MARCH 2003

Author: Lt Arlon Palom
Title: Mission #9 Post #94

== Sickbay ==

Shamus: Yes, you can, Help Dennis with his cat.

Arlon just gave Shamus a 'you gotta be kidding me' look. Shamus looked back down at his PADD and looked back up seeing Arlon still standing there with his look. Shamus just smiled.

Shamus: Well? Go on then.

Arlon just turned around and walked over to where Dennis was applying a little bit of pressure against the cats chest. Shamus sent Dennis a little message.

Shamus: ~Here comes Lt Palom, you need to keep giving the cat CPR, make Palom give mouth to mouth. After the cat comes to you will need to put it on a breathing apparatus~

Dennis: *to Arlon* Good, help me, give the cat mouth to mouth!

Arlon: Huh?!?!

Dennis: C'mon Lt, that is an order!

Arlon: Oww!!

Arlon bent over and looked at the cat. He hesitated before he connected his mouth to the cats. Arlon turned beet read as he was pushing air into the little cats mouth. Michael, Morgan, and Dennis started cracking up. Arlon stood up and looked over at Shamus, who had walked out of his office. Dennis walked over and picked up his cat who was perfectly fine.

Dennis: Ya know, I hear you like to give the new guy a hard time.... well, I don't like having jokes played on me.

Arlon: But the cat.... He was giving it mouth to mouth...

Dennis: It only looked like I was... I was just leaning over her.

Michael: Hey Arlon, we can talk to Animals too.... she was is in it the whole time!

Arlon: But how, you can't speak a cat's language.

Michael: Everyone, well almost everyone runs on the same type of brain wave link... didn't you pay attention is Biology?

Arlon: Maybe I should have stayed awake it that class.... *Arlon looked over at Shamus who was giving Michael a dirty look*... I am gonna go brush my teeth. *Arlon walked by Dennis who was laughing. Arlon toped and point at him and the cat* You!..... That was a good one!

Arlon pet the cat atop the head then walked out of Sick Bay to go brush his teeth. Shamus was still looking at Michael.

Shamus: Michael, that was very rude.

Michael: sorry Athra... *gets a very evil smile on his face* should I go tell the Captain?

Shamus: Of course.

Dennis: I heard you didn't like pranks.

Shamus: I don't... but for Arlon, its Poetic Justice. *smiles, announce to whole sick bay* Ok, lets get back to work!


Lt Arlon Palom
USS Zealandia

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