he followed Vathin, Hannah who had returned to the Cmd. chair watched on with interest but said nothing, sharing a curious look with Strazz. Time was of the essence, but some things couldn't be rushed.

==Briefing Room==

Strazz: What can I do for you ensign?

Vathin: My team here needs a different outlook on the problem they are facing, the problem we are facing is that the removal of Topaline from the core of Pandora has caused gravimetric distortions around Saturn. What do you think we need to do?

Strazz: I am not a scientist by training ensign, but logically it would seem that you want to put what is missing back.

Vathin: But, we cannot get the required amount of topaline in the amount we want.

Strazz: *raises an eyebrow and moved on to the next logical solution* Would it be possible to use something else

Vathin: Yes...yes, in fact, we could use anything as long as we could replace all that had been taken.

Strazz: But again, we have the problem of getting hold of a large enough amount of material.

*the scientists looked on at the plan that was slowly forming in front of them and one or two slowly began to cotten on as to where it was going.*

Vathin: We don't need such a large amount, we just need something with the same density.

Strazz: How would we go about doing that?

*Ash joined in with the conversation between the XO and CSO*

Ash: If we were to lower the temperature of a molecule enough it's density would increase expotentially...

Strazz: ..and it would only take a small amount of that material to make up for the large amount of lost material. But how could you lower the temperature of said substance?

Vathin: Stopping the movement of the molecule.

Ash: Perhaps you might reduce the vibration of the atoms that make up the molecule but to completely freeze it....that may be in the realms of fantasy.

Strazz: +tap+ Valasko to Azul, Cdr. we require you presence, we have a problem that is ideally suited for your talents. please come to the briefing room on deck 1 and bring anybody you think can assist on the matter of reducing the vibrational motion of a molecule to be placed in the core of a planetoid body the size of the moon Pandora.

Strazz then turned and faced the scientist, he was a keen observer of sentient behaviour, particularly humanoids and they had all the signs as he spoke in a baleful tone brooking no further arguement.

Strazz: Gentlemen I trust you are providing Mr Vathin with your utmost efforts in assisting him with this potentially dire situation, I leave it his and Cdr. Azul's capable hand but mark my words I will be observing and I will brook no prevarication while the crew of the Hyperion deals with this situation.

*The scientists' heads nodded in agreement. They'd been told and a serious looking Strazz was like looking at a man waiting and ready to drop the guillotine*

Strazz then turned and nodded as if in support of Vathin.

Strazz: Mr Vathin you have my support, please proceed at an expeditious rate I shall be on the bridge.

With that Strazz left.

==Engineering, USS Hyperion==

Frank tapped his commbadge and acknowledged Strazz's command. Tapping a key on his DADD he shut it off. On his way to the turbolift, Frank started to think about what the Federation scientists could be planning. As he stepped into the lift, he braced himself for anything.

==Briefing Room, a few minutes later==

Frank stepped into the briefing room to a cacophony of blathering scientists. Hannah had gone into the briefing room a few minutes earlier and had followed the scene from her chair, intently listening, though the concepts had long ago gone off the topic into the realms of fancy in some cases. Hannah noticed Frank and she rose to break the conversation and greet him.

Hannah: Commander, I believe we could use your input.

Frank: So I hear. What seems to be the trouble?

Hannah: I need a more practical approach, I'm afraid some of the proposals here are not only unrealistic to implement but stray from what we are trying to achieve here, my expertise is mainly in life sciences specifically medicine as you know but some of these gentlemen *using the term diplomatically* seem to think I hold a doctorate in astrophysics let alone the gravimetric effects of a moon missing part of its core due to extensive over mining. Ensign Vathin could fill you in on the details.

Frank: *smiles sarcastically* Great.

Frank took a seat next to Vathin who barely acknowledged his presence.

However, Vathin was relieved that someone other than these buffoons who fancied themselves scientists had joined the debate.

Frank: So, Ensign, what seems to be the problem?

Frank listened intently as Vathin filled him in on the plan. There was one thought that immediately came to the front of Frank's mind.

Frank: Have you given any thought to how we would deliver the stuff?

Vathin: That was not an immediate concern.

Frank: Well, maybe we should decide on that before I go building something we can't use. I'm sure I could figure out how to solve your current problem with a little tweeking, but I need some constraints first.

Vathin: Perhaps we could ask for another perspective on how to deliver the package?

Frank: Agreed. +Tap+ Azul to Deeks.

Deeks: +Deeks here+

Frank: Your presence is needed in the Briefing Room, Mr. Deeks.

Deeks: +Acknowledged, on my way+

JW walked into the room, he wasn't too sure why he was there, but that wasn't his concern.

After having the whole thing explained again, it was obvious the first few people there were getting a little edgey. By this stage, Hannah had returned to the bridge.

Deeks: Couldn't we just beam your magic molecules into the core?

Ash NPC: *Stepping over to the major display on the one wall and tapping some commands into it, a picture of Pandora comes up.* The problem with that is the crust of the moon, it has soridium particles throughout.

Deeks: I'm no scientist, so...

Ash NPC: We can't beam through the crust, the crust's makeup is too dense to penetrate it and might scatter the transport signal.

Azul: He may have something with that though.

Vathin: Commander, we've already gone over the transporters, we can't beam anything through the crust.

Azul: No, but if we could somehow get transport enhancers or something down into the core, or near it we could use the transporters.

Ash NPC: Well the soridium crust layer only goes in for a short distance, maybe 5 metres, we may be able to do that.

Azul: How could we get down there?

Deeks: Is there anything explosive that might react to a phaser strike?

Vathin: We've detected Tripolyneuoxide also, it would blow half the moon up while the other half would spin off and probably hit something.

Deeks: Damn... What if we used a torpedo, if we slowed the speed down but left it fast enough to allow its momentum to drill through the crust plate, could we do that?

Ash NPC: Same problem with the phasers, there would be the warhead.

Deeks: What if I removed that.

Ash NPC: I guess it might work.

Azul: Input that into the test model simulation.

Ash NPC: Alright, I'll run the simulation.

They crowd around the display and watch the display.

Vathin: I guess it could work, but- *Vathin's communicator chirps, cutting him off.* +tap+ Vathin here.

Willford NPC: </\> Sir, we just noticed something in Pandora. </\>

Vathin: Send your information up here to the briefing room.

Willford NPC: </\> Aye sir. </\>

New information appeared on the display, all the people in the room looked in horror at what they saw, some understood it more than others.

Frank brought his hand up to his communicator.

Azul: +tap+ Azul to Captain O'Halloran.

O'Halloran: </\> O'Halloran here. </\>

Azul: I think we have something for you to see.

O'Halloran: +I'm on my way+

Hannah got up from her chair on the bridge and re-entered the briefing room.

Hannah: What do you have?

Frank shows Hannah the Pandora moon. It looked like it was about to break up.

Hannah: How long do we have?

Vathin: A little under an hour, then the damage will be irreversable and the moon will break up.

Hannah: We need to get this solved soon people. Do we have any plans?

Azul: I think so captain. *He fills Hannah in on the plans*

Hannah: Is that all we have?

Vathin: Yes.

Hannah: Then let's do it and pray it works. You guys are in charge of this. All personnel are at your disposal. I want to be kept informed.

Frank simply nodded and started off the bridge. The Scientists had come up with a plan and now it was time to implement it. In other words, it was Frank's turn to save the day.

==Turbolift off bridge==

The burly betazoid stepped onto the turbolift and once giving his destination immediately hit his commbadge.

Frank: +tap+ Azul to Fabrication team 1, assemble on the Flight Deck immediately.

Frank made a stop off at a replimat then headed to the Flight Deck.

Peterson was working down in Engineering on minor maintenance work. He was pretty bored and hoped something interesting would come up. He got up to go find some more boring work when he heard Commander Azul's announcement come in over the comm system.

He walked quickly and excitedly towards the turbolift, which he took to the Flight Deck. He was eager to find out what was going on.

Entering the Flight Deck, he saw Fabrication Team 1 gathering, and Commander Azul was about to start explaining the situation.

Frank: *loudly enough for everyone to hear* Ok, here's the deal. We've got to get this *holds up a diagram of Vathin's molecule freezing device* into this *holds up a picture of Pandora* using nothing but this. *holds up a picture of a torpedo*

A couple murmers spread out throughout the engineering team.

Frank: Because of gravimetric distortions and the composition of the moon's surface, the Hyperion can not use her phasers or get into torpedo range. This leaves our only craft capable of firing a full-sized torpedo and large enough to handle the gravimetric eddies, but small enough to meneuver in them, the bombers.

As if on queue, the voice of Kyle Danner came over the loudspeaker.


On the Bridge of the Hyperion, Master Chief Petty Officer Kyle Danner just received a message from the Ensign Aziri, the Ensign and the rest of the Aurora bombers requested clearance to land, which of course was granted. And as per their mission they had prevented the Wodan's Hope colonist on Pandora from escaping, so in addition to the bombers the colonists in the stolen cadet fighters that could be towed back would also land on the Hyperion. The fourth fighter was disabled and waiting a return trip from the bombers.

So, before alerting the team on the flight deck, Kyle also called for a security team to the flight deck to take care of the colonists who would be charged of breaking many Federation law. Then he activated the speakers on the flight deck and spoke up. +"Auxiliary crafts landing in 10 seconds, please clear the flight deck. I repeat, please clear the flight deck."+

==On the Flight Deck==

Heeding the communication chief's advice the engineering team moved to the side and watched the Aurora bombers sail onto the flight deck, the Cadet's disabled fighters with Colonial pilots in tow. Apparently, the colonials didn't figure out how to override the prefix codes in time. The last bomber released his cargo and let the inertia carry the fighter into the bay where the flight deck's tractor beams took over. The bomber made a 180 to head out after the remaining fighter who was trying ineffectively to override his vessel's prefix codes.

A security team moved into the bay to take the three fighter pilots into custody.

==Meanwhile, in Drakt's quarters==

When the call came up that the fugitive miners from Pandora had been aprehended and were being brought in, Drakt quickly finished pulling on his standard environmental suit and affixed his commbadge. +"Drakt to Larsen. Cadet, if medical has cleared you for duty, would you please report to the flight deck.+


+I'm good as new, let me put on a new uniform and I'll join you on your way there+

He got off of the biobed and asked the nurse for a new security uniform with cadet pips. He put it on, with a phaser holster, the phaser type 2 that goes into it and picked up his Phaser Rifle that he had kept from the mission on Pandora. He left Sickbay on a hasty foot to catch up with Cmdr Drakt.

Within minutes Drakt, Larsen, and Security Team 3 had arrived at one of the flight deck doors. All of them, save for Drakt, were carrying a phaser rifle. The Zarnac instead had simply a Type-2 phaser.

"Ok everyone, let's make this quick so the science and engineering crews can get to work on reparing the damage this scum has caused." Drakt ordered, setting his phaser to high stun.

The security crew of Team 3 all acknowledged Drakt's order like lifeless efficient robots, efficient, but robots none the less. It made Airen feel a little uneasy and he secretly promised himself not to become like that. Instead of following the others in formation, Airen decided to stay behind with the little lizard.

The seven men and women entered the bay, phasers ready in case their guests" got rowdy. "Larsen and Johnson, take that one. Anderson and Reynolds, that one there. Kasumi and Maxwell, over there." Drakt detailed off people to take the pilots of three of the four stolen fighters. "And I have that one." he finished, cracking his knuckles as he glared at the leader of the little group.

The two temporary partners looked at each other and then they both headed towards their assigned fighter pilot without a word.

When they arrived, Airen took command for the very first time in his young career. It was rare that cadets took command but Johnson was a non-commissioned officer which made him a subordinate.

"Put your phaser on high stun and cover me while I open the hatch, and be fast on that trigger Johnson" ordered Airen.

Airen used his last name to make a more familiar contact which in theory should make the subordinate more at ease... or more nervous. He jumped over the fighter's wing and got up on the fighter. The colonist was waiting in the cockpit his arms crossed over his chest and looking at Airen with a weird look. It mixed both disgruntlement and sadness. Airen motioned for him to open the cockpit and when he saw the older man wasn't going to listen to him, he aimed his phaser rifle at the cockpit and hoped the colonist would get the message. Luckily for him he did and he opened the cockpit canopy. Airen helped the man up and then with a fast and hard movement he snatched both his hands on the back of his neck and put on the restraints.

He jumped off the fighter with the help of Johnson and then they helped the prisoner down. They escorted him to where the group of security officers and prisoners were waiting for them.

Drakt meanwhile, was not having as easy a time as his people were. "Open this hatch or I swear I'll blast it off!" he bellowed at the human inside the transparent aluminum dome. Seeing that the man still wasn't budging, he cranked the phaser in his hand up to the maximum power setting. Showing the level to the colonist he snarled, "This will cut through the cockpit dome and your hide quite easily, now surrender yourself before I have to charge myself with first degree murder."

The colonist gulped. He wasn't sure if the lizard stradling the nose of the fighter was crazy or not, but he didn't want to risk the possibility. Pressing a control on the panel, the hatch opened.

As soon as the hatch was up, Drakt scrambled in behind the man and slapped restraints on him, "Now move it before I get angry." The man complied, climbing out of the fighter and walking quickly to where the Starfleet security crew and his comrades were standing.

Seeing the little lizard come back with a man about two times his height in restraints Airen couldn't keep himself from having his smile transform into an out loud laugh. Everyone in the flight deck that could hear it looked at the cadet making a fool of himself. Airen turned a little red and then coughed a bit.

"Do you find something funny in arresting somebody Mister Larsen?" asked the Zarnac, obviously puzzled.

"No sir, it's eeeh, it must be because I'm tired." replied Airen a bit embarrassed.

"You Feddies are really sissies!" cut in Airen's prisoner followed by a loud laugh. All the other prisoners started laughing too and Airen kicked the man behind the knee and as he fell to one knee the Cadet grapped him by the neck.

"Wanna how fast this sissy can get you in the intensive care unit?" spit out Airen.

'I'm starting to like this kid...' Drakt thought to himself. But, now was no time for "police brutality", so he put up a gloved hand to signal for Larsen to cease and desist. "That's enough Cadet. We need them in one piece for the prosecutors. With a shove, Drakt moved his prisoner out of the bay.

Larsen and Johnson hauled their charge to his feet, and the group of Hyperion crew and rogue colonists exited the bay.

Frank watched the Security team haul off the pilots and resumed his briefing.

Frank: Alright, everyone, lets get to work.

After Peterson had seen the pilots dragged off of the fighters, Peterson turned to a crewman who was stood next to him.

Peterson: Well, lets get to it.

They turned around and started walking, when Peterson realised he didn't understand it exactly.

Peterson: So we're affixing a new torpedo tube and new torpedo to this craft here?

Azul: We need to build the torpedo first to later modify the torpedo tube.

Peterson: Right.

Jon returned to the group. The group had started discussing possible designs for the torpedo. For the first five minutes they weren't having much luck at all, all contradicting each other with their designs, none of which seemed to be any different from the standard torpedoes.

Peterson: How about....

The group stopped to listen to him.

Peterson: ... making the torpedo like a drill.

Crewman: A drill?

Peterson: Yes. Something drilling through wood is a lot easier than trying to push something through it. If our torpedo drills into the ground, it would be easier than pushing a standard Starfleet torpedo through the ground. The group whisper among themselves about the idea, pondering about what could happen. Peterson turned to Commander Azul to ask him about the idea, but Frank had already heard the Lt.'s proposal and was intrigued by it.

Frank: Continue, Lt.

Peterson: Well.... we could fabricate a torpedo casing that had a threaded edge, like a drill bit.

Frank thought back to his historical geology class in High School and about how they used such drills to mine minerals from the Earth several hundred years ago.

Frank: How do we keep it going once it starts to drill into Pandora?

The team looked around at each other for a few moments, most of the faces showing creative minds at work. Susan Lofton who happened to be a member of the team as well as Steve Lofton's cousin, spoke up from the back of the crowd.

Susan (NPC): We could make the torp cylindrical and build a gyro to control its spin.

Frank smiled. He knew picking another Lofton for his engineering staff would pay off someday.

Azul: Okay, right. Are we ready to begin construction of the torpedo yet?

Peterson: Near enough ready. We'll have to do some tests as we go to make sure we're on the right track, but we're good to go as it is, as far as I can tell.

Azul: Good job. Lets get to work.

Peterson: *to Crewman* How many times have we "got to work" now?

Crewman #1: *laughs* Enough times.

Peterson picked up a PADD and began to enter some data onto it about the specs of the torpedo. He wasn't sure it would work, but some of the finest engineers in Starfleet were on the Hyperion, and they could make just about anything possible.

Blindly walking over to the group once more, Peterson was almost crushed by a standard torpedo as it was beamed into the Flight Deck just in front of him.

Peterson: What the heck?

A crewman shouted over from the transporter control.

Crewman #2: Sorry Lieutenant! *he turned away to avoid any anger Jonathan might have had*

It wasn't long before the incident was forgotten and the team had began molding the hull of the torpedo to its new cylindrical drill shape.

Peterson: This is the ugliest torpedo I've ever seen.

The group laughs a bit, before continuing on to molding the hull once more. Within the next few minutes they were done with the hull of the... thing..., which they called a torpedo. Next came the difficult job of fitting the equipment inside of the torpedo.

Crewman #3: Hmm, wouldn't it have been a better idea putting the equipment inside before we molded the hull this way?

Peterson: Umm...

Jon stood there hoping they would forget the topic, of which none of them had realized they had done this in the wrong order.

While Jon was busy getting the first torp messed up, Frank was piecing together the system Vathin had decided from custom parts a crewmember was replicating. They had to modify the parts slightly to run vertically in a small enough column to fit inside the torpedo tube.

Once Frank had his package complete, he and his helper moved it over to the rest of the crowd on a grav sled. He dispersed the crowd enough to see what they had made so far. What he saw was a mangled piece of plastisteel that looked like it would break if hit with a rudimentary hammer.

Frank: *shaking his head* This will never do... we need to fabricate everything from scratch. *turns to Peterson who was in charge of the casing* Peterson, you've got more experience with these bombers than anyone. Take a team and figure out how we're going to attach our launcher to the ammo pod racks and run some simulations on how to counteract the density from this stuff.

Frank headed back over to the replicator with the rest of the team and started making their own torpedo tube.

Peterson had escaped lightly he had felt. His messy excuse for a torpedo left behind him was seen being trolleyed away to the big replicator to be turned back into energy and made into the new torpedo.

Thankfully now Jonathan could work on his specialty with the bombers. He understood these small craft more than he had ever thought he would. There was a time he didn't know where the Flight Deck was, but now he could do so much here he forgot he was an Engineer at times. Clearing his mind of the irrelevant thoughts, he focused on his new task, of how the ammo would be launched.

The payload launchers would have to be attached to the bomber symmetrically, otherwise the bomber and torpedo would be sent spinning away out of control due to the sheer gravity the torpedoes would be generating. Plus, the ship would simply look hideously ugly if it wasn't symmetrical.

Peterson: Rogers! Get over here.

Rogers NPC: Yes sir?

Peterson: We need to attach some new launchers to this bomber to accommodate the new torpedoes.

Rogers: That shouldn't be too hard. It's basically replacing a launcher, except you're not sticking a new one in place of another, you're putting it somewhere else.

Peterson: Yep.

Rogers: The best place would probably be underneath the port and starboard wings, wrapping around the ammo racks. They can be easily stored there, and would balance the ship's weight perfectly.

Peterson: How long would they take to attach?

Rogers: At fastest speed, our team could have one attached within 15 minutes, and the second attached and wired up within 30 minutes.

Peterson: I'll make sure you stick to that promise.

Rogers: Have I ever let you down before?

Peterson: Nope, and lets not start now. Lets get to it.

Several other crewmembers began to gather the equipment, and the standard launchers.

Crewman #4: Lieutenant, could we mold these launchers to accommodate the torpedo?

Upon hearing the word "mold", Commander Azul spun around. Peterson had already had no luck molding one thing. Another would probably not be any more successful.

Peterson: NO. No, no, no. We need to make one from scratch. *Points to two other crewmen* Get the new torpedo specs and get to work fixing it up.

Commander Azul turned back around. The three crewmen started to assemble the launcher, and Peterson and Rogers started readying the power conduits and control circuits.

By the time Peterson's team had the launcher in place, Frank had the first torpedo built. They had to modify Vathin's device again to make room for the Gyro they had fabricated, but everything seemed to fit in place once the whole was put together. Frank activated the anti-matter power unit on the torpedo and closed its casing.

Frank: *smiling* Well done, everyone, but I'm afraid time is against us and we have three more to go.

The crew worked on with great fervor. As a few of them loaded the torpedo into the newly built launcher, another team was assembling the next launcher, while a third team was building another torpedo. Once the first launcher was completed, the crew moved faster and faster on each successive launcher. Soon, both the bombers were fitted with dual launchers, carrying two torpedoes each. Fortunately, Rogers had wired enough fighters and shuttles in his day to get the launch panel working perfectly. One of the engineers climbed up into the cockpit of one of the bombers and activated the startup sequence. As he brought the launcher online, he activated the cooling system on Vathin's device at a minimal setting. The bomber sank down on its struts noticeably from the increased weight of its payload. The Engineer gave a thumbs up to Frank indicating that all systems were functioning normally.

Frank: *smiling* +tap+ Azul to Bridge, we're going to be needing two pilots and co-pilots down here. We've got a package to deliver, and not much time to do it in.

==Meanwhile, Bridge, USS Hyperion==

As Lt. Archer sat on the bridge keeping an eye on the Pandora situation, he realized that if they were going to do something about it, it would have to be done very soon. Pandora was becoming unstable and time was a factor which was putting the Hyperion on the short end of the string and this string was not very long.

The comm on the bridge lit up, booming Azul's voice over the speakers.

Frank: +Azul to Bridge, we're going to be needing two pilots and co-pilots down here. We've got a package to deliver, and not much time to do it in.+

Tom heard the Message and so did the Chief Conn Officer and Chief of Comm.

O'Halloran: Affermitive...I have some crewmembers in mind...O'Halloran out

Frank: +Very well, Azul out.+

Hannah: ...OK Karil, Tom, Kyle...you guys head down to the Flight Deck.

Karil: I'll contact Ensign Aziri as well.

Tom hadn't expected his name to be called. He thought they might need him on the bridge. The Captain got up and walked over to Tom and put her hand on his shoulder. Tom looked back at here and she was smiling.

O'Halloran: *sensing his surprise* Tom...you didn't really thing i was going to forget about your skills as a pilot, but are you sure you are up to this?

Archer: *Smiling* More that you can imagine, Captain.

O'Halloran: *Smiling* Then get going Lieutenant.

On the Bridge, Karil rose from his seat and was instantly reminded of the fact that he'd been on duty for nearly eighteen hours. However, there was still work to be done, and the Hyperion and her crew were the only people that could prevent Pandora from breaking up and ring fragments from careening towards Earth.

Karil and Danner walked over to the turbolift. Tom logged off of his console and headed for the Turbolift where the other two were waiting. The three stepped into the lift, Their respective relief officers taking over their stations.

Karil: Flight Deck

The trio rode to the Flight Deck in silence, and arrived to find the deck buzzing with activity. They also noticed Dodgen Aziri there too.

Dodgen: Good of you guys to make it...the Captain sent me here too and I guess I won.

Archer: I didn't think this was a race, Ensign?

Dodgen Chuckled and smiled.

Dodgen: Frank already let me in on the plan...he still has some stuff to explain.

Danner: Lets see what he has to say?

Nodding, Karil approached Frank, who was supervising the preparations for launch.

Treiga: You rang, Frank?

The Betazoid turned around and smiled.

Frank: Just the people I wanted to see. Karil, you and Aziri will pilot the bombers, with Archer and Danner as your copilots. All we need you to do is get close enough to fire the modified torpedoes at Pandora, and we'll take care of the rest from here.

Danner: Is that all?

Frank: That's all, Chief.

Karil simply smiled. He welcomed a slowdown. Nodding to Frank, he turned and jogged to the waiting bomber, Archer only a few steps behind him. They reached the cockpit to find that the ship was already powered up and waiting for them - a plus, meaning less work for the pilots.

Signalling ready to Peterson, who was in the command booth, and to Aziri in the other bomber, he lifted off slowly. Letting the Deck's tractor beams guide them out, they passed through the forcefield and out into open space. Opening a comm channel, he contacted the other bomber.

Treiga: +Apache, this is Watcher. Set course for Pandora, one-half impulse.+

Aziri: +Copy that, Watcher.+

Karil smiled, having not often used his callsign. Engaging the impulse engines, they shot towards the moon, carrying what they hoped was their saving grace.

Aziri was getting used to flying the bomber type starfighter craft now that he had 2 excursions in them. They didn't fly like the sleek fighter-types he flew back at the academy but for the current mission objective this vessel worked well. Dodgen kept busy with system checks, he always liked to check systems twice sometimes three times before any incursion. He glanced over at his co-pilot who was equally busy with system checks. Aziri tried hard to concentrate on the task at hand but the mission just seemed quite odd to the ensign. He decided to engage his co-pilot in conversation as the fighter darted thought the vastness of space.

Dodgen: So, sir. Let me get this straight. We are firing a torpedo at a moon. But, we don't intend on blowing up the moon?! Correct?

Danner: Exactly.

Dodgen: How is it a modified torpedo?

Danner: No warhead.

Dodgen: Really?

The Co-Pilot nodded his head and punched another few commands into the console. The pilot knew that warheads could be removed from torpedoes but he had only used non-warhead torpedoes in mock battles. Never to attack a moon. Dodgen decided not to inqure anymore into the situaton with the moon. He decided that it would be better just to concentrate on navigating the distortion that was coming up and getting into firing range.

When the bomber first hit the distorted space the bomber jolted but the jolts died down as the Ensign got the hang of piloting the distorted space. It didn't take long to get into firing range of the moon.

Aziri: Chief, can you open a channel to the other bomber.

Chief: Channel Open.

Aziri: +Apache to Watcher, We are in range.+

Watcher: +We are......in range.+

Aziri: +The honours are yours Watcher+

Aziri could hear Watcher chuckle. Next came a blast from the belly of the Aurora-Class Bomber-Type Starfighter.

Watcher: +1st Package away. Apache, you're up+

Aziri: +Aye+ *looks his co-pilot* Bombs Away.

Dodgen could see MCPO Danner press the fire button on the modified launch panel. Next came the jolt of the modified torpedo launching. Dodgen had to fight the natural reaction to pull the bomber up and back and turn away from the target. But the fighter pilot rationalized that since the target wasn't firing back there was no need to pull away.

The bombers took turns releasing their torps until all of them were delivered.

Dodgen: +Apache to Watcher, Final Package away. +

Watcher: +Acknowledged. Archer is contacting the Hyperion as we speak.+

==Bridge, USS Hyperion==

Frank, Peterson, Deeks, Hannah, Strazz, Vathin, Sarah Blue, and several other bridge officers watched intently as the bombers released their payload.

Hannah: Ok, Mr. Deeks, the show is yours.

Deeks: *smiling* Aye, aye, Captain.

Vathin input the coordinates that the torpedoes needed to hit on Pandora's surface and fed them to the tactical console. Deeks, with Frank at his side watching the torp's gyros, set individual courses for each of the torps. As Lt. Sakura told the bombers to return home, Frank and Deeks meneuvered the torps into position.

Deeks: Contact with moon's surface in 10 seconds.

The bridge crew started to collectively hold their breath.

Deeks: *mentally counting down the seconds* Contact in 5...4...3...2...1....

Frank: *taking over the operation of the torps* Commencing drilling procedure. Gyros at full power.

One of the sensor buoys had zoomed in on one of the torps and fed the data to the Hyperion. The viewscreen showed the torp begin to spin rapidly and sink beneath Pandora's surface.

Frank: Torpedoes passing 5 meters.

Vathin had selected perfect locations for the drilling. The surface material was not too dense and was not near any of the fracture zones that had begun to form.

Frank: Passing 20 meters.

Hannah: How deep do they need to go?

Vathin: *keeping an eye on his science terminal* We need to get them to 60 meters.

Frank: Passing 40 meters.

Hannah: Keep it going, Commander.

Frank: Passing 50 meters.

Strazz: Has Pandora's situation begun to change?

Vathin: I'm reading a decline in fracture formation.

Frank: Passing 55 meters.

Vathin: *continuing to detail their progress* The faults are resealing... The moon is pulling itself back together.

Blue: *noticing the local sensor readings* Captain, I'm reading a decrease in gravimetric distortions.

Frank: Torpedoes passing 60 meters. Shutting down gyroscopic systems.... Torpedoes have stopped at 62 meters beneath the surface.

Vathin: The moon has stabilized. I believe the mission is a success. *sounding almost surprised*

Blue: Captain, distortions have stopped. Sensors are clearing up, now. I'm reading internal fires on Wodan's Hope. Her damping field is down.

Sakura (NPC): I'm receiving a general S.O.S. from Wodan's Hope.

Strazz: *raising an eyebrow and turning to Hannah* Your orders, Captain?


JP by the following

Ens. Vathin, CSO

Cdr. Strazzco Valasko, XO.

Cdr. Frank Azul, CEO.

PO1 JW Deeks, DCoS - Tactical

Capt. Hannah O'Halloran, CO.

Lt. Cmdr. Drakt, CSecO

Cdt. Airen Larsen, Security Officer

Lt. jg Jon Peterson, Flight Deck Engineer

Lt. Treiga Karil, Chief Conn

Lt. jg Tom Archer, Chief of Ops

MCPO Kyle Danner, Chief of the Boat/Chief of Communications

Ens. Dodgen "Apache" Aziri, Beta Flight Leader


Date: February 18, 2003
Title: "Possibly the Stupidest Thing Drakt Has EVER Done!!!"
Author: Lieutenant Commander Drakt


==WAY over the surface of Pandora==
==Following my last post==

'Ok, how long was I supposed to count after jumping?' Drakt wondered as the ground rushed up at him. (OFF: Yep, I'd say he's screwed...ON:)

'Well, I've been falling for awhile, so I should probably pull the ripcord...Now what was it Steven said? Red and then blue, or blue and then red? I DO know he said that if I pull them in the wrong order, that neither chute will open and I'm dead...'
From there, Drakt mimicked pulling the cords, trying to remember which one to pull first. Both movements seemed right, so he couldn't be certain. 'I suppose flipping a coin is out of the question...' he pondered, looking back and forth from one ripcord to the other.


"Oh, thank you."

With that, Drakt yanked first the red cord, then the blue. The chute opened, immediately killing his downward momentum and briefly pulling upward. "After all the times I've threatened to throw you out of an airlock, why did you save me?"

OFF: If you got splattered across the Pandoran landscape, I'd have to write full time for Wyman. That guy can't act for beans.

"Nice to know your reasons were so humanitarian in nature. Now would you like me to drift aimlessly, or are you going to tell me where to steer this thing?"

OFF: You're the one with a tricorder built into his EVA suit, figure it out. I'm going for a beer run. You want anything?

*Looking down at the ground a couple of kilometers below* "Nah... I'm good."

OFF: Suit yourself.

"Jerk... I need a better writer..."

His descent now controlled, Drakt used the cords to ease himself in the direction of the source of the energy signatures. Within minutes, he made a bumpy yet safe landing on the moon's surface. Detaching the now cumbersome parachute and checking the tricorder built into the left forearm of his suit, he pinpointed the source of the energy. About thirty meters north by northeast. "Well, if this were easy, everyone would do it..." he remarked as he set off across the desolate landscape.

I think my rut is over. ^_^

Lt. Cmdr. Drakt, Son of the Thirty-First House
Chief of Security
USS Hyperion-D


Date: January 16, 2003
Title: "Cue the 'Top Gun' Theme Music"
Author: Lieutenant Commander Drakt


==Corridor outside shuttlebay==
==Just after Peterson's post==

While the other volunteers made their way immediately to the shuttlebay, Drakt made a minor detour to his quarters to pick up a couple of things.

Stepping through the doors, the chief of security found himself nose to snout with a shuttle. Leaning around the side of the craft he called out, "Lieutenant Peterson, it is a violation of safety protocols to berth a shuttle in front of an exit."

Peterson and Aziri exchanged looks, "Eh... yes, sir. We're already taking care of it, Commander." the engineer replied with a sheepish grin.

Drakt nodded, satisfied that they were indeed handling the situation. Spying Treiga near one of the Type-11 shuttles, he made his way over. As he got near the Chief CONN Officer, he could hear him giving out assignments. "Lieutenant, which craft am I assigned to?"

The Bajoran spun around and seeing no one, recognized Drakt's voice and looked down. "Well, what would you like to pilot Commander?"

"That is your decision to make Mister Treiga. For now, I am but a simple pilot under your direction." Drakt replied, folding his arms behind his back.

Treiga checked his PADD to see which craft were still available. Scratching the back of his head he went through the list. "Uh... maybe we should get everyone over here and I'll give everything out at once.

==Insert the assignment portion of Treiga's post here==

As Drakt stepped toward the Brandel, he dug into his pocket and produced a custom pair of aviator sunglasses designed to fit around his head. "Nice look Drakt..." Treiga said, snickering in spite of himself.

"Ensign Wyman's suggestion. He said I would look 'cool', which I think is a good thing." Drakt explained, checking the power supply on his suit and, seeing it still had several hours on the current power cell, boarded the runabout.

Sitting down in the pilot's seat, the Zarnac went through the pre-flight sequence. "This Brandel to flight control, requesting launch clearance." he stated, holding down the comm control.

+"Roger that Brandel, you are cleared for launch with the rest of the auxiliary craft. Have fun."+ came the disembodied voice of the deck ops officer.

==Insert Treiga's launching orders==

The small flotilla of shuttles and runabouts launched from the shuttlebay. A few banked to port, others to starboard. Treiga, ever the pilot, pulled straight back so that he flew upside down relative to the Hyperion, looping back down as he passed the edge of the saucer till he was flying under the ship, and came out to aft.

Drakt hovered over the middle nacelle. "Didn't piloting like that get you into trouble recently Lieutenant?"

+"Just working the kinks out of the old girl, sir. Won't happen again."+ Karil responded, righting the Agincourt and banking her back toward the rest of the craft.


Lt. Cmdr. Drakt, Son of the Thirty-First House
Chief of Security
USS Hyperion-D
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