Date: December ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Lieutenant Anna Coltrane


"Okay boys and girls... this is a first run of our meta-phasic shielding and being this close to a sun. I want you all to keep a careful eye out for any little fluctuations. Best case scenario we will submit the data to Daystrom and go for another award... worst case... I'm sure you all have your well-founded fears on that."

She looked from face to face of the group of team leaders gathered. They ranged from concerned to downright petrified.

"We can do this... we are Engineers not scared lap-dogs!"

They did not look like they would be easily convinced.

"We also have Science waiting to assist us if we need them."

Some blinked.

"Desperate situations..." she whispered and bent down below her desk to fossick about in a drawer.
She came up wearing a bandana, pirate eye patch and had a plastic hook in her hand.

"ARRRRRGHH! You landlubbers! Any lilly-livered pirates found in Engineering will be swabbing the decks!"

One of them chuckled.

She held out her hook that was carrying bandanas.
"Put these on. Until we are through this we will be pirates. Pirates are brave to the point of stupidity. They are confident and adaptable. Pirates sing silly songs and get drunk after they have pulled off a pirate-feat... and so shall we."

A man laughed. "No way Ma'am... you must be joking..."

"Hell no... I order you to put this on... and replicate a stuffed parrot for your shoulder as punishment for upsetting YER CAP'N."

The fear gave way to laughter and they put on their bandanas.

"ARRR YERS WID MEE?" she called standing up and holding the plastic hook aloft.

"AYE CAP'N ANNA!" a few called back. But they all stood up and put there hands on the hook.

"Back to your teams then!" she watched them march out the door.

Anna sat back down on her seat and smiled to herself. "Hey, I should submit that to Harvard School of Management... the Pirate Method."

She chuckled and set the computer to play sea shanties.


Tehehehee... seeing as though we are all in the mood for a little silliness I thought I would add to the madness.

Cap'n Anna Bluebeard
Pirate Ship Engineering

Lieutenant Anna Coltrane
Chief Engineer
U.S.S. Pegasus


Date: September ?, 2002
Title: "The trouble with Mr Jensen Pt-V"
Author: Ensign Soren Jensen


=== Ularis VII ===
= Planet Surface ==
=36 kms NNE from Base Camp=
== During #109 ==

Ensign Jensen had just finished the last of his snare traps. He knew the Major had bought him some time, but it was simply a matter of when one of the command staff had someone bring him in. He simply could not allow it to happen. Not this time. His inability to make a difference has cost him too deeply already on the Rueben James; he would not allow it to happen again—no, this time he would have to make it right.

He was startled from his task, as a couple of the native birds scattered into the air from the canopy of the nearby jungle. `That was quick´, Jensen thought to himself, `Well, the Major couldn't hold out forever.'

Jensen pulled out his field optical binoculars, and leaning against the trunk of a tree, pulled himself into an elevated position, peering in the direction of the disturbance. As the binoculars pulled into focus, Jensen could make out the figure of Gunny Boscourt, one of the marines that had accompanied Major Marshaan, during their last encounter.

Seemed to another two or three in the scrub line; Jensen wasn't too sure, as they had hidden themselves rather well. Gunny appeared to be talking to another man, in the standard S.O.B. uniform, that Jensen wasn't familiar with. It was hard to make him out, as his back was turned to Jensen's view.

Jensen: Hmm, Lt Pishek? *Jensen quietly uttered to himself* What are you doing out here?

It wasn't until the figure turned around, with Gunny falling in behind him that Jensen realised that the face was more familiar then he first thought. However, the sharp crack at the back of head, diverted his attention, as he rolled out of the tree, falling to the ground, as he felt a wetness seep forth from the back of his head.

Before the blackness set in, the last thing Jensen heard, was the warm and hospitable voice of a man, exclaiming with gracious delight, "Excellent."

ENS Soren Jensen
Security Officer
USS Pegasus NCC-53847 C


Date: January ?, 2002
Title: "Banter In The Jeffries Tubes"
Author: Lieutenant Junior Grade Jon Walker

Conner crawled through the Jeffries tubes ahead of Jon, moving as quickly but quietly as they could. Their phaser rifles were strapped across their backs, but disruptor pistols were kept handy. Conner paused at the first junction they came to.

Conner: Any idea which way to the shuttlebay?

Jon: Let me think...*pause* Fortunately I took a look at the Nova-class ship schematics back on the Pegasus when we got the mission specs. If I'm remembering correctly the brig is mid-ship on deck five, shuttlebay in the aft section of deck four.

Conner: Great! All I know is the bridge on deck one.

Jon: There is something to be said for consistancy in design. *smile* How're you feeling?

Conner: Other than a killer headache and sore ribs, not too bad considering. You?

Jon: *moves his right arm and grimaces* I think that fight back in the brig aggrevated my shoulder injury, but I'll make it.

Conner: We'd better head out then. It won't take long before someone notices we're missing. Let's go hijack a shuttle and blow this joint.

Jon: *smiles* I like your thinking.

The two climbed up one level, then headed aft. They had to take a small detour around a section of burned, exposed wiring that was emitting a continual shower of sparks. Finally they reached the hatch that lead into the shuttlebay.

Jon: Can you sense anyone in the bay?

The young betazoid paused and closed his eyes, then frowned and shook his head.

Conner: Apparently that 'yell' took more out of me than I thought.

Right now I'm having trouble picking up your thoughts, much less anyone out there.

Jon: Alright, we'll just have to chance it. You've got quicker reflexes than I. *gets his bearings* OK, we should be on the right side of the shuttlebay. I'll hit the door controls, you roll out and guard to the left, since that's where anyone will probably be. I'll follow you out and take the right side.

Conner: Sounds like a plan.

Jon: Not a *good* plan?

Conner: Not to me - I'm going first. *grins* *sets down rifle, grips disruptor* Ready when you are.

Jon: *nods* On pi...1...2...3.....3.14159265358...

Conner: *rolls his eyes* Scientists!

Jon: Go! *hits the manual release*

Conner launched himself out of the jeffries tube hatchway, rolling into a crouched position with disruptor out and ready to fire. Immediately after Conner exited Jon did the same, albeit with a little less grace. They crouched there, back to back, for several seconds, eyes scanning the interior of the shuttlebay.

Conner: *over his shoulder* Looks like we're all alone.

Jon: Are you hitting on me?

Conner: You wish! *they stand and retrieve the phaser rifles out of the tube, then turn back to the shuttlebay* Let's see what we've...D'OH!

Jon: What's the *drops his phaser and raises his hands*

== Meanwhile ==
== Back in a corridor ==

Kyros walked through the corridors with his typical arrogant swagger, a smile on his face and an evil gleam in his eye. Anya was still away, keeping herself occupied with the Roadrunner's two surviving crewmembers and her tasks off this ship. Which meant that the two Pegasus crewmen were still available for some more of Kyros's entertainment before she returned. And even better - Kyros had managed to get the Roadrunner's holographic doctor online. Even now the holodoc was busy working on the few injuries the Maquis crew had sustained when they took over the Roadrunner.

But that isn't what was causing Kyros's good mood. No, a repaired holodoctor meant something else to him - someone who could repair much more severe injuries to the two 'fleeters in the brig. Now Kyros wouldn't have to restrict himself to only broken bones and easily repairable damage. Why, he'd even heard that those arrogant Starfleet holographic doctors could reattach a severed limb. The possibilities were endless...and his smile widened at the thought.

== Shuttlebay ==

Jon reached up again and lowered the last body to the ground from where it had been hanging on the wall. Apparently they had been secured up there while they were still alive, then the shuttlebay had been opened to deep space. That way instead of being blown out of the room by the decompression the Maquis could watch them die from the control room across the bay. Jon lay the uniformed body down beside the other two, then knelt down beside them. Support personnel, two crewmen and an ensign. One female, two male, all human. One was wearing a wedding band. All three showed signs of being beaten before dying from exposure to space. Jon shook his head slowly and closed his eyes, a single tear rolling down his cheek.

Jon: *softly* Damn.

Conner was standing watch over the shuttlebay, phaser rifle in hand set on wide-angle heavy stun as he investigated the vessels in the bay.

Conner: I'll second that. Our runabout has been stripped out, and the two shuttlecraft have been riddled with disruptor blasts. Apparently there was a big firefight here. *shakes his head and frowns* Nothing here is spaceworthy.

Jon opened his eyes, wiping away the tear as he retrieved his phaser and joined Conner.

Jon: Any chance of taking systems from the shuttles to make the runabout usable?

Conner: Maybe, with an engineering kit and someone who did more than minor in engineering or take an extension course. But since we don't have either of those, it looks like we're out of luck.

Jon: Alright, we'd better get out of here then. They've probably noticed we're gone from the brig by now.

Conner: What about them? *nods toward the bodies*

Jon: We can't do anything else for them right now. Let's head back into the tubes and review our options.

Conner: Just a minute *he enters one of the shuttles, then exits a few seconds later with a hypospray, two pouches and two small devices* Survival kits aboard this shuttlecraft hadn't been raided yet. *tosses a pouch to Jon and heads into the tube* Here's supper!

Jon: *catches it and follows* You really must be hungry!

Conner: You kidding? Starfleet emergency rations - best thing in the galaxy. I love 'em! *opens his pouch and takes a big bite*

Jon: *shakes his head and smiles* Somewhere out there Joshua just got a chill. *opens his and eats* What else did you get?

Conner: Hypo is an anesthetic - if we need to take out someone silently. And these *hands one to Jon* are rebreathers in case they have control of the security systems and gas us in the tubes.

Jon: Good thinking! Hey, does this make you the idea guy now?
I think I'm ready to try psycho. *makes a goofy face*

Conner: Not on your life. *grins* So where do we go from here?

Jon: I'm not sure. Let's review our options. Escape pods?

Conner: Couldn't get us out of the nebula before they'd catch us. Bridge?

Jon: Probably manned with several disruptor-happy Maquis. Armory?

Conner: Emptied, if the weapons they're carrying are any indication. Ship's lounge?

Jon: *confused* Ship's lounge?

Conner: Yeah, I need a drink! *grins*

Jon: You...are going to make an interesting captain one day.

Conner: Yeah, but that's not until next week. I'm worried about right now. *smiles* Engineering?

Jon: Also busy, if the gravity shear had the same effect on the Roadrunner that it did on the Pegasus. Dr. Vespasian mentioned that they had repaired control system and tactical and were working on engines. They're probably trying to get the ship combat ready against the Pegasus. *thinks about the Pegasus, and Cat, looking forward to seeing her beautiful green-grey eyes* I hope they're OK.

Conner: Well, they've got to be doing better than us. Besides, if anyone gets hurt my Chloe will fix them up.

Jon: Speaking of whom, you're not going to tell her about that 'flabby Ferengi' comment, are you?

Conner: Why, you scared of her?

Jon: Noooo! Well, maybe. A little. *pause* OK, a lot.

Conner: Smart man. My lips are sealed. *grins* Battle bridge?

Jon: *shakes his head* None on a Nova-class ship. Transporters?

Conner: Guarded...but might be an option. Where would we beam to?

Jon: Well, the Maquis beamed from somewhere. Maybe their ship is still around.

Conner: And maybe we can find a working escape ship there. What're we waiting for?

Jon: Let's a make one stop first.

== Bridge ==

Kyros stormed off the turbolift as the doors opened and entered the bridge.

Kyros: Ares!

The larger man, seated in the blood-stained command chair, turned toward Kyros with an irate scowl on his face.

Ares: What is it now, Kyros? Did one of Anya's toys die on you again? You know what happened last time.

Kyros: They've escaped!

Ares: *standing* What? How?

Kyros: I don't know.

Ares: Who was guarding them?

Kyros: Thon and that Kressari. They're both unconscious.

Ares: They can't have gotten far. *to Maquis at Ops* Shipwide alert!

Kyros: Anya will kill us if they escape.

Ares: Not us, my friend. You were the one who she left in charge of them.

Kyros turned white momentarily, then pivoted to the Ops station.

Kyros: Set up search teams, heavily armed. I want them brought back alive if possible.

Ares: *shakes his head* Getting soft, Kyr?

Kryos: No, so I can kill them myself.

== Jeffries tube 311-C ==

Conner: You sure you know where we're going?

Jon: Of course I do.

Conner: Then why did we just stop by waste reclamation?

Jon: Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Conner just looked at him.

Jon: Okay, one wrong turn. I said I *looked* at the ship's specs, not memorized them. I'm no Kan.

Conner: And don't think I'm not grateful. *smile*

Jon: Okay, through here. *indicated a hatch*

Conner: You sure?

Jon: Have I ever been wrong before? Not including last time, of course.

Conner: *gets ready to hit the manual release* Let's roll.

Conner opened the hatch, and the pair quickly entered the room, dimly lit by several smashed, flickering panels. After a few moments Conner's eyes adjusted and he looked around.

Conner: A science lab???

Jon: *sighs deeply and smiles* Home sweet home.

Conner: They better have been doing weapons research in here.

Jon: Sorry, but I doubt it. *goes over to a wall panel and opens it* But I could use one of these *pulls out two tricorders and tosses one to Conner*
Conner: You gonna scan someone to death?

Jon: If it comes to that, but I hate to abuse my phenomenal cosmic scientist powers. *goes over to a flickering panel* Seriously, this is the astrometrics lab. They should have been doing the sensor analysis of the nebula when the Roadrunner was pulled in. I need to see that data.
Just then they heard a noise from a doorway. Jon stopped typing on the panel, and Conner readied his phaser rifle.


Lt. j.g. Jon Walker
Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Pegasus NCC 53847-C

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