APRIL 2003

Author: Cdr Donal Markinson - Lt Cmdr Bryan Helgraz - Lt Khrystal Ahn'Sorata
Title: "How to make friends and influence people"

==Jeffries Tube, USS Saturn==

Donal: Can I ask you a favor?

Ahn'Sorata: *puts her booksmark in place, and closes the book. She rolls over onto her side, and props herself up on one elbow* Depends on what the favor is... *winks*

Donal: *smiles* I need the crew to start heading back. I don't want to issue a recall though... I don't want to play the badguy on my first day.

Ahn'Sorata: I see... you you want me *points to herself* to play the badguy instead, and issue the recall for you? *raises an eyebrow and smirks*

Donal: *starts to feel cramped* Not exactly... do you mind if we get out of the Jeffries tubes? What are you doing in here anyway? *quickly catches himself* Aside from reading...

Ahn'Sorata: Besides reading? *collects her books, and places then into the backpack she was using as a pillow* Nothing at all.

Donal: *slowly shaking his head* If there's something wrong with your quarters, I'll have the CHENG take a look. *noting that they were facing each other* I think you'd better turn around if we're going to get out of here...

Ahn'Sorata: Who said there was anything wrong with my quarters? *turns around, crawls a few feet to the access panel, and pops it open. She swings her feet over the edge, then drops to the floor in the room* You coming?

Donal crawled out after her and stretched his back.

Donal: *cracking his back* That's something I sure don't miss from my engineering days.

Ahn'Sorata: I think it's pretty comfortable in there. But back to your favor... how did I rate being asked to ruin Shoreleave? *smiles*

Donal: *smiles too* Again, that's not exactly what I had in mind. The Captain suggested we should start a rumor indicating that shoreleave would probably end soon. Just try to get everyone back on their own accord. No need to ruin everybody's shoreleave with a direct recall, don't you think?

Ahn'Sorata: So how exactly do you think spreading a rumor will get everyone to return to the ship? *looks confused* Even if we went to the Station, there's no guarantee we'd see enough people that everyone would hear. Unless you have a plan?

Donal had thought it sounded good when Tee said it. After she had said that, he wasn't so sure.

Donal: *hopeful* Isn't there something you could do to sort of implant the rumor into several different people or something?

Ahn'Sorata: *looks thoughtful* I suppose I could telepathically whisper to a few folks that Shoreleave is almost over. Not exactly the most ethical way to do things though... *laughs*

Donal: *shrugs* As long as they don't notice, it shouldn't matter, right? Besides, we're just obeying a lawful order from the Captain. *winks*

Ahn'Sorata: *rolls her eyes* Donal, if we were talking about borrowing thing from the station... sure. But putting thoughts into people's minds is an invasion. It's a very grey area. What about those Cadets of yours? Have they all left yet? We could always order them to run around the station spreading the rumor. It'd reach a lot of people then.

Donal: *shaking his head* They shoved off this morning. Heh.. that gives me an idea though... We could start the rumor with the instructors. It'll probably reach every member of the station staff within the hour, and I don't think letting the instructors know should breach any ethical codes either. *smiles*

Ahn'Sorata: Hmm... have I met any of the instructors? Otherwise, this won't work. Unless I know or have at least met them, we can't "talk". It'd be like trying to use a combadge without activating it first. I'd "talk", but no one would receive.

Donal: Oh you'll meet them. Just do exactly as I say...

Ahn'Sorata: *laughs* I never do exactly what anyone says. But lead the way.

Donal: *smiles* Head over to the station wearing something that will "attract" attention... Then, go to D level, section 15. There's an officer's lounge there where the instructors like to hang out. Go up to the bar and order a drink. I garauntee that by the time you finish the drink, you'll have met at least six of them. All you need to do is mention that the Saturn is about to head out and the rumor is started.

Ahn'Sorata: Fine... but you *pokes him in the chest* are coming along for backup, in case any of them get stupid. *starts walking down the halls to her quarters* It is your plan after all.

Donal: *smiles apologetically* I can't... I need to meet the Captain on Far Reach in a couple of minutes... Besides, you'll be more alluring if you're alone. *winks*

Donal nods to an officer who was heading their way.

Ahn'Sorata: You don't do this much, do you? *sighs* Yes, I sit alone when I get there. But always have backup nearby. And there's a likely candidate... *grins at Helgraz* You busy?

Helgraz: Busy? That depends on your definition of the word. *he looks at them both; observing the minutae of body language* Interesting enough that I'm free.

Ahn'Sorata: *nods* I have to go play on the station with some Fleetie instructors at the bar, and I could use some company.

Helgraz chuckled.

==A few minutes later==

Ahn'Sorata: *stops at her Quarters, opens the door, and drops the backpack as she walks inside* Back in 5 minutes... *grins, holds up 5 fingers, then disappears into her bedroom*

Donal turned toward the officer who he hadn't met yet.

Donal: *extends his hand* Cdr. Donal Markinson, XO.

Helgraz: Ship Spook. *raises a thin, but not quite emaciated hand to meet the XOs*

Donal shook the hand gingerly at first, but quickly found an unseen power behind it and gripped his hand normally.

Donal: Is that an official position?

Helgraz: *chuckles* Close enough. Let's say me and Tee go back a long way ... and that I'm the balance to his check. Most of the time. *he offers a faint smile*

Ahn'Sorata: Except when I'm stuck helping the kiddo out. *walks back into the main room, dressed in tight black leather pants and a red silk shirt.* Alrighty, let's go play with the teachers. *smirks*

Helgraz: *raises an eyebrow* You're putting an awful lot of faith in my ability to protect you. Or even help you protect yourself. *chuckles softly*

Ahn'Sorata: Who said I wanted you along to protect me? *smiles* I said I could use some company.

Helgraz: Social company, I hope. *he flexes his fingers* I could do the tall dark and creepy act, but that would require my other attire.

Donal: I'm sure the two of you can figure it out. We should head to the transporter room though if I'm going to make my date with Tee. *smiles*

Ahn'Sorata: I heard about the robe *grins* And yes, I meant social. Figure since I'm being ordered over to the station, I might as well have some fun while I'm there.

Donal checks his chronometer impatiently.

Helgraz: The robe is just one part of the full effect. Now let's get along before the little vein in Markinson's head begins to bulge.

Ahn'Sorata: Alrighty... so Lounge, flirt, tell them about the recall, then fun time. Right boss? *smiles at Donal*

Donal: *motioning towards the door* Something like that...

Donal waits for the two of them to head out of Khrys' quarters before he rubs his head, verifying that the mystery Commander was joking.

Helgraz: *whistles off tune*

Donal: *as they walked* I'll have the transporter chief beam us outside the lift on the promenade. We should be able to get you cleared to D deck and I should be able to meet up with Tee without a hitch.

Helgraz: So, who do I flirt with?

Ahn'Sorata: *nods to Donal* Sounds like a plan. *then grins and looks at Helgraz* I suppose whoever you want.

As they arrived at the transporter room, Donal fed the coordinates to the transporter chief as the other two took up the their places on the pad. The transporter chief couldn't help but keep one eye on Khrys.

Helgraz: I'll have to look for someone who can survive having a crafty Romulan woman, I suppose. *He offers a slight grin; meanwhile his hands have gone to his pockets, pulling out a pair of odd metal widgets and fiddling with various combinations thereof*

Ahn'Sorata: *quirks an eyebrow, then whispers in Romulan* Heh... the wife back home?

Between Vorsaak, Khrys and this guy, Donal started to doubt his decision to take over the Saturn's XO spot.

Donal: Energize.

Helgraz: *taps his left temple and replied in Standard* The wife is always with me, in a manner of speaking. Fortunately, she has a distinctly Romulan sense of humour.

With that, the energizers engaged and the three were engulfed in a blue sparkly haze.

Ahn'Sorata: *waits until the appear on the station, then switches back to Standard* Always fun... and the Romulans are so known for their wonderful senses of humor *laughs, then flips a wave to Donal* Bye...have fun with the kiddo.

Helgraz: *chuckles as he steps off the pad* Actually, they have a most interesting sense of humor. It's just that it's rather difficult for most Terrans to appreciate.

Donal: You guys think you can get past D level security by yourselves?

Helgraz: *raises an eyebrow* If I can't get past D level security, I'll turn in my bars right now.

Ahn'Sorata: *bats her eyelashes, and smiles innocently* Hello there Officer... I was supposed to meet someone here? *pretends to look for ID* I'm sorry, but I've misplaced my ID... I thought it was right here... *pats the front of her shirt, then frowns and tries to look upset*

Donal: *smirks* Have fun. I'll be interested in hearing how it turns out.

Donal leaves the transporter area and veers right in the direction of the place Tee said to meet.

==Promenade, security checkpoint==

Helgraz meanwhile places Tab A into Slot B, placing the linked widgets back in his pocket, and fishing out a bit of blackplaz. He walks up to the scanplate while Khyrs plays "live bait" to the guard, presses the blackplaz against the plate and waits for the flash. When it happens, he removes the plate, and walks back toward the guard and the "unfortunate lady".

Ahn'Sorata: *notices he's finished* Oh there you are sweetie! *smiles and slides her arm around Helgraz* Thank so much officer for all your help. By the way, why does that guy over there have a knife? *ducks through the door with Bryan as the guard turns to look*

Helgraz almost cringies at being referred to as "sweetie" but manages to keep his facial features on leash.

Helgraz: *murmuring once they're well out of earshot of the guard type* Why does that guy over there have a knife? Is that the best you could come up with?

Ahn'Sorata: *shrugs* Next time I'll think of something better "sweetie" *laughs* Besides, it worked.

Helgraz: Mmmm... now for the real trick. *taking the blackplaz - with the stored emit sequence, and walking up to the access panel.* Can't just slide it through, have to convince it it's taking a legit passcard.

Ahn'Sorata: *nods* Sounds like you've done this before.

Helgraz: *chuckles softly* I've done something like this before I went into Intel. Back when I didn't have all the restricted tools to play with.

He takes the card, and rather than just sliding it through, begins to jiggle the lead edge... there is a faint click - at which point he jams the card in .. the door hisses open, but at the same time spits out the card as if it was a negative.

Helgraz: Quickly - before the doors realize they're supposed to be shut. *ducks in*

Ahn'Sorata: *quickly follows him* And now up to the Officer's Lounge.

The door closes shut.

Helgraz: The beauty of the system is that, since no alarms are going off, we can press a button and it will presume we're legitimate passengers. As opposed to getting gassed and tossed inna brig.

Ahn'Sorata: Gassed is bad, but some of the brigs I've been in aren't that bad *smiles, and waits as the turbolift starts moving*

Helgraz: *raises an eyebrow* So, let me guess ... you get to play tele-siren for the crew, courtesy of the XO - but really by way of our august Captain?

Ahn'Sorata: More or less. Siren, yes... but not with the telepathy. Told Donal it was unethical to just go around implanting things in people's minds. So all I have to do is flirt, and tell them we're leaving soon. They'll tell the cadets, who will in turn tell everyone then can find.

Helgraz: Interesting plan. As long as it's our officers in the lounge, that is.

Ahn'Sorata: Well that's where he said they all hung out *shrugs*

Helgraz: Besides, sticking things in people's minds can be risky. They don't always react the way you might expect.

Ahn'Sorata: *nods* Exactly... and some people will do the exact opposite, just to be obstinate.

Helgraz: *raises an eyebrow* Sometimes I wonder how much of your observations are insight and how much rely on subbasal telempathy. We seem to be here.

Ahn'Sorata: Most of it is insight and observation... years of practice, and I am a counselor *smiles and winks* Just don't tell the crew. *steps out of the lift*

Helgraz: Now why would I spoil your fun like that? *murmured as he exits behind her*

Ahn'Sorata: *whispered back* Didn't think you would. *walks into the lounge, and walks over to the bar. She sits on an empty stool, and orders a pina colada*

Helgraz walks into the longue, moves to a place at the bar about three seats down but with clean line-of-sight to her, the exit and the back of the bar. He orders a Romulan Ale, half measure, cut with cubes.

It didn't take long before Khrys was noticed. Commander Devlin, one of the most flirtatious men in the universe happened to be downing the last of his second lager as he heard the femenine voice behind him. Looking back at the young officer at the bar, he decided it was time for another drink.

Devlin (NPC): *Sliding onto the barstool next to Khrys* Hey Joe, I'll have another, and put hers on my tab.

Ahn'Sorata: *looks at the Commander, and smiles sweetly* That's so nice of you Commander. I really enjoyed my time on your station.

Devlin: *smiles* I'm surprised considering you haven't met me yet. *winks*

Helgraz mumbles something about fools rushing in, and better men should know than to invest in IBC.

Ahn'Sorata: Oh really? *giggles* Well you know how it is when you're stationed on a ship, the Captain always keeps you busy.

Devlin: *still driving hard* I'm sure I would be keeping you "busy" too. It'd be a shame to let such a "talented" young officer such as yourself go to waste.

Ahn'Sorata: *picks up the cherry from her drink by the stem, and pops the entire thing in her mouth. A moment later, the takes the stem from her mouth, now tied in a knot, and sets it on the bar* I'm sure you would... but my ship is leaving probably within the hour. *pouts* I guess I'll miss out on all the fun.

Helgraz: *raises an eyebrow after he sips the cut ale, muttering a bit louder this time* I've always wondered how fast the ride from Commander down to Lieutentant could be. *then muttered more quietly again* Should prove educational.

Devlin: Well, if you ever come back, be sure to look me up.

Devlin made his hand into the shape of a gun and pointed it at Khrys, then made a sound effect that was supposed to immitate the cocking of an ancient firearm. He chugged down his drink and left the lounge forgetting completely he had never even given her his name.

Ahn'Sorata: *rolls her eyes, then glances down the bar to Helgraz* [One of Starfleet's most charming and brightest, I'm sure... *laughs*]

Helgraz: *raises his glass in a salute of sorts* /Romulan/ About as pleasant as aired hvai dung.

Ahn'Sorata: /Romulan/ Exactly... you know, it's nice being able to finally speak some of the languages I've learned. *grins* Most people just know Standard.

On his way down the hall, Devlin passed by Lt. Cmdr. Tazon Krell. The Lt. Cmdr. was newly arrived and looking to make new friends. He stopped by the lounge he had learned was the hotspot for the instructors and quickly noticed the woman at the bar. Her drink looked more empty than full and thought he could offer her another.

Ahn'Sorata: *smiles at the newly arrived officer* [Round 2...]

Krell (NPC): *climbing onto the barstool* Looks like you're running low. Can I get you another?

Ahn'Sorata: Certainly... *finishes the rest of her drink, then nods and smiles*

Helgraz: finishes his drink, then moves to stand by the door.

Krell: *to Joe* I'll have another for the lady, and a cup of Delarian tea for myself. *turns to Khrys* My name is Tazon by the way.

Ahn'Sorata: *extends her hand* Khrystal Ahn'Sorata. I'm on the Saturn *thanks the bartender for the drink, then does her cherry stem trick again* This is a pretty nice station. Too bad we're shipping out today.

Krell: *nodding and noticing the cherry trick* I used to be able to do that... I haven't been able to ever since Lisette. Her tongue just didn't have the muscle... and after a lifetime of no practice, I had forgotten how to do it. *smiles* I hope you had a good stay at least.

Ahn'Sorata: Thanks, and yes it's been fun.

A PADD Krell had been carrying started beeping at him.

Krell: *frowns* Oh, shoot. I'm running late again... Nice meeting you Khrystal, maybe we'll see each other again sometime.

Krell rushed out of the lounge, his PADD in tow, and his tea untouched.

Helgraz: *notes, pointedly* Wouldn't it just be easier to make a Station annoucement? Of course, if you're enjoying this...

Ahn'Sorata: That's what I said *shrugs* But apparently Tee wants rumors spread instead, and Donal's scared people will think he's the "bad guy" for ending Shoreleave *rolls her eyes*

They spend about 10 more minutes informing various Instructors that the Saturn is shipping out, then leave the lounge.

Helgraz: *chuckles* I see. Such a nice thing to do to someone he seems sweet on. *rolls an eye*

Ahn'Sorata: Yuppers. Remind me to get even with him later. *pauses* Is it that obvious that he's got a crush?

Helgraz: *chuckles softly* Probably not to the rest of the crew. Yet.

Ahn'Sorata: *laughs* But to you it is, correct? I'd heard you were good at picking up on things.

Before he could answer, they were enveloped by the blue sparkle haze of a transporter beam. When it cleared they found themselves on one of the Cargo Transporters aboard the Saturn of all places.

Helgraz: Ahh, it seems the voice of reason has prevailed. Though ... a cargo transporter ... is a bit odd.

Ahn'Sorata: Then it probably wasn't Marvin *grins* Maybe Donal changed his mind? *blinks* Huh... that's interesting. We're moving at warp already.

Helgraz: *rubs his temples* That would explain a few thngs ... but not nearly enough. Shall we go see what the newest crises is?

Ahn'Sorata: Sure, why not? *grins* I suppose I should change, but I want to know what's going on first. *shrugs*

Helgraz: You _do_ want rational answers directed to your face, yes?

Ahn'Sorata: Yes, but it's just Tee. So no worries. Besides, I'm the "old lady", and he's just kiddo *laughs*

Off: Joint post by

Commander Donal Markinson

Lt. Cmdr. Bryan Helgraz
Intel Officer

Lt. Khrystal Ahn'Sorata
Ship's Counselor

MARCH 2003

Author: Ensign Torsa
Title: "Fists of Logic"

<USS Saturn>
<Holodeck, M.A. Tourney>

Torsa stood silently, gathering her thoughts and meditating before her match was to begin. Normally, she would never have entered the tournament, but since there was no real harm to the tournament, and no real violence, she decided that it would be logical to test her skills.

When the chime and announcer called her name, Torsa stood and walked to the ring. She turned to the judge, and bowed slightly, showing respect. Then, she turned and faced her opponent, and bowed slightly.

Although Torsa had not yet met her opponent, she noticed that the other woman, apparantly human, took a highly aggressive stance. Torsa deduced that her opponent would logically be a 'kicker'-someone whose style was predominately kicks.

Torsa stood calmly, almost serenely, while she waited for the judge to begin the match. Once the match began, the other woman almost literally flew towards her with a kick aimed to her chin. Almost as quick as thought, Torsa reached her left hand up and caught the kick, bringing her free hand around in a controlled palm strike to her opponent's exposed kidney area. Although the hit was solid, it was not enough to do damage.

The judge called the point and the combatants came back to their lines and began again.

This time, Torsa's opponent came off the line with more care. She performed several quick kicks, intending to put Torsa on guard, and possibly open a weak point in Torsa's defense. Torsa analysed her method of attack, and immediately executed a foot-sweep. Suddenly off-balanced, the woman fell down to the mat, stunned momentarily. Torsa followed the foot sweep with a controlled kick to her opponent's mid-riff area.

Again, the judge called the point.

Torsa's opponent became quite flustered, and it was only too easy for her to finish her match. The other woman had not scored, and Torsa almost made it look easy.

After the match concluded, Torsa approached her opponent.

Torsa: You did well. My congradulations.

NE: Thank you. Good luck with the rest of the tourney.

Torsa nodded to her, and then walked back to the ready area...


Ensign Torsa
Chief Operations Officer
USS Saturn


Author: Lt Ted Dachau
Title: ?

=USS Caduceus, bridge=

Ted was apalled that Weeks had been killed, that others were now willing to commit suicide implied a determined driving force behind the group loosely known as the bad guys. Stepping forward flipping open his medical tricorder, the continuous monotone told him that Weeks was dead...in fact the hole where his heart use to be confirmed that at a quick glance as the blood pooled around his body. In a moment of spontaneous thought, Ted leaned down and gently touched the deceased Malcohm Weeks forehead, his dead eyes and surprised look on his face still frozen in place. Almost immediately on contact he felt something as he closed his eyes, it was a flicker of residual emotion, it was a glimmer or echo of who Weeks had been. Opening his eyes and looking down at his tricorder one more time he could see that almost all of Weeks lifesigns had flatlined by now, usually when a person died by such deadly trauma as the blast that destroyed Weeks heart the rest of the body took a little time in which to realise they were in the process of dying once the blood stopped pumping through the rest of the body. Ted said it but it was pretty obvious as he got back up..
Ted: LtCdr. Malcohm Weeks wounds are fatal no chance of recovery.

What happened later was somewhat of a blur as Ted checked the shape changer and some of the dead bridge crew, it seemed that the ones who had poisoned themselves were carrying a disguised patch on the skin, it would be easy to miss unless found by accident or in this case you tracked the nerve poison spread though out their body back to its source.

As Torsa and Neera prepared the Caduceus to be linked to the Saturns controls Ted scanned all of Caduecus crew one by one looking for more of the poison patches but none were found. All the shapechanger were accounted for and those who were barely alive that they had been able to get to in time were transported back for stasis but from the look of things even if they could find a cure he doubted if they'd have all their marbles afterwards due to the side effects the poison had.

=Caduceus Sickbay=

Ted having an Ops. background as well decided to do abit of snooping on his own, in particular he wondered how dirty the rest of the crew was, in particular the Caduceus CMO and did a search, looking at whatever recent logs he could. It came as a surprise and relief that the CMO of the Caduceus had in fact been questioning some of Weeks command decisions on more than one ocassion and it seemed their last arguement over a matter involved unscheduled cargo transfers of a medical nature... When Ted had checked Lt.Margaret "Hazard" Donnelly the CMO for a poison patch, she had been unusually subdued going quietly with the rest of the crew to the Saturns brig. Ted also found logs of conversations between Donnelly and the transporter chief WO. Muwhati Su'ali, they had apparently discussed some of the strange goings on but had been unable to get any concrete proof at the time.

Ted leaned back and wondered how many were innocent then. Quickly he collected this data and wrote an accompanying note to Vorsaak telling him he believed that at least two of the Caduceus were innocent and that there might be more. With that fired off for Vorsaaks consideration Ted then returned to the Saturn to get ready for yet another dinner ocasion...


Lt. Ted Dachau
Medical Intern
USS Saturn NCC 2822-A
3rd Divison
Tango Fleet

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