Author: Staff Sergeant Bren Hanh Dl
Title: "Shoreleave 20, Post 16"
=USS Lancelot=
=en route to Starbase 076=
=Deck 9: "The Big Easy"=
=stardate 57160.4=

Scuttlebutt had flown around the Lancelot in much the way that bricks don't. Staff Sergeant Bren Hanh Dl was sitting at the bar as the rest of her crewmates busied themselves with the Captain's farewell. Her thoughts focused on what she had heard around the decks - Project: Guardian of Forever.

"Preposterous," Bren muttered under her breath to herself while scanning a padd. Shedir had always been progressive in matters of temporal engineering. They had fully embraced theories of non-linear time of millennia; it wasn't long after the First Philosopher that reincarnation became a bedrock of Shedir beliefs. The thought of an appointed Parirak'saka Atyantagata (`Guardian of Forever in Shedir) was nothing but sheer absurdity.

Bren scrolled down her padd, noting that they were now headed to Starbase 076, where the Captain would disembark for the Nova Class Surveyor USS Solstice-B, NCC-78467. Bren often undertook this type of over-preparation.

All in all, the Shedir were not dislike the Vulcans in their love of logic and diversity. The two species were, in one important respect, polar opposites. Vulcans denied and repressed their emotions; whereas Shedir fully embraced them to the point where they could completely control them. To the untrained outside observer, the result was unfortunately the same. The Shedir, unlike their Vulcan brothers-in- philosophy, were humorists and jokers, great satirists, and were frequently given to "illogically" sentimental gestures. It was just such a gesture that Bren had in a small box on the bar in front of her.

"What's goin' on?" Lieutenant Roisin Lochlainn asked, making her way over to Bren.
Bren calmly slid the red brocade box tired in white silk ribbon out of view under her left arm. "I believe the Captain is leaving," she replied softly to Rose, possibly the closet to a friend she had on board.

Rose nodded and ordered a drink before joining the congregation around the Doctors' table.

=a little later=

Bren had joined everyone else, circled around the Captain. She held a small glass in her four-fingered hand, approximately 45mL of a potent amber liquid, American bourbon whiskey from Kentucky's Labrot & Graham Distillery (which was built in 1812, America's oldest).

Commander James Smith, the purveyor of the said bourbon, spoke: "Captain it has truly been an honor. I hope you enjoy your next assignment. You will be missed greatly by all of us." The group raised their glasses to their Captain and drank in together honor.

As the group dispersed, Bren made her way to speak to the Captain and give him her box.


Respectfully Submitted,
Staff Sergeant Bren Hanh Dl
Scientists Mate First-Class, USS Lancelot

"The rational element, supported by the will, controls the appetite."
~ Plato, from The Republic


Author: Lt Cdr Chad Tiffin
Title: "Mission 19, Post 53"
==Cargo Bay, USS Excelsior==

The away team materialized in an unconspicuous place in the cargo bay.

Tiffin: Okay, everybody split up into groups no bigger than three - we'll stick out less that way. Try to find any clues.

Smith: Wait Commander, the Lancelot Ops may have been able to disable the alarm signalling an unauthorized transport onto the ship, but it will still register in the logs. We have to erase those logs.

Tiffin: Okay, take someone and get on that. Everybody else should maybe interact with some of the crew and see if you can turn anything up - don't blow your cover though. Tara, you're with me. We're going to access the crew roster and see if we can find anything there that might tip us off.

Chad and Tara strolled down the corridor on their way to the main ship library. Both of them were trying to look as natural as possible, Tara doing a much better job than Chad. They passed an officer, a lieutenant, who politely nodded to them.

Officer: *nodding* Ensigns.

Chad forced a smile. He was no good at this, he couldn't help but feel out of place, like he shouldn't be here and they were being watched. He brushed it aside, it was just his mind playing with him.

Tiffin: *nodding back* Sir.

Tara waited until the officer was out of earshot.

Tara: I don't care for the old militaristic style Starfleet was like during this time. It's too uptight.

Tiffin: Ya, you can definitely see its military roots.

==Main Library==
==2 minutes later==

They approached a console and Chad stretched his fingers. The console was already active. Both Tara and Chad were just pulling up a chair when someone approached behind them and spoke.

Officer: Excuse me... what are you doing?

Tiffin froze. He didn't know what to say. His thoughts scrambled to find something to fill the silence - anything!


Lt. Commander Chad Tiffin
Executive Officer
USS Lancelot

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