Date: October ?, 2002
Title: "The Plot Get's Thicker"
Author: Kitzikuma


Kitzikuma was one of the far north people. His people had learned to adjust to the long cold spells that was a norm of the area. He was slender and tall. His appearance was fair. Hair, white. Eyes, grey. Skin, tanned and marked. Eyebrows, peaked. He wore a thin mustach and goatee, which was connected to his sidebearns along his firmly set jaw bone. His fingers were slim and long. He had a great sense of direction.

He learned, while with the Duke, to ride a horse well. But he longed to feel the boards of a long boat beneath his feet. He always trod with a light foot. You learn to not disturb the snow if you want to eat meat. The sound in the winter lands travels far.

He wore the traditional hunting winter clothes of his people. His sword was of a curious design. It was won on an expedition with the Duke from the warriors of a eastern tribe. They were horsemen as well as swordsmen. It was a long sword of a medium weight that was also very flexible. One could weild it easily yet it was very sharp. Kitzikuma named it IVORY EAGLE.

Bear had been with the Duke going on three cycles now. In that time they had been fighting the flatheads. They had started by attempting to exist together in peace but the flatheads began to attack those who ate the flesh of beast. The Duke, Muller, was a vassel lord of the Grand Premiere. He had been an advisor of the Grand Premiere's on loan to Muller, Duke of Wallia.

Kitzikuma was now on the wrong side of the front lines. He was trying to keep out of the eyes of the enemy, but that was becoming more difficult with the new arrivals and fresh reinforcements of the flathead army. He had decided to learn as much as he could while hidden from their eyes. What he had learned helped him in his appraisal of the opposition. He learned that the "Orc" hoard was under influence of an outside authority. But, now he wondered who that may be and how he was going to get that information to his Duke.

Bear remembered that the Grand Premiere had promised that he would be able to lead a contingent of new weapons of war that floated on the winds like eagles. But first to get back to his master.


Pilot-Commander Northern Wind Fleet
Advisor of the Grand Premiere


Date: September ?, 2002
Title: Mission 6, #122
Author: Lieutenant Commander Sean Dillon

ON: ==Brae Colony ==

Lt.Commander Dillon's team on the planets surface was just finishing it's work dissembling the colony when word arrived of Jacen's departure and his sabotaging of the Zealandia. Upon hearing the news the chief engineer had been even more livid than his commanding officer had been and he barked the order to his men to finish up

Mel: +Tap+ we need the repairs made to the nacelles Immediately, Commander, so that we can get out of here+Tap+

Dillon: +Tap+ Aye Ma'am I will be up right away. +Tap+

Mel: +Tap+ Will your men have finished their work on the colony by then? +Tap+

Dillon: +Tap+ they had better have because I am going to grill that miscreant Parami over a slow fire +Tap+

Mel: +Tap+ Now, now commander if we catch our renegade security officer I am going to see that he goes through a full court marshal.

Dillon: +Tap+ *Grumbles* Not if I get to him first, sorry Ma'am I'll be up as fast as I can +Tap+

== Five minuets later, USS Zealandia, NCC 77343, Main Engineering ==

Dillon had been beamed straight to Main Engineering once the colony was dissembled and had immediately began to berate the duty officers
on there lack of security… why hadn't they demanded orders from the Chief of Security? Hadn't they wondered what he was doing in
engineering? All this was of course just a cover for the hurt he felt at the betrayal of someone he had thought of as a friend. However, Jacen had made a major slip up in trying to render the Zealandia
inactive, he had thought that simple disabling the ship in the same way that the colony terrorists had done would render it inoperative for a similar length of time. Now however Sean and his team's knew exactly what to do and so it would only take a matter of an hour… half an hour if they where lucky to have the huge ship up and running again.

Sean: *To a nearby warrant officer* Get me a primary dilithium injection control unit… and a tritanium faclet shard

Warrant Officer: Aye, Aye sir

Sean: *looking for Rola Rho* you know what to do chief; I will be on the bridge if you need me. Make these repairs fast and I will recommend that you be made to assistant chief engineer

Rola Rho: thank you sir but what about Pan Chan?

Sean: Just get to work *still livid*

As Sean left Lieutenant Adams entered engineering and tried to speak to Sean but the senior officer simple nodded and stalked out.

== The Bridge, 25 minuets later, now just after the Captain's posts ==

Mel stormed back out onto the Bridge and glared at Parkers quizical glance.

He quickly looked away incase he was the next recipient of the anger that boiled beneath her surface.

Llewellyn: Mr. Adams are the colonists aboard?

Adams: Yes Captain.

Lewellyn: Get to Engineering and assist Commander Dillon with repairs.

Adams: *eager to leave* Aye ma'am.

Llewellyn: Lieutenant Xandor. Set course for the Taurus, maximum impulse.

Xandor (NPC): As you wish.

Llewellyn: =/\=tap=/\= Llewellyn to Rashiid.

=/\=Rashiid=/\=: Sickbay here Captain.

Llewellyn: Status of the doctor and his "clean up" operation.

== Sean Arrives and begins completes his greetings, 10 minuets on ==

The captain, executive officer and second officer all sat stone faced in their chairs for some time now. After the first few exchanges, they all resigned themselves to their silence… Jacens actions had clearly hit them hard. For Muller and Dillon, Jacen was a man they had known for nearly a year, one of the Zodiac tribe… the only one who had stood with them against Harre and the rest of the crew when they saw there cause as just. To Mel, Jacen had become a trusted adviser, someone who could be depended upon to succeed, he would be sorely missed. Now the ship was on route to the Taurus's last known position.

Mel: How long on those repairs Commander?

Dillon: They should be any minuet now Ma'am

Mel: I can't see why you couldn't make them yourself.

Dillon: The chief is as capable an engineer as any I know, myself included and I'd be more valuable here.

Mel: If you say so Commander *smiles*

Rola Rho: +Tap+ Commander Dillon sir, we have just finished the final testing, you should be good to go sir +Tap+

Dillon: +Tap+ Thank you chief +tap+

Mel: Right let's test our legs, continue on course for the Taurus , Maximum warp!

Con Officer: Aye captain, warp 9.99 engaged on a heading 2976 mark 45

Dillon: *whispers to Muller* and she calls it stretching our legs

Mel: What was that Mr. Dillon, I did not quite catch that?

Dillon: Nothing Ma'am, I was merely commenting that our definitions of stretching our legs clearly differs.

The ship's engines roared into life as the Zealandia moved out of orbit under impulse before the stars on the viewer became blurred. There was a slight vibration through his chair and the chief engineer
patted his chair fondly. The Sovereign class was the fasted vessel in all of Starfleet… indeed the fastest known to anyone in the Federation that wasn't equipped with a transwarp drive. When the
Defiant class had been fitted with these engines it had almost torn itself apart on the trial run, only a ship with a hull the size of the Zealandia's, or with the complicated modifications made by chief
O'Brien and the team at DS9 could utilise such power.

The crew still had unfinished business with Jacen, but for now there was another crewman to retrieve, Parami would have to wait. Sean had the feeling that a reckoning with the former chief security officer would be close at hand.


Lt.Commander Sean Dillon
USS Zealandia, NCC 77343
Chief of Engineering/ 2nd Officer

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