Author: LCDR Bryan Helgraz, Lt. Khrys Ahn'Sorata, Lt. Tannim Kole
Title: n/c

Helgraz had left the Saturn for the starbase some hours prior; in the time between then and now he had made several stops in the under- Bazaar, picking up bits and pieces of broken, refurbished and sometimes just plain odd equipment; stashing these in manifold pockets and catchspots hidden within the full length hooded black robes he wore. He knew that Khrys was somewhere in this place as well; no doubt looking for books and the like.

He had already given the slip to a few of the station's minders; too curious folk on the lookout for information to sell to others, but there were still one or two more persistant ones trailing him. He was, no doubt, supposed to be unaware of their presence. It but remained for another routine security patrol to come through the area and he could lose them and finally be about his designated business.


A young woman wearing a beat up brown leather jacket, black t-shirt, jeans and boots carefully made her way to the preselected spot. She checked for tailers from time to time, using her regular senses and her Betazoid abilities. After finally determining there was no longer anyone following her, she entered the seedy little bar/diner and took a seat in a booth near the back.

Helgraz haggled with the Horta for ten minutes over the value of a ten pound chunk of neocalcite with rubite veining. The Horta's voder was damaged; which didn't make communication any easier, but they reached a price he was willing to pay and a small black card exchanged places with the veined rock which made its way into a sample pouch on the inside of his lobes. A low scuttling, scuffling sound of bodies in motion forewarned him that the security sweep was about to commence. He quietly picked back into the crowd and began a leisurely descent toward Plath's, a tiny hole in the wall rat trap of an eatery and bar whose only redeeming quality was the guaranteed privacy of one's affairs held inside. For a moment he focused his thoughts on the image of a sparrow darting into the air; he knew that Khrys would recognize the pre-arrianged signal as time to move on.

<Still yet another part of the Bazaar>

Khrys: No, I'm not interested in that one. I want these. *sighs and waits for the Ferengi booth vendor to stop babbling* Look... I already have volumes 1, 3, and 4. The original editions.

Vendor: Surely a young woman of taste like yourself would rather read some of these? *holds up several old romance novels* These are very good, and rare. *leans over and whispers in Ferengi to his partner: "we've got her now I think"*

Khrys: *rolls her eyes, then responds in Ferengi* "Look you miserable money grubbing bastard... either you sell me volume 2 for a decent price, or I walk." *flicks her wrist, and a bar of gold pressed latinum appears between her fingers* "If you play ball and we can work a deal, I'll take these as well." *sets a small stack of paperbacks onto the counter, then flicks her wrist and another bar appears next to the first*

Ferengi Vendor: *rubs his hands together* "It's yours! Take those too, and feel free to pick out hmm... 5 more. Your choice." *grabs the bars, and caresses them with his fingers*

Khrys: *carefully places her purchases into her backpack, then picks out 5 more high priced books she was thinking about* "Done. Nice doing business with you."

Ferengi Vendor: *waves a hand, not paying attention to anything but his bars*

Khrys started brwosing another nearby stall, when she got the mental image of a sparrow darting into the air. She grinned, then started jogging towards Plath's.

As expected, the security patrol made an excellent screen; better than planned, as one of his two tails had apparently turned out to be under active arrest order. Helgraz flashed a private smile, unseen within the shadows of his hood. [See, love, I did learn a few things between Rihannsu social functions and executions. Though the two are rather distressingly similiar to one another.] he quipped to Risae tElukth through the bond they shared. He ducked through the ratty weave that covered the front entrance to Plath's, walked up to the back, grabbing a bottle of one of the least offensive drinks and three glasses, then moved through another ratty cloth door, feeling the slight tingle of the dampener field as he passed its perimeter and into the heart. He stared at the booths already occupied; what he could see of them, anyway, then slid into the number four facing out as if unaware or uncaring of the young woman in leather and jeans already there.

Kole: Seems you're one short. *pauses, then smiles* Correction... we've got incoming.

Bryan merely smiles. "I'd offer a wager on her identity, but I expect you've already reviewed the Saturn's manifest."

Khrys ignored the stares of several of the patrons already there, and headed towards their booth until she was stopped by the bartender.

Bartender: 'scuse me missy, but aren't you a little young to be in a bar? *leers at her*

Khrys: *sighs* damnit I am getting tired of this today. *mutters several different obsceneties, in a couple of different languages*

Bartender: Woah! Where did a kid like you learn to talk like that?

Khrys: Look mister... I'm over 21, alright? I just look young for my age.

Bartender: *shrugs* Whatever... just don't cause any trouble!

Khrys: *smiles sweetly at him, and walks off. As soon as her back is to him, she rolls her eyes again and makes a gagging guesture. She finally makes her way to the booth, and drop onto the bench next to helgraz* Bartenders...

Kole: *grins* Just judging by the way she carries herself and the way her mind works, I'd say El-Aurian.

Kole: And since I did review your crew's manifest, this must be your infamous counselor Ahn'Sorata.

Bryan reaches over and toggles a small switch on the wall; the three of them can feel the slight tightening as a secondary sound dampener expands outward, encompassing the table to provide an additional level of privacy.

Khrys: *takes the bottle, pours a glass for each of them, and then downs hers* Bingo... and judging by your accent and subtle probing of my head, you must be Kole.

Bry Helgraz: Bryan folds his knuckles bridge-style, watching the two ladies, each quite capable in their own way, interact.

Kole: *takes the class, raises it a bit, and smiles* Cheers... *takes a sip* So Bry... staying in trouble as usual?

Khrys: *refills her glass, takes a sip, and stifles a laugh as she hears Kole's comment* You have no idea...

He pulls back his hood enough so the other two can see his face, and smiles most Cheshire-like. "Oh, aye, but now I'm doing it under the blanket of Fleet Intel. How strange the way the worlds turn, mmm?"

Kole: Tell me about it... as for me, I was busted down in rank from Captain to Lieutenant just so I could get a placement on a damn ship with no questions asked. Simcha doesn't probe much about my past, and at least there were a few familiar faces onboard when I got there.

Bry Helgraz: "Ahh, yes, Simcha and the Bismark. Which, I guess, brings us around to the meat of the meeting, aye? You want to play with my old toys." He waves a hand idly as if shooing away an errant insect. "

Kole: you've got it *nods* I know you've got tech and backdoors installed all over the Bismarck. I found a handful on my own during my initial seaching when I took over the Chief of Security slot.

Bry Helgraz: "Oh dear. I do hope nobody was severly embaressed." Again that Cheshire grin. "Ahh, where to start, though. So very many things accomplished, so very few dismantled in my .. hurried departure."

Khrys quietly sipped her drink, and watched them both.

He rubs his chin absently, a slight nodding motion. "I generally left the bridge alone; that part of the ship is, of course, the best secured against intrusion and override. Most of my best work was set up through a direct feed established in Officers Quarters 37a; my old room." He smiled wistfully a moment. "From there, I could access most of the other ubfunctions with this," pulling up his laptop and setting it on the table."

"As you may have surmised from your initial sweep, the bulk (and most boring, I might add) of my backdoors involved rerouting or temporarily disabling video and audio feeds through selective portions of the ship. With an appropriate router, you could walk from one end of the ship to the other and never come up on screen."

Kole: *nods* That was the first thing I found. When the ship was overhauled from her damages, I think someone must've triggered it. I kept finding black spots in my sensor grids, and a lack of feed.

Bryan: There's a series of seed-generated keys which will allow you to channel unused energy from other devices in Sciences to the replicators in Science Bay A. They siphon a minimal amount of power from other devices; never enough to effect their output and thereby draw attention to themselves.

Kole: Would I need a set up like that? *nods towards his laptop*

Bryan: "It wouldn't hurt, but no - a sufficently complex signal routing device; something you could purloin from engineering without much effort, I expect; or even down here if you know who to ask and how much to offer, would allow you to manipulate the sensory feeds. Most of the other functions can be accessed with basic equipment provided you know the seed keys to unlock them." He taps the side of his head.

Kole: I thought you'd say something like that... *tosses him a small device* Ahn'Sorata: *raises an eyebrow in curiousity, and takes another swig of her drink* What is it?

Bry Helgraz: He catches the device in his left hand, and peers at it a moment. He then sets it on the table, presses a spot on his laptop and extracts a small cable which he attaches to the device. His fingers move in a blur over the laptop controls. A brief nod to himself, then removes a small cube and begins to fiddle with it with the fingers of his other hand. Moments later he detaches the cable and returns it to its compartment in the laptop's frame. "Well, I had to upgrade the operating system and replaced some of the applications because they were outdated and/or had transmitter programs built into them, but it should serve. You do know how to solder a solid onto a databoard, yes?"

Kole: Bryan I served on the Masada, remember? Of course I know how to solder things onto a databoard. With all the trouble that ship got into, the only way the tech in my office worked half the time was with a little solder and hot wiring *grins*

Bryan: Marine subsystems on the Bismark are essentially only slightly modified Security protocols; the Captain never did like having marines assigned to her vessel. Consequentially, they can be compromised - or remotely operated - using the same interface. I don't know how much of what I put into the ship they may have found in the year or so since my departure, but with the keys I've providedto your device you can reconstruct a master list of what was in place; they'll sift through various shipsystems for data nuggets buried in other programs - not extras, but actual fragments of the code used by the other programs regularly - copy that data back to your reference file, from where you can see by which listings are complete and which are fragmented what still stands.

Kole: *nods* Got it...

Khrys: *sits a little more upright for a moment, then casually looks over her shoulder* Ahhhhh... thought so. *stands and grins at the two of them* Excuse me for a couple of minutes... *disappears deeper into the depths of Pleth's*

Kole: You two seem pretty chummy. *smiles* I never would've pictured you hanging out with a Counselor. *sips her drink* So how's your wife?

Bry Helgraz: Bryan flicks an eyebrow upward a moment, his curiosity caught by her departure, then back, a rueful grin flickering across his lips at Kole's question. "She's smart enough not to play games with me; a trait I've found to be rather rare with counselors in 'Fleet. As for my bondsmate," he reaches up to rub his temple a moment, "she's in fine form." He rolls his eyes. "Recent events stemming from our prior mission have .. complicated matters."

Kole: Oh? *quirks an eyebrow* I thought you felt... different. But I didn't want to pry.

Bry Helgraz: Mmmm. If you consider the typical mind to be like a pane of glass that thrums slightly in thought, consider my brain to be a glass factory which hasn't stopped thrumming since we encountered a temporo-spatial anomaly. Eventually the stress will find another outlet.

Bry Helgraz: For all her .. ahem .. vocal mental complaining, my bondsmate is probably what's keeping me on edge, rather than over the cliff. I can't imagine what it's like for the people she has to deal with on a day to day basis, however.

Kole: *whistles softly* That's not good... d'you think maybe it has to do with your exposure to the anomaly and your mind link to Risae? It's possible the anomoly affected it, changed it somehow.

He shrugs slightly. "The exposure to the anomaly field is definitely what triggered it, or accelerated it. I suppose I could just give in to it and go sitting on a rock somewhere mumbling to myself for a while. On a tangent, it seems we're being sent to investigate something unusual. Intel, of course, has its own assignment for me when we get there." He rolls his eyes.

Kole: *grins* Mac told me about her first real mission with you, and that whole rock incident. As she puts it, "It was my first mission as XO of the Bis, and my last." *laughs, and glances around a moment* So where did your friend disappear to?

Helgraz shrugs slightly. "She's capable of handling herself. I'm sure if it's important enough she'll drop into wherever I'm at - probably via the ceiling, though occasionally the floor - to tell me. Sooo, how's the action on the Bismark?"

Kole: Boring. Other than the marine who almost got got Engineering wiped out, and Kuval physically dealing with him later... *shrugs* not too much really. We've got a Command School intern with us for a while, and he seems to be on this kick of making everyone spend time on the base. Mostly I do boring paperwork, with the occasional security issue. I feel like a desk jockey sometimes.

Bry Helgraz: "Seems like Tzipora finally got her wish for a quiet ship then. A pity." He cocks his head to the side a moment.

A loud "CRASH" noise can be heard farther off in the bar, followed by some shouting and the sound of bottles breaking.

Bry Helgraz: "Mmmm, judging by the sound, someone tried for a bit more than they deserved and got it."

Kole: Yeah... after being on the Masada, then Starbase Armegeddon, the Bismarck is a really quiet and slow change of pace for me. *leans over a bit to try and see what's going on, as the sounds of furniture breaking, and crashing continues* Damn... must be some fight going on back there.

Bry Helgraz: Mmm, that sounded like a table. Qabba is not going to be happy; getting these booths wired cost him a pretty sum in latinum; even moreso to keep it under wraps.

Khrys walks back over to the booth a few minutes later, straightening her jacket as she walks. She calmly sits down as the sounds of fighting start to die down.

Bry Helgraz: Should I even ask?

Khrys: He wouldn't take no for an answer *grins a cocky smile* So I put him in his place. Then his friends got mad, and things got a bit... complicated. *picks up her glass and takes a long drink from it*

Kole: *smirks for a moment, then starts laughing* Hey Bry... I like this one.

Bry Helgraz: "I thought you might. Perhaps you would care to introduce yourself?" He offers a wry smile. 8-)

Khrys: She already knows who I am. Khrystal Ahn'Sorata.. *extends her hand* my friends call me Khrys.

Kole: *shakes her hand* Tannim Kole... my friends usually end up dead. *smiles*

Bryan rolls his eyes. "Some of us are notable exceptions."

Kole: Yes Bry, you're an exception. Word had it you've been dead, but I see you got better... again *grins at him*

Khrys: Lemme guess... most of them were Security or Marines?

Kole: Bingo *finishes her drink, then refills the glass*

Bry Helgraz: "Mmmm, yes. Well, to be sure, someone went through a lot of effort to make me seem dead. Oh, yes, and a former crewmember of the Bismark decided that Risae needed murdering in return." His voice is cold, almost icy. "Fortunately, neither one of us were the genuine article."

Kole: My ex-fiance decided the same. *her eyes seem to shift color back to the cool gray they were when she entered* hence my quick demotion and transfer.

Helgraz continues patently ignoring the swill-inna-glass. "Decided you weren't the genuine article, or that you needed to be killed?"

Kole: The latter.

Khrys: *winces* ouch.

Helgraz: He gives a quilted double eyebrow, a rare example of the species. "So when did Yusseff go off the deep end?"

Kole: Long story short, he got really heavy into Black Ops. We had a wedding date set, but he kept postponing it and going off on another mission. Anyways, during an attack on the base, all of the comm units on the Station had been cut. So I used our mental link to try and talk to Yusseff to determine his situation. He shoved me out of his mind, and ordered me to never do it again. In that moment, it shattered whatever remained of our supposedly being Imzadi. I decided enough was enough. *sips her drink* He ordered my unit into a suicidal situation, I countermanded the order, and saved the lives of my detachment. When Amin found out, he threatened to bring me up on charges of insubordination and for a courtmartial. I told him off, he backhanded me while wearing his power armor, and I immediately went to our place and packed up. *takes another long sip, and looks into the glass a moment*

Khrys: A true Imzadi wouldn't do that you know...

Kole: *nods* I know... Amin followed me and tried to physically stop me from leaving. I managed to break free from him, grabbed my phaser incase he tried to hit me again. I figured I could stun him. When I fired, I almost killed him. *shakes her head* it turned out to be one of those damned phasers he'd modified for Black ops, with no stun setting. So after the Starfleet inquiry and courtmartial hearing, I requested to be restationed aboard a Starship. I was broken in rank to Lt. as my punishment, and to get me an immediate placement on a ship, and away from Yusseff and Omega Sector. So here I am... *smiles slightly*

Helgraz: Charming. Really. Remind me to look into Armageddon in my precious spare time.

Kole: He's not there anymore... Mac checked into it for me. Armageddon is the Phoenix's home base, remember? Apparently he disappeared right after the trial.

Khrys: Lovely... so you think he might be out looking for you?

Kole: Possible, but I doubt it. I spent some time on Betazoid right after the trial to deal with things, and to get my head straight. I dunno really. Hopefully he'll just leave me alone from now on.

Helgraz: Oh, if he's out there, I wager I can find him. He shrugs slightly, then closes his laptop and returns it to loop and magstrip.

Kole: Bry I appreciate it, but I don't want him found. It took me too long to get my head back together, and I'm still working on the trusting people again thing.

Bry Helgraz: "Ahh, what, you don't trust me, then?" He offers a wry smile and a wink. "But I'm the soul of honesty and integrity in Starfleet, and a rightwise proud officer under the command of the darling of Command, Captain Marvin "I'd never mortgage Starfleet property" Tee."

Kole: You know I trust you. I just don't want to ever see Amin again. *finishes off her glass* What is this stuff anyways? Tastes like shite.

Khrys: *grins* Your accent gets thicker when you drink...

Kole: Bah... act yer age counselor.

Bry Helgraz: You'll notice I haven't touched my glass. I did warn you about the approximate quality of the food and drink here.

Kole: *makes a face after reading the label on the bottle* There's got to be someplace around here we can get a good whiskey or something to drink.

Khrys: Well there's always the stash of Crown Tee thinks he's got hidden away...

Bry Helgraz: "So soon?" He shakes his head. "Might that not be a touch ... tactless?"

Khrys: How so? *grins*

Kole: *looks at Bryan, then to Khrys* Am I missing something here?

Bry Helgraz: "Mmmm, the Captain should get to enjoy some of his liquor before having to restock it again. It just seems .. indecent, somehow, otherwise."

Khrys: We drank the one bottle of his Crown from the yacht, not his ready room.

Bry Helgraz: "Looking for something to tweak the Captain's nose before we set to space again, then?"

Khrys: Naw... I just figure the kiddo is probably out either getting into bar fights, being a pirate, or hitting on the ladies. So we might as well have a little fun too. *grins mischieviously*

Helgraz looks to Kole. "And this is the ships' counselor suggesting this."

Kole: *grins, looking once more like her old self again* I knew there was a reason I liked her.

Bry Helgraz: You know, the fine art of mischeif requires a little something called subtlety.

Khrys: Then I leave it all up to you Mr. Ship's Spook

Bry Helgraz: :: picks up his glass of .. whatever .. and calmly pours it on the floor :: You know the ship tubes far better than I.

Khrys: Then what are we waiting for? *stands up*

Bry Helgraz: Possibly we're waiting for the next security patrol to roam through before we sneak back to our ship. Unless you want to play the little innocent waif lost, that is.

Khrys: For a good cause? Yeah, I'll play bait.

Helgraz looks over to Kole. "I trust you can get as far as the umbilical to the Saturn without any problems?"

Kole: You're kidding right? Should be a piece of cake.

Bry Helgraz: "Good. I've got one more stop to make. I suggest we find our way back seperately. If you do get in over even your considerable head, Khrys, I'm sure I'll find out about it." He gets up, stepping from the booth, and heading out of Plath's.

Khrys waits a few more minutes, and carefully makes her way out of the bar. Ten minutes after that, Kole decided it was her turn. She carefully picked her way through the Bazaar and up to DS9's more respectable levels, finally finding her way to the Saturn's umbilical.

Bry heads up two decks, into the outer ring promenade. A pair of stops at more legitimate, licensed merchants provides what he is looking for, but given the distance he will likely be the last to arrive back at the Saturn.

Khrys managed to arrive at the umbilical about 15 minutes after Kole, and grinned as she hefted her backpack into a more comfortable position on her shoulder. Now they just had to wait for Bryan to arrive.

Within five minutes, Bryan arrived, piloting a small gravsled. He disembarked, picked up his two packages and slung them over his shoulders, then looked to the other two as autopilot took the gravsled back to its place of origin. "Shall we?"

Kole: After you fearless leader.

Bry Helgraz: That would be your signal to go, Khrys.

Khrys: We'll stop at my place first to dump this pack, then off we go.

Once the trio had ditched the Counselor's pack of books and popped open the nearest jefferies tube hatch, Khrys led them on a short trip through the tubes. A left here, up a ladder there, back to the right here, and so forth. Finally they came to a stop, and she opened the ceiling vent.

Khrys: Last Stop, Captain's ready room. *she dropped through the hole to the floor, then moved out of the way* Next.

Kole: *still grinning, she crawled over to the opening, then hopped out* Come on down Bry.

Bry Helgraz: He leaves the two packages in the tubes, then pulls himself out and dropped down.

Khrys: *taps her lips with her pointer finger as she thinks* Now where would it be... *walks behind the desk, opens the drawer marked "Important Files" and laughs* Bingo. *she holds up a bottle of Crown Royal, tosses it to Kole, and smiles* Okay, let's go.

Bry Helgraz: Ahh, but where this time?

Khrys: Your place has the best security. *shrugs*

Bry Helgraz: How did I know that would be the answer? Well, c'mon tube rat. You know the way better than I do at this point.

Khrys just laughed, jumped up, and pulled herself back into the vent. After making sure the other two were safely up, she closed the vent, and they made their way back down to Helgraz's quarters.

Bry Helgraz: He grabbed his two packages as they set off again. Opening up the ceiling panel, he dropped into the total darkness which was his chambers when empty. A slight adjustment takes the lighting up to evening tones. He activates the doorseal, then calls up. "All clear."

Kole dropped lightly to the floor, follows shortly by Khrys.

Bry Helgraz: Welcome to Chateau Helgraz... Tonight we will be serving the finest in Captain's Liquor.

Kole: *drops her jacket onto the couch, and sits down* Why it is almost every starship's quarters look the same?

Bry Helgraz: Probably some clause in the building contracts. Tee would know.

Khrys: *opens the bottle* So get some glasses already bryan

He rolls his eyes, then removes a pair of spectacles from a workbench. After that, he opens a small wall compartment and removes some sturdy mugs, passing two around.

Khrys: *fills each of the three mugs, then grins and raises hers in a toast* Cheers!

Bry Helgraz: Take one down and pass it round, ehh?

Kole : Works for me.


LCDR Bryan Helgraz
Ship's Spook
USS Saturn


Lt. Khrys Ahn'Sorata
Ship's Counselor
USS Saturn


Lt. Tannim Kole
USS Bismark


Author: Lt Vorsaak
Title: "Untitled"

==== USS Saturn, The Brig ====

Vorsaak eyed Dachau, his face expressing absolutely nothing, which wasn't exceptionally suprising.

Vorsaak: Seemingly, you do have a distrust towards Mr. St John. Expected, yes, after his... uncommon display during the meeting.

Dachau: Amazing you didn't threw your bit then.

Vorsaak: There are times when listening is wiser than speaking. Words of St. John are intriguing, because of the fact that he is still a cadet. Nevertheless, Starfleet has assigned him to establish a First Contact with the new found race.

Dachau: Then you will accompany us on the away mission? * smiles * We could always use some cold logic there.

Vorsaak: Very well. I shall rearrange the security team for this mission. Ensign Rowbar and myself will be assisting you.

Dachau: Swell - everyone seems to be packing already, so I'd say we should increase our action efficiency in order to complete all objectives within a limited timeframe".

Vorsaak looked at Dachau, raising his right eyebrow. Ted laughed at that reaction.

Vorsaak: I suppose you would comment that statement as being similar to my style of expressing myself.

Dachau: Something like that.

Vorsaak: Mr. Dachau, I do believe that "humor" lacks productivity and logic, therefore being useless in our current situation.

Dachau: But it sure helps.

Vorsaak: Helps in what, Mr. Dachau?

Dachau: To live through our common, boring life. To relieve the stress and give some brightness to our duty.

Vorsaak: If you are suffering from a stress, I do believe a visit in counselor's office would be an imperative course of action.

Dachau: You are painly emotionless and logical.

Vorsaak: I am a Vulcan.


Lieutenant Vorsaak
Chief Of Security
USS Saturn

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