JUNE 2003

Author: Dennis Einhaus
Title: "Obvious"

==Deck 13==
==Corridor (outside Cargo Bay 2)==

Einhaus: ...Adopting the likeness of a small child has no real relevance. It is just a means of illiciting sympathy and trust among the emotionally weakened minds for the odd chance they'll let Libby continue existing, and let you continue doing covertly what you were designed to do: espionage and sabotage. You're just a ghost in the machine - if such a thing even exists - and I'm here to exorcise it.

*Doc's last syllable is concluded with a burst of sparks from a nearby array of security field emitters. The power surge burns out the emitters but creates forcefield bubble for long enough to toss Lieutenant Einhaus to one side, landing in a heap almost 6 meters away at the feet of Lieutenant Commander Carter.*

Carter:*looks at smoke rising from burnt and melted forcefield emitters as technicians rush out of cargo bay with extinguishers, bends to help Doc up* Lieutenant?! What the heck happened?! Are you all right?

Einhaus:*beginning to stand on his own with hand to sore ribs* No problem, Commander. It's only the truth that hurts. *tries to chuckle but winces* By the way, Cargo Bay 2 is clean.

Carter: Nice to hear, but you should get to Sickbay.

Einhaus:*standing on his own* I'm alive. I'm not hurt.

Carter: How do you know? Are you a doctor?

Einhaus: No, certified field medic.

Carter: Is there anything you don't know?

Einhaus:*spoken with straight face* Sociology, psychology and piloting, ...although I've been working on that pilot's license. I can cook and remodel a house, too. I hope to make an excellent wife some day. *sees Roman's wary look* I'm joking.

Carter: Of course... But doctors -- or medics -- make terrible patients, right? You should have Sickbay look at you.

Einhaus: Commander, really, we don't have time. *rushes back to disconnect equipment from within opened panel* I think I've convinced the virus it's futile to use the transporters against me, but we can't risk their use against others. *folds up laptop and shoves it into toolbox* I need you to help me cut power to the transporters. *begins winding cables in loop around hand before shoving into toolbox*

Carter: Lieutenant, you're holding back something.

Einhaus: Really, Commander? *knelt and shoving other tools into toolbox* 36 hours with only 4 hours sleep, all devoted to shutting down a now homicidal computer virus that's conquered 60% of the ship and chooses to pose as a little girl so that we'll love & forgive it -- I don't think I'm holding anything back. *closes laptop & toolcase & stands up with one in either hand* Did I mention it just tried to beam me out into space?

Carter: Not in so many words, but what I meant was you're withholding information.

Einhaus: Was that empathic or was I so obvious?

Carter: Obvious.

Einhaus: Damn! I knew that acting class was too easy. That's the last time I tweak an instructor's favorite holoprogram for the sake of being nice. *starts to walk past Roman towards turbolift*

Carter:*grips Doc's arm* I haven't dismissed you.

Einhaus: Then you can talk and walk. We don't have time for...

Or'bar: What seems to be the trouble, gentlemen?

Einhaus: You! Ensign! You're an engineer?

Or'bar: Yes, I was sent to deal with the...

Einhaus: Forcefield emitters, yes, obviously. Forget them. They'd only be used to attack someone. You need get an urgent message back to Engineering...

Carter: Lieutenant...

Einhaus:*to Daxia* Tell them to cut power to all transporters -- emergency units, buffers, relays -- all of it.

Carter:*more sternly* Lieutenant.

Einhaus:*quickly blurts to Roman* The virus was planted by a spy but for some unknown reason it's grown beyond its initial purpose. *returns to giving Daxia orders* Commander Carter and I will start in the nearest transporter room, manually clipping the conduits on-site. Get all the bodies you can working in the other transporter rooms. Can you relay that?

Or'bar:*a bit unsure of who to take orders from* Umm... yes.

Carter: Lieutenant! If anyone is to give such orders it will be me.

Einhaus:*turns to face Roman while raising voice* Then have you got a better idea! ...*jerks arm from Roman's grip, long pause of intense mutual stare of big man and even bigger man* ...Sir? ...Think fast, we're killing your crewmates with every wasted second.


Lieutenant "Doc" Einhaus, Mission Specialist

MAY 2003

Author: Sean Skye
Title: "Sean's new friend"

== Sickbay around midnight ==

Sean sat reading a Padd in his office. He sat his padd down and rubbed his eyes. He had been in his office almost two hours with nothing to do. He would have turned on the EMH program but it got mad and yelled at him last time he turned it on to baby-sit sickbay. He pushed on his chair so that he was leaning back and the chair was standing on two wheels. Sean could not wait for the morow. It was the AQL Semi-Finals. If the Sol Survivors beat the Tycho City Pirates the Sol Survivors would go to championship game. Sean's eyes shimmered of the thought. He imagined himself being the captain of the Sol Survivors. He was holding up the huge gold cup in the middle of the field. Millions of people cheering for him and his team.

Sean was staring off into space....

A screen from his desk erected and turned on. A lovely teenage woman sat smiling. She had deep blue eyes and platinum hair, just as Sean did. Her hair went down to her shoulders. She scrunched her forehead as she looked at Sean who was looking as if he was half asleep having the dream of his life. She shook her head and laughed at the site of her big brother sitting there. "Sean...... Sean, wake up.... Earth to Sean. Sean William Skye!"

Sean who heard his name jumped. As he did his chair which was on two wheels fell back and he crashed into the ground. A loud moan came from the floor and Amy was laughing so hard she about feel out of her chair. Sean got up and pulled his chair along with him. Once everything was upright he sat down in his chair and looked at Amy who was still laughing. "Yea," Said Sean, "Nice to see you to kid!"

"Hey big bro, how are ya doin?" said Amy trying to stop laughing.

"Well," Sean rubbed his head, "Other than this sudden headache I have, I am doing just fine. What you up to kid?"

"Nuthin,"Amy said moving the hair that had fallen into her face, "Haven't heard from you for a while, just seeing how things are."

"Ahh, well I am still trying to get settled in," Sean realized how late it was, "Geez kid, dont you got school on the morow?"

"Yea," She said lightly as if she didn't want to hear it.

"Why are you talking to me this late, you should be in bed!"

"Geez Sean, I just thought you would like to talk to me.... it has almost been a week!"

Sean sighed as she said that. He had been spending his time teaching Spots to play soccer, going to the Galactic Halo, and just messing around in sickbay. Shore leave was always a time to talk to Amy and help her along with things. Here he had not even once thought of her. A pain grew inside his stomach as he thought more on it. Amy slightly nodded her head as she saw her big brother go white in the face.

"I'm..... I'm sorry." Said Sean very quietly, "I just want you to do well."

Amy sighed, "I know, call me after the game tomorrow?"

"Of course," Sean gave her a big smile, "G'Night kid."

Amy winked at him and then the screen went black. It slowly moved its way back down into the desk and soon enough you couldn't even tell there was anything there. Sean got up out of his chair and stretched. He walked out into the main part of sick bay and looked around. A soft hum from the light filled his ears as he looked around. Almost everything was a gray or light blue color. He looked up above one of the bio beds in the far corner of sick bay and saw something black hanging from the ceiling.

"What in the... what is that?" said Sean as he walked closer to it.

Upon getting a closer look at it, he concluded that it was the bat Spots brought on board. Sean knew he would have to get it and put it back into his cage before it went all about the ship. Sean didn't know what type of bat he was dealing with here. Suddenly the conversation that Sean and Spots had about his son and the Denebian Slime Devil. Sean figured this bat had huge fangs and was probably poisonous. Suddenly the bat dived at Sean. Sean quickly dived under a biobed and watch the bat fly to the other side of the room. After the bat hung motionless for a few minutes Sean ran from under the biobed to his office and closed to door.

== 5 minutes later ==

Sean walked slowly out of his office. His whole body was covered in scrubs, he had goggles over his eyes, and he had found a box with a lid and was carrying that with him. He opened the box and held it in one hand and the lid in the other. Sean's plan was to trap the bat in the box and put the lid on it so he couldn't get out. Sean walked slowly surveying the landscape of the sickbay all the while looking for the bat. The bat had moved from its spot that it had landed last, which made Sean look around even faster. Suddenly he heard it squeak behind him.

"AHHH!!!" Sean ran the opposite way and was looking back to see if the bat was following him when he hammered himself onto, and over, a biobed.

On the floor on the other side of the biobed Sean put a hand on his side and let out a great moan. Sean breathed heavily and got to his feet quickly.

"Ok bat, your mine!!" He said as he ran after the bat with his box and lid.

The bat squeaked as it took off trying to get away from Sean. Sean caught up with it and dived to get it. He missed and went crashing into his office. Sean stumbled out of the office and tried to find the bat again. He saw it at the other side of sickbay. This time he decided to sneak up on it instead of running after it. As he got right up on the bat it took off and flew to the other side of sickbay. Sean grumbled to himself and continued to the other side of sickbay....

== 30 minutes later ==

Sean had been chasing the bat for a while now. He tried many different tactics to capture the beast. But, all of them failed. He threw down his box and lid and took off his scrubs. "That's it! I'm done!.... EMH!!" Sean yelled.

The EMH program started and the lady who looked like Dr. Pulaski appeared in the middle of sickbay. "Please state the Medical Emergency," She looked around at the room, which looked like a tornado had gone through, "my god, what happened."

"Bat," said Sean, "Be careful, its a mean one" With that Sean left sickbay and headed toward the Halo.

She looked around and saw the black bat hanging from the ceiling.... "A Bat??"


Lieutenant Sean Skye
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
USS Liberty NCC 61720

APRIL 2003

Author: Robert Cromwell
Title: "The Empress"

(Shortly After night has fallen over Komelock, Lamiir Area)

Robert was tired, but willed himself to stay awake. The drugs that the two scientists had injected into him, with another needle, were strong, but not so strong that Robert couldn't fight them.

Amaan(NPC): He has excellent strength. Look at him fighting the drugs.

Tevera(NPC): Maybe he's immune to the drugs?

Amaan: No, look at the way his eyelids start to drop and then he does something to startle himself, like kick the bars.

Robert had listened to the two of them go on like this for almost two hours, like he was a creature in a jar. Well, he thought, I geuss that's not to far from the truth. He was in a large cage that had ben loaded in to a eighteen wheel vehicle, but that was beside the point. He had not spoken to his captures since the soldiers had drug him from the police station.

Tevera:*to Robert* Are you hungry yet?

Robert just stared at her blankly.

Amaan: See, this is what happens when the Army gets involved. Scared the poor thing back into his shell, so to speak. We had him talking and now he's not.

Robert shook his head as he leaned against the back of the cage. He had already removed his hand restrains with out anyone noticing, but held them in place to give the apperence of helplessness. But it was a moot point since there were four armed guards aroung the cage. Two he could have dealt with, maybe even three if lady luck was with him, but four was cutting it far to close for him.

Tevera: We're almost at Lamiir city. Then it's up to the palace I suppose.

Amaan: Yes the Empress will look him over and then tell us what to do with him.

The two looked rather distrot over this, but it mattered little to Robert, he'd be gone before anything bad happened. And he'd take a few people with him if he was going to die. The best way to contain the cultural contamination and not allow himself to be disected would be to overload his phaser and vaporize everyone around him, but his phaser was well out of reach.

Suddenly the truck stopped and there was a couple of shouts from outside, then they started moving again.

Amaan: The Palace gates.

With that Robert heard the truck stop again and the doors to the trailer swing open. It took eight guards to lift his cage from the back of the vehicle.

Amaan: Remove him from the cage. He's not going anywhere. Besides, what's the point of taking the cage into the palace.

With that, three guards hauled Robert out and pretty much carried him into the palace. When they reached a throne room, they stopped and waited. It must have been almost half an hour before an older komelock and several retainers entered. The woman went right up to Robert and looked at him carefully. But a man at her side spoke.

Speaker(NPC): Who are you and where do you come from?

Robert stood there silently.

The man who spoke seemed to grow angry even as the woman's facial expression changed to one of rage.

Speaker: I asked you a question, creature. I know you can speak. Answer me!

Robert continued to look at the woman passively. Suddenly, one of the woman's retainers pulled a long black rod out of his robes and soundly hit Robert on the elbow. The thing must have been some kind of electric batton because Robert felt the energy surge through his body.

Crumpling to his knees, Robert stared defiently at the Empress.

Speaker: Now, tell me or feel more pain!

Again Robert said nothing. This time the retainer with the batton drove the weapon into Robert's ribs. There was a small snapping and a great deal more electicity. Bitting his lip until it bleed, Robert refused to cry out.

Speaker: Last chance filth, tell us what we want to know.

Robert licked his lip and forced himself not to spit the blood at them, deciding that it would leave to much evidence behind. This time the retainer drove the batton into Robert's temple, knocking him onto his back and causing more pain. To everyones surprise, especially the retainer with the batton, Robert pulled himself to his knees.

Speaker: Impossible!

But all Robert heard was, " Ungatale!" What the hell did he say?, thought Robert.

Speaker:*Seeing the puzzled look on Robert's face* What's he doing?

Robert heard, " Tal'va ti bodin?". Oh dear, the universal translator. It must be damaged, thought Robert, reaching up and tapping his ear.

The komelock looked at each other and then at Robert. Amaan started to immitate Robert, believing it was some form of communication.

Robert stopped and looked at them. If I don't understand them, then they can't understand me, the security chief reasoned.

Robert: I am Robert Cromwell.

The komelock jumped back, startled, then began to chatter to each other in a strange language. Smiling, Robert rose to his feet.

Robert:*Smiling* I have come to take your women for my own.

The komelock looked at each other. Tevera asked Amaan something and the older scentist just shrugged his shoulders.

Robert Nearly laughed. Clearing his throat, spoke directly to the Empress.

Robert: You, my dear, are a pompas old fart.

This obviously wasn't a good thing to do. The retainers looked startled and then angry. The soldiers looked horrified and then angry. The scientists didn't know what to think and the Empress herself nearly fainted.

That's when the beating started. First the retainers and then the soldiers. First was a couple shots to the back and head. Then someone kicked Robert in the back of the leg, bringing him to his knees. The last thing Robert remembers was a large fist heading for his face.

(Twenty minutes later)

Robert woke in another cage. His head was ringed, his lip was still bleeding and his chest was sore. Not to mention his face. Looking around he found that he was no longer in the palace, but some sort of lab.

Quickly checking to see if anyone had taken the keys he had stolen, he was relieved to see that they had gone undetected. Removing his hand restrains, Robert stood up and looked around the lab. It was empty and dark, but with the few lights that were on he could see his things had been laid out on a table next to what looked like several Snaab devices. Also there was a body on the far side of the lab covered by a blanket covered in a strange blood.

Robert sadly geussed the fate of the Snaab that Jake couldn't find. Now was the time to act. Taking the keys he had, he tried to use one to open the door. When none worked, he broke the head off one and began using the rest of it as a pick.

He thought he almost had it when the door to the lab opened and the lights came on. Diving to where he had woken up, Robert faked being asleep.

Peeking through partially open lids, Robert spied Tevera walking towards his cage. She looked at him sadly. Robert thought quickly and made a moaning sound and then spat out some blood. This had the desired affect. The young scientist came right in to see if he was alright. Jumping up and grabbing her around the neck, Robert hissed into her ear.

Robert: Make a sound and I'll kill you.

Tevera: Alt ta berta. Fe calta wee.

Robert: I'll take that as a yes.

Forcing her towards the table where his things were. Robert Quickly gathered everything there, picking up his phaser last.

Robert: Alright, get in the cage.

Tevera: Condu et?

Robert: Ahhh, never mind.

Switching his weapon to stun, he pushed her into the cage and stunned her. After she had hit the ground, rather hard for which Robert felt a little sympathy, he closed the cage door and fired the lock with the pahser.

Walking to the snaab body, he removed the comm badge from his bag and placed it on the sheet. Tapping it, Robert activate the homing device and waited, phaser at the ready, for a pick up he hoped would be coming soon. If not, he'd have to find a ways to escape with the body.


Lt.(jg) Robert Cromwell
USS Liberty

MARCH 2003

Authors: Robert Cromwell and Ryan Bones
Title: "Reporting in"

<<Security Office, USS Liberty>>

Ryan walked into the room. It was a mid sized room. Not too large, and not too big, which seemed normal for a ship like this. He just thought that ship was way to large and to posh... especially for a front line battleship. Sure, it said "Explorer" as its main mission description, but deep down starfleet knew it was a battleship. With 275 photon torpedos, over 10 phaser banks, and a deflector dish capable enough to irradiate a small moon, you just simply couldn't call it a 'lightly armed' vessel with a straight face.

At least Starfleet wasn't lying when it described these Nebula class vessels. Even though Ryan wasn't happy about being sent back into the field, he was happy that they didn't shun him to a worse place than this.

The office was empty. No one was in sight, and Ryan simply didn't care. He didn't really want to be here, but he'd do his job to the best of his ability or die trying. Damn his Vulcan half. It always seemed more honorable than it should be. In fact, if he had his way, he'd take what he could from this ship and sell the info on the black market... but that would take some time.

If he learned one thing while he was a 'cop', it was never show all your cards until you absolutely had to. And even then, NEVER tell them all that you know. Unless of course, your life is on the line. Then, and only then, all the rules went out the airlock, because otherwise... you might.

Robert walked into his office and almost into Ryan's back. Had he been watching, the security chief would probably have noticed the civilian officer.

Cromwell: Ah, Mr. Bones, it's nice to see you again. Sorry we couldn't talk much before, I had duties to attend to. I'm sure you understand.

Robert walked around his desk and set aside the PADD that he had been reading. It was the offical Federation report on Mr.Bones' past and work history. Some of it seemed a little cloudy to Robert, but he was used to that, having dealt with Federation security personnel before. Not that he would ever tell Mr. Bones that.

Cromwell: Please have a seat. Now, I've been going through your file and one question keeps coming to mind. *leaning back in his seat and crossing his hands behind his head* Why are you here? Your record, by Federation standards, is outstanding. So why is a cop of your skill on the Liberty?

Robert watched the half Vulcan carefully keeping his feelings in check. He knew that there was a chance that the half Betazoid could be either telepathic or empathic.That could be useful for him, but bad for morale of those around him, if they found out. Robert expected that not many would.

Ryan: *sighing, this is the beginning of the interrogation* Well, to be honest, I don't know. I was rehired as a contractor to oversee your security protocols. Hopefully, in order to improve the security on our own computers. There have been too many people cracking through our security protocols.... way too many. *he narrowed his eyes as he looked at Robert* You know, you have that same look on your face that many have had when I speak to them. Especially people I work for.... And I think I know what your worried about.

*Ryan definitely knew what he was worried about. This man didn't like telepaths, or empaths at all. And from what he learned from his bio, he wasn't to fond of Vulcans either. This was definitely going to be an interesting assignment.*

Robert: I don't know what you're thinking, but I have some doubts that you know what I'm thinking.*a small smile crossing his face* You're an empath aren't you?

Ryan: *yep, this man definitely wouldn't like him much* Why yes, I am an empath.

Robert: Ah good, then we should get along fine. I'm sure you've done your homework too. As you many know, I have a slight mistrust of people who raid others thoughts. Empaths, however, are completly different.*standing up* For example, you may know how I feel right now, but you have no idea why. Others that I have met, that can read minds, often try to use their knowledge against you. Granted if you wanted to, you could do the same, but I doubt you would.

Robert could see from Ryan's eyes that he was thinking that he, Robert, was probably the worst person in the galaxy right now. So, smiling, Robert went on to explain what he was talking about.

Robert: You probably think I'm a racist or something, but I'm just a little cautious when it comes to people with your type of ability. When I was a........security officer on a........merchant ship *picking his words very carefully* I often came into contact with telepaths and the odd......dishonorable Vulcan. In that line of work you couldn't trust anyone. I'm sure you know how that is. Now on one planet, we were to deliver some.....medical supplies to a Vulcan. When we arrived, the Vulcan had our ship impounded and he forcable extracted information from us. Then on Ssan, we had a contact who was telepathic, though none of us knew it at the time. When we were to deliver some.......self-sealing stem bolts, to another client, he and his men intercepted us and stole the shipment. So you see, it's not that I dislike people with your special gift, it's just that I have trouble trusting them sometimes. However, if my memory serves me still, I have yet to have a run in with an empath I didn't like.

Robert extended his hand to Ryan.

Robert: I've had my deputy imput your security clearence. You can start working anytime. I still have to talk with some of the senior staff to determine when and where you'll be working, but for now, you can use my office.

Ryan: Why thank you for the gracious use of your office. ~Maybe I could plant a listing device in your office, my dear friend?!~ *shaking his hand* I will be ready to report for duty.... whenever. And just so you know, I don't think you're a racist for not liking telepaths. If I considered you a racist for not liking telepaths, then I would have to consider myself a racist. *he smiled* And just a word of advice for you, never trust anyone you do not yet know. I have always lived by that motto, and it has served me well.

Robert: Ah a good motto indeed, but I never said I trusted you, I just said we'll get along.*smiling and taking his seat again* Have a good day Mr. Bones.

A JP production by

Lt.(Jg) Robert Cromwell
Chief Security Officer
Ryan Chasz Bones
Civilian/Police (exchange) Officer
Tango Fleet

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