Date: October ?, 2002
Title: Retrieval #16 Marines
Author: Private First Class Tracy Cathack

=ON= =Immediately after Cdr Morath's post, but just prior to Cdt Grella's post=

PFC Tracey Cathak looked at the faces of all those assembled at the briefing room. She placed the PADD down on the table top, and stood up, giving everyone the message that she didn't really need the PADD, or any other extraneous props.

"First things First. I Am PFC Tracey Cathak, the
marine Squad Leader for the duration of this mission. As Cdr Morath is new to my little squad," she flashed Morath a grin, being sure to show off a her impressive canines," he hasn't been able to recieve a demonstration of our potential. Tame Killers Indeed. I have arranged for several training excersizes involving boarding actions in the event that the Minerty is found intact, ranging from a derilict spacecraft to any number of possible hostile resistance, in adition to a number of other training excersizes."

"I wish to make public the information that all marines in my squad are fully trained and liscensed to polit any and all craft and fighters currently aboard the Masada, in the event they are needed in such capacity.

Each Marine is also cross-trained in a specific ship-board department Other than Security. I have learned that Diversity is the Spice in Life, and it
is also essential in critical situations, and have made arrangements for each Marine to hone skills in a specific department."

"If anyone has an interest in cross-training with the Black Knights, feel free to contact myself and Cdr Morath for aproval, schedules permitting."

With that said and done, she sat back down, her tail flicking about in excitement, and she had to force herself to calm down, lest she prove an
unnesecairy distraction. She was nervous, excited, scared, and content, all at the same time. after a moment, she was back to her calm, observent self, as she listened to Cdt Grella and the others talking about this that and the other, possible scenarios were brought up, and she filed them away in her memory for further training in those possible courses of action.


PFC Tracey Cathak
Marine Squad Leader
USS Masada


Date: September ?, 2002
Title: "Ice Cradle #43"
Author: Cadet Jack Treynor

*** Holodeck 2 ***
*** After Azin's Post ***

Jack stared at the PADD in his hands. "Computer, activate Security Simulation Seven and...." His voice trailed off as he thought about what he was doing.

"Computer, cancel that order. Initiate program Treynor-three, authorization Bravo-Zebra-Two-Nine. Begin upon entry."

The computer clicked and whirred. "Program initiated. Awaiting entry," it said, and Jack stepped through the doors.

This program Jack had received from a sensai of his several years ago. It was imprinted with the sensai's thought patterns, and was capable of independent thought. It also had read-only links to the ship's library so it could keep up to date and be prepared for when it was needed. Jack frequently consulted the holographic sensai for advice when he needed it, and he needed it now.
The scene was the same as it had always been: a circular field in the middle of a forest. The field was neatly trimmed to mid-shin level, and looked like it was well-kept. Jack stood on one end of the field, looking across it to a blonde man sitting cross-legged in the grass, with his back turned to Jack.

The man wore a plain white ki with a metallic grey belt wrapped around himself. He had no facial hair, and Jack could tell that his head was beginning to go grey. As Jack approached, the man's head tilted slightly to the side. "Jack," he said. "I was expecting you."

Jack walked up in front of the man and bowed. "May I be seated, Master?" The man nodded silently, and Jack sat cross-legged before him. "I have come to you for help."

"You do not need help, my student. You are resourceful enough to survive any situation within your abilities," Sensai said.

"But Master," Jack said, "This is unlike any situation I have known. I find myself the subordinate of one whom I cannot respect. I fear it may jeopardize my chances of graduating from the Academy."

Sensai turned his head slightly to the side again. "Commander D'Naly is a sensible commanding officer. She will not let your personal feelings get in the way of what is best for the crew."

"I am also losing respect among my fellow cadets for my feelings about D'Naly," Jack said. He could feel the anger inside him begin to well up as his speaking became faster and more powerful. "They respect her for her rank and her rank alone. They don't understand--"

Sensai calmly cut him off. "They do not understand you and your patterns of thought, yes?" Sensai sighed, his breath disappearing into the sound of the gentle breeze. "You have learned much from me about physical combat, my student, but you have so much to learn about mental combat. These others, they respect your superior for one reason or another, and they do not respect you because you are not one of them. Have you forgotten the first lessons I taught you of respect?

"Respect must be earned, it cannot be given. She has done something to earn their respect, and that may be something as simple as earning her rank. But others may have been helped by her. Some may have had their lives saved by her. That earns her respect from her crew and subordinates. You have done nothing for these fellow cadets of yours. They will not give you respect because you may be the best or most experienced fighter. You must show courage, strength, and skill through action, and only then will you earn what you deserve."

"But what of Commander D'Naly? I cannot respect her. Her family has dishonored themselves and aided their race's enemy."

Sensai nodded grimly. "While it is true she is dishonored by her family's actions, she is your superior. You may not respect her, but show her no disrespect either. There is a difference between the two. While her intrusion on your training and her attempt to humiliate you, intentional or not, was disrespectful, your confrontation with her was equally so. Until she has earned your respect, continue your work in the department, follow orders of your superiors, regardless of who they might be or what they mean to you, and do your best to earn your crewmates' respect. Remember: actions speak louder than words."

Jack nodded. "I understand, Master. Thank you for your wisdom."

Sensai nodded. "You are welcome, my young student. You may leave when you wish." The program concluded, the Sensai vanished, and Jack remained sitting in the calm field, feeling the wind flow past his skin, as he considered at length what he had just been taught.

A few minutes passed. "Computer, begin Security Simulation Seven. Begin."


Cadet Jack Treynor
Security Officer
Tango Fleet Academy, USS Yeager


Date: August ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Cadet Douglas Smith

==Generator Site==
==Following Post Rescue #39==

Smith looked ahead of him for the T-Rex that Wildman warned him about.The ground shook as it moved under cover of the thick jungle before him.Above him a Pteradactyl was circling around the generator site.The two fighters were also circling above tailing it.

Smith:+tap+Smith to Steer.

Steer:+Steer here.+

Smith:I've been informed by a fighter pilot named Wildman that the creature heading towards us is a T-Rex.

Steer*sounding worried*:+Right,i'm on the way to help you.Steer out.+

Smith tapped his commbadge and turned to see Steer and Rami with the security and marine teams that were on the other side of the generator site moving towards his men.

Steer*to the whole marine and security team*:OK,let's form a battle line of two rows over there.*points to an area away from the generator and shuttles*Set phasers and phaser rifles to highest setting. Stunning this big boy ain't going to work. It's shoot to kill.

Everyone went over to the area designated by Steer and formed two lines,onestanding and the other kneeling in front of of the first.Smith stood by Steer with his phaser rifle ready to shoot at the T-Rex.The ground shaking got worse,making it hard to stand up.Suddenly,it came out of the jungle and stopped.It looked at the building and shuttles for a bit,then seeing the people to it's left it roared and began moving towards them.Smith and the others were stunned at first to see this creature that was long since thought extinct(at least on earth),then when it began moving towards them,they prepared to fire.

Steer:Open fire now!

Phaserfire exploded toward the creature that was before them.The first hits stunned it,but it continued moving one round of hits after another.The T-Rex seemed more irritated than actually hurt.Smith was amazed at what he was seeing.It would take thousands of hits to bring him down!

Steer*to a marine NCO*:Go tell those engineering and science people to hurry up with what there doing so we can get the hell out of here!

Marine NCO(NPC):Yes sir!

As the marine NCO ran hard to the generator the T-Rex turned to follow him. At this time the Pteradactyl swooped down towards them.Smith looked up and gasped.

Steer*seeing the pteradactyl swooping down towards them*:Into the trees!

Everyone ran into the trees to avoid becoming the victim of the Pteradactyl.It missed them and swooped up to go back and wait for another chance.The T-Rex moved slowly towards the generator showing signs of some injury,but not much.

Steer:+tap+Steer to Wildman.

Wildman:+Wildman here sir.+

Steer:Can you please open fire on the T-Rex and Pteradactyl.It's a bit more than we can handle with just phasers and phaser rifles.

Wildman:+We're waiting for permission to fire sir.+

Steer*exasperated*:Your waiting for permission!You got it from me if that counts for anything.

Wildman*sounding unsure*:+Well,i don't want to do anything outside the rules sir.+

A yell caught Steer's attention.He went pale as he saw the T-Rex effortlessly catch the marine NCO,trying to run by it to get to the marine/security teams,and just pop him into his mouth as if he was no more than a small snack.He saw a female science officer just inside the generator entrance scream and run back inside.


Wildman*scared*:+Yes sir!+

Steer*anger growing*:+tap+Come on let's get that b*&^#$%d!

The marines and security team went out to meet the T-Rex.Again,they opened fire,and again the shots merely irritated it and nothing more.Smith couldn't believe what he saw.He fired at the T-Rex to vent his anger for what happened,but beyond that,only the fighters could bring it and the Pteradactyl down in a few shots.The Pteradactyl swooped down out of the blue from behind them and grabbed a female security officer behind him and flew up and away.Smith went pale and took a few shots at it trying very hard to ignore the screaming female.This situation was going to get worse if those fighters don't fire at these monsters now!


Cadet Douglas Smith
Marine Officer Trainee
Starbase Tango/Tango Fleet Academy

JULY 2002

Date: July ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Cadet Movek

=USS Yeager, ETA 1 Hours=

Movek sat at the database computer console, taking a moment to wipe off the sweat forming on his brow. Ever since Tiffin had given him the assignment of finding a way to counter this terrible new weapon, he had been laboring away at digging up every known fact about interphasic pockets, and related subjects. He had started with past encounters with interphasic pockets, most notably the ordeal in 2268 with the original USS Defiant.

According to Movek's research, that vessel, one of the venerable Constitution class starships, had been trapped within a spatial interphase, killing the crew and nearly killing Enterprise captain James Kirk along with it. No solution was found as to how to combat the actual spatial interphase...

Moving on, Movek had explored various scientific articles about interphasic anomalies. The theories were few and far between, because interphasic study was a very minor field of science, taking a back seat to topics such as transwarp and tri-cobalt weaponry.

However, it wasn't until he had begun skimming through Starfleet logs that he had begun to really get somewhere.In the year 2370, another Enterprise, the now-famous Enterprise-D, picked up a bunch of parasitic organisms called "interphasic organisms". The organisms existed in interphasic space, making them invisible to both to normal vision and scanners. Only an interphasic scanner, employed by an officer called Data, was able to detect the parasitic life forms that had attached themselves to the Enterprise warp core.
The catch was this: Data had utilized a high-frequency interphasic pulse to destroy the parasites.

Movek had sat up in his seat at that point, realizing that an interphasic pulse in interphasic space was like a phaser blast in normal space. It was a weapon...

Now, with only an hour left before they would be entering action, Movek was making real headway. He continued to scan documents and records.
Then it went on like a light bulb in his head.

=USS Yeager, ETA 45 mins.=

Cadet Movek rushed onto the bridge. "Sir," he said, moving over to Tiffin, "I have an idea. It involves some guesswork, but it is the best I have got."

By now the bridge crew was quieting down, as people turned to listen to the excited OPS cadet who had barged onto the bridge in a fluster. Movek ignored the attention. A universe was at stake here.
"I studied past incidents regarding interphasic anomalies. Of course, there were not many, but there were a few that I could examine. The first recorded incident-"

"Skip the excess, Cadet," interrupted Tiffin. "We're running out of time."

Movek cleared his throat and pulled a bit at his collar. "Right sir." He moved forward, speaking louder and using his arms.

"Interphasic pockets are, by nature, unstable. The original USS Defiant, trapped in an interphasic pocket, continually shifted between the two universes. This leads to the conclusion that the religious fanatics we are dealing with have found a way to stabilize whatever interphasic pocket they create. Otherwise, there is no way they could specifically target an antimatter universe.

"The android Data, in the year 2370, designed an interphasic weapon to combat parasites found on the USS Enterprise-D's warp core. He used an 'interphasic pulse'. Now, I know that this weapon was designed merely for parasites in an interphasic dimension, not for whatever large-scale operation going on in the process of maintaining a stable, controlled interphasic

"What we need is a much more powerful version of this Interphasic Pulse. How to get that, I do not know... but with a powerful enough burst I think we can take out whatever they have set up to stabilize the pocket. In effect, making it impossible to control the pocket, and making it impossible to target an antimatter universe."

The bridge was silent for a moment, then Tiffin spoke up. "It sounds good, but it's all based on assumptions, Cadet."

Movek shrugged. "It is the best I could do. However, even if we do try this, we need a way to fire a really powerful pulse. That is where I am stuck."

Take it away, anyone! Phew, that was hard.

Cadet Movek
OPS Cadet
Tango Fleet Academy

JUNE 2002

Date: June ?, 2002
Title: "Here We Go"'
Author: Cadet Nexx Dunkain

#42 Here we go Again
==Science Station, Shuttlebay==
==Before Frennal's last post, after Peterson's==

Frennal had excused himself hastily after putting Nexx and Collins to hasty work in the shuttlebay and the aft sensor array, looking for any unusual anomalies in the logs about the raider's vessel. Nexx felt sorry for the weary LtCmdr Frennal. That Trill had been working ridiculously hard. He knew that "workaholism" was common amongst the highly skilled and intelligent Trill, but he hadn't witnessed it for some time.

Collins: Whew I hate doing that to people, I tell you Nexx.

Nexx: Whats that, Jon?

Collins: Peterson. he was waiting for me and I got roped into this job.

Nexx: Oh I'm sure he understands. He all have duties. Hehe... You know I remember Professor Gaxin... remember him? He said that for the first few months or so we won't know if we're coming or going.

Collins: Didn't you put him in a joint lock near the end of the semester?

Nexx: *pauses* Cr-p, I thought everyone had forgotten about that.

Collins: Nope. Why did you do it again?

Nexx: He uh.. well, he touched my que.

Collins: Oh right. Why is that sideburn rat tail so important to you anyway?

Nexx: *pauses long, breathing heavy* I don't want to offend you.

Collins: You won't.

Nexx: Well... all Teynar possess one. The Religious caste believes that it is a chamber for the soul and an unspoken record of ourselves.

Collins: I... well.. don't understand. Hand me that PADD will you? I think I found something.

Nexx: *grins* Its ok. You're not Teynar. *hands Collins the PADD* Computer... access LCARS mission database. Look up any star logs that contain the phrase, "Now is a Holy Time".

Collins: Are you still on about that?

Nexx: Yes.

Computer: There are 787 matches to that phrase.

Nexx: Oh, kwaza. OK, computer limit the search to say... Bajoran or Bajor. Religious.

Computer: Fifteen matches found.

Nexx: Thats a bit more manageable. Computer, display list.

Collins: Nexx... what're you doing?? We're supposed to be checking the logs?!

Nexx: I know, you're doing fine. *slap on Collins' shoulder*

Nexx scanned each of the fifteen sources and finally came up with what he was curious about.

Nexx: Hmm, this is odd. A Bajoran... vedek.

Collins: A Vedek?

Nexx: Umm... a holy man. A Priest. Teero Anaydis. Kwaza! The rest of the file is classified. All I have is the date. 2377, latter part. USS Voyager. I'll be back, Collins. Just wait, OK?

Nexx jumps up, downloads the info into a PADD, combining it with the previous pilot interviews and heads towards the bridge, searching for any senior officer who could help him. Nexx knew this couldn't locate the raider, but it had a good chance of answering the question of who these people, at least some of them, might have been. Maybe that would give insight to their motives.


==Nexx Dunkain==
==CONN Officer, USS Yeager==

MAY 2002

Date: May ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Cadet Kyle Sartaco


== USS Faulkner, Holodeck 2 ==

After a good straight 9 hours of sleep (thanks in part to cadet Terek's sedative) Kyle woke up still feeling drowsy. But at least he was in better shape than earlier this morning. He took a shower, dressed up and checked his PADD. Lieutenant Telok had asked Lieutenant Rodonov to train any CONN cadets in correct docking procedures. The Faulkner was already docked with the Gaperoj, thanks to cadet Finch piloting skills. So Rodonov thought that he should teach Kyle a thing or two on how to properly dock the ship. He asked to meet him at 1530 hours in holodeck 2.

Rodonov (NPC) *standing near the big doors*: Ah ! Good ! There you are !

Sartaco *still feeling the effect of the sedative*: Greetings, lieutenant.

Rodonov (NPC): Da. Ready for a little training, cadet ?

Sartaco *rubbing his eyes*: I guess.

Rodonov (NPC): Computer, open program Trainer One, authorization code Vodka.

Computer: +Access granted. Opening program now. Enter when ready.+

The big doors open, and the two enter the room. Kyle looks all around him. It's the exact replica of the Faulkner bridge. Everything is there, except for the crew. Both men are alone.

Rodonov (NPC) *pointing the helm chair*: Cadet, you sit over there. I'll be the commanding officer. Since it's a docking operation, we don't need a tac\ops officer, Da ?

Sartaco *sitting on the chair*: All right. So it's just you and me, big ship.

Rodonov (NPC): We were able to get the specifications for the Gaperoj, so I asked the computer to provide us a complete duplicate of the ship. Computer, run program.

For three full hours they run mock docking procedures with the srekian ship, each time starting at a different position. The first time Kyle managed to destroy one of the fin of the Gaperoj, killing about 60 crewmembers on both ships. But practice makes perfect, so after his fourth run, Kyle is now a fully certified srekian ship docking technician.

Rodonov (NPC): Da ! Good ! Good cadet, good ! Now let's add a little spice !

Kyle's next docking maneuver is during a standard orbit, where he has to take in consideration the gravity pull of the planet. Another one is set deep into an asteroid field. After that he has to dock in the middle of an ion storm. And at the next one he is supposed to dock while one of his maneuvering thrusters is damaged. And then the next one …

Something has been nagging him for a while now. Kyle isn't feeling right. He shouldn't be here ! Not in a holodeck ! Something in the back of his mind is telling him that being in a holodeck program is bad. He cannot say why, but it's bothering him, as if there is something wrong going here. Kyle tries to brush it off, and concentrates on his piloting.
After the session is finished, lieutenant Rodonov congratulates him.

Rodonov (NPC): That was good piloting you showed, cadet ! Good ! Da ! Good work !

Sartaco: Thanks Sir.

The strange feeling is still in his mind. When Kyle rises from his chair, his back is drenched in sweat, and his hands are trembling. Fortunately, the lieutenant doesn't seem to have seen that.

Rodonov (NPC): So cadet, don't forget ! Tomorrow we both have the bridge. Be there at 0600 hours sharp. I'll be waiting for you. Computer, end program.

They both leave the holodeck, and after saying goodbye the Russian lieutenant heads for his quarters.

Kyle is relieved to see him go. What had happened to him during the simulation ? Is he now starting to get afraid to go inside an holodeck ? Why ? As if his body is trying to tell him to stop using that `dreaded´ thing. Was that what they call holodiction, a dependency to holographic entertainment ? Maybe he should see cadet Terek and ask him a few questions. The Vulcan might suggest him to go see a counselor for that `problem´.

Kyle sure hopes this strange feeling won't affect his duties onboard the Faulkner.

His hands still shaking, he proceeds to the mess hall, puzzled.


Kyle Sartaco
CONN cadet
Tango Fleet
USS Faulkner training mission

APRIL 2002

Date: April ?, 2002
Title: "Replicator Giggles"
Author: Crewman Apprentice Samantha Rosencranz

==Yeoman's Office==
==Following #54 "Poor Jeral"

Samantha had been up all night watching the reports the come in and flagging through to the Captain those that she knew he wanted. She was dozing in her chair when the computer beeped to indicated that an urgent report had come through. She read it and decided to take it through to the Captain herself. As she stood up she noticed how crumpled and dirty her uniform was. There was no way that she could get at a clean one from her quarters - that deck had been sealed off a long time ago. Then she remembered some-one saying that uniforms could be replicated. Whilst anything like a shower was out of the question, maybe she could get some wipes and a clean uniform before going to see the Captain. She walked over to the replicator.

Rosencranz: Body wipes, suitable for human female adult, please.

A packet of tissue wipes impregnated with a soap solution appeared before her.

Rosencranz: *taking a deep breath* A new uniform, exactly the same as this one minus the rank tabs.

The uniform, minus the rank tabs, appeared before her as well. Samantha grinned with delight and proceeded to give herself a quick wash before putting on the new uniform. As she reached out for the PADD onto which she had downloaded the report the smell of unwashed human being assailled her nostrils.

Rosencranz: ~This is daft. I've just washed and put on a clean uniform~

The smell was definitely there. She took off her jacket and sniffed it carefully.

Rosencranz: Uugghh! That smells as bad as the one I took off. Computer, I though I asked for a new uniform?

Computer: Affirmative. You asked for a new uniform exactly the same as the one you were wearing minus the rank tabs.

Rosencranz: Then why does this one smell so awful?

Computer: It smells the same as the one you were wearing.

Samantha suddenly realized what she had done and began to giggle. She giggled so much that she got the hiccups and had to get a glass of highly carbonated cold water to help herself stop. Finally, when she thought she had it under control, she approached the replicator again.

Rosencranz: *giggle* A new uniform *giggle* the same as this one, minus the rank tabs *giggle* only...clean!

The clean uniform materialised, was put on, the rank tabs were changed over and Samantha went off to see the Captain still supressing the giggles as she went.

Samantha Rosencranz
Yeoman Apprentice

MARCH 2002

Date: March ?, 2001
Title: "String Theory"
Author: Cadet Tom Jericho

String Theory
Background: Aside from his studies, Jericho wanted to continue to make some
music for pleasure, he was toiling away at one of his pieces, trying to crank it up to performance standard.

===Cadet Jericho's Quarters===

Jericho was starring at the front of the score, it said Bruch Violin Concerto No.1 in bold type on the front, and was filled with black ink, portraying a glorious tune. It was an old copy, one his former tutors had given it to him a few years back. He wondered to himself what they would he of him if he were standing in the room opposite.

He opened the score, and began to play. As he progressed, playing expressively, he became enticed by the tune, the sweeping melodies. He felt relaxed, more so than ever, in fact he was so relaxed he dropped his violin on the floor.

Cadet Jericho: Ooops. [He exclaimed, with a frown on his face, wondering what had come over him.]

The violin bounced once, then twice, before comin to a halt next to the wall. Jericho specialy noticed the ability a violin had to bounce. Like a cat sprung out from its cage. He walked over to it, only to pick it up. The E-string had snapped and the rest of them were out of tune. 'Hmph,' went Jericho,

Cadet Jericho: [Murmuring to himself.] What can we do about that....

Then as if by magic, an idea flew into his head.

Cadet Jericho: ~ Replicate a new one ~

Bang, Jericho had done it, a beautiful idea.

Cadet Jericho: ~ New string soon to be on my friend. ~

Friend? Had he gone completely bonkers?

Jericho sighed, and walked over to the replicator.

Cadet Jericho: [Exhaling deeply.] One E-string.

Computer: Please specify type. [In the usual, expressionless computer voice.]

Cadet Jericho: Type? Type? What do you mean what type? What type do you think?

Computer: Unable to process command, please restate. [Once again, flat toned.]

Cadet Jericho: YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SMART! [He shouted back at the computer, getting uneccesarily stressed.]

Computer: Unable to process command, please restate. [Identical to before.]

Cadet Jericho: [In the sweetest voice possible for this time of day.] Computer, dear, would you be gracious enough to replicate me a new E-string so that I may continue practising my violin?

Computer: Not enough information, please specify more. [Jericho, now scratching his head.]

Cadet Jericho: MORE? YOU'RE SO IGNORANT! All I want is a string [Falling to his knees.] so I may continue my practice.... Is it really so much to ask?
The computer said nothing.

Jericho decided to try a little French. He got up once more.

Cadet Jericho: Donnez-moi une 'E' ficelle, pour mon violon, ou je fasse sortir le phaser.

Computer: Bonjour. Quest-ce que vous voudrais moi continuer dans la francais?

Cadet Jericho: No computer [Slamming his hand against the wall....] I do not want you to continue in FRENCH! [..and raising his voice.]

It said nothing once more.

Cadet Jericho: Why? [Talking to himself.] We live in the 24th century, we have transporters, torpedoes, starships, shields, and yet our replicator cannot give me a flipping string????????????

Jericho paced up and down, red in the face, annoyed with the computer beyond belief.

Cadet Jericho: If you were a person, I'd have strangled you by now! [waving his fist in a threatening manner.]

Cadet Jericho: ~ One last chance, or I really do get the phaser out, and not just the hand ones, I'll go to the weapons locker and get a full blown rifle. ~

He stopped and thought about that one for a second, it seemed appealing, however, he'd be in serious trouble for blowing up a replicator, that would look good on his report card, 'Phasered a replicator trying to get an E-string.'

If it wasn't so laughable he'd cry. He decided this would be his final attempt.

Cadet Jericho: Computer, replicate me an E-String for a violin, made of nylon, rather than synthetic alloy. Make it approximately 40cm in length, and compatable with pegs and adjusters, so that it can be tuned correctly.

And much to Jericho's profound delight, the computer replicated a perfect E-string. It slowly materialised, the energy converting into matter. It took wht seemed like an age. Jericho scampered over to the replicator, grabbed the string. He sighed in relief, and ran across the room, before falling to his knees before the door.

Cadet Jericho: [Kneeling knees wide open, head tilted back staring at the ceiling, arm outstretched up high.] THANK THE HEAVENS! I HAVE A STRING! [He shouted rather loudly.]

Swoosh went the door, as Lieutenant Jameson walked in the door.

Lt. Jameson: [Frowning downwards.] Cadet? Are you ready for inspection?




Date: February ?, 2002
Title: ?
Author: Cadet William Zenet


**It was moments later that the cadets continued there work, Zennet just stood there staring to the floor, everyone else was just working, Walden truned, and gave a curious eye to Zennet.

Walden: Hey Zennet! *Zennet turns* you okay?

Zennet: I was just thinking, tribbles are 75% Uterus and are born A-Sexual right.

Yoshi: *turns, as he over-hears zennet* yes, they are born with the ability to be pregnant, and after giving birth food is there source of continuing to reproduce....Whats your point?

Zennet: Well, we are trying to slow down the rate of production, so why dont we just add an enzyme to all food sources, in the area, that will affect tribbles but not us!!

Walden: Yeah *laughs aloud*, and we could do alot of things, just not in reality.

Yoshi: No, Walden, wait, Zennet's idea may be alittle far gone but, a tribbles weakness is in there uterus, there brain and hearts are no bigger than pea.

Walden: So...What are you suggesting? *his eyebrow raised, so far nothing really had been discovered, in his eyes*

Zennet: Well, if this is so...

Yoshi: Which it is.

Zennet *grinned at Yoshi* then all we need to do, is chemicaly re-configure the quartze to alter the rest of there body...*looked at Walden, who still
seemed puzzled, William laughed alit* think about it! our brain tells our body what to do, the quartze on the tribble acts similar but will only control there reproduction and not there entire body. So what happens if someone changes the way the human brain thinks?

Walden: Err....it acts differently!

Yoshi: Exactly, so if we can chemicaly change the quartz, we can alter the birth rate of the tribbles.

Walden: Right...so, how do we do that, chemicaly i mean?

OFF: I hope i have done this okay, first time i have tried to make a major change in the plot, well major or minor, i suppose so!

Cadet William B Zennet


Date: January ?, 2002
Title: "Leviathan: Quid Pro Quo"
Author: Cadet Anastasius M. Swain III

Quid pro quo, Latin phrase, literally 'something for something,' meaning an agreement arranged where something is given or received in exchange for something else.

USS Dauntless
Officer's Conference Room, Deck One
0745 hours

Lieutenant Vorok had met Exploration Leader Gnnus and the rest of the G'ornan delegation in transporter Room Two and escorted them to the conference room off of the Bridge. Lieutenant Carter was waiting to greet the G'ornans with an eager Cadet Swain standing behind him.

The two leaders exchanged formalities and Leader Gnnus introduced his staff. "...and this is Gvert, my Minister of Science."

Lieutenant Carter gave a look of acknowledgement toward the cadet standing behind him. "This is my Chief Science Officer, Cadet Stace Swain."

Stace addressed his G'ornan counterpart. "Gvert, I believe we can have much to learn from each other."

Gvert gave a look of acknowledgement and intrigue at what this mammal might have to offer him. The two scientists were left talking together as Roman led the rest of the G'ornans on a brief tour of the USS Dauntless. (A tour he hoped would be reciprocated.)

Stace began in as relaxed a manner as possible. "Gvert, we have a quite unique situation here."

"I agree, Swain. I suspect that we can learn a great deal about each other."

"Since we are already on our ship, I guess I'll go first. Would you care to follow me to our Laboratories?"

Stace led his guest out of the conference room and into the turbolift. As the two made their way down to Deck Nine, they exchanged pleasant small talk about their history, their pursuit of science, and their development of philosophy.

When they had reached their destination, Stace saw Gvert's reptilian eyes light up at the sight of the laboratory. Stace stepped aside and Gvert walked all around, observing everything he could while Stace stood by the door and gave brief verbal explanations as Gvert's look asked for them. As Gvert continued his scientific exploration of discovery, Stace ducked into the Chief Science Officer's office and returned with a case of computer hardware under his arm and two flutes of champagne in his hands. He set the case down and called Gvert over to him.

"There is a old tradition where we are from, Gvert, called a toast." Gvert looking interested as he took the flute from his guide. "Whenever we begin a momentous endeavor, we lift these glasses filled with champagne, say a select few words, clink them together and drink."

"We have a similar custom we reserve for our annual Feast." Gvert lifted his glass and took the lead. "Dvormyoœ," he said. The two tapped their glasses together and drank.

"What does 'Dvormyoœ' mean?" Stace inquired.

"In a now archaic language, it means 'To Science,' it is the motto of our Science Academy on G'orna." Gvert explained. "I had some educators there who would be most envious of this opportunity."

"Speaking of that opportunity..." Stace said after draining the last of his champagne and sitting down the glass. "I spoke with Lieutenant Roman about exchanging some of our 'information' with you." Stace handed Gvert the computer hardware case. "These files are a gift from the United Federation of Planets. They include all of our history, our stories, our culture, our science, and our explorations." Stace concluded in a momentous tone, "...This is us."

Gvert accepted the offering without breaking the eye-contact he held with the young human. "This is a most generous gift. I am certain that the rest of the G'ornan Empire will share in my appreciation."

Stace and Gvert continued to look around the Science Laboratories. After sometime had passed, Gvert turned to his guide, "Would you be allowed to come over to our vessel?" Gvert gestured to the computer case in his hand, "We have a similar gift for you."

Stace smiled, "We have a very old saying where we are from: Quid pro quo."

"And what does that mean?" Gvert asked.

"In an archaic language that only scholars use now," Stace explained, "it means 'This for that.'"

"Quite appropriate," Gvert said with a grin.

The pair head out of the Science Laboratories as Stace contacted the Lieutenant for permission to disembark and accept Gvert's invitation. He could hardly hide his excitement.


Tune in next time as our young scientist travels to the G'ornan vessel, explores their laboratories, and learns about tetraxial warp and the prospects of getting home! Same Time! Same Channel!

Anastasius M. Swain III
First-Class Cadet, Science Corps
Acting Chief Science Officer, USS Dauntless

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