Author: Ens Cypher
Title: ?

<<Junior Officer's Quarters>>

Cypher lay sprawled on the couch in his quarters. It was the first time in four years he had a room to himself. In the past, he was forced to share the room with a fellow Cadet. He hadn't finished decorating the place. A few paintings here and there, some old fashioned weapons, a couple of antique music instruments and it would be "home". He decided to worry about that later.

This thing with Simon was bothering him. Should he report the incident? Or should he wait and see if it happens again? He couldn't delay it much longer, because if he did report the incident, and his superiors found out how late the report was, he would get into trouble.

Well, he still didn't finish the diagnostic on the port phaser array. He could do that. But he was exhausted. He was trying to switch his sleep schedule to Gamma shift and it was really tough the first few days. Every time he moved a muscle it was like lead weights were wrapped around it. He was basically miserable, he felt miserable, and was treating others miserable. He thought it may be good to turn his emotions off for awhile, just until his body got used to being awake at night.

He had duty shift in a few hours, so with every ounce of strength he had left, he lifted his body up and grabbed a tricorder from his desk and a PADD. He placed it on the counter next to the door so he wouldn't forget them on his way out. He walked over to the closet and chose a new duty uniform. Grabbing the uniform from the hanger, he brushed off some lint on the torso. All this technology and we still can't get lint off? Cypher had doubts as to how advanced the Federation truly was.

Walking over to his bed and laying the uniform down, he walked over to the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower. Fresh, dressed, like ten bars of latinum, he got dressed. He exited his room and let out a loud yawn. Two crewman passed by and smiled. Another simply asked him not to do that and said:

Crewman: Stop that, it's contagious!

He smiled and continued on to the nearest turbolift. Turning right at the first intersection, he bumped into a bulky man who by his rank looked to be a full Lieutenant (NPC).

Cypher: My apologies sir, my lack of sleep is making it difficult to concentrate.

Lieutenant (smiling): It happens Ensign, thought you were trying to dance with me, carry on.

Cypher continued on to the turbolift his "dance partner" just exited.

Cypher: Deck 11.

The 'lift whirred for about two seconds and came to a quick halt. A lovely women, red hair about 5'8 strolled onto the 'lift with his friend Simon.

Simon: Cy.

Cypher: Simon.

The two acknowledge each other at first. Simon let the lovely women onto the lift first. After the said their destinations, Simon gently looked over to Cypher. He nudged his head and eyes to point to the lovely women. Cypher was back on Vishian though, and had no clue as to what the hell Simon was doing. He continued to nudge his head and eyes, unfortunately, the young Ensign Cypher still didn't pay attention. Finally Simon cleared his throat loudly.

Mactaggart: Tis a nasty cold ya got there lad, expectin you be taking care of that doctor?

Simon: Aye sir.

At that the 'lift shunned to a stop and the lovely women exited. At once the doors closed and Simon let loose.

Simon: Are you dense or something?

Cypher: What?

Simon: Our CO steps on the lift and you don't even acknowledge her?

Cypher: That was....?

Simon: Ah.....YEAH!!!

Cypher: Damn!

Simon: I was trying to tell you!


Ensign Cypher
Tactical Officer
USS Phoenix


Author: Cdr MacCurgan
Title: ?
ON: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

( Having finished a few tales of the Phoenix's past missions and regailed a few engineering cadets with stories of duty and crisis Cmdr. MacCurgan left the Joyride lounge, but not before dropping off with the owner/ manager a fist full of latinum to stand any and all Phoenix personnel that arrive to what ever they want.

During the next two hours Mac wandered the main sections open on base and became bored rather quickly. With his duty shift coming up shortly he returned to the Phoenix)

*Main engineering: Chief o E. Office*

MacCurgan: *Enters his office finding Ens. Harrington dropping off more reports and data P.A.D.S. in her rounds. Smiles, and smiling waves her off his desk as he sits.* Ensign, you are always dropping off reports and more data than is possible to accumulate in a shift.

Ens. Harrington: Commander? * Impish grin* I am just doing my part to keep our lady ship shape. Besides, you could not live without me.

MacCurgan: That is wholly debatable.

Ens.Harrington: Anyway sir; I just finished dropping off twice as much on Ens. Space's desk in his office station.

MacCurgan: I am sure that Mr. Space will be eternally grateful for your dynamic vigilance * grining sarcastically* Dismissed, and see about getting some shore leave while we are tied up at the star base. That order extends to the whole staff as well, when off duty all personnel are to make use of the facility and get off ship. Not often we get R&R on this ol girl.

Ens.Harrington: Aye sir! * snaps off a salute and hurries out into engineering to pass along the missive *

( Thinks to himself for a bit on what to do when not on duty, trying to follow the Commodores orders as well as stay out of trouble )

MacCurgan: (tap) Mac here Bridge, are com channels patched to the base now?

Ens.Harm: (tap) Bridge here, yes Commander direct comm. Channels are open to the base, you can reach though your system there.

MacCurgan: (tap) Thank you, MacCurgan out: ( thinks about his message )

(tap) Cmdr MacCurgan Chief engineering Officer USS Phoenix to Lt.Cmdr. Yaro Chief Engineering Officer Starbase Tango; ( gets message prompt )

request the privilege of a tour of the bases main engineering section while on shore leave. No special attention required, just seeking permissions to tour and look at what is currently star base standards.


Cmdr MacCurgan Chief engineering Officer USS Phoenix

That should do it, nothing like seeing what makes things tic to make the day go bye.

( looks over the reports Mr. Space left him on ships upkeep and maintenance work in progress and with grim approval moves on to the next set of reports and inquiries. )


Commander MacCurgan
Chief of Engineering
USS Phoenix NCC- 65420

JULY 2003

Authors: MacTaggart, Khaman, and the kids
Title: ?


Muir: +Captain? He's still in the vents. I told him he would be put in the brig and made to do his own paperwork if he doesn't come out. Do I really have permission to stun him?+

Khaman: NO Muir you do not.

MacTaggart: *groans, and rubs her forehead a moment* No, don't stun him. *mutters to herself* Lad doesn't ken how ta take a sarcastic comment...

Khaman: I'll go get him *gets up and looks at Mac* If i remember right, Laur threw Calen in the brig a couple times right?

MacTaggart: *thinks a moment, then nods* Only once as far as I can remember...

Khaman: ok *thinks fora minute* Where is the closest access hatch to where Calen is? Adult sized.

Muldan: +*pipes in over the comm* He's in the vents between Decks 7 and 8... closest hatch is about 100 feet from the Turbolift.

MacTaggart: 7 and 8? Now what's he doing there? Those 2 decks are Crew and Senior Staff Quarters. *gets an idea* [Kendall, hae ye seen Calen in the last few minutes? If no, can ye sense him?]

Kendall: [He's in the ceiling above us *giggles* I think he's spying on me and Olivia]

MacTaggart: *rolls her eyes* He's above our new Teacher's room... spying on the girls *laughs*

Khaman: I'll go get him *sets her coffee down and goes to turbolift*

MacTaggart: Hae fun in the tubes *grins*

Khaman: Oh you betcha!

Khaman: a few minutes later she is crawling along the tube toward where Calen is sitting. After several turns and stopping to think about where she is, she finds Calen sitting near a ventilation panel and tapps him on the shoulder.*

Calen jumps and hits his head on the panel and looks stunned to see Miriam.

Calen: How did you get here?

Khaman: *Chuckles* You'd be suprised what the first officer gets to know about a ship. What are you doing?

Calen: The girls were being stupid, I hate girls. *Throws his ball against the panel*

Khaman: *catches ball* They will improve in a couple years, trust me.

Calen: I hope so

Khaman: So why then *throws ball at the panel, letting it bounce toward Calen* are you here watching them?

Calen: I'm not *throws the ball again, bounces back to Miriam* I'm just sitting here. My Mom's old room is upstairs.

Khaman: Uh huh, and Kendal and Olivia being in the room below has nothing to do with it huh? *throws the ball but this time the grate pops off and goes flying into the room below*

Calen laughs hysterically as Kendal and Olivia scamper out of the way and indignantly look up at the two of them.

Kendall grins, tosses the ball back up to Miriam, then goes back to coloring. Olivia crawls underneath the table to hide.

Miriam catches the ball and with a sigh shimmys through the vent opening to the floor, Calen hesitates a moment, but then follows her, squirming through the opening and landing with a heavier thud than miriam did.

Khaman: *kneels beside the table* Olivia? It's ok, you can come out now, nothing else is comeing throught he vent I promise

Olivia: *looks worried* Is he gonna hit me with the ball?

Khaman: Nope, I've got it, and Calen probably wont hit you anyway, he's more honorable than that.

Olivia: *hesitantly crawls out, sits back on the edge of the couch, and points at her shoes* I've got lights.

Khaman: So you do, Perhaps sometime you can come dancing with us in the holodeck and show us how they work

Calen rolls his eyes but says nothing.

Olivia: Um, maybe. *picks up a crayon, and shows it to Calen* You wanna color?

Kendall: *snickers quietly, but continues to work on her drawing*

Calen: *snorts* No, warriors do not color.

Kendall: Since when? You colored with me last week

Calen: YOU dont have lights on your shoes, or hide from vent covers.

Khaman: *clears throat* speaking of which, we need to get that put back on.

Kendall: WE are also older than her. And used to the ship. We're Marines... she's a little kid.

Olivia: *lower lip trembles* But I like the lights in my shoes*

Renee: *comes in from the other room* What's all the noise in here? Oh... *sees Calen and Miriam* Hello. I'm Renee Hansen, the new school teacher. I see you've already met Livy.

Khaman: Hi there, I'm Miriam Khaman, First Officer. *gestures toward the vent* SOrry about that I was talking to Calen and it just sort of happened. *Turns toward Renee* I wasnt aware that you had come aboard, I'd have met with you before we left Earth.

Renee Hansen: That's alright. Things were really busy when we came onboard.

Calen: *to Olivia* don't you dare start crying, I hate that. *to Kendall* not that much older, besides Uncle K'vor says I have to grow up, i am way behind my cousins. I dont have time to play with little kids.

Khaman: *Sternly* NOR do you have permission to be rude. A true warrior acts kindly to those weaker than themselves. You may go to your room and write for me the Warrior's code that explains behaving honorably toward others.

Kendall: *balls up her fists* Who are you calling a little kid? You're only a year older than me!

Olivia: *sniffles* He's really mean!

Renee: *looks at each of them, and sighs* Are the kids always like this?

Khaman: Kendall, calm down, Calen will apologize and it is my place to repreimand him. *looks at Renee* Not usually, Calen is a little grumpy lately, his birtday is next week and he wanted to go to Kronos fro the Starting the Path ceremony. His Mother would have taken him, but as you can see, that wont be possible. We met a couple of Klingons on Earth that well, made fun of Calen, and he has been particulary sensitive ever since

Renee: I completely understand that *nods* Calen, you do know I'll be your new school teacher. Right? And you, Kendall, and Livy will all be in class together.

Kendall: *mutters to herself* Jerk... your birthday is only 2 weeks before mine. You're not that much bigger...

Calen looks at her, then looks at Miriam with outrage* YOU PROMISED I'D HAVE A KLINGON TEACHER!

Calen runs out of the room.

Kendall: Doesn't he know Deidre couldn't get one??

Khaman: *sighs* I am sorry, I will talk to him. Kendall, please stay out of this sweetie, This is bigger than just a tutor.

Kendall shrugs, then goes back to coloring.

Renee: Are you sure he'll be okay? I know a lot of children don't handle change well.

Khaman: *to Renee* Really, I will talk to him, He will be fine, he is a pretty tough little kid. Calen has been through more than you and I combined in his short 9 years, I am sure that this will be worked out. And I really am sorry about the vent, I'll send someone to put if back as soon as possible.

Olivia: He's not always this mean?

Kendall: No, just when he's being a royal pain in the.... *stops talking when she notices the grown ups watching her*

Olivia: Okay... maybe he'll color some other time.

Khaman: I am sure he will, he likes to draw really Olivia. *holds out her hand to Renee and Laughs* So anyway, welcome aboard, I'd love to stay and chat, but I want to be sure that he actaully went to his quarters, and there is this thing hapening on the bridge that they seem to think the first officer should be there...

Renee: *laughs, shakes her hand* I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of each other, seeing as how to take care of the little warrior.

Khaman: Oh I am sure of that! HIs mother resorted once to putting him in the brig, but he and this one *Ruffles Kendall's hair* had stolen a shuttle for a joy ride. I think he's a bit better behaved now.

Kendall: We only did it one time! *tries to look cute and innocent*

Olivia: WOW! The only thing I ever stole was my mommy's lipstick to draw on my walls with. That's cool!

Khaman: well, we arent reccommending you take this up as a past time, or drawing on the walls actually. Kendall can tell you what happened when they got caught and came back

Kendall: Calen got put into the Brig by his mom, and I got yelled at by Deidre and Tank.

Olivia: Who's Tank?

Kendall: He's gonna be my big brother when he marries Deidre. He's the Marine Commander. But don't hurt his feelings by telling him he's short.

Olivia: *giggles* okay

Renee: *smiles* At least these two are getting along... so far

Khaman: Kendall, why dont you and Olivia come to my quarters for icecream after dinner, We'll bring out the old earth cartoons that you and Calen like and I'm sure everyone will get along fine.

Kendall: COOL!!

Olivia: *thoughtfully* I like ice-cream...

Miriam's com badge beeps

Ivengard: +Commander, the engneering Lietuenant from the other ship has awakened, She should be able to talk in a few minutes+

Khaman: Thank you Doctor. I'm on the way. *Smiles* Ok so we all have a date then, see you ladies tonight. *miriam hurries out*

MacTaggart: +Miriam? Need a sitrep from down in Medical. Last I heard, they had their hands full and only a handful of the Isaneau's crew actually survived long enough fer Ivenguard ta patch them up.+

Khaman: I heard, on the way now Mac.

MacTaggart: +Great... Mac out.+


MacTaggart, Khaman, and the kids

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