JUNE 2003

Title: ?
Author: Commodore Deidre MacTaggard and Colonel Gunther Ironhand


Kalinaine: Captain, we're picking up another weak gravitational field; this one seems slightly larger. Suggest we investigate once we're done here?

MacTaggart: How far from our current location??

Kalinaine: *checks his panel* About 10 minutes form here at full impulse.

MacTaggart: +tap+ You copy all that Tank?

Ironhand: +Aye, Muldan just patched the information through tae meh. Thoughts?+

MacTaggart: Well we've already collected samples from here, and the folks down in Science are already workin' on them. I think we should check it out.

Ironhand: +Well, a' soon as meh boys on t' shuttle get back, then we'll pack 'em off and move this old bird, aye. Shouldna be much longer; they say th' ship so far i' a ghost. Nothin' been here recently.+

MacTaggart: *steeples her fingers, and rests her chin on top of them as she thinks* Something out here did a real number on whatever those debris came from. I want ta know who, and what we're dealing with here.

Ironhand: +Hwait ... now tha' be right odd.+

MacTaggart: *perks up* What be right odd???

Ironhand: +Sommon went through the trouble o' removing th' vessel's single warp pod; ships records indicate they took th' matter- antimatter converters a' well, but aside from tha', the ship's not hardly been touched at all - well, aside from bein' sliced in half, tha' be.+

MacTaggart: Do we hae anyone in our records with this kind of MO? *thinks a moment* +tap+ Mac ta Arianna... yer familiar with this area of space, aye?

Arianna: +I spent some time out here while hiding from my previous... "employers", yes.+

MacTaggart: D'ye ken any races that slice ships in half and steal warp pods and matter-antimatter converters?

Arianna: +I've had people try to steal drinks, cargo, ships, and things I don't give away, but not those specifically, Captain.+

MacTaggart: Acknowledged... let me know if you remember, or think of anything that might help us out. Tank, have Muldan run a search to see if he pulls up anything. If no, see if he can get into the Database that Bryan uses. Or get a call out ta him, if we're still within range.

Ironhand: +Aye and on it, Captain.+

Quillien: +Warp pods and matter-antimatter converters? Why would they feel the need t' take those?+

Kalinaine: Uh Captain? That gravitational field I mentioned?

MacTaggart: What about it?

Kalinaine: Well I don't kow how to explain this... It's gone.

MacTaggart: Gone? How in the bluidy hell does a grav field disappear in less than 5 minutes??

Kalinaine: I'm not sure Ma'am. But there's a ship moving away from the location.

MacTaggart: Tank, recall your people now. I want this ship locked down until we know who's out there.

Ironhand : +Scattered Viscera and Meklin Fixers, return immediately to home. All Vipers currently deployed return to nest.+

Kalinaine: Um, Captain. The ship I was telling you about just .. vanished.

MacTaggart: WHAT!? *slams her fist on the armrest of her command chair* Find it!

Kalinaine: Working on it... *hands flying over the console* Sorry Captain, no sign of the ship. But there's a massive debris field now in the area. *scans the section of space, whistles softly* And I mean massive.

MacTaggart: *waits until she receives confirmation from the hangar that all ships have docked* Get us there now. +tap+ Muldan lad, I cold really use the information like yesterday.

Muldan: +Umm, Captain, we came out here because they were testing a communications system with superior range. Unfortunately as we are not in possession of this system, that makes contacting vessels that far away difficult at best.+

MacTaggart: *sighs, rubs her right temple and forehead a moment* I'm aware of that lad... are ye tellin' me ye cannae tap into Mistakonic on yer own? Or something similar?

Muldan: +It's not as easy as Mr. Helgraz makes it seem, Captain. The location of the database changes frequently, and it's simply crawling with blocks, false routers, and worse things. I need more time.+

MacTaggart: Acknowledged. Let me know as soon as ye've got something. *looks over at Kalinaine as she feels the ship start to slow* Well?

Kalinaine: The debris field seems to be contracting somewhat ... :watching the screen a moment: ... as if compacting on a center point.

MacTaggart: What's at the center point?

Kalinaine: There's destructive interference coming from that point, but ... ::there is a sudden white flare from that direction, brilliantly bright; the ship's flare compensators kick in, rendering the screen black for a few seconds :: ... what the hell?!

MacTaggart: *throws up her arm to shield her eyes* What was that??

Quillien: +Judging by the ion trail, self-destruct would be my first guess.+

MacTaggart: Scan the area and put it on screen. I want ta know what just exploded.

Kalinaine: Scan coming on main screen.

The region is like something out of a nightmare portrait. The remains of a Federation vessel drift in two pieces apart; chunks of rock like barnacles already clinging to the remains. Neither the nacelles nor the center module of the ship appear to have survived the explosion. The rocks seem to follow the two pieces of ship, drawn in by the remaining but dwindling gravitational field.

MacTaggart: *quietly, as she watches the image on the screen* The Isaneau...

Kalinaine: *somber* Aye Captain. We've just confirmed it from close scan of part of the debris.

MacTaggart: Any survivors?

Kalinaine: Unknown. The rock seems to be blocking our deep scan rays. If there are, we'll need to move quickly, Captain. With that wide a breach and no powersystems, their only chance will be if they're in sealed compartments.

MacTaggart: Where are those rocks coming from? And why are they attaching themselves ta the remains of the ship? *frowns* Get us in closer, and scan for survivors.

Kalinaine: Under way, Captain.

MacTaggart: The Isaneau was a New Orleans class, aye? *Kalinaine nods in confirmation* Then her crew size is roughly what... 300? 350 people, without civilians aboard?

Kalinaine: Yes Ma'am. *nods* Approximately.

Ironhand: +The Marine shuttles are ready to assist in any effort to locate and rescue those still with us, Captain.+

Quillen: +Actually Captain, with crew and civilians, we're talking a minimum of 600 people.+

MacTaggart: *nods grimly* Acknowledged Max...

Muir: +Given the design of the Isaneau, however, and the location of the sealed compartments, the casualty count will likely be very high unless they had considerable warning to move their people.+

MacTaggart: Anything yet Kalinaine?

Kalinaine: *brows furrowed* Bring us around so our sensor grid aligns with where the ship's core was. Maybe we can get a clean reading there.

Ensign Brooks: *nods from her position at Conn* Bringing her about...

Kalinaine: *a few moments later* Picking up a very small handful of life signs, all of them weak. There can't be more than maybe 50 of them...

MacTaggart: Lock onto them, and beam them aboard! +tap+ MacTaggart to Ivenguard. Get yer people ready for incoming wounded.

Ivenguard: +Yes Ma'am. We're on it+

Quillen: We could use some samples of the debris to examine Captain. I'd like to compare them to the other samples we've obtained.

MacTaggart: Tank, Max wants some samples. Same plan as before.

Ironhand: +I'm deploying the full Viper squad in wide formation. No surprises. The workbee can be sent over on the shuttle with the Indefragable Krunks and Duc d'ispater+

MacTaggart: Acknowledged... Ivenguard, how many survivors?

Ivenguard: +We've got about 20 in critical condition, and the other 9 are in serious. The other 13 were DOA. I'll keep you updated Ma'am.+

MacTaggart: Only 42 out of their entire complement... *shakes her head* We need to stop whoever did this...


Commodore Deidre "Mac" MacTaggart
Colonel Gunther Ironhand

MAY 2003

Title: ?
Author: Commander Khaman and Ensign Lenevskaya

ON: Phoenix dining hall

Miriam is standing behind Shura, holding a tray with a pot of tea and cups.

Khaman: This is my usual table, from here you can see to the forward of the ship, always looks brighter somehow *laughs*

Lenevskaya: *smiling* My apologies Commander. I shall find another spot *stands up*

Khaman: Of course not, don't be silly, if you like have some tea, I just got back from home and brought it.

Lenevskaya: *sitting back down* Thank you, Commander *smiling* I will try some.

Shura observed the woman, wondering what kind of XO she would prove to be. Time would tell.

Khaman: *pouring tea* Rose tea, hint of vanilla, very lovely and the replicators dont really do it right. *looks at Shura* You are our new Assistant Science officer arent you? I saw that you had checked in earlier, I am sorry I wasn't there to greet you *Her manicured nails click against the cups as she arranges the table, carelyflly avoiding the bandage on her right hand*

Lenevskaya: *notices the bandage* You are injured? *raising right eyebrow* Yes I am the new ACSO.

Khaman: *flushes slightly* Training this morning, learning a new technique, nothing but a cut, I'll get it taken care of in a bit. Can I ask why you requested the Phoenix? *Leans back in her chair and smiles ast Shura* Not many do you know.

Lenevskaya: *sipping her tea* I did not. I got assigned here. *smiling* My fortune, it seems.

Khaman: And where would you rather be?

Lenevskaya: I have no preferences, honestly. I go where I am sent. And try to make the best of any situation. *shrugging*

Khaman: *smiles again* A true Star Fleet response. Well, you have no doubt heard of the antics of the previous First officer here, and of course the Phoneix mission logs are well circulated it seems, let em tell you, most of what goes around is myth, we arent that bad. *sips tea* But of course, if you have any questions, Please always feel free to ask.

Lenevskaya: Actually I have not heard anything *grinning* Would you care to enlighten me as to what you were hinting at, Commander?

Khaman: *Laughs and somewaht spits her tea* You are KIDDING! Well, you are the first one in the last 6 months I have been here then that hasnt been DYING to know about Commander Laur and *wiping her face a bit* THANK YOU.

Lenevskaya: I have been here a whole two hours, Commander. I had to unpack and report in. And then I came straight here. *chuckling* I did not have time to hear anything. *leaning forward* I am listening.

Khaman: Oh you wll hear lots of stories, Laur was a colorful character at best, her record was marked by numerous investigations, and some not so subtle coverups of her actions, and in the end it was that that got her killed. But, I am tellingtales out of school, it is only important to know to be careful what you listen to because her son, Calen, a 10 year old Klingon, is still on board, for the time being in my care. But, I am far more interested in hearing about you.

Lenevskaya: *nodding* What would you like to know? *sipping her tea*

Khaman: Where are you from?

Lenevskaya: I was born on Terra, I've lived on Vulcan for a time, then again on Terra.

She shifted slightly in her seat, getting comfortable.

Lenevskaya: You are...from Middle East of Terra? Your surname and skin tone would indicate that.

Khaman: That must be quite a change then, hardt o dance between two cultures like that isnt it?

Khaman: Israeli, yes, though I went with my father all over the universe it seems on his Diplomatic assignments, and since I have had my own career I haven't been home much.. Sometimes I wonder why I keep the flat there.

Lenevskaya: Still...it is nice to have a place to come to in the homeland. *smiling* It is hard for me at times...years of Vulcan training...and then shedding most of it...and exploring my human side.

Khaman: A balance perhaps between them? The ancient Kabballists would commend your Vulcan training, sometimes I would too, not to mention as a diplomat the famous Vulcan empathic abilities.

Lenevskaya: I once thought that way.

Khaman* glancing at her chrono* We will have to talk about it more in the future. You will find the command staff here much less aristocratic than on other ships I think, as much as I miss the ceremony of it, it is nice to relax a bit. Would you like a quick tour of the ship? I need to check on some things, and of course make sure that Calen hasnt killed anyone or been killed yet today.

Lenevskaya: Perhaps another time, Commander? I would like to finish my breakfast and do my meditation. *smiling*

Khaman: *slightly amused raised eyebrow* Perhaps then. *Stands and gathers up her things* I like confidence in a person. *Starts to leave* Oh, and I will expect you to be in the staff meeting at 9:30 - you were told about the weekly briefing?

Lenevskaya: *shaking her head* I was told my shift starts tomorrow. I am a junior officer.

Khaman: *Laugh* Yes, I make a point of briefing everyone especially the junior officers, an informed crew is a good one. Come to my office when you are done with your meditation and I will give you the run down on things. *winks*. We'll get along just fine I think.

Lenevskaya: *nodding* I shall be there *smiling*

Khaman: Just mind the ferrets and the Targ when you come, Calen's been getting birthday gifts from his family.

*Turns and leaves*

Shura looked after the Commander for a few moments, smiled, then returned to her meal. This would be fun.


Commander Khaman and Ensign Lenevskaya

APRIL 2003

Title: ?
Author: 1st Lt James Muldan


<MC3, Colonel Ironhand's Office>

Muldan has a utterly perplexed and confused look on his face as he re-reads the flagged file for the 10th time that day. He mutters under his breath, oblivious to everything else going on around him.

Ironhand: *walking up quietly behind him, he pauses and waits to see if Muldan notices before speaking* Find something of interest lad?

Muldan: WAAAHHH! *jumps on the chair, and reaches to shut the monitor off* Colonel, Sir! What are you doing in here?

Ironhand: *quirks an eyebrow in amusement, and smiles as he strokes his beard* This is me office.

Muldan: OH...so it is. Sorry Sir. I was just reviewing some files before my mission.

Ironhand: What mission? *watches James scurry to collect padds*

Muldan: Sorry sir, date...not mission. *frowns as he drops a padd, and bends to pick it up. He picks up the padd, and 2 more fall from his arms. He sighs, scoops them all up, and makes a break for the door.*

Ironhand: *stares a moment, and blinks* Ye hae a date?? With who?

Muldan: I'm going to ask Commander Khaman out. *smiles shyly, and begins to blush* The girls all told me it was a good idea to get out more, and said that I should give dating a try. Just not with them.

Ironhand: *smirks, and chokes back a laugh* I see... g'luck then Muldan. *waits for him to leave, then closes the door to the office* +tap+ Ironhand ta MacTaggart...Y' busy caedrin?

MacTaggart: +Nae, just playing some games wit' Kendall. Something wrong?+

Ironhand: Och no... Muldan's off ta ask Miriam out on a date. *chuckles*

MacTaggart: +He's WHAT????+

Kendall: *heard in the background over Mac's combadge* Cool! Go James!

Ironhand: I'll keep ye posted. Give the wee one a hug fer me.

<A short while later>

Muldan finishes getting ready in his quarters on Deck 2, wearing his full dress Marine Uniform. He pulls on his white gloves, straightens his hat, then gathers up the boquet of roses and the box of chocolate. James walks down the hall to the Turbolift, waits for the doors to open, then steps inside.

Several other crew members watch curiously, and whispers amongst themselves.

Muldan: Duh Deck... *takes a deep breath to calm himself down* Deck 8... *after the lift finally stops, he takes another deep breath and begins walking down the hall to Khaman's room. He smiles as he passes the Colonel's room, then farther down he passes Mac's. "They've both been so nice and helpful to me during all this," he thinks. "And little Kendall too. I hope things work out with her. I should babysit her again before Shoreleave is done, so the Commodore and Colonel can relax and work on wedding plans." He continues walking, and finally comes to a stop before the door to her quarters. James takes several deep breaths to calm himself, then knocks on the door.

Calen: *opens the door, and looks up* Oh hi Mr. Muldan, what's up?

Muldan: *smiles* Evening Calen. Is Commander Khaman around?

Calen: She's still down on Earth with those Starfleet people. How come you're all dressed up?

Muldan: *frowns slightly, and his expression saddens* Oh... I uh, well... I was going to ask her a question. *turns to leave*

Calen: *watches him, then quickly grabs his arm and drags him back toward the door* She'll be back real soon. Is that chocolate? *points at the box*

Muldan: Err, yes Calen it is. Do you think she'd mind if I waited for her? I've been doing a lot of research and work for this, and I think I'm finally ready.

Calen: Yeah... whatever. So can I have some chocolate while I wait?

Muldan: Well they're for Commander Khaman, but I suppose you can have a couple.

Calen: Cool!

<A Short while later>

Khaman: Calen? *enters the room, and closes the door with a tired sigh* Where are you?

Calen: In here Miriam... with Mr. Muldan.

Khaman: *closes her eyes, and grimaces* I so do not need this right now... *she composes herself, switches to"diplomat mode", and walks into the living room area* James! How nice to see you again. What brings you... *stops talking as she notices the uniform and flowers*

Muldan: *quickly stands up, snaps to attention, and jerks his arm up to salute, and hits himself in the head with the flowers* Um, Evening Ma'am. Would you please do me the honor of going on a date with me tonight? I brought you flowers and chocolate, but Calen ate all of the chocolate. I've even been studying! I found the most fascinating book in the ship's files, but I still can't understand why anyone would even try to attempt #17... *realizes he's babbling, and quickly shuts up*

Khaman: James, what did you say?? *still not believing her ears*

Muldan: *offers the flowers to her, removes his hat, and drops to one knee* Would you please go on a date with me Comm... *stops, takes a breath* I mean Miriam... *grins*


1st Lt. James Muldan
Marine 2nd Officer

MARCH 2003

Title: ?
Author: Cmdre Deidre MacTaggart and Col Gunther Ironhand


<<Marine Deck>>

Alarm beacons pulsed through the corridors. Orders in battle code stream over the marine comm channels. The ship's fighter detachment are already suiting up for takeoff; The armored shuttle is being loaded with the first and second squads, to be deployed on later orders. As the bridge crew manuevers, Ironhand sits in the middle of MC, barking orders and referring to tri-D maps of the engagement area.

<Ironhand>: +Oscar to Big Bird, as soon as we reach a course heading of 57 degress, let me know+

MacTaggart: +Affirmative... Kalinaine says we've got 3 more Klingon ships heading in on an attack vector. No word on who they are yet.+

<Ironhand>: +The sparrows are hovering, and the vulture is armed.+ *It was code to let her know the fighters were ready and the shuttle was loaded*

Kalinaine: +They're Klingon Attack Cruisers, Vor'cha class...they're hailing+

<Ironhand>: +You want to greet them, or shall I?+

MacTaggart: Patch it through, and to MC3 also...

Captain K'tok: Need some help young MacTaggart? We assumed someone would try to come and fetch our prize. Seems we were right.

MacTaggart: +Oscar, send out the birdies to back up K'tok. Hold vulture.+

Kalinaine: +We're at 57 degress Colonel...+

Three beeps is the acknowledgement over the comm. Ironhand thumbs the button that will direct his order to the entire deck.

<Ironhand>: +Occupy+.

The bay opens, shields dropping just long enough for the fighter wings to blast away. The heavy shuttle departs from the rear-facing bay, beginning a long arc trajectory as the fighters move into attack formation.

<Ironhand>: +If y' can spare some power from the shields, a few shots of the phaser banks would do wonderfully for a distraction.+

MacTaggart: *The ship opens fire just as his voice comes over the comm* +Way ahead of ye...+

Kalinaine: We're in trouble... K't'inga-class Battle cruiser coming into range...

MacTaggart: K'tok, please tell me it's more of yer lads?

<Ironhand> :: Curses under his breath - it was coming in right on the shuttle's trajectory :: +Sparrows flock the vulture!+

Captain K'tok: Yes, it's one of mine. We don't take chances Commodore. That blasted woman you have prisoner stole something very important.

MacTaggart: My MCO will feed you co-ordinates of where to position her... you copy that Tank?

<Ironhand> +Acknowledged. Sending data with Enc Pattern 4c1.+

MacTaggart: *looks to Muir, standing at the tactical station* Is the K'vort bugging out yet?

Muir: Negative Commodore... *grabs his console as the ship is rocked by another volly* They're evasive, but not leaving.

MacTaggart *mutters under her breath* Bloody idiots... they're no match fer us, 3 Vor'cha's, and the K't'inga. Keep power to shields, but fire when we get a window.

Muir: Yes Ma'am... *starts reading weapons, and begins looking for an opening*

Muldan is busy at his station; his fingers are a blur over the data touch screens; in this envrionment you'd hardly suspect him of being clumsy; he feeds multiple streams to Ironhand, the squad leaders and the shuttle crew, as well as coordinating with tactical to keep their and command's appraisal of the situation up to date ::

<Ironhand>: The colonel's voice can be heard over the com, though what it bodes is unclear. +The sparrows are flying+

The result becomes fairly obvious however, as all of the fighters dive at the enemy vessel, strafing it, aiming for viewports, not expecting to breach the shields, but just create enough electromagnetic distortion to partially blindside the vessel.

Kalinaine: Captain, they're coming about!

MacTaggart: *eyes the screen for a moment, then grips the arms of her chair* Evasive, NOW! They know they can't win this...

*the ship immediately begins evasive maneuvers, as the fighters and Klingons continue to fire on the Bird of Prey*

<Ironhand> +Open the cookie jar+

The shuttle, shielded by the Phoenix and the other Klingon vessels; had dived, manuevering underneath the Phoenix, hiding in its hull shadow. At this point, it emerges - and both the enemy vessel and Tactical can see the odd cone shaped object mounted on its nose.

*As the Bird of Prey swings past and heads toward the shuttle, she opens fire. The Phoenix takes a direct hit to the Bridge, throwing most of the crew from their stations*

MacTaggart: *winces, then pulls herself back into her seat* Damage report!

Muir: Shields are down by 20%, hull integrity is holding, power outages reported on decks 13 through 16. Minor structural damage to the bridge.

MacTaggart: +tap+ Gentlemen now would be a good time!

<Ironhand> +Mr. Muldan, I believe it's time we introduced our friends to the newest addition to our arsenal+

K'tok: They're faster than us, but we're got more firepower.

<Muldan> +I'm still not sure this is wise, Colonel. If it doesn't work, the shuttle will be dead in the water; the power drain is massive.+

MacTaggart: *winces again, reaches up to rub her right temple, then frowns and looks at her hand when she feels something damp* +tap+ Mac ta Aslekta... get yer teams moving and attending ta the wounded. *motions for the Ensign at the Science Station to help the injured Lieutenant, previously sitting at Navigation, to take him to Sick Bay*

<Ironhand> +K'tok, if you could concentrate your firepower on their rear shield - need to bring it down for about thirty seconds.+

K'tok: Acknowledged... *barks the order in Klingon to his other 2 ships via the comm system. They all open fire on the Bird of Prey, easily shorting out the shield*

<Ironhand> +There's your window!+

Kendall: +Deidre? Are you okay up there? *sniffles* The ship keeps shaking!+

MacTaggart: +Tap+ Not now Kendall! *closes the channel* Open fire! Everything we've got!

Muir: *fingers moving over the controls, he fires all phaser banks* Done.

Ensign Sukasa: No torpedoes? *looks confused*

MacTaggart: Nae.... if she blows now, the resulting blast will cripple us too. Helm, get me some distance from that ship. Maximum impulse! +tap+ She's all yers fellas.

The shuttle diverts shields to drive power, leaping forward,looking as if it intends to ram the Klingon vessel ... suddenly energy sensors spike through the roof. There is a large blue flash from the nose of the shuttle ... once flare compensators kick in, the shuttle and vessel come into view - the klingon vessels drive systems are a smoking inoperative mess, as the shuttle, escorted by the fighter wings, limps back toward the Phoenix.

*The K't'inga opens fire on the Bird of Prey, and it explodes in a flash of light*

K'tok: Commodore, we'll take Kurya off your hands now and be on our way. Do you require an escort to your destination?

<Ironhand> +local comm+ Oh aye, I'm sure Fred would _love_ to see us come back escorted by a trio of Birds of Prey... :: drolly ::

MacTaggart: *listens to the damage report, then turns her attention back to the screen* Negative Captain... we should be fine. There's a Starbase only 13 hours from here at Warp 5.

<Ironhand> +Actually, Commodore, he can do us a favor, perhaps. See if they're willing to "lend" us a painstick?

MacTaggart: +local comm+ Fred will love seeing us coming back damaged... which is why we're no heading back ta Armageddon. Muir, get Kurya transferred over, then check on the Andorian. *turns her attention back to the screen* I've got an odd request fer ye K'tok... can ye "lend" us a painstick?

K'tok: *laughs* I'll have it transferred over, along with some other toys for you Mac.

<Ironhand> +Perfect. Once Muir has taken care of the details of the prisoner transfer, we can take care of the other matter.+

MacTaggart: +local comm+ Other matter?

<Ironhand> +The one in the brig.+

Muir: +Prisoner transferred over Commodore. The Captain of the Klingon vessel beamed over a rather sizeable crate with several kinds of weapons in it for you.+

MacTaggart: +tap+ Acknowledged... I'll check it out later. *she send the injured bridge officers to Sickbay, as the replacement shift arrives on the bridge* Set course for Starbase 13.

The fighters and the shuttle docked; the marines filing out, engineering staff and marine mechanics moving in to service the vessels.

MacTaggart: Lieutenant Clark, ye have the bridge. *steps into the turbolift* +tap+ Tank, I'm on my way to the Brig. I'll meet ye there.

Ironhand steps out from the command chair on Marine Deck. "Muldan, have the post battle summaries ready for me by 1000 tomorrow. You've got control of the deck for the time being. He heads to the lift, taking it down the few floors to the Brig, walking into the corridor where the force-fielded cells are, making mental notes.

MacTaggart: *Exits the turbolift, and slowly makes her way down the halls. She nods to the guard on duty, and enters the Brig area.*

<Ironhand> :: smiles :: So, did our good friend help us out?

MacTaggart: *walks over to him and nods* Aye... Muir said he beamed over a box of things. +tap+ Muir, have that box beamed directly ta the Brig. Mac out.

*A few moments later, the crate appears in the middle of the Brig*

MacTaggart: *crouches down to open the crate, then winces as pain flashes through her right side* What d'ye want with a painstick fer anyway?

<Ironhand> :: chuckles :: Well, in addition to being a fine subdual device :: picking it out from the rest :: If you loosen a nut here, remove an O-ring there, it produces a handy electrical charge.

MacTaggart: *stands back up, closes her eyes a moment and grits her teeth, then turns and looks at him* Sound like fun...

<Ironhand> :: looks up a moment :: It's a handy way to temporarily ... :: stabbing several spots on the walls at seeming random, cauzing a "Brzzzt!" noise and ozone discharge... short out equipment.

MacTaggart: *raises an eyebrow* And why are ye trying ta short out me ship Gunther?

<Ironhand> :: walks over to the panel and thumbs his access code :: To make a point, Commodore. Our guest believes that if he's harmed, 'Fleet will breath down our necks. But, you see, that is predicated upon evidence. And the amusing thing about a painstick is that it leaves no permanent physical damage. So really, what it comes down to is his word against ours.

MacTaggart: *mutters under her breath* Fleet is always breathing down our necks anyways...

<Ironhand> Of course, if the good Andorian wishes to relieve himself of the burden of his secrets, this would all be quite unnecessary.

MacTaggart: Tha' would be good... *nods*

<Ironhand> *de-activates the force field* Now I know you heard us. Is there anything you'd care to say? :: looking to the Andorian ::

Enkhil: *Stares in horror at the Colonel* I was just following orders... Kurya would have killed me if I hadn't!

<Ironhand> :: turns on the painstick :: Why the child, Enkhil?

Enkhil: *quickly moves closer to the corner* I didn't know it was her. Children aren't supposed to have those abilities. I thought it was the Commodore... *looks at Mac* What happened to you?

MacTaggart: *shrugs* Fell out of me chair. What about the database?

Enkhil: It's a fake... it doesn't contain or do anything important. Kurya was using it as the cover so she could take something she stole and sell it. To the Cardassians.

<Ironhand> Two more questions. First, what did you do with that metal circlet you appropriated from the Sickbay?

Enkhil: I gave it to Kurya. She hid it in her quarters. She wouldn't tell me what it was for. She just said it was important I get it.

<Ironhand> Who was Kurya to meet?

Enkhil: I don't know his name... it was some Cardassian officer. She was going to blackmail him with the information contained in the implant she put inside Commander Khaman's head. She was going to meet him on Lipsa.

<Ironhand> :: gestures to Mac to step out with him, and reseals the force-field :: Bry Helgraz: :: putting the painstick back in the box of "toys" as the Klingon had called them. :: whispering :: 3 .. 2 .. 1 .. :: a faint hum - one that never would have been noticed except for its recent absence.

MacTaggart: *follows him back out, then leans against the wall as she feels a slight touch of vertigo* That went better than expected...

<Ironhand>: Wonderful thing about Starfleet; everything is nicely redundancy designed. Now, :: looking up at her :: I think for you, a trip to your favorite part of the ship.

MacTaggart: The Holodeck?

<Ironhand>: Heh, no, the Sickbay, of course. :: offers a grin and ducks the anticipated cuff ::

MacTaggart: *shakes her head* I feel fine.. just bumped me head. No Sickbay.

<Ironhand> Mmmm hmm. Then why am I getting the headache, caedrin? :: quirks a brow ::

MacTaggart: Dunno... too much fergus? *smiles slightly*

<Ironhand> Nice try. :: chuckles :: C'mon ... I'd rather no have to drag yer tallness through the ship.

MacTaggart: *sighs* Alright, ye win. *blinks several times, then mutters* Damn room keeps moving anyway...

<Ironhand> :: raises an eyebrow :: +Ironhand tae Sickbay. I'm bringing up the Commodore - no sarcastic remarks; just have a bed ready for her.+

Aslekta: +Oh for the love of... *grumbles* I should just set up a permanent spot for the two of you in here!+

<Ironhand> +That would be the logical thing to do+

Aslekta: +Hmph! What happened this time?+

<Ironhand> +tap+ I'm presuming she got tossed from her chair when we were blasted by the Klingon vessel earlier. Though it's possible she ran into a bulkhead.

MacTaggart: *holds onto the railing as they enter the turbolift, and it starts moving* He'll love that...

Aslekta: +Well bulkhead accidents seem to be common around you Colonel, so I'm not surprised. I just didn't think you'd put your fiance into one. Humans... *another "Hmph!" sound*+

<Ironhand> +There's word going round about the name of the next bulkhead. Your name has come up a few times. Shall I put you down for a few credits?+

Aslekta: *waits until he sees them step out of the turbolift, then calls his answer down the hall* No thank you Colonel. Otherwise who would patch you up every time you decide to stick a knife into yourself? Bring her in here.

<Ironhand> It's not like you're the only doctor on the entire ship. :: chuckles, but does so ::

MacTaggart: *sits on the edge of the Bio-bed, then carefully lies down as the Doc scans her with a tricorder*

Aslekta: No, I'm not. But I am the only one who will put up with your "accidents" and neglects to log every single incident you get into. *finishes his scan, then quickly heals the cut on her head*

MacTaggart: Lucky you Gunther *smiles* he likes ye.

Aslekta: I never said that. *scans again, then snaps it closed and puts the tricorder into his pocket* She has 2 bruised ribs, and a concussion. Nothing's broken, and the cut was relatively minor.

<Ironhand> :: nods :: Good. I trust you'll have her good as new, all th' sooner for y' both's mental health?

Aslekta: She's on her own for the ribs. There's nothing wrong with them that time won't heal. I can give her some pain killers. The concussion means she stays here for the night for observation...

MacTaggart: I'm no staying the night in here. I'll go ta me quarters.

Aslekta: *rolls his eyes, and throws his hands in the air* I give up on you two! Fine... *points at the Colonel* You deal with her. I already have my hands full with Commander Khaman. *stomps into his office*

MacTaggart: *smirks* He's moody fer a Vulcan...

<Ironhand> Look at who 'e has to deal with. :: smirks :: Would it really hurt y' to spend one night here? :: chuckles ::

MacTaggart: I didna leave ye here last time ye were hurt. Where would ye rather stay, given the choice? *raises an eyebrow in question*

<Ironhand> Hmmm. I could stay all night in your quarters making sure you don't get any worse. Or I could spend the next few hours going over the technical data from the ionic discharge system. ::smiles::

MacTaggart: Tha's fine, but I won't get worse. I just want ta sleep anyways. *shrugs, then carefully gets down off the table* See if Donnell will take the wee ones fer the night fer a sleep over. This way, Kendall won' be worried or find out I was hurt.

<Ironhand> +tap+ Ironhand to MacCurgan... any chance ye can watch Calen and Kendall tonight? Miriam's no up and about yet from her surgery, and Deidre banged herself up during the battle.

MacCurgan: +Sure Tank, send them down. I'll keep an eye on the rugrats. How's Deidre?+

<Ironhand> A couple o' bruised ribs, concussion, and a cut on her head. I'll keep an eye on her tonight, but she should be fine.

MacTaggart: +tap+ Mac ta Arianna... tell the kids they get ta have a sleep over tonight at MacCurgan's. *slowly makes her way back to the turbolift with Ironhand, then to her Quarters. After washing up, goes to her bedroom, changes into sweats and a t-shirt, then crawls into bed*

<Ironhand> ::quietly slips into the room, then sits on the edge of the bed:: Are y' sure yer alright caedrin?

MacTaggart: *sleepily, she nods* Aye love, this is nothing compared to some of the other times I've been hurt. *smiles* Thanks Gunther...

<Ironhand> For what lass?

MacTaggart: For everything. Later on though, I need to do some research.

<Ironhand> Research, hmm? On what? :: reaches down, and brushes a lock of hair out of her eyes::

MacTaggart: On why ye picked up on me headache. *yawns*

<Ironhand> Don' worry about it fer now. Get some sleep, and I'll wake ye up in a few hours. ::leans down and kisses her gently:: Y' do keep life interesting caedrin ::chuckles, slips outside, and quietly closes the door::


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