JUNE 2003

Author: Cadet Martha O'Doul
Title: PANIC!

<<Sickbay, Starbase Tango>>

Martha was given the wonderful chore of doing an inventory of all first aid supplies when a bleep came on her PADD. It was message that had been sent by Petty Officer McLachlan that had been forwarded to her by Commander Lucas Ronnikov.

From: CPO McLachlan
To: Medical Cadets, Starbase Tango
Subject: Meeting, CMO's Office

We have been ordered to play ball, literally. Basketball. Meet in the CMO's office at 1100 hours.
To: All Department Heads
Subject: Inter-Department Match

All departments are to attend an inter-departmental match of Zero-G
basketball, heads will play as coach.

Martha put down the roll of tape and took a moment to look up what Zero G basketball was on the computer. This had to be a cruel joke. But .. sometimes orders are that dumb.

She went to the meeting on time. Several other cadets were waiting, puzzled. "Sir," she said. "I received a very strange message allegedly from McLachlan. It's so bizarre I suspect the mail server has had been hacked."

He nodded. "About a basketball game?"

"Yes, Sir." She tried to hand him the PADD.

"I wish it were a hack," he said. "Unfortunately it's one of those 'team building' things some Deltan who thinks the Vulcan scientists and the Klingons and Andorian Marines should all sit around a camp fire and sing 'Kumbaya.'" He sat at his desk, somewhere between depressed and disgusted.

"Ahh, Man, I hate Basketball," said Cadet Washington with a curl to his generous lips. "Humans can't jump! Those Vulcans from Science will cream us."

"Sir," Martha said, "I have no idea how to play this game. I had to look it up to even know what it was." It was the truth, but she was so afraid of being the complete idiot.

"We're all stuck in this together," Ronnikov said. "Nobody hates this more than I do, I assure you. But orders are orders."

"I'm too short," she said. "I will make you lose."

"Us not getting hurt is winning. You can duck between their legs."

"I was a good cheer leader," she said, desperate now, thinking of no other way out with any tiny degree of honor and chance of success. "Very good in High School. You need that too."

Washington looked at her, thinking of her in a skimpy, tight cheerleader's uniform, doing high kicks. Perhaps this team building exercise might not be so bad after all. "You really do need cheerleaders, and if she's experienced at it and more comfortable doing that I think maybe you should really let her do it, Sir."


Cadet Martha O'Doul
Lost in Starbase Tango

MAY 2003

Author: Cadet Seth de Vaux
Title: ?

(Cytheria Prime, Planet Surface)

As the mysterious humans moved closer to Lt. Dominguez's group, Seth too had heard the urge in his head to toss his weapon aside and surrender. Doing so quickly, he thought that it might stop the humming that was now growing so loud he couldn't hear anything else.

But it didn't, soon the noise was so loud, it was painful and Seth dropped to his knees clutching his Caitian ears. The voices still hadn't stopped and now they were joined by an new one. A instinct that he'd never felt before. A urge to run as far away as possible.

Confussed, in pain, surrounded by strange human's and aggitated, Seth looked around wildly for a way to escape. These humans were coming in from all sides, he was trapped. With the eyes of a caged beast flickering around, Seth climbed back to his feet, pushing the pain in his ears out of the way.

Suddenly he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning, he found one of the strangers had places a heavy hand on him. With reflexes quicker then even he knew he had, Seth twisted the mans arm around until he heard a snap and then kicked him aside.

Seth was brought to his knees by a smack on the back of the neck by one of the mans female friends. With a growl, Seth tackled the woman around the waist and then climbed to his feet, only to be hit by several other strangers. Soon Seth was laying on the ground, pinned down by four of these men.

Growling, Seth tried to escape, but there were to many. When one of the men hit him again, Seth's head lolled to the side as he passed out.


Cadet Seth de Vaux
Dip/Jag Cadet
SBT/USS Yeager

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