Date: December 4, 2002
Title: "Who or what is a Toskul?"
Author: Vestreo Nurlan Bakyt


Now that the tasks had been handed out, the think tank assembled in the intelligence suite was working, you could almost hear the brain cells' effort. Like in most good decision making processes, brain storming was the first step that was taken. After a few ideas, some good, others not so famous, Nurlan once again spoke up.

Bakyt: My colleagues, like in all combat situations we should exploit our given advantages as much as possible. I don't think news of a single Toskul aiding the Federation in any operation are very widespread. Therefore, I count as an unfamiliar species whose true affiliation no one can be really certain of.

Keys: What are you getting at, Mr. Bakyt?

Bakyt: All I'm saying is, this fact has to be used. There are many ways in which we can do this. I could be used as bait, I could be used as a fake prisoner. I could mime an enemy you are currently fighting - I can be anything you need me to be. There must be a way to use these circumstances in order to get us closer to the man we are searching, be it by inserting me without anyone knowing that my true loyalties lie within this group, be it by establishing the impression that both their team and our team should unite against me, their common enemy.

Masters: Mr. Bakyt, you are obviously implying your involvement in this mission. Are you sure you want to come along, don't you want to wait with signing up until we have a definite plan?

Bakyt: Commander Masters, I have already sworn my commitment to this cause, and similarily have I already committed myself to this team in general. If I can be of any help, I shall unconditionally be a part of this team in this mission, no matter what actions will be required, and it will be my greatest pleasure. I gave my word, and as I already said, my word is not one to be broken.

A few nods of acknowledgement followed this statement. Masters then continued the brainstorming session.

Masters: Alright then. So - taking into consideration everybody's being unfamiliar with the Toskuly, is there any way of incorporating this into our plans? Or does anyone have an even better idea?

Clearly, a plan was beginning to form.


Vestreo Nurlan Bakyt,
Commandant 172nd Mechanized Infantry Regiment, assigned as Intelligence Analyst
to Federation's Intelligence Team IV


Date: November 19, 2002
Title: "Point of No Return"
Author(s): Galen / Sergeant Major Casio Ian Cross

==ITIV Ground Facility= Tracos III=

With the departure of the Acumen and ITIV, things returned to pretty much a normal routine as far as the Security contingency was concerned. They had gotten accustomed to the team being away and things being fairly quiet while they were away, and this was exactly how they liked it.

Ensign Tom Brady was making his normal rounds around the facility, he looked forward to completing this round so that he could join his comrades in the poker game being held in the Intelligence Team's briefing room. Holding a poker game in the briefing room had become a custom that the Security Officers had engaged in while the team was away on Earth and now that they were gone again they very much looked forward to returning to their routing once again.

Near the completion of his patrol, Ensign Brady stopped at the end of a corridor and waited for the turbolift that would take him up to the briefing room. As he waited he heard a thud coming from a maintenance locker a few feet away from him. He was about to dismiss it as nothing when he heard it again, pulling his phaser as a precaution he cautiously headed for the locker to investigate. As he keyed the control on the locker door he stood aside as he had been trained to do and with his phaser armed he waited for the doors to open but he was not prepared for what he saw.

As soon as the doors opened a Cardassian fell out into the corridor, he was bound and gagged and despite the paleness of his reptilian like skin Ensign Brady could tell that the Cardassian was somewhat reddish in complexion, which was an tell tale sign of his anger. Recognizing the Cardassian right away Ensign Brady simply chuckled as he put his phaser away and kneeled down over Galen and pulled the gag from his mouth.

Galen: Well don't just stand there you little
simpleton, untie me immediately.

Brady: ::Fighting back the laughter:: Just hold on a second, Mr. Cardassian. How did you end up like this?

Galen: ::Obviously embarrassed:: Well if you must
know it was that Marine that was my predecessor on that sorry excuse of an Intelligence team.

Brady: ::Laughing:: Sergeant Major Cross did this to you?

Galen: He caught me off-guard…….just untie me.

Brady: Why do you need me to untie you? Didn't they teach you how to get out of a situation like this in the Obsidian Order?

Galen: I promise you, Ensign, that if you don't untie me right now I am going to make your life a living hell.

Brady: You did that when they assigned you here….but I gotta tell the rest of the guys about this. =/\= Brady to all Security team members, report to level 1 section Baker right away….you gotta see this one. =/\=

Galen: I promise you, Ensign, that you will pay for

=Lounge= USS Acumen=

Cass sat alone at a table staring out of the window watching the stars streak by, he could tell by simply looking at them that the ship had gone to warp. It seemed as if it had been a long time since he had been on an actual mission and even though this one was being chalked up as a training exercise he knew that it was much more than that.

He figured that by now the Cardassian had probably been found, or would be soon. He wasn't worried about Galen reporting his actions or that of the team because it would cause him to much embarrassment, and pride meant a great deal to arrogant species such as Cardassians.

This was actually the first time that he was going on a mission without Lorca and it felt kinda strange. He wasn't sure of her reasons for not wanting to go but it she had made her decision and he had made his, the consequences would have to be faced later upon their return to Tracos.

Finally standing, Cass figured that it was about time that he headed up to the bridge, he was already familiar with the tactical console of the Acumen as well as most of her other major systems. He'd had plenty of time to study the Acumen while the team was away on Earth and the truth was he was probably a lot more familiar with the ship than most of the crew on her now.

Just as he was about to leave the lounge he heard the announcement about trading ranks with the superior officers. There was just no way that was going to happen, Cass had turned down previous opportunities to receive a commission and he wasn't about to get one now because of some game that Intelligence Team IV decided to play.

Actually he just didn't understand it at all, ITIV now had many new members on their team and some of them had never been deployed on an actual mission before. And due to the nature of this mission, mainly the fact that it was unsanctioned, meant that if things got rough there would be no support, no reinforcements, and more than likely no rescue.

Perhaps things had changed to much, the older more experienced team members should have known better than to be wasting valuable time playing games. They should be spending their time training the new members of the team instead of entertaining them with childish antics. Perhaps it was a mistake to come along, this certainly wasn't the way he remembered Intelligence Team IV.

Mistake or not it was to late to worry about it now, he was pass the point of no return and what was done was done. All he could do now was hope that things turned out for the best and no lives were lost because of lack of preparation.

Leaving the lounge, Cass headed for the bridge. This was certainly going to be an interesting mission.


Sgt. Major Casio Ian Cross (Galen)
Weapons Specialist (formerly of ITIV)
Intelligence Attaché


Date: October 25, 2002
Title: "What Did You Do To My Sickbay?!?"
Author: Lieutenant Alexandra Matthews

=== USS Drake, Sickbay ===

Alex glanced around the empty sickbay, her mind racing. Normally working was a release for her; at minimum, it provided a distraction from whatever was happening in her life at any given time. Today, however, she'd had to literally force herself to concentrate. Having been in the bay for nine hours straight, she was already prepared to call it a day. But if she left, no one would be here if medical attention was needed. She knew she was only a comm away; it still didn't feel right, though, leaving the place empty.

Sighing, she reluctantly realized there was only one way to do both things.

Matthews: Computer, activate EMH.

The computer gave an acknowledging beep, and the image of a Cardassian woman shimmered into existance.

Matthews: *confused* Computer, where's the EMH?
Computer: The EMH is active and in sickbay.

Matthews: But--

Hologram (NPC): *walking towards Alex; gruffly* What's wrong with you?

Matthews: Nothing. I'm--

Hologram: *interrupting* There must be /some/ reason you're here. Speak up!

Matthews: I'm th--

Hologram: *sighs in exasperation* Get up on the biobed.

Matthews: *annoyed* Now look here!! You--

Hologram: *mad* I said get on the biobed! *grabs Alex's arm and yanks her towards one of the beds*

Matthews: *digging her heels into the floor (so to speak) as she struggles to free herself from the hologram's rough grasp; shouting* Computer, deactivate EMH!

Alex lost her balance, falling hard on the floor as the Cardassian hologram disappeared. Stunned by the recent events, she simply starred at where the hologram had been. What had just happened?! She'd seen the EMH once on the trip to Earth when Doug had activated it. It had looked human. Who would have changed the hologram? And why did they make it a Cardassian?

Alex's eyes widened in disbelief as she realized who must have made the changes. Her expression slowly changing to one of anger, she pushed herself to her feet and stormed out of sickbay.

=== Bridge, Several Minutes Later ===

Alex burst onto the bridge, her eyes seeking out the culprit of sickbay's new "resident."

Matthews: *locates culprit* GALEN!!! *marches over, plants her hands on the top of his workstation, and leans over to glower at him* How /dare/ you mess with my sickbay! I helped keep Doug from killing you, and you would still do this to me?!

Galen: *smiling calmly* Why hello, Doctor. What seems to be the trouble?

Matthews: *glaring* You know full well what the "trouble" is. What else did you do to my sickbay?!? And while we're on the subject, didn't anyone ever tell you not to mess with a person who's already on the edge? *continues before he can answer* I'd be careful how you answer that, by the way. I can have you back on Earth for medical observation in no time. Say... a nice quiet facility in Alaska.


Lieutenant Alexandra Matthews
Medical Specialist
Intelligence Team IV

JULY 2002

Date: July ?, 2002
Tiitle: ?
Author: Galen

==Bridge=USS Drake==

Sitting at the Tactical station on the bridge, Galen found himself becoming bored and desperately started looking for things to do to keep his mind occupied. He had ran several long range scans of the surrounding sectors relevant to the Drake's position but there was nothing of any interest to report. Failing to amuse himself he decided to go over the Drake's schematics and Engineering specifications. To be honest he had no interest in Federation starships but considering his level of boredom he felt that looking over the design specs was better than nothing.

Being a Cardassian he had a natural interest in computers, Cardassians were gifted with computers and had a way of manipulating them to comply with whatever it was they wanted them to do. Cardassians were also gifted in the area of extracting information from computers, as an Operative in the Obsidian Order he had trained in the area of breaking into Federation computers, as well as Romulan, and Klingon as well.

After looking over the computer specs, Galen had found something of interest to himself. The Drake was equipped with something called an Emergency Medical Hologram, and also another interesting computer program which they called Proteus. Both the EMH and Proteus were fascinating to Galen and he spent the better part of an hour going over their programs. Then just as it seemed that there was nothing else to read Galen came up with a very interesting idea.

Looking around to see if anyone was watching, he surreptitiously accessed the EMH program from his console and started to rewrite the holographic programming and some of the sub-routines. Instead of a human EMH he decided to make it a Cardassian female and changed enough of the sub-routines to give it Cardassian mannerisms and attitude.

Deciding to make the best of it he made the new EMH a very attractive Cardassian woman with plenty of Cardassian attitude. When he was finished with his adjustments to the EMH he once again checked to see if anyone was watching and then initiated the new program, the next time the EMH was activated there would be a Cardassian doctor there to greet the unsuspecting victim.
Satisfied with himself, Galen debated whether or not he should give Proteus a new makeover as well. Fortunately for Proteus, Galen was starting to get hungry and decided to wait until later before he modified his program.

Setting the Tactical station's computer to auto, Galen left the bridge and headed for the mess hall.

==Mess Hall=USS Drake==

Galen entered the mess hall and much to his distaste found Masters already there sitting and talking to Lt. Mathews. As much as he disliked Masters, Galen broke out his Cardassian smile and nodded at him and Mathews as he walked past them on his way to the replicator. Knowing that his mere presence was enough to annoy Masters gave Galen a feeling of satisfaction that only a Cardassian could understand. It was enough to cheer him up if he ever started to feel homesick.
Deciding to try something different, Galen decided to sample some human cuisine. Accessing the replicator menu he looked through it for a few minutes, he could feel Master's glare burning a hole in his back as he stood in front of the replicator. After several minutes he ordered something called crab legs and several dessert items which included samplings of pies and some sort of cream filled pastries.

Walking over to an empty table he sat down facing Masters and Mathews and looked over his selection of food. Picking up one of the crab legs he wasn't sure what to do with it, after staring at it for several minutes he shrugged his shoulder and bit into it directly through the shell. Galen found the meat to be rather bland and the shell was simply annoying. Regardless of the annoyance he continued to crunch up the shell and the meat and swallowed them both.

Looking up he saw Masters staring at him and shaking his head in utter disgust, Doug couldn't believe that the Cardassian didn't know enough to crack the shell and pull the meat out and eat it. He mumbled something to Mathews about the stupid Cardassian, which Galen overheard.

Not sure of how he should react to Masters derogatory remarks, Galen looked down at his plate and then came up with a most ingenious idea. He had already gotten into more than one physical altercation with Masters and figured that another would probably not be tolerated so he opted to do the only thing he could.

Walking back over to the replicator he quickly referenced the replicator menu again and ordered 2 banana cream pies. With one in each hand he looked over at Masters once again and let an evil grin begin to develop on his face.

Masters looked puzzled at first but then quickly figured out what the Cardassian had in mind.

Masters: Don't even think about it Cardassian, if you do it I'll make sure you regret it.

Mathews: Doug, what are you talking about? Please don't start anything in here, just ignore him.
:: Doug never took his eye off of Galen but before he could respond to Mathews' previous statement, Galen had wound up and hurled one of the pies across the room and on a direct path to Doug's face. Being quick on his reflexes Doug ducked the pie just in the nick of time; it went sailing over his head and impacted squarely in the face of Mathews who unfortunately never saw it coming. Doug quickly turned to see where the pie had gone and was shocked to see Mathews sitting there with banana cream pie dripping off of her face. Needless to say Masters was quite angry and turned to say something to Galen but never had the chance to utter a word because the second pie was on it's way and it found it's target with a great deal of ease.

Galen stood in front of the replicator with a smile on his face from ear to ear, he could not recall a time in his life when he had felt so satisfied. He laughed out loud as Masters wiped the cream from his eyes and looked up at Galen with pie covering his face, hair, and running down the front of his uniform. ::

Masters: Have you lost your mind you Cardassian bastard?

Mathews: I can't believe he just did that.

Galen: My apologies doctor, you were not my intended target but in every war there are innocent victims.

Masters: You are going to pay for this.

Galen: You're probably right so I guess I should make the best of it.

::Without saying another word, Galen picked up the desserts that he had ordered with his meal and started throwing them at both Masters and Mathews sending them both scrambling for cover...the food fight was on!!!::

OFF: Bwahahaha

Weapons Specialist (Bet you never thought food could be a weapon),
Intelligence Team IV

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