{In November 2003, VAdm K. Asay, former Fleet CinC, Starbase Tango CO and Academy Commandant decided to retire for good. In December 2003, it was decided to temporarily shut down Starbase Tango and make the Tango Fleet Academy a course-based training only. The post below is VAdm Asay's last one, well befitting the end of an era.]

Author: VAdm K. Asay (retired) aka Commodore Sobel, Academy Commandant, et als
Title: "Swan Songs or Checking Out"
OFF: I've not quoted since this post is unrelated to current plots. It ties up some loose ends by making some of my character(s) NPC's. 3 long-term NPC's will remain as they are (at the discretion of the CO that is...) - Ruud, Bruch and the Binars "Zed & Unit".

ON: <Observation Lounge - Main Promenade>

3 aging figures stood a distance from each other, all virtually oblivious to their surroundings finding solace only in their memories. For all three the ravages of time had taken their toll, and each had reached a decision marking a turning point in their lives.

LCDR Kendrick Fox had 'retired' from Star Fleet once before only to be drawn back by the return-activation clause. After a new 4 year tour of duty he once again determined to return to the slower pace of Aurelon Colony on the 2nd planet. Over his uniform was his customary thread-bare grey cardigan with patches on the elbows that had become his trademark over years of service. When asked about it once he commented that "these Ships and Starbases are too cold for a weary old man".

V. Adm. Steven Mace mulled over a career of highs and lows. He had to admit that luck, or fate had been on his side. While the Dominion War had devastated many, he owed the success of his later career to it. While a Commander, as XO of the USS Dauntless he had reached the lowest depths any officer could experience - courtmartial and imprisonment. But one Captain had taken a chance on him, and he was given the opportunity to prove his ability and dedication. That was all that was needed to put him on the path - though in an 'out of the way' location in command of the base in which he stood now. But that had been years ago. Now it was time for others to continue in his stead.

Commodore Sobel gazed out at the ebony void and felt nothing. The voice which had been with him for nearly a century had been quieted. He felt her pain across the depths as soon as it occured 2 months ago and realized that his mate, the mother of his children had been lost. Starfleet contacted him after several days, during his self-imposed leave for meditation to regain control of his emotions. The aging Vulcan informed command of his decision to retire, and he began making preperations for the change of command. That had been 3 months ago. Now his affairs had been put in order and it was time to return home.

<Docking bay 12 - an hour later>

Fox shouldered his carryall and walked aboard the runabout for Aurelon with other visitors and colonists. Few noticed as he had made this trip countless times over the years, but this time he would remain. His old friend Governor Spicier had made arrangements for his temporary lodging at his own home until the newly retired officer could find a permanent abode. Fox was able to secure a prized seat in the cockpit as a final gesture, and as the small craft left the huge base he was able to gaze out the windows to watch the mushroom-shaped facility that had been his home for years shrink to a mere white dot, completely indistinguishable from other stars.

<Shuttlebay 2 - same time>

Rank hath its privileges. Mace had been able to procure a civilian version of the often-seen and used "Hoppers" for his use. It had been customized according to his plans with only minimal defensive weaponry, and improved power supply at the cost of some interior space. A fair trade off. His 24th century Recreational Vehicle was dubbed the "Spirit of Apollo". His belongings stowed, Mace boarded and made his departure for the new lunar colony.

<Docking bay 5 - 2200 hours>

A robed figure strode toward the hatch where the USS Sarek was berthed - a fitting ship to bear him home. Not a year earlier he had arrived on this base as its new CO, now he departed as he had come - quiet and anonymous. Sobel had been informed that his children would meet him upon arrival at Vulcan, and that they had seen fit to arrange things at their ancestral home on the shores of the Voroth Sea in Han-Shir province. He would spend the remainder of his life there.

OFF: Of all the sims I've been on in TF, this one is hardest for me to leave. For those of you new, or unfamiliar with SBT - I was asked to created it over 4 years ago as a place where all the TF ships can visit for shorleaves. Well, it turned out that SBT was little-utilized for that purpose, and in those early years it was tough to attract players to this new venture being the first 'base' in the fleet. Within a few short months of SBT starting I also was fortunate to become Academy Commandant, and after some research, testing and discussion the two were merged and the rest is history. Over these years I've seen hundreds of players walk the corridors of SBT, and many have now gone on to bigger roles in the fleet. Several have also returned to SBT as players or instructors! A once tentative venture has grown to one of the most revered games of which I am truly proud to have been part.

Thank you one and all for the privilege of being part of this, and the opportunity to get to know such fine members of this world.

Vice Admiral K. Asay (retired)
AKA Steven Mace, Sobel, Kendrick Fox, among others.
Former CO, SBT
Former Academy Commandant
(among other roles...)

AUGUST 2003 - Cadet POM

Author: Cadet Simon Charteris
Title: "First Duty Shift"

AUGUST 2003 - Staff/Visitor POM

Author: Cdr MacCurgan
Title: "Shoreleave and its trials"

====Medical Bay====
====Alpha Promenade===

Simon stared out of the mass of humanity that seethed over the promenade. So far he had treated dehydration, fainting spells and a knife wound. Two security cadets had brought in a struggling, excitable Bolian with a three inch gash, the victim it appeared, from a bar. There had been a case of minor malnutrition from a member of a freighter crew. His crewmates had put him on half-rations for some infraction or other, and he'd obviously been on half-rations for some time. Simon had told his Captain that he'd either have to start to feeding him, or think about replacing him before he expired. The Captain had shrugged, and said that the man had easily already paid back his debt to the crew, but the man had insisted on continuing the punishment, with which the crewman had agreed. There had been a lot of hand-wringing and speeches about his unworthiness from the man himself and in the end Simon had looked the man over, there had been other obvious signs of abuse on him, and had decided that he'd better remain in the medical bay until he was strong enough to return to duty.

The Captain had acquiesced, but the crewman had gone into hysteria, only restrained by the Captain, and a bemused, bored security man, posted here. Finally, with the security man in tow they had taken him off to the nearest cafe where the man had allowed himself his first full meal in a while. Escorted back to the medical bay for a further exam, Simon had told the crewman to start eating full rations, and the next time the ship docked, he'd be expected to turn up for an examination to ascertain his medical fitness to continue aboard ship. The crewman had nodded a lot, and Simon had passed the Captain some protein and vitamin concentrates, just in case. A boomer never had enough medical supplies he knew.

And now Simon was bored. His brief interview with his new Chief had been to the point after Simon had explained his lateness. "Good. Already into the swing of things. Right. Take Nurse Heath with you, go up to the Alpha Promenade Medical Bay, relieve the Doctor and nurse there and take over. Interesting post that, never know what your going to get coming through the door."

Simon had noticed that what came through this door mostly was the the easily cured and walking wounded. He'd much rather be busy practicing surgery than basic diagnostics, but you had to climb the tree to reach the fruit. Where had he heard that expression? Starfleet would provide him with the tools to be a better surgeon, maybe he would branch out into viral medicine. He kept toying with the idea, certainly trying to keep current with the medical texts was a full-time occupation by itself. But for now, Starfleet was again testing his mettle. As they had for four years of grounder work. Open air, tree's, grass, sky. Simon shivered, give me an enclosed space environment any day. He often wondered why he was afraid so much of the open, but all his earliest recollections were all of the raider. It was home, and in some ways, even this Starbase was too open for him, the enclosed confines of a shuttle felt easier than this. Still, he could cope with, put it to the back of his mind, apply himself to his duties. But his duties here were to wait and treat those that came.

Since Nurse Heath's earlier two sentence Pirate speech her contributions had been the more normal monosyllabic. She seemed to burn what excess energy she had by constantly cleaning the medical bay, and it's equipment. Simon began wondering if he could take one of the biobed's apart with what he had to hand to check it's functions, or maybe call up Cypher to check on his availability for that holosuite program, to relieve the monotony when the security man entered the bay. A smile creasing his face, "Come have a look, Doc."

(continued below)
ON: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

( Having finished a few tales of the Phoenix’s past missions and regailed a few engineering cadets with stories of duty and crisis Cmdr. MacCurgan left the Joyride lounge, but not before dropping off with the owner/ manager a fist full of latinum to stand any and all Phoenix personnel that arrive to what ever they want.

Durring the next two hours Mac wandered the main sections open on base and became bored rather quickly. With his duty shift coming up shortly he returned to the Phoenix)

*Main engineering: Chief o E. Office*

MacCurgan: *Enters his office finding Ens. Harrington dropping off more reports and data P.A.D.S. in her rounds. Smiles, and smiling waves her off his desk as he sits.* Ensign, you are always dropping off reports and more data than is possible to accumulate in a shift.

Ens. Harrington: Commander? * Impish grin* I am just doing my part to keep our lady ship shape. Besides, you could not live without me.

MacCurgan: That is wholly debatable.

Ens.Harrington: Anyway sir; I just finished dropping off twice as much on Ens. Spaces desk in his office station.

MacCurgan: I am sure that Mr. Space will be eternally graitful for your dynamic vigilance * grining sarcasticly* Dismissed, and see about getting some shore leave while we are tied up at the star base. That order extends to the whole staff as well, when off duty all personnel are to make use of the facility and get off ship. Not often we get R&R on this ol girl.

Ens.Harrington: Aye sir! * snaps off a salute and hurries out into engineering to pass along the missive *

( Thinks to himself for a bit on what to do when not on duty, trying to follow the Commodores orders as well as stay out of trouble )

MacCurgan: (tap) Mac here Bridge, are com channels patched to the base now?

Ens.Harm: (tap) Bridge here, yes Commander direct comm. Channels are open to the base, you can reach though your system there.

MacCurgan: (tap) Thank you, MacCurgan out: ( thinks about his message )

(tap) Cmdr MacCurgan Chief engineering Officer USS Phoenix to Lt.Cmdr. Yaro Chief Engineering Officer Starbase Tango; ( gets message prompt )

request the privilege of a tour of the bases main engineering section while on shore leave. No special attention required, just seeking permissions to tour and look at what is currently star base standards. Respectfuly

Cmdr MacCurgan Chief engineering Officer USS Phoenix

That should do it, nothing like seeing what makes things tic to make the day go bye.

( looks over the reports Mr. Space left him on ships upkeep and maintenance work in progress and with grim approval moves on to the next set of reports and inquiries. )


Commander MacCurgan
Chief of Engineering
USS Phoenix NCC- 65420
(continued from above)

Simon followed him out. On the wall under the plaque announcing the medical bay someone had crudely drawn a skull and cross bones, with the legend, "Here be Pyrates."

"Must have done that when I took that freighter crew to the cafe. I'll get a detail to clean it off at once, but I guess the kids know where you are." His grin was suddenly cut off by a cry, and they all turned to look out over the promenade. Two children had leapt from the promenade's upper deck, holding onto a steel hawser and were swinging across towards the other side. Crude swords in their teeth with muffled cries from their mouths they hurtled out into the space between the decks.

"Jimmy!!!" screamed Nurse Heath, and Simon vaguely made out the boy from the previous evening, and Miles, the one from that morning. They never made it across, the hawser's swing fell well short, and they began to swing back. The exultant cries ceased, they were going to swing between the upper deck and the floor a good thirty feet below until they came to a dead stop. Simon was running, the security man on his heels screaming for engineering that he needed the grav-plating turned down on the promenade, now, and that was NOW! and the response that he needed authorization for that. The upper deck was supported by a framework of steel bulkheads and wires that were strung out over the "roof" of the deck above. The boys must have cut one of them in order to make that swing out, figuring that they would be able to reach the other side, forgetting that would probably not have enough inertia to make it to the other side, and now they were going to dangle over the promenade floor.

Simon tore at the sleeve of his uniform, wrapped the ends around his hands and had climbed over the retaining rail, grabbed hold of the cable that led to the ground floor, before a hand grabbed him, the security guard, "Doc, where the hell you going"

"Fastest way down," and he jerked the arm away, and was gone. Even through the material he could feel the heat of the steel hawser, he was going to have burnt hands. Damn, and he hit the lower decking with a hard thud, forgetting his own advice to Miles that morning, and didn't bend his knees. In twenty seconds his "boring" day had changed.

He was limping through the crowd. It occurred to him that he hadn't even a medical first aid kit with him, and not the vaguest idea of why he had just slid down a steel hawser except that speed was essential. Too late now to worry about it. He hit his communicator, that security man had had the right idea.

Charteris:+Tap+Charteris to Engineering.We need that deck plating off now

Engineering:+Tap+ Sorry we can't do it not for such a small section. If we turn it off we'll have everyone floating away, and when we turn it back on............ also I require authorization to.......+

Charteris:You got it. I'm calling this a medical emergency.

Engineering:+Look, we can't just turn off the one section, we;d have to turn it all off.+

Charteris:Well,if you can't turn it off what can you do?

Engineering:+The only variable grav plating in the area is the fountain, it's higher than anywhere else because of the water.+

The fountain, and then Simon saw the figure of a security cadet walking towards him. Cypher.

Charteris:Turn it up


Charteris:They're close to it, it might be enough, and falling in water's better than steel decking

Engineering:+ Sorry, but I need authorization to do........+

Charteris:This is a clear medical emergency. That's my call, and my authorization. Charteris Alpha-One-Nine-Seven. You are ordered to turn up the fountain grav plate, right now.

Engineering:+Since when.............+

Charteris:Cadet, that's an order! Now!

Engineering:+OK. We can turn it up half a g, and that's it, and I'm calling my supervisor. Out+

Simon watched the fountain stream flatten out, and looked up at the hanging boys, the noise around him was tremendous. Did they have communicators? He hadn't seen Miles with one.

Charteris:+Tap+ Charteris to James Heath

Nothing. Wait, damn this noise was that a crackle of an open link. Of course he couldn't respond he had his hand round the rope.

Charteris: Jimmy, if you can hear me, don't worry about responding. I want you to start swinging the hawser again, toward the fountain. Towards the fountain. Do it now.

He left the link open, as Cypher finally reached him."What the hell is going on? I see you slide down that hawser like a lunatic and those two kids are up there, " he said pointing. As they both looked the hawser was swinging again, toward's the fountain.

Charteris: Good Jimmy, very good. They have turned up the grav plates in that area it should draw you in. Let go when I tell you.

Cypher looked at the swinging boys. "They are slipping down the wire you know. Probably make it easier for them to swing that hawser." Cypher looked at the fountain, back at the boys, and his face suddenly became hard. "Damn, the central column," and he was running. Simon looked too and realized why. It looked pretty solid, if the boys hit that instead of the admittedly shallow water they would be broken like dolls. He limped after Cypher.

Engineering Duty Officer:+Tap+DO to Charteris: What's the nature of a medical emergency that requires increased power to deck plating?

Charteris banged his commbadge.

Charteris:+Tap+ I need this Comm badge free. Be ready at my signal to turn it back down to normal.

Engineering:+No go Doc. We're restoring it to normal now.+

Charteris:Wait for my order. Look call Ronnikov for confirmation, Now standby. Charteris out.+Tap+

Charteris:+tap+ Jimmy, few seconds more, just a few more. Hold on be ready to jump. Tell Miles to be ready too.

Simon had reached the fountain. A hand reached down from the parapet and hoisted him up.

"Careful Charteris, the grav pull is fierce."

The two men tottered against the pull of the gravity plating. Simon and Cypher turned to face the boys now swinging towards them.

Charteris:Last time now Jimmy. Tell Miles to be ready, you've got to go together.

The hawser swung back, then started to move towards them, faster, faster and then just before the top of its swing

Charteris: NOW, Jimmy, NOW+Tap+

Charteris:+Tap+Charteris to Engineering. Plating to normal, NOW!

The boys tumbled through the air towards the two men, then the fountain's gravity field returned to normal, and Cypher and Charteris fell forward and met the oncomming boys with a hard jarring shock and then were thrown back into the water together.


Simon's head erupted from the water, coughing, choking on it. Beside him Cypher, sitting upright, looking a little dazed, but OK. The two boys sitting in front of them looked at each and then with a whoop of glee embraced and screamed like lunatics. A good deal of the water had escaped from the fountain, to shower the crowd, but there seemed to be a lot of cheering going on.

Simon shook Cypher a little, "You OK?"

The straight faced Cadet nodded, then mumbled, "Fine."

Simon punched him in the arm, "What's it like? Being a hero?"

Cypher looked at him. "Being a hero requires you to be a punch bag? And to be sitting, soaking wet in the middle of a public place?"

"Only on a duty shift"

Cypher looked at him, and for the first time used Simon's first name, "Simon, why are you smiling like that? We're cold, wet and bruised, and your smiling. and I'm sure your hands must be hurting you. You haven't taken them out of the water yet, and your grinning like a lunatic"

Ronnikov:+Tap+ Ronnikov to Charteris. What the hell is going on up there. What medical emergency requires the increase in gravitational intensity on the fountain area?

Charteris:+Tap+Charteris here. Sorry sir. Put engineering to you to buy time. I'll have a preliminary report filed on your desk in an hour, sir. And sir, please thank engineering for me for their assistance. Charteris Out.+Tap+

Simon looked at Cypher. "Sorry, can't make that holosuite appointment today. I think I'll be filing reports for a while. But, if your free tomorrow I have a Nausicaan calisthenics program you might like to try."

" Simon, the smile?"

"Well, about a minute ago I was just beginning to get a little bored with this place, but I think I'm going to like it here after all."


Cadet Doctor Simon Charteris
Starbase Tango

JULY 2003 - Cadet POM

Author: Cadet Nicholas McFadden
Title: "A new arrival"

JULY 2003 - Staff POM

Author: MCapt Erik van der Beek
Title: High Speed Chase #7

USS Belleraphon - Holodeck
1200 Hours

McFadden and his boyfriend, walked hand in hand along the beach. The waves crashing into their ankles then retreating back to the ocean as if they had completed their job of helping to pull the tide in.

The waves again lapped at their ankles as Nicky and Shane walked along the beach at the waters edge, not saying a word. Dressed only in a loose t-shirt and 3/4 pants, Nicky was lost in thought. They were slowly walking slightly up hill towards an overlooking cliff from which one could see the entire ocean landscape, and behind him/her was the very Caribbean looking set-up for the cadet pre- arrival party where many of the cadets were gathered and enjoying the party atmosphere.

The program was indeed nothing less than tranquil and no doubt exactly what the cadets needed after the events of their just last semester of academy examinations, and as a last chance to unwind before there arrival at SB Tango.

Stopping at the top edge of the cliff, Nicky slowly say down cross- legged on the largest boulder, also the one at the very edge of the cliff, but he paid this no heed.

"Nix?" came the soft voice behind him.

Not turning around he whispered," Go back to the party and have dinner Shay."

"Your not coming?"

"No. I'll stay here. Tell the Captain where I am if she asks. Now go and enjoy yourself. I'll be fine."

He heard his beau's foot steps as he slowly moved away.

"Computer, please replicate me an A flat classical flute." he commanded, and picked up the slim silver instrument as it materialized next to him, perfectly balanced on the boulder. Picking it up he studied it. Perfectly designed as always thanks to the computer. It had been years since he'd played a flute, or any instruments aside from his piano and singing for that matter. He simply had not had the time. True to that fact, he remembered only one tune, which had forever been imbedded in his mind. One that he seldom played.

Putting his mouth to the air hole, he began to play a sad, haunting melody, which seemed to carry and resound through the light breeze across the ocean waves.

Shane sighed and began to walk back to the beach again. He hated it when Nicky played that bloody tune. As the sun began the first stages of setting, the ocean became a golden-blue hue, and as the golden rays hit his love's face, he saw a lone tear fall down his cheek as he sat on the rock playing softly. He knew not to go and comfort him now, he didn't want him too. So without a backwards glance, he continued her walked, already able to small the scrumptious food as its scent wafted over the breeze. The last semester at the academy on Earth had been extremely hard for Nicky, having lost his bestfriend, a fellow cadet, in a science lab explosion not four weeks before graduation, and he was still hurting.

The melody on the ocean could still be heard, but something's were better left to time and its ability too heal. Seeing one of the cadets beckoning him over with an arm outstretched and a glass of wine in it for him, he smiled and let the atmosphere of the group put his mind at ease. Made all the more humorous when someone behind him declared, "Lets partayyyyyy!!!"...

(continued below)

<< Starbase Tango >>

== Van der Beek's office ==

Erik dropped his feet from his desk and straightened himself. He placed the PaDD he had been reading down and looked up at the person who had entered his office. The young man was wearing a cadet's uniform, a marine one to be exact. He was a bit shorter than Erik and had dark brown hair with an unusual red-tint on top.

"At ease, Cadet. Come in, please," Erik said, a friendly smile on his face.

The cadet stepped further into the office and stood at ease.

Erik briefly checked a second PaDD before he stood up and approached the cadet.

"Welcome to starbase Tango, Cadet," he said, offering his hand.

Slater shook it, albeit somewhat reluctantly. Erik could see the hesitant expression on the young man's face.

"Anything wrong, Cadet?"

"Not really, sir," Slater began. "It's just that. well. I've heard some things about you."

"Oh?" Erik asked, his eyebrow cocked.

Slater nodded and continued. "It appears you're infamous for your discipline and training, sir."

Erik had to chuckle at that. "Although discipline is always an important factor, I'm afraid whatever you've heard is quite exaggerated. Brutal trainins are not part of my style."

Slater seemed somewhat relieved to hear that. A good training, as well as good discipline was always important in an organization like this, but Erik didn't believe in bullying his cadets. Training and teaching your people was best achieved through mutual respect and understanding. That had been Erik's motto for years and he had never strayed from it, how difficult it could be at times.

"I understand, sir," Slater replied.

Erik studied the man's face for several seconds before contintuing. "Perhaps, Cadet, but you'll find out soon enough what I'm talking about."

Slater nodded. "Yes, sir. What are my orders, sir?"

"Report to the quartermaster who'll assign you your quarters," Erik began. "For now, take your time to look around and get yourself acquainted with your new surroundings. Sergeant Major Smith (npc) will contact you about your duties."

"Understood, sir."

"Very well. If that's all, I wish you welcome aboard this starbase and I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay. Good luck. Dismissed."

Slater snapped to attention before turning around left the office. Erik dropped back into his chair and retrieved the PaDD he was working on. A smirk appeared on his face. A brutal instructor. how very unlike him. Still, the thought was humerous enough. He shook the idea from his mind and refocused his attention on his PaDD, still smirking.


MCpt. Erik van der Beek
Marine instructor
(continued from above)

<<God only knows how many hours and glasses of wine later!!!>>

The party had long, long since ended and whilst most of the cadets had left the holodeck, a handful were still scattered around the holoenviroment, knowing that they were due too arrive at their new assignment shortly.

Nicky and Shane lay on a sun bed together, Shane's had on Nicky's chest, watching the waves sweep in and out, and letting the warmth of the still burning fire sink into their very bones.


"Mmmmm?" came a muffled response.

"Do you think it will always be like this? You and me together? I mean, what happens if I'm assigned to some deep space starship? You can't very well just pack you bags and leave with me." voice Nicky, in almost a whisper, but the slight note of fear, fear of their separation was evident.

"I'll follow anywhere Nix. Into a supernova, or a black hole. Starfleet has never had a problem allowing us to be together in some sort of sense to date; I see no reason for that too change. Don't worry, everything will be fine. You'll do great hear at Tango Fleet Academy. You know that. Now come one, much as I would love to stay like this! We need to get ready to depart." and with a quick check of the time, there were hastily bolting out of the holodeck headed for their quarters.

<<One hour later - Docking Airlock>>

The two young lads stood on the shipboard side of the airlock, which had just docked with SB Tango. All the Cadets were waiting eagerly for the airlock to open, and true to their wish, the hissing effect air depressurization could be heard, and the large doors parted, allowing the cadets to file down onto the promenade, where a bulky Lt instructed them to take their already given PADD's to their department heads and report in, than await further instruction.

Nicky turned to Shane and gave him a quick goodbye snog, before hopping into the nearest turbolift. They would meet up at their quarters after they had been assigned.

<<Deck 1500 - Chief Science Officers Office>>

Nicholas walked briskly down the winding corridors until he finally reached the big door with CScio on it in red letters. Stepping inside confidently, he was admitted into the HODs office by the kind young female secretary where he found himself infront of Lt. Tusk Clarkson, acting head of science.

"How can I help young sir?" he asked, though he was just following routine.

Handing the Lt his PADD, Nicky gave the usual answer in a bold voice. "Cadet Nicholas McFadden, reporting for duty sir!".

"At ease Cadet. Now let me see your PADD..."mumbled the Lt as he read the orders.


Cadet Nicholas McFadden
SB Tango Academy
Tango Fleet

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