What's a "post"? That's the segment of the ship's storyline that you as a player submit via e-mail for other crewmembers to read, hopefully be entertained by, and with sufficient skill on your part, be encouraged to pick up where you left off with their own next submission. "Post of the Month" is awarded to the post that has most impressed a Commanding Officer (CO) and/or his/her crew during the course of a month's time. It may have been very humorous, heavily emotional, bang-'em-up exciting, or key to an entire mission. Whichever it may, the writer/player displayed exceptional skill in this game for the duration of at least that one post. Use the navigation menu at the bottom to browse through those one shining moments of past and present Tango Fleet sims, or click on a ship's banner for the latest winners of current Fleet simulations.

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